Women Leading The Social Media Space

Mar 8, 2021 3 min read

Where there are women, there is power; there is magic!
Happy International Women's Day to the pack.

Women are more active on social media; they use it more and are more involved than men. Women are more social by nature, so in social media (where communication is most prevalent), women are just a good match.

While women, sadly, are still underrepresented in general media, social media allows the voices of women from many backgrounds and countries, or outside of traditional power, to be heard.

Examples Of Women Centric Movements


MeToo movement focuses on the sexual harassment survivors who can publicize their experience in order to bring awareness among women. Tarana Burke, an advocate in new york, coined the term in 2006.

Me-too-movementSource: Twitter

Empower Women

UN women's global movement for women's economic empowerment.

Empower-women-movementSource: Twitter

Let's take a look at how women are leading social media networks statistically.

  • According to Pew Research, in the US, women are 11% more likely to use Facebook than men. Facebook attracts about 77% of women online.

Social-media-usage-genderwiseSource: Statista

  • Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram attract more women. General photo-sharing sites are very popular with women.

  • Pinterest is also a women's centric network with 33% female internet users compared to 8% of all men.

  • Women use Instagram 12% more than men.

Demographics-social-media-network-usageSource: Pew Research Center

Women contribute quality to social media as they generate feedback, giving their opinion on the product. That is why many products have strategies that specifically targeted to women.

All over the world, girls visit digital platforms to talk about issues that are important to them. They express their views, gather their peers and seek action from society. Girls build movement, they also share their friendships, their favorite memes and how life is for girls in their communities.

Here are some inspirational women on social media.

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman, @theworldwithmnr

Maryam and Nivaal RehmanSource: Instagram

This set of Canadian twins began talking about the education of girls at 8-year-old. Maryam and Nivaal discovered that many Pakistani girls could not complete their education because of poverty and discrimination. The news encouraged the two to start promoting girls' education.

Today, these 17-year-olds have a great deal of success: they run a successful YouTube channel and interview with celebrities such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Bollywood actress Preity Zinta and renowned economist Christine Lagarde. The twins have released their documentary film, “Destined to Soar,” about the state of girls' education in Pakistan.

While Maryam and Nivaal's social media are very dedicated to promoting their favorite causes, the girls also share their journey, post movie reviews and fill your feed with amazing images and selfies.

Helena Gualinga, @helenagualinga

Helena GualingaSource: Instagram

A 17-year-old climate change and Indigenous rights activist Helena Gualinga lives in a small Ecuadorian Amazon community. In September 2019, Helena joined Greta Thunberg and other activists in New York to defend environmental justice. Helena is concerned about her community's future, which is at risk because of climate change. She also speaks out against oil companies coming to Indigenous areas and putting Pachamama (the mother of the world) at risk.

Helena’s Instagram is colourful and she talks about her community and sentimental connection they have to mother earth. to show the magnitude of what we are losing.

Statusbrew salutes such inspirations.

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