Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet + [Infographic & PDF]

Aug 6, 2023 8 min read

Being a social media marketer, I understand how time consuming it is to manage your social media accounts every day.

Therefore, to help you increase your productivity and cut back on the strain caused by repetitive actions such as Liking and Replying to the posts, I've collated a set of lightning-fast social media keyboard shortcuts in this blog. And it comes as an outstanding resource to enable you to manage your social accounts manage your social accounts more efficiently.

Most shortcuts here serve to eliminate additional steps involved in using social media and tools. Hop on to the following categories to see keyboard shortcuts of the platform or tools that you’re interested in!

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook offers handy keyboard shortcuts for quickly getting around the social networking site, finding conversations, and composing messages.

The keyboard shortcuts of Facebook differ by computer operating system and by web browsers (example: Firefox, Internet Explorer):

For PC:

  • Alt + #, then Enter = Internet Explorer
  • Shift + Alt + # = Firefox
  • Alt + # = Chrome

For Mac:

  • Ctrl + option + # = Safari
  • Ctrl + option + # = Firefox
  • Ctrl + option + # = Chrome

Replace # with the number keys given below to navigate to different parts of Facebook, such as your timeline, notifications, or settings. For instance, if you're using Firefox for PC and want to navigate to your timeline, press Shift + Alt + 2.

  • 0 = Help
  • 1 = Home
  • 2 = Timeline
  • 3 = Friends
  • 5 = Notifications
  • 6 = Settings
  • 7 = Activity log
  • 8 = About
  • 9 = Terms

Facebook additionally offers you some shortcuts known as Action Shortcuts that help you perform actions like, comment or share something on Facebook. These shortcuts use only one keystroke and no different key combinations.

  • J & K = Move between News Feed stories
  • P = Post a new status
  • L = Like or unlike the story that is selected
  • C = Comment on the story that is selected
  • S = Share the story that is selected
  • O = Open an attachment from the selected story
  • / = Search
  • Q = Search chat contacts

Remember, Facebook keyboard shortcuts only work if you aren't in a text box.

Facebook Shortcuts Infographic

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Regardless of heaps of Twitter tools available in the market, many users still prefer using the native Twitter app to tweet and participate in conversations that intrigue them.

If you are one of those Twitter users, here are a couple of valuable Twitter shortcuts that will make your Tweeting more fun and straightforward. You can bookmark this post for future reference.

A few keyboard shortcuts for actions you might regularly perform such as like, comment or retweet something on Twitter:

  • n = New tweet
  • l = Like
  • r = Reply
  • t = Retweet
  • m = Direct message
  • u = Mute account
  • b = Block account
  • enter = Open tweet details
  • o = Expand photo
  • / = Search
  • Cmd + enter | ctrl + enter = Send tweet

Save time navigating Twitter using these keyboard shortcuts:

  • g and h = Home timeline
  • g and o = Moments
  • g and n = Notifications tab
  • g and r = Mentions
  • g and p = Profile
  • g and l = Likes tab
  • g and i = Lists tab
  • g and m = Direct messages
  • g and s = Settings and privacy
  • g and u = Go to someone’s profile

Twitter Shortcuts Infographic

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

LinkedIn Keyboard Shortcuts

LinkedIn does not seem to offer keyboard shortcuts for navigation and actions. However, there exist 2 browser shortcuts for commenting on Linked:

  • Tab + Enter = Add an image
  • Tab + Tab + Enter = Post your comment

In case you know any other handy LinkedIn keyboard shortcuts, share them with us in the comments below ?

LinkedIn Shortcuts Infographic

LinkedIn Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTube offers more than 30 keyboard shortcuts, which could be hard to remember. Here is a list of a few keyboard shortcuts that will improve your user experience on YouTube:


  • K or Spacebar = Toggle play/pause.
  • ↑ and ↓ = Increase and decrease volume by 5%
  • ← or j = Seek backward/forward 5 seconds
  • → or i = Seek backward 10 seconds
  • = Go to the beginning of the video
  • End = Go to the end of the video
  • Shift + , = Decrease playback speed
  • Shift + . = Increase playback speed
  • Shift + n = Move to the next video
  • Shift + p = Move to the previous video

Subtitles and closed captions

  • c = Turn captions on or off
  • o = Rotate through different text opacity levels
  • w = Rotate through different window opacity levels

Spherical videos

  • w = Pan up
  • s = Pan down
  • a = Pan left
  • d = Pan right

To access the list of all the YouTube keyboard shortcuts, press SHIFT+? on your keyboard.

YouTube Shortcuts Infographic

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts

With these keyboard shortcuts for Facebook Messenger, you will be able to compose messages and jump between conversations with ease and agility -- by eliminating the additional steps involved in performing different actions!

  • Esc = Move cursor to message input field
  • Alt + Shift + C = Compose new message
  • Alt + Shift + Q = Search messenger
  • Alt + Shift + n = Jump to conversation n-th from top
  • Alt + Up/Down = Jump to conversation one above/below*
  • Alt + Shift + D = Toggle conversation details
  • Alt + Shift + E = Send a like/emoji
  • Alt + Shift + / = Display help dialog

Messenger Shortcuts Infographic

Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Tumblr is both a social media tool and a blogging platform that allows users to publish a "tumblelog", or short blog posts. Just like Medium, users can also become a part of the community on Tumblr by following others with similar interests.

Here are some super useful shortcuts for Tumblr one must know:

  • l = Like a post
  • j or k = View next or previous post
  • s = Share a post
  • Enter = Open a post’s blog
  • n = View a post’s notes
  • / = Search
  • Alt + c = Compose a new post
  • Alt + r = Reblog a post
  • Alt + e = Add a post to queue
  • Cmd + Shift + g / Ctrl + Shift + g = Insert a GIF

Tumblr Shortcuts Infographic

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Statusbrew Keyboard Shortcuts

We also have some keyboard shortcuts for Statusbrew's Engage Inbox. The Engage Inbox was built to help you stay on top of your customer support efforts and engage with your social media fans more effectively. Statusbrew’s Engage Inbox boasts a wide range of shortcuts that you can use to speed up your everyday processes:

  • Cmd + Enter = Send reply
  • Cmd + Shift + Enter = Send reply and Close/Open
  • s = Insert saved reply
  • a = Assign conversation
  • y = Close conversation
  • o = Open conversation
  • j = Next conversation
  • k = Previous conversation
  • ? = Show shortcuts
  • Esc = Close window

Statusbrew Shortcuts Infographic

Statusbrew Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Pinterest Keyboard Shortcuts

Every one of us love Pinterest, however most of us are still not aware of the fact that it has some hidden features that makes the platform simple and fun to use.

Here are some quick Pinterest shortcuts that you should be using:

  • Ctrl + Alt + P = Pin an image

Pinterest has several mobile phone shortcuts which you can see by firmly pressing the app icon.

  • Lens = Discover pins related to anything you snap
  • Explore = Look at the trending ideas for the day
  • Saved = Hop to the ideas you saved
  • Search = Search for ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest Shortcuts Infographic

Pinterest Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Medium Keyboard Shortcuts

Medium is an online publishing platform where users can upload multimedia posts and follow others with similar interests and be a part of the community of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers.

There are no keyboard shortcuts for navigation on Medium. However, its keyboard shortcuts for formatting can help you get more done in less time!

  • Cmd + K or Ctrl + K = Link
  • Cmd + Alt + 1 or Ctrl + Alt + 1 = Header
  • Cmd + Alt + 2 or Ctrl + Alt + 2 = Subheader
  • Cmd + Alt + 5 or Ctrl + Alt + 5 = Quote
  • @username or @name = Mention a user
  • Cmd + Enter or Ctrl + Enter = Separator
  • Cmd + Alt + 6 = Code block
  • Shift + F = Featured image
  • Alt + Click = Focal point

To view the keyboard shortcuts while you are writing your Medium post, hit Cmd + ? or Ctrl + ?.

Medium Shortcuts Infographic

Medium Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Instagram Keyboard Shortcuts

Although there exist no keyboard shortcuts for Instagram, there are some shortcuts for its mobile app.

  • Tap and firmly hold a post in Search & Explore, on a profile or in grid view - Expand the post (next swipe up to like the post, view the profile, or send the post as a message)

  • 3D Touch or tap and firmly hold a profile or hashtag - See a preview of recent posts (then swipe up to like the post, view the profile, or send the post as a message)

  • 3D Touch the app icon in iPhone 6s or later – Shortcuts to view activities, create a new post, or direct messages, search, and more will appear.

Quora Keyboard Shortcuts

Quora doesn't have navigation shortcuts, rather its keyboard shortcuts work only within the editor for answers, questions, and comments. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac that you might use quite often:


  • Ctrl + B = Bold
  • Ctrl + I = Italics
  • Ctrl + Shift + 7 = Numbered list
  • Ctrl + Shift + 8 = Bulleted list
  • Ctrl + K = Link
  • Ctrl + Shift + 9 = Blockquotes
  • Ctrl + Shift + K = Code
  • Ctrl + Z = Undo


  • Cmd + B = Bold
  • Cmd + I = Italics
  • Cmd + Shift + 7 = Numbered list
  • Cmd + Shift + 8 = Bulleted list
  • Cmd + K = Link
  • Cmd + Shift + 9 = Blockquotes
  • Cmd + Shift + K = Code
  • Cmd + Z = Undo

Trello Keyboard Shortcuts

Trello is a great task management/collaboration tool that organizes your projects into interactive boards. At a glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process; in short, an overview of your team's progress.

Here are some simple Trello shortcuts that can be used to make your workflow easier! All you need to do is hover over a card to use the respective shortcuts on the card.

  • ← or ↓ = Select adjacent cards on a board
  • J or ↑ = Select the card below the current card
  • K or → = Select the card above the current card
  • e = Open quick edit mode (for changing the title, labels, members, and more)
  • l = Open labels option
  • c = Archive the card
  • d = Set or change due date
  • f = Open card filter menu
  • , or . = Move the card to the bottom of the list on the left or right
  • < or > = Move the card to the top of the list on the left or right

Find more Trello keyboard shortcuts here!

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are part of a marketing team that likes taking control of the artwork that goes out on your social media, Canva is a quick and easy solution for all your graphic design needs. With a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that Canva offers, you can further reduce the time you take to create graphics.

Save time making graphics using these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl/Cmd + C = Copy an item
  • Ctrl/Cmd + V = duplicate an item
  • Ctrl/Cmd, shift + K = Convert to uppercase
  • Option/Alt + B = Add border to text
  • Select item + del = Delete an item
  • Shift + click objects = Move multiple layers
  • Ctrl/Cmd + [ or ] + J = Move layers up/back
  • Ctrl/Cmd + A = Select all
  • Ctrl/Cmd + ; = Display a grid
  • Ctrl/Cmd + = = Zoom in/out
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Z = Undo an edit
  • T = Add new textbox

Canva provides tutorials to help you learn and practice the most useful keyboard shortcuts.

Infographic and PDF

Here's a detailed infographic on social media keyboard shortcuts.

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

Wrapping Up!

We understand that these are a lot of keystrokes to remember so we have included a bunch of social media platform specific infographics that you can save or print for your use. You can also natively use “?” or Shift + / to view a list of shortcuts that each of these platforms might support.

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