10 Ways To Keep Your Brand's Social Feed Fresh

Mar 20, 2021 7 min read

Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned content marketer, the biggest challenge you will face is coming up with great and fresh content ideas. Once you have created a dedicated following, your audience starts to expect more from you.

Over time, you need to create plenty of engaging high-end content. Without engaging content ideas, you run the risk of losing the hard-earned target audience in a matter of time. Tried methods when combined with out-of-the-box thinking, can help you develop a feed that’s relevant and keeps your target audience engaged and invested in your brand.

As a writter or brand manager we all have the same nightmare: new content, you always need fresh content, but the ideas just aren’t following. We get it! Our brains aren’t continuous idea-generating machines that can always function at top capacity. Even the most prolific content writer might feel burnt out from time to time.

But what if you could be that content-making machine? What if you could hack your mind into thinking of new productive ideas whenever you needed them!

Well, that cannot be promised. What can be promised is that this blog will help you in brainstorming content that will make it a lot easier to get past the block. Before starting on the content ideas define and understand the target audience to figure out who you are (and aren’t) writing for.

The Classic Engagement Tips

Create Meaningful Content

Meaningful content can be created if you have a serious, significant, relevant and useful quality or purpose for your target audience.

Create High Quality Content

A piece of content that can help you in increasing brand awareness, rank well on search engine, generate leads or get social shares is a high quality content.

Add Value To Your Followers

Customers typically Google about products and services when they have particular questions or problem. Your product offerings should be the answer or solution to their pain point. Your content, hence, needs to be useful to your target customer, otherwise creating it will be pointless.

Get Consumers To Genuinely Interact With The Brand

Your brand feed should consist of user generated content. This will create an empathetic relation between your brand and your audience.

Avoid Click And Engagement Bait

Engagement bait posts are that take advantage of (Facebook’s) News Feed algorithm by boosting engagement in order to get greater reach. This can sometimes downrank your post. And you don’t want that so don’t do that.

10 Tips For Creating A Fresh Feed For Your Brand Each Day

1. Use Videos/ Live Videos

If you need a seat the table, you must consider sharing engaging videos in your daily feed on top priority. 85% of all internet users in the US watch online video. The time spent by the users in the US watching video content is also seen growing over the time.

Tik-Tok is a good example of video content driving engagement given that the entire platform is video based.

Consumers love seeing videos on social media. Videos are the favourite type of content to see from any brand on social media by customers. You have an array of options to choose from like stories, reels, short form videos, long form videos.

Check out how to make effective short videos for Instagram

An example of short video by oreo.

oreo-facebook-video-adSource: Facebook

If video content is the future, then the future is here.

Live videos offered by various platform is another option to create good content for your brand’s feed. Using live videos you can have Q & A sessions, have a digital press conference or do a product launch. It is interesting to get feedbacks from instant interaction with your followers.

2. Real People Posting Real Things

Share user generated content to let people connect with your brand. User generated content refers to content related to your brand that’s created by someone who is not an official representative of your brand. Any social media update, a review, a video, etc. If it involves your brand, and none of your employees created it, its user generated.

Ofcourse, you cannot use every user generated content, look out for the one that can influence your audience and create credibility for your brand. Use keywords, hashtags and brand mentions to find the best and most influential UGC.

A social media management tool like Statusbrew allows you to find shareable content through tags, mentions or sentiment type (positive, neutral or negative).

An example of Starbucks using user generated content.

Starbucks-user-generated-contentSource: Starbucks Instagram

3. Blog Posts

Every blog is an opportunity. Opportunity of sharing, exposure and influence. Share blogs of your brand with the real link directly in the feed. If the reader finds it interesting, they share it, giving your brand an endorsement. For every blog post you write and share on social media you get this opportunity.

4. Brand (New) Information

Celebrating your brand’s achievements on social media boosts engagement rates and makes your feed come alive with comments and likes. The interaction is appealing to anyone scoping your company out, including potential customers.

You can also share some exciting content related to your brand like behind the scenes, any charity work done by brand or upgrades in your product or leadership.

An example of microsoft sharing behind the scene.

microsoft-behind-the-scenes-instagramSource: Microsoft Instagram

Also consider sharing funny memes or posts which can either be on trending topics or specific industry related.

TheSkimm-instagram-post-memeSource: Instagram

5. Visual Content Pool

Create a pool of interesting videos and images to create a social media post. This will save your time and energy of looking for a photo every time you have to create a post.

The Content Pool is a simplified & collaborative in-app asset repository that helps your team store the high-quality, engaging content in text, image, link or video format to make your content management more efficient.

Statusbrew enables you to maintain a pool of your brand's digital content and enable you to share the best of content.


You can also checkout how to get free images for your social media.

6. Track Calendar Holidays

Do you know there are more than 200 days you can actually wish your follower on? From National Napping day to National Potato Chip Day there are plenty of occasions you can create content around. Checkout the list of social media holidays. Read it, save it.

An example showing Coco-Cola wishing on women's day.

cocacola-national-women's-daySource: Instagram

7. Create Your Own Challenge

There’s something remarkable about doing things as a group and seeing results as a collective that makes a powerful experience. People can tie to businesses and brands.

Generally, there are two ways to use social challenges for brand growth:

Create Foresight Offers: By creating a social challenge around topics you are interested in offering in the future, challenges serve as a way to test how your content goes and how interested your audience is in that service/topic/product. This is a gauge as to how your audience will interact with your offer and if it will be worth your time.

Create A Pitch: By creating a social challenge around specific products and topics you are selling, you can create a sales pitch that does not seem like a sales pitch!

A good social challenge can lead to a pitch that sells something or it can be a means of testing the waters to see if you can get buzz around your offers!

8. Curated Content

Creating content takes time, energy, and money. Therefore, it is best to complement it with content curation. Mentioned below are a few examples of how to quickly embed curation efforts into your social media feed :

  • Share valuable content with your followers on social platforms
  • For trending pieces provide your opinions, reviews, or reactions
  • Play a role in the news cycle

You can also share the content created by the influencers as they have a strong fan base and hence can be highly engaging.

9. The World (Wide Web) Is Your Oyster

Quotes are quickly and effortlessly consumed on social media. They also give you an option to make stunning visuals. If your content is aesthetically appealing and emotionally engaging, there is a ton of potential for engagement with your followers and eventually, an intimate interaction! This interaction could lead to more followers and a higher conversion rate.

Quote-on-social-feedSource: Instagram

Going one step further, you can even add your viewpoint while posting these quotes to increase your readers' interaction. With all the negative sentiments we sometimes see on social networks, positive and inspirational quotes can make you stand out and send those #goodvibes.

10. Use Old As New

Repurposing a content is the way of taking content you’ve used for one purpose, and reusing it for another. Options are unlimited, you can repurpose a blog into an infographic, or an interview into a blog post. Repurposing can enhance your engagement, also, save you time meanwhile increasing your online presence.

Use social analytics, like you’ll find in Statusbrew's tag insights, identify your top-performing posts and find ways to repurpose that content.


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