Top 112 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2024

Sep 2, 2022 30 min read

Social Media Marketing is the lifeblood of any online business or brand. It is immensely difficult for a business to imagine their online success without having an effective social media marketing strategy in hand. Various studies have also cemented this fact that social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of online marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a constantly evolving field and if you want to be successful, then you have to be on your toes and inquisitive enough to learn and adapt yourself according to the ongoing changes.

Now, if you would be thinking that how to stay updated with the ongoing changes in social media field

Don’t worry we have curated the list of top 100 social media marketing influencers whom you should follow in 2019 to be aware of the ins and outs of the social media world.

Please note that the list given below is in random function order.

1. Jeff Bullas

He is one of the topmost social media influencers and a renowned digital entrepreneur, digital strategist, marketing blogger and best selling author. You should definitely follow him in 2019 if you want to learn about content marketing. His blog receives more than 5 million visits per month. He covers a wide range of topics: entrepreneurship, social media, digital marketing, content marketing and automation. Due to his contribution to the digital marketing world, Forbes has included him in the list of "Top 20 Influencers of CMO’s – 2017". He also ranked #1 in Content Marketing Influencer Globally in 2014.

Connect with Jeff Bullas on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

2. Joe Pulizzi

He is the founder of leading Content Marketing Institute which is considered to be the leading content marketing resources for businesses, entrepreneurs, and beginners.

The CMI was acknowledged as the fastest growing media company in 2014-15 by Inc. Magazine. Over the years, He has helped several big brands to establish their business online. He is also the winner of 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Content Council. Moreover, his book Epic Content Marketing was awarded by fortune magazine in 2014 as the "Five Must-Read Business Books of the Year".

Thus, if you want to learn the ins and outs of content marketing, then you should definitely start following him as he is one of the best social media marketer.

Connect with Joe Pulizzi on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

3. Neil Patel

If you are a digital marketer, blogger, then it is difficult to believe that you have not heard of this man. He is a social media expert and one of the most popular faces in the internet world. He is selected to be the New York Time best selling author. Moreover, he was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Obama. He is the co-founder of Crazyegg and Kissmetric. He has a huge fan following online and his blog Quicksprout teaches people about the online marketing in fun and easy way.

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4. Ann Handley

She is a famous digital strategist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and best selling author. So, if you are serious about succeeding in the online world, then you should start following her now. She is the author of the wall street journal’s best-selling Everybody writes-Your Go-To Guide to creating ridiculously good Content.

Moreover, she runs a marketing training and education company, MarketingProfs that has recorded 600,000+ subscribers. She is extremely popular on Twitter where she has 420,000 followers. She was also recognized by IBM as one of the 7 people shaping modern marketing.

Connect with Ann Handley on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

5. Madalyn Sklar

She is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and leading twitter marketing expert. She is having 22 years of experience in the digital marketing and over the years, she has played a vital role in the online success of various brands. Due to her excellence in work, she has been ranked as the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston. Every week she hosts a #TwitterSmarter Chat for entrepreneurs, business owners and social media marketer. In this one hour chat program, she discuss about twitter marketing strategy with hundreds of people.

Connect with Madalyn Sklar on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

6. Michael Brenner

He is touted to be one of the most famous content marketing influencers. He is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group and author of bestselling book "The Content Formula". The Huffington post has rewarded him as a Top Business Speaker.

Connect with Michael Brenner on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

7. Mike Allton

The Social Media Hat provides business owners and bloggers with comprehensive articles and stories covering social media marketing, blogging, email marketing and search engine marketing. Readers know they can rely on owner Mike Allton for effective strategies and practices tactics to help them grow their business.

Connect with Mike Alton on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

8. Christian Karasiewicz

Social Chef is a company dedicated to helping you build solid fundamentals in digital marketing that you can apply to your own business or one that you are helping manage. They offer articles on the latest social media tactics, including Social Snacks 5 minute or less tutorials along with Social Chatter, a weekly social media marketing talk show that covers the latest social media news each week.

Connect with Christian Karasiewicz on Twitter and Facebook.

9. Mark Schaefer

He is globally recognized keynote speaker, blogger, digital strategist, and educator. He has been specialized in marketing and social media workshops. He is the co-host of The Marketing Companion, one of the top 10 marketing podcasts on iTunes. The popularity of Mark in the online world can be deduced from the fact that in 2017, he was the top 10 re-tweeted marketing personality and seventh most mentioned person by CMO on Twitter.

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10. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is a hugely popular name in the SEO world. He is the founder and former CEO of The Moz which is regarded to be the fastest growing marketing software. He is the author of two extensively popular SEO books: Inbound Marketing & SEO and Art of SEO.

Connect with Rand Fishkin on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

11. Jay Baer

He is internet pioneer, digital marketing and online customer service, expert. He is the author of New York Times five best-selling books. Besides this, he is also a keynote speaker and teaches entrepreneurs and business owners to how to gain customers. He is the host of the Social Pros podcast which is touted to be the best marketing podcast. He has also founded the ConvinceandConvert company that has helped various companies to enhance their sales and churns more profit.

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12. Marcus Miller

He is an SEO Digital Marketing Consultant. He is also a columnist in Search Engine Land. Moreover, he has founded his own company Bowler Hat based in Central Birmingham (UK). He writes blogs and articles on digital marketing strategies, SEO and content marketing tips. You can follow him to advance your knowledge in online marketing.

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13. David Meerman Scott

Web Ink Now, by David Meerman Scott is about generating attention and growing business in a real-time world. Our always-on, Web-driven world has new rules for competing and growing business. Advance planning is out – Agile is IN! Those who embrace new ways will be far more successful than those who stay stuck and afraid to change. David writes about marketing, social media, and Newsjacking - the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to generate tons of media coverage, get sales leads, and grow business, a concept he pioneered that is now so popular that it is in the Oxford English Dictionary. David is author of ten books including 3 international bestsellers.

David Meerman Scott on Twitter.

14. Lilach Bullock

She is a top-notch content marketing and outreach specialist. She has been named by Forbes magazine as Top 20 Women Social Influencers. Over the years, she has worked with several big brands to help them grow online such as Oracle, Hootsuite, Agorapulse, ZEEF etc. Moreover, she has been featured as a columnist on Social Media Today, Wired, Kissmetrics, Forbes, and The Telegraph.

Connect with Lilach Bullock on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

15. Lee Odden

He is the CEO of Toprank. He has many feathers in his cap as he is a digital marketing expert, keynote speaker, and author. Moreover, over the years, he has been the main face of the many successful brands online. He has written a famous book Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing.

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16. Neal Schaffer

He is the renowned influencer in social media marketing and speaker. He is the founder of Maximizesocialbusiness. Due to his progress in social media and content marketing, he has been recognized by Forbes as Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer two years in a row. He has worked with several big brands and celebrities. Recently, his company Maximizesocialbusiness has recognized as Top 50 Influential Brand in Content Marketing.

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17. Larry Kim

He is the founder of Wordstream leading paid search marketing platform around the world. He is currently CEO of MobileMonkey,Inc. - a provider of chatbot software tools for marketers. He is also a regular contributor to the Internet Marketing Blog which covers a range of topics online marketing, PPC, Social Media, and blogging.

He is not only writing for Internet Marketing Blog but also contributed to some of the leading magazines such as Wired, Huffington Post, CNET, The Wall Street and Search Engine Land.

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18. Pam Moore

She is a social media trainer, international keynote speaker, and online marketing expert. She is the CEO of Marketing Nutz and helps several brands to gain recognition online. She has more than 1 million followers on various social media platforms. Due to her popularity, she has been recognized by Forbes as Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer.

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19. Robert Rose

Robert Rose is a keynote speaker, best selling author, digital marketing specialist and marketing influencer. He is the founder of The Content Advisory. Robert has been active in the internet marketing field for last 15 years and has played a significant role in the success of 15 of the Fortune 100 companies.

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20. Pat Flynn

He is a famous blogger, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker. He is best known for his website Smart Passive Income. This website is enormously famous among people and it has millions of visitors per month.

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21. Tom Pick

The Webbiquity B2B marketing blog covers topics like B2B lead generation, web presence optimization, social media, influencer markting, SEO and search engine marketing for corporate and agency marketing professionals. Tom Pick, editor of Webbiquity, been named one of the 50 most influential B2B marketing thought leaders; published on leading industry blogs including Moz, HubSpot, MarketingSherpa, MarketingProfs, Social Media Examiner, and Ragan's PR Daily; and has presented at blogging and social media conferences.

Connect with Tom Pick on LinkedIn and Twitter.

22. Ian Cleary

He is a top digital & content marketing specialist founder of RazorSocial. He has in-depth knowledge of social media and content marketing. He is considered to be one of the best marketing influencers. Apart from being the founder of Razorsocial, he is also co-founder of OutreachPlus.

He has appeared in giant publications including VentureBeat, New York Times, Fox News, Huffington Post, and many more.

Connect with Ian Cleary on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

23. Sujan Patel

He is a famous growth marketer and co-founder of web profit and Voila Norbert. He has featured in major industry publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and many more.

Over the years, he has affiliated with several brands and played a key role in their online success Salesforce, TurboTax, Sony, mint.

Connect with Sujan Patel on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

24. Jamie Turner

The 60 Second Marketer is a marketing website that provides tools, tips, and techniques for hundreds of thousands of marketers around the blog. It is best-known for its award-winning blog as well as its founder, Jamie Turner, who is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, and network TV news contributor. If you’re looking for insider tips on the science of marketing, you can’t go wrong with the 60 Second Marketer.

Connect with Jamie Turner on Twitter and Facebook.

25. Mike Gingerich

MikeGingerich brings you the latest and most current tools, trends, and resources for social media marketing and small business tools. You will find helpful social media strategy insights, innovative ideas that you can apply to your own work, tech tools, the latest social media tactics, and online marketing strategies to grow your business.

Connect with Mike Gingerich Twitter and LinkedIn.

JohnPaulAguiar focuses on helping Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners how to use blogging and social media to grow their brand and business.

Connect with John Aguiar Twitter.

27. John Rampton

He is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Due to his excellent work, he has been recognized as the 10 Most Influential PPC Experts in the World for three consecutive years.

Connect with John Rampton on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

28. John Hall

He is an entrepreneur, digital & content marketing specialist and keynote speaker. He is the co-founder of Influence& and keynote speaker. Apart from this, he weekly contributes at Forbes & and also appeared for Mashable, fastcompany and many more major industry magazine.

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29. Lisa Sicard

She is a digital marketing expert, blogger and top twitter influencer. She runs a blog Inspire to Thrive where she share latest development in social media and how to promote business online. She has recently been awarded as the “Top 10 Twitter Influencers”. You can follow her to hone your blogging and twitter marketing skills.

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30. Neil Eneix

Started in 2010, the Fannit blog discusses entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, as well as team development and management. Our content, featured on sites like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Social Media Today, focuses on helping owners and executives from startups to multi-million dollar companies build successful, predictable growth systems. We love helping grow businesses!

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31. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is a famous Internet Entrepreneur, blogger, writer, affiliate marketer. His blog Blogging Cage is a one stop destination for newbie bloggers to learn best working strategies to take their blog to next level. BloggingCage was started in 2012 with the prime focus to help newbie bloggers who are struggling to build a brand for their blog and earn their first dollar online.

Blogging Cage Interview Series and latest case studies make this blog a perfect for everyone who are looking forward to build their online presence with blogging.

Connect with Kulwant Nagi on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

32. Adel De Meyer

She is a famous social media influencer, author, host and keynote speaker. She has worked with many small businesses, entrepreneurs and personal brands to help them accomplish their goals on social media. Her blog has been recommended as a Top 25 Social Media blog by Post Planner.

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She is a famous social media & digital marketing strategist. She teaches new bloggers, how to make money online and she has also worked with several brands and businesses to increase their sales & revenue online. You can follow her blog "Successful Blogging" to get latest update about social media & content marketing.

Connect with Sue Anne Dunlevie on Twitter and Facebook.

34. Himanshu Gupta

If you are looking for in-depth guides on blogging or SEO, you'll love BlogRags. The blog was founded by Himanshu who has over 4+ years of experience in blogging and digital marketing. It's especially helping for people you just starting out.

Connect with Himanshu Gupta on Twitter.

35. James Wolf

Viral Wolf is an inbound web agency with offices in Cincinnati and Tampa. With our speciality of lead generation, this blog offers lots of growth tips on how to analyze, optimize, and execute lead generation strategies for many different types of businesses.

Connect with James Wolf on Twitter.

36. Chris Lee

3HUNDRD's purpose is to teach the struggling affiliate marketer how to break through the noise and crack the code to start earning money with his or her website. He do this by using many different traffic generation techniques and money-making secrets. He has gained a lot of experience from last 7 years by working in SEO, social media and affiliate marketing.

Connect with Chris Lee on Twitter.

37. Adam Connell

He is the founder of BloggingWizard, a great learning resource for anyone wanting to start or grow a blog. He regularly shares actionable insights on traffic generation, email marketing, and of course, social media. You can follow his blog to learn how to generate income and traffic on your blog or website.

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38. Ron Sela

He is a digital marketing expert and conversion optimizer. He has helped several businesses to maximize their ROI. He has been named by InkyBee as a Top 50 Influence Marketing Blogger. Moreover, he has been included in the Onalytica list of Top 50 Influencers in B2B Marketing. You can follow him to learn digital & content marketing strategies.

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39. Collin Newcomer

Revive Social is focused on social media marketing latest techniques and developments. Each week, they publish two 100% original and research-backed articles. Some of the posts cover the best times to post on social media, how to find social media audience for your business and recommendations on the social media auto posting tools.

Revive Social Includes a unique social media case study series where you can learn digital marketing first-hand.

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40. Amit Bhiwani

He is a Professional Blogger who reviews the latest in tech primarily focusing on Smartphones on his Youtube Channel & Publication named PhoneRadar. He is a famous social media personality and tech blogger across the globe. You can follow him to learn about the latest developments in technology.

Connect with Amit Bhiwani on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

41. Maddy Osman

She works as a content and social media marketing strategist for Blogsmith. She has contributed as an expert on various major publications such as SearchEngineJournal, SemRush, Adobe and many more websites.

Connect with Maddy Osman on Twitter.

42. Yam Regev

The blog on Medium is where Zest CEO Yam Regev and other members of the Zesteam share an inside look at the building of a bootstrapped startup. Zest’s culture is built upon transparency and collaboration and so is its blog. Team members share articles about product development, growth methodologies, marketing insights, and invite readers to follow along as they share their personal learning and career journeys.

Connect with Yam Regev on Twitter and LinkedIn.

43. Raelyn Tan is a digital marketing resource for bloggers and online entrepreneurs, with almost 100 articles about starting, growing and monetizing your blog and online business. You will be able to find concise and actionable digital marketing and social media tips about Facebook group management, Pinterest traffic generation, email marketing, search engine optimization, and much more. With over 10 years of blogging, Raelyn writes in a personable manner from her real-life digital strategies that have worked for her.

Connect with Raelyn Tan on Twitter.

44. Pankaj Narang

SociAlert Blog is managed by Pankaj Narang and covers a wide range of topics. From Twitter tracking to social listening and analytics to the latest updates in the industry, the blog tries to include all the vital subjects of digital marketing. Most of the posts are related to Twitter and follows an educational approach. One can know the nitty-gritty of Twitter analytics, hashtag tracking, social media listening, and more by going through these informative posts. There are also reviews of leading social media tools that marketers and experts can use. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or a digital marketing expert – the blog has something for everyone out there!

Connect with Pankaj Narang on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

45. Jason Acidre

Kaiserthesage is a personal blog authored by Jason Acidre - which focuses on covering actionable advanced guides to technical SEO, link building/digital PR, content marketing, and content-based social media strategies. Some of the blog's popular guides have also been featured in BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., and other highly-authoritative publications.

Connect with Jason Acidre on Twitter.

46. Deepak Kanakaraju

He is a famous digital marketing expert. He is also an author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Moreover, he is a regular columnist in Entrepreneur and YourStory. He regularly shares digital & social media tips on his blog. He has a huge fan following. You can follow him to learn digital marketing.

Connect with Deepak Kanakaraju on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

47. Stefan Debois

Stefan Debois is the founder and CEO of Survey Anyplace, an online software tool to create engaging surveys, quizzes and assessments. Besides kitesurfing, Stefan is passionate about the use of technology to build professional relationships with people, at scale. He manages a Facebook group named "B2B Bloggers Boost Group", where top-tier B2B bloggers help each other to create content and get mentioned.

Connect with Stefan Debois on Twitter.

48. Anh Nguyen

He is a famous social media blogger and digital marketing strategist. He runs a blog Bloggingthing, where he creates a space for bloggers from all walks of life to hone their skills, learn to monetize their site and most of all, create content that matters." You can follow his blog to learn about social media.

Connect with Anh Nguyen on Twitter.

49. Matthew Woodward

He is an award winning internet marketing blogger and keynote speaker. He has played a major role in the success of several big brands in the digital world. You can follow his blog to learn how to make a business successful online.

Connect with Matthew Woodward on Twitter and Facebook.

50. Nirav Dave

As a well-established web design and web development agency in Mumbai, Capsicum Mediaworks, can help you turn your creative business ideas into reality. Creating eye-catching web designs that are responsive & SEO-friendly is their forte and we guarantee 100% client satisfaction and on-time delivery.

Connect with CapsicumMediaworks on Twitter.

51. Mark Newsome

He runs, a content writing website that is helping businesses and individuals to increase engagement, generate leads, and scale their business by consistently offering high-quality blog content that are tailored to the needs of your audience.

52. Allan Pollett

Since 1998, Allan has been working as a SEO/SEM with web development experience. He developed, a real estate network of 300 sites serving every major city in Canada and the US. These sites generated 200 million dollars of real estate leads per day. He is an accomplished writer having published articles in the following newspapers & magazines: New York Times, Sympatico’s NetLife, Web Site Directory, Toronto Business Journal, Profit Magazine, Halifax Herald, Realm, Toronto Metro, Crafter’s Report, Web Bound.

Connect with Allan Pollett on Twitter.

53. Simplilearn

The contributions and efforts made by these proficient people will undoubtedly help you gain useful insights, moreover, acquiring a Social Media Marketing Certification along will certainly expand the bracket of your knowledge, keeping high probability to count your name among these adroit professionals.

Connect with Simplilearn on Twitter.

54. Jaspal Singh

Jaspal singh is a social media blogger and tech geek. He loves to write about the latest development in content marketing, Social media and Digital Marketing. Thus, if you want to learn how to grow your business online, then you should start following his blog - SaveDelete.

Connect with Jaspal Singh on Twitter and Facebook.

55. Jason Falls

Industry thought leader and author Jason Falls shares his insights and learnings from leading the digital strategy for Cornett and its brand portfolio regularly The site also features his weekly Facebook Live show "Go Ahead Caller" in which he shares similar insights, tips and ideas for agency and brand marketers navigating the ever-changing waters of the social and digital landscape. Falls is perhaps best known for founding, a site that became an agency and was acquired in 2014. He is the author of two books and a sought-after keynote speaker in the digital marketing space.

Connect with Jason Falls Twitter.

56. Sanu Siddharth

Sanu Siddharth Aka Siddharth Sharma is a famous Internet Entrepreneur, blogger, writer, affiliate marketer. His blog OnlyLoudest is a one stop destination for newbie bloggers to learn best working strategies to take their blog to next level. Sanu Siddharth started blogging & Social media marketing from 2011 with the prime focus to help newbie bloggers who are struggling to build a brand for their blog and promote their product on social media to increase sales as well as market presence.

Connect with Sanu Twitter.

Question Cage which is founded by Navin Rao provides valuable resources about WordPress, Social Media hacks, SEO and Technology. And, over the time this blog has grown to solve their reader's issues by offering thorough and valuable articles. If you are looking to grow your business online, this blog could be one of the best blog to follow.

Connect with Navin Twitter.

58. MSI Sakib

He is a popular tech & social media blogger. He shares tech & social media tips and tricks on his blog If you are new into the digital world, then his blog would be the perfect place to start learning about digital world.

Connect with MSI Sakib on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

59. Nick Leffler

The Online Presence Blog is a helpful resource for small businesses looking for ways to grow their business online. There are many resources about web design and digital marketing (including social media) which give helpful and actionable advice for small businesses to get more business from the internet.

Connect with Nick Leffler on Twitter.

60. Peter Banerjea

Startup Voyager is a content marketing agency that helps tech startups acquire leads through organic traction and build their online brands. Their work has appeared in Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, Huffpost, Lifehacker and other top blogs.

Connect with Peter Twitter.

61. Vashishtha Kapoor is a blog about internet marketing, social media marketing and WordPress. He started his website back in 2015 and have been talking about digital marketing on the same. I also run Affnext which is the leading and trending next generation affiliate network directory and a portal to help marketers do better CPA marketing.

62. Sandeep Dharak

He started Etech Spider in 2011 with concept of tech Blogging to share news and information about development technologies, application reviews of android and iphone. He is passionate about latest development in tech & social media. And he often writes about social media and tech news. You can follow his blog to upgrade your social media skills.

63. Ryan Biddulph

He is an entrepreneur, social media blogger, author and digital marketing strategist. He is being considered as one of top social media influencer. You can follow him in 2019 to learn about the latest development in social media marketing with Blogging From Paradise.

You can connect with Ryan Biddulph on Twitter and Facebook.

64. Moss Clement

He runs Moss Media, a content writing website that is helping businesses and individuals to increase engagement, generate leads, and scale their business by consistently offering high-quality blog content that are tailored to the needs of your audience.

He is also helping bloggers, especially newbie writers to improve their writing skills and become better, successful bloggers by providing the best content writing tips, tricks, and resources.

Connect with Moss Clement on Twitter.

65. Emenike Emmanuel

EntrepreneurBusinessBlog is a digital media platform saddled with the responsibility of delivering valuable and actionable content that helps their audience to start, manage and grow their business. This media body started in September 2016 as the singular vision of Emenike Emmanuel but has today grown into a globally recognized platform where individuals and corporate organizations now visit to seek business ideas and tips that will help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Emenike Emmanuel has dramatically changed the way people approach the business of blogging and as a result has influenced tens of thousands of people through this medium.

66. Glenn Cowan

Voova Digital provides a full range of digital marketing services for business owners around the world. We specialize in assisting transport providers with a range of transportation management services but can also assist in pretty much any other niche. Our in-house team are always looking at new and inventive ways to assist our clients in gaining greater online visibility.

Connect with Glenn on Twitter

67. Shobha Ponnappa

CONTENTED-SOLOPRENEUR is an authority site dedicated to solopreneurs in content marketing. As their line on their site says "we offer content marketing smarts for solopreneurs”.

Tagline is founded on the remarkable principles found in the book “Parable Of The Pipeline” by Burke Hedges. This book teaches how to build pipelines of perpetual wealth in business. We teach the same principles that have made us successful, to our customers.

They offer a lot of free content marketing guides, as well as paid consultation services. For subscribers on their mailing list they also offer a “Burning Questions” service where they answer user's queries on content marketing via in-depth articles.

Connect with Shobha Ponnappa on Twitter.

68. James Reynolds

James Reynolds is fanatical about all things search, social and content on the web. He is the founder of SEO Sherpa an organic search engine marketing agency servicing enterprise clients like HSBC, Standard Chartered, Nissan, Guinness World Records and Bulletproof. In 2019 SEO Sherpa was awarded Best Large Agency and Best SEO Campaign at the MENA Search Awards. James regularly shares content via his SEO blog, Twitter and LinkedIn and is a contributor to several leading publications including Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazines. James is the host of the Click Jam inbound marketing event and mentors startup companies in his free time.

You can connect with James Reynolds on Twitter and LinkedIn.

69. Ashutosh Jha

Ashutosh is a digital marketing consultant and a blogger providing marketing solutions to multiple small and mid-size businesses. He follows the data-driven approach while creating the marketing and advertising plans and makes sure proper retrospective during the projects.

He has worked with many startups on their content marketing, digital advertising campaigns and ensured the target is getting met. His favorite area is defining the future growth plan and working hard to meet the target within the defined timeline with better customer satisfaction. He shares his working experience and expertise at

You can connect with Ashutosh Jha on Twitter.

70. Santanu Debnath

BloggingJOY is one of the leading blogs from India. The main purpose of this blog is to share useful information about how to start a blog, set up WordPress blog, various blogging tips, link building tips, SEO techniques, social media marketing and many more. You can also save money on various blogging tools, web hosting plans using active promo codes.

71. Maxwell Ivey

He is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and social media expert. He has also appeared in several tv shows, radio programs, and podcast. If you want to learn how to create a successful brand online, then start reading his blog - TheBlindBlogger.

You can connect with him on Twitter.

72. Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is a pro blogger, Blogging Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Certified Expert and Social Media addict who is been working online for almost a decade. He believes Pinterest is an upcoming Social Media platform and search engine that is likely going to challenge game players like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Enstine's blog is features educative and engaging content on blogging, SEO, Social media and Internet Marketing

You can connect with him on Twitter and Pinterest.

73. Jeet Banerjee

Jeet Banerjee is a 25 year old serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and digital marketing consultant. Jeet has launched over 15+ businesses in his entrepreneurial career. Some of these businesses have been wildly successful including 2 companies that he has sold while a few others have failed. In addition to this, Jeet speaks at events and Universities all around the world inspiring others to take action on their dreams.

You can connect Jeet on Twitter.

74. Mohammad Anzil

He is a famous social media bloggers. His blog, is immensely famous among the people who want to learn about digital marketing, Seo. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable source to learn about social media & search engine optimization tips and tricks then start following his blog.

You can also Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

75. Brad Friedman

"The Fried Side" blog publishes posts about everything digital marketing. You'll find content on inbound marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, tech, SEO, PPC and more. The posts are meant to provide readers with the news, info, tips, tricks and tactics they need to crush it online.

You can connect with Brad on Twitter.

76. Jignesh Padhiyar

iGeeksBlog is about All Things Apple. Started off in October 2012, the blog has come a long way to achieve the status of authority. From the humble beginning to this enormous fan following, iGeeksBlog is a trustworthy place to get exhaustive information on Apple, its products, services, and how the Apple ecosystem functions to the benefit of end users.

You can connect with Jignesh on Twitter.

77. Ryan Scollon

Ryan Scollon is a PPC & Google Ads Consultant, who also run's his own digital marketing blog aimed at helping small businesses succeed online. Covering all sorts from PPC, SEO & Social Media, there are a variety of posts to help you get you started.

78. Audrey DeSisto

Digital Marketing Stream, blog delivers insight and expertise on all topics digital. From storytelling and branding, to technology and digital advertising, our goal is to deliver valuable content that wins the hearts of readers. We are constantly working on our creative posting strategy where it it important to stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to be a resource to readers wanting to keep up with digital marketing and the advancing changes in the industry.

Connect with Audrey Desisto on Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook.

79. Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe have been working on the web for over 20 years and in Search and social marketing for 10 years. I run my company alongside my wife who is co-founder and some of the most dedicated and talented professionals in the industry.

Connect with Patrick Coombe on LinkedIn.

80. Kristi Hines

She is certified content marketer and business blogger. She has worked as guest blogger for Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Examiner. Over the years, she has helped several clients to fulfill their content marketing goals by creating compelling content.

Connect with Kristi Hines on Twitter.

81. Mohd Aatif

He is a talented social media blogger. He writes about social media tips & tricks. He also teaches people how to increase traffic on their blog.

Connect with Mohd Aatif on Twitter and Facebook.

82. Digi Mark SEO

Digimarkseo provides the best advice on Social Media, SEO and content marketing. You can follow their website to find new techniques & news on Social media and online marketing.

83. Philip Verghese

He is otherwise known as 'Ariel', a multi-niche freelance writer, blogger, translator, roundup post expert, internet marketer and a social media campaigner, who writes in English as well as in his mother tongue Malayalam. He manages several blogs and social media groups. His main blog is (Philip Verghese 'Ariel's Jottings).

You can connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

84. Vikas Singh

The Blog Wizard - NextisBest devises proven digital marketing strategies to help clients globally expand their online presence.

He provides consulting services to businesses for SEO, Content Creation and Social Media Marketing. Distributing books for free to initiate education at grassroot level is what keeps him happy :)

You can connect with him on Twitter.

85. Jaymin Dangi

He is a digital marketing consultant, social media enthusiast and founder of UPLARN. He helps businesses to drive leads, boost sales and increase revenue by exploring successful online marketing campaigns. He is well-versed and familiar with SEO, SMM, content marketing, paid marketing, reputation management, influencer marketing, video marketing, and web analytics.

He has the ability to achieve marketing goals through a fully integrated digital marketing solution. He believes that in-depth research, online optimization, valuable content, and analysis are the main pillars to make a successful business.

Connect with Jaymin on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

86. Deepanshu Gahlaut

As the founder of the Infographic blog, Infopixi, Deepanshu Gahlaut has been involved with digital marketing industry especially SEO and social media since 2013. Besides writing on various topics such as social media, content marketing, technologies such as cloud computing, he also shares his personal experience and insightful points and commentary on his blog that can help you with your marketing efforts.

You can connect with him on Twitter.

87. Iftekhar Ahmed

iftiSEO is a blog where you can find exclusive guides and techniques to help you build your organic traffic and social media reach. Many of these guides help people start from 0 to over 1 million monthly traffic. While many other guides help people sell their services easily. Overall, its a blog to help people learn how to make money online.

88. Kaylee Ghergich

He is the founder of Ghergich & Co. He is entrepreneur, digital & content marketing specialist. He has been active in the industry since 2004. And he knows the ins & outs of the industry. You can seek his advice to develop content for your brand or business to accomplish your goal without any problem.

You can connect with Kaylee Ghergich on Twitter and Facebook.

89. Devesh Sharma

WPKube is a WordPress resource site, which focuses more on WordPress-related topics such as in-depth tutorials, how-to guides, detailed reviews, and more. They product a lot of useful content and guides such as what is WordPress, how to install WordPress, etc. WPKube also has a coupons section, where you can find exclusive deals & discounts on WordPress products.

Connect with Devesh Sharma on Twitter.

90. Manoj V Bhat

Manoj is active on social sites especially on Twitter and he founded Blogging Triggers blog in year 2016 to deliver content on blogging tips, social media, technology and WordPress. Now it's very popular among social media enthusiasts which got a bunch of valuable mentions, awards within a short period for informative posts. He also writes in other web portals and magazines for many years.

You can connect with Manoj V Bhat on Twitter and Facebook.

91. Tunde Sanusi

He is an emerging social media blogger with blog named Net Social Blog. He shares the latest news and social media tips and tricks on his blog. His blog is famous among the people who wants to learn social media marketing.

You can connect with Tunde on Twitter.

92. Anuj Prajapati

He is a famous tech & social media influencer based in bangalore India. His interest areas are blogging, digital marketing, social media. You can follow his blog BeforeWorks to learn about digital marketing & social media.

You can follow Anuj on Twitter.

93. Jyoti Chauhan

She is an emerging social media and SEO expert based in India. She often shares valuable social media, seo tips and tricks on her blog named Updateland. To advance your digital marketing skills start following her blog.

You can connect with Jyoti on Twitter.

94. Yogesh Khetani

He is a famous tech blogger in India. He shares tech, Android and social media tips and tricks on his blog i.e.Yogesh Khetani.

You can connect with Yogesh Khetani on Twitter.

95. Rahul Setia

He is an emerging tech & social media blogger. His blog called TechBlogCorner is a perfect source of knowledge for those who want to learn about digital marketing & social media.

You can connect with Rahul Setia on Twitter.

96. Haneet Singh

He is the founder of Ytechb Blog. On his blog, he shares best android tips & tricks, iOS 11 Features, Accessories, Reviews, News, Mobile News in a simple way with step by step tutorials.

You can connect with Haneet Singh on Twitter.

97. Dibakar Bala

He is the Owner of and EVehic is a Blog created to increase awareness and facilitate the transition from traditional transportation to electric vehicles. Currently, he is working on a personal project with support from his professors at IIT Kharagpur.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

98. Mike Jones

Mike Jones, the founder of HiBlogging blog who strongly trusts Google for any solutions. The hunger towards learning pieces of stuff compelled Mike to start his own blog offering such valuable solutions to other internet users. Anything that belongs to blogging, social media, hosting, WordPress, SEO, Themes, etc. it’s better to learn from here. Especially Mike loves to help beginners who are struggling ‘where to start from’ or ‘how to take it’.

You can connect with him on Twitter.

99. Anand Narayanaswamy

He is a freelance writer, blogger, reviewer and social media influencer. He is also a member of the prestigious ASPInsiders group. He runs and maintains his own blog Netans where he publishes news, articles and reviews on a daily basis. Anand loves to play with the latest gadgets and also publishes detailed reviews after testing them for several days.

You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

100. Puneet Singh

He is an experienced owner with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. He has skills in technical support, information technology, marketing, blogging, and interpersonal skills. He is a business development professional who is the owner of Tech4uonline blog. He is certified by Google digital unlocked. The blog has been featured in indiblogger and skill infinity. They are available on all social media channels you can follow them there.


101. Abuzar Khan

SEO Basics, as the name goes, shares SEO tips and tricks to help startups and websites rank higher in search engine result pages. They also share the latest stories on other online marketing areas like social media, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, PPC, email marketing, and so on. Check out their articles and feel free to drop your comments.

You can connect with him on Twitter.

102. Sudhir Shukla

Bloggingsneed covers hidden SEO tips, blogging tips, PPC tips, Email marketing tips and other digital marketing stuffs.This blog is run by Sudhir Shukla, follow his blog to get all the latest tips related to blogging and social media marketing.

You can connect with him on Twitter.

103. Saurabh Tiwari

Saurabh Tiwari has gained much Marketing experience while working as a Digital Marketer at AllDigiTrends and Part-time tech blogger at TechiBhai. He is also associated with finding new information on increasing social media and SEO techniques with the users. TechiBhai blog is famous among the users who are looking for Blogging tips, App (Android/iOS recommendation) and Smartphones reviews.

104. Venkatesh Kumar

He is a Fulltime affiliate marketer and a blogger at which is all about SEO, Blogging and reviewing the internet marketing tools. He also runs another internet marketing Blog called teaches How to make money online. To learn how to make money online then Follow his Blogs.

105. Satish Singh

He is the founder of Exaalgia which is considered to be SEO company in various rating websites like Goodfirms, Themanifest etc. With his years of persistent dedication, hard work and efforts, he has a great success ratio and helped number of businesses improving their online presence. Successful entrepreneur, inspiration to many and a renowned business speaker in conferences like Fleming, he is very distinctive with his marketing tactics.

Connect with Satish Singh on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

106. Emad Iqbal Ali

Emad Iqbal Ali is a founder of multi-niche personal blog called Emad's Blog. He is active on Quora and shares lot of articles related to technology and other various niches. He also provide services on his blog at lowest prices. Emad is currently blogging in his part time while now pursuing Engineering as full time. He loves to help out people and enjoy helping them. You can follow his blog to get latest posts.

Connect with Emad Ali on Facebook.

107. Emad Iqbal Ali

Emad Iqbal Ali is a founder of multi-niche personal blog called Emad's Blog. He is active on Quora and shares lot of articles related to technology and other various niches. He also provide services on his blog at lowest prices. Emad is currently blogging in his part time while now pursuing Engineering as full time. He loves to help out people and enjoy helping them. You can follow his blog to get latest posts.

Connect with Emad Ali on Facebook.

108. Vishal Ravish

He runs one of the best digital marketing blogs in India- Whizsky which helps millions of business owners and social media marketers to discover how to best use digital media to connect with their audience, drive website traffic, generate brand awareness, and increase sales. They have a team of professional editors, journalists, and marketing experts to generate insightful and engaging content on daily basis.

Connect with Vishal Ravish on Facebook.

109. Vladislav Mironov

Wefast is revolutionising urgent deliveries and low-priced same day delivery service in India! They are making a city a better place to live and support people who live in it. Students, artists and designers who are willing to make earnings without giving up their main job or studies. This is also a perfect job for people who enjoy cycling and want to keep fit as the majority of our couriers are walking or cycling. Our service is helping to reduce traffic jams and improve the environment.

110. Peter Elmhirst

Peter is a lead generation specialist focusing on PPC driven traffic. He's the founder of The Ad Managers and SEMPAD. His agency has helped clients in all industries from the largest homebuilder in North America to the second-largest BOTOX provider in the world.

Connect with Peter on Twitter and LinkedIn

111. Shailendra Kadulkar

He is the Founder of Movinnza and Mumbai-freelancer. Mumbai-freelancer blog is created for seo freelancers to create awareness in seo consulting.His areas of expertise is web development, e-commerce and SEO. He specializes in dealing with various marketing platforms and guidance for handling the transformations that may arrive.

Connect with Shailendra on LinkedIn

112. Sumit Sharma

He is a digital marketing expert, travel blogger and content creator for many brands. He runs a blog named InstaTravelStyle where he shares everything instantly, be it travel, fashion, food or lifestyle. He has been featured by various journals and magazines.

Connect with Sumit Sharma on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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