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I’m fascinated by storytelling, entrepreneurship, and travel. I love to write about Social Media and digital marketing strategies.

Effective Social Media Tips For Small Businesses By 33 Experts

Social media can be a great medium for small businesses to reach out to new customers & grow their business. However, a majority of small business owners don't know how to effectively use social media for their business. We often get a lot of question from small business owners such as: How to effectively use social media for small business? What are the best social media tips for small business? Thus, considering all the problems that small business owners are facing on Social media, we decided to reach out to top social media & small business influencers to get their best social media tips for small business. If you are planning to promote your small business on social media, then check out these 33 experts sharing their most effective social media marketing tips for small businesses. Enjoy :) Experts Share Social Media Marketing tips for Small Businesses in 2019 1. Maura...

How To Use Statusbrew Reporting To Measure Your ROI From Social Media?

Are you curious to know what is the role of ROI (Return on Investment) in Social Media? And why it is important to measure the Social Media ROI for your business? Generally, If you ask this question to marketers, they all will give you different answers that increases your doubt instead of clearing it. However, they all agree on one thing that social media channels are capable of bringing enormous leads & traffic for websites that would eventually convert into customers. Why Social Media is Important For Your Business? According to a HubSpot report, around 92% of marketers claimed that Social Media Marketing has helped them gain enormous exposure for their brand or product. Thus, the above statistics prove that in today's time the power of Social Media can't be ignored or overlooked. It would be a grave mistake for a business to neglect the power of social media if...