How To Get More Comments On Instagram [+Infographic]

Jan 10, 2023 9 min read

With more & more brands shifting to Instagram, and an ever-increasing flow of content, it's hard to stand out on the platform.

Coupled with the decline in organic reach on Instagram, odds are you're getting lesser engagement such as likes & comments on your posts.

With the new algorithm used by Instagram, and the ocean of posts made each moment; there is a fair probability that your posts don't reach your desired audience.

Posting constantly may just not be enough, however, there are few best practices that'll help you get more comments & more likes on Instagram.

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Tips To Get More Comments On Instagarm

  1. Respond Quickly To Every Comment
  2. Ensure To Maintain Reciprocity
  3. Use Relevant And Trendy Hashtags
  4. Conduct Giveaways And Contest
  5. Focus On Getting Response From Viewers
  6. Post Quizes, Puzzles, Trivia
  7. Use Sponsored Posts/Promote Your Posts
  8. Post Reels
  9. Create Stories On Instagram
  10. Collaborate With Influencers

Understanding The New Algorithm To Get More Instagram Comments

Before we take a look at the tips & strategies about how to get more Instagram comments, it's important to understand Instagram algorithm & the changes it has gone through.

The latest algorithm decides upon the credibility and effectiveness of a post based on the number of shares the said post has. The algorithm goes further to find out how many users have saved the said post.

The higher number of shares and saves a post has, the greater priority the algorithm gives to the post. This addition was made after realizing the fact that unlike a mere like, it takes some effort to share and save a post. Hence, it is crucial to make posts appealing enough for users to take the extra effort.

  • Instagram algorithm will prioritize similar posts or posts from accounts with which the user has interacted with in the past, be it following, likes, or comments. These posts will get a higher position in the user's feed

  • However, interaction is not the only factor that comes into consideration. The algorithm will also look at the number of followers you have, the frequency and time of your posts, the number of likes and comments your posts garner before deciding if your posts should be suggested or shown to the particular user

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Optimizing Your Profile To Get More Comments On Instagram

Here are some tips and tricks that can ensure that you get more likes and comments on Instagram, which will, in turn, prioritize your posts and account for the Instagram algorithm.

1. Create A Business Account

Creating a business account for your brand on Instagram gives you an added benefit of controlling how your customers can reach you; be it on call, text, or emails.

With the insights available. a business account will further help you to decide the best time to make a post; preferably when the highest number of your customers are active & you get the most number of engagements.

This will further increase the engagement on your posts.

A business account allows you to add a direction to your outlet or office, making it more welcoming for the users. It even allows you to schedule posts; i.e., you can make a post and leave it up to the account to post at the most appropriate time. This gives you valuable time to engage with users on the platform.

2. Engaging Content Is The Key

Engaging content is the primary key to get more likes and comments on your Instagram post.

Ensure that you are consistently posting visually pleasing content that is able to grab user's attention.

Mix match between Instagram photos, videos, or reels to make your feed fresh & exciting.

3. Turn On Push Notifications

If you are wondering how to get more followers, likes, and comments on Instagram, a quick reply is a step to follow. Instant responses not only can attract more followers but also increases your profile appearing on your followers feed. Turning on push notifications can help you reply quickly. For this, go to your account settings and tap on the notifications icon. Now choose the desired notifications.


4. Create An Instagram Content Calendar

To get more likes and comments on Instagram, plan out a publishing calendar as per your organization's goals & prefernces. According to the new algorithm, timing is a factor to consider. So it is recommended to avoid posting content roughly without maintaining an apt system. Also, avoid posting repetitive content. To ensure that your content does not jumble up, maintaining a social media content calendar is the best way.

Statusbrew can help you to create and schedule posts with the publish feature. With the help of the planner, the user also can create a social media calendar. There is an option to add multiple posts at the same time.


10 Tips To Get More Comments On Instagram

Now that you're familiar with Instagram's algorithm & have optimized your profile accordingly, let's take a look at some ways to attract more comments on your Instagram content.

1. Respond Quickly To Every Comment

Responding to comments on your posts is the politest thing to do. It creates a good impression on the user and provides you with an opportunity to open a conversation. This, in turn, will let you better place your product or service. Good responses in your posts and more people are likely to comment.

This will then lead to a conversation, and can result in more users dropping by leaving a comment.

2. Ensure To Maintain Reciprocity

It is always advisable for you to maintain some reciprocity to get more Instagram comments. This essentially means that you take some time out to find out your top followers and commenters and then reach out to them by following them back, liking their posts, or commenting on their feed. This goes a long way to create a good relationship with your followers or fans.

response & reciprocity

3.Use Relevant And Trendy Hashtags

To further attract attention and comments to your posts, you must keep up with the trend, and you must be able to manipulate the users into stopping and commenting on your posts while maintaining a subtle intent. It would help if you never seemed too desperate to seek users' attention. Your posts have to be so appealing so that users engage with them spontaneously.

To do that best, you should always use the most relevant and trending hashtags on your posts. Even though they might feel silly at times, Hashtags go a long way in increasing the reach of a post. A proper hashtag is sure to get your post on the user's timeline.

Knowing how to use best hashtags for your business is crucial to gain more reach on Instagram. We have a detailed guide to using hashtags on Instagram, check it out.

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4. Conduct Giveaways And Contest

Giveaways & contents are one of the quickest ways to grow your follower base & get more engagements.

This might increase your "Instagram marketing budget" but the results are worth it.

Announce giveaways on your feed to the best of your ability. Many giveaways and contests, by default, need the user to follow and like, and probably leave a comment as well. This will thus take you another step towards your goal.

All the while, you should encourage users to tag their friends, family, and other people.

5. Focus On Getting Response From Viewers

Posts that show how a brand, or product can bring changes to a person’s life are always appreciated and welcomed. You should make fun posts or “memes” in your own unique way that showcases the same. They could be videos that appeal to the user personally, or photos and posters that emphasize on how the user is missing out by not owning or consuming your product.

Take for example the ads posted by Cadbury. Be it their Celebration pack ads, or be it their ads for your significant other, these ads have a certain emotional appeal and a lasting impression. These ads are impressive and a user is likely to share it with their close ones, and try out the product.

You can think and build on those lines. However, always remember that your approach has to be original and unique.

Your aim should be to stand out in the crowd and not to copy others.

emotional angle

6. Post Quizes, Puzzles, Trivia

You should apply creative manipulation techniques, through which you manipulate users to comment on your post while making them feel like they are doing it on their own. For this, it is best to create posts that warrant some kind of a response from the user.

Take for example the brand SanDisk. In recent years, they have taken Instagram by storm through their numerous quizzes and competitions hosted on their Instagram page. They post a series of competitions with exciting prizes to be earned. Users are asked to edit photos clicked on their memory cards, they are quizzed on various photography and life choices related topics. These activities helped the brand to get better user engagement, and an even larger following.

post quizes & puzzels

7. Use Sponsored Posts/Promote Your Posts

Apart from applying the tactics mentioned earlier to get more Instagram comments in 2022, you also can promote your post for more engagement. If you look at your post, you'll find a promotion button with the blue color. The promotion of a post helps to get more visibility also enhances the chances of getting more interaction.

However, it is advisable to utilize tactics that can help you get comments or increase the post engagement organically. Furthermore, you can also work on writing detailed captions. Interesting captions also attract followers' attention.

8. Post Reels

With the newer updates, Instagram has introduced new and exciting features which are very popular among users and can be used very well for your benefit. One of these trendy updates is Reels, which have gained immense popularity.

Reels are essentially 15-30 seconds short entertaining videos, which can be made even more humorous with various effects and other tools. Thus, reels can be a valuable tool for showcasing your brands and products in a fun yet memorable manner.

9. Create Stories On Instagram

Another classic Instagram feature is the stories. You can add pictures and videos in stories and can store them permanently in the highlights section.

Stories can contain anything ranging from short videos to interesting posters and facts related to your brand and products.

The stories are more effective in a manner, as they can be interactive. You can engage the users in various ways; asking them to choose from two options, asking them to grade experiences and products on a metered grading scale, or by letting them ask you questions.

10. Collaborate With Influencers

And finally, one of the most effective ways for you to get more comments on Instagram is to collaborate with an influencer. Influencers are people on Instagram who regularly make posts educating and guiding people. They make posts about how they handled a specific event in their life and then suggest to their followers how to handle similar situations in life.

Instagram influencers generally have a huge, dedicated fan following, who are likely to follow and try out what their influencer tells them. So, by collaborating with the right influencer, you can get an extended engagement on your brand. You can carry out most collaborations through sponsored posts.

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