A Complete Guide To Building Your Personal Brand

Oct 10, 2017 7 min read

Today, almost every individual is looking to have better visibility online. Many people are focusing on Personal Branding but still many others aren’t aware of it.

If you want to move ahead and grasp the best opportunities out there, you have no option but to hold a blue umbrella while others are busy holding the white ones.

Building your personal brand is the whole of what you do, how you do and why you do. It’s your responsibility to craft your work experience and deliver value in a way that makes you unique.

It's important to stay patient as it’s not a one-week process. Personal Branding needs complete dedication, hard work and time to get the right kind of results.

In order to help you grow, I have compiled all the aspects of personal branding in this complete guide. Pursue it and improve your personal branding techniques. It’s necessary!

What is personal branding?

Building a personal brand is a process of personal development for an individual to market himself and his career in his expertise field of work.

Let’s overcome the misconception that personal branding is not personal as it should be about other people, it precisely means what do you deliver to your prospects.

It is definitely a mark of professional respect by which an individual is remembered among the prospects but again you have to be a professional in value delivery.

Overall, personal branding is a pre-defined impression of an individual’s capability of solving problems with his professional experience.

But this is not the case every time. When it comes to providing value, your personal brand can interest a huge number of people. While building marketing strategies, creating motivational videos or writing novels, people tend to focus on the personal brand. They remember the individual rather than the brand that they are representing.

Think about B2B and B2C businesses that deliver emotional values along with their products, obviously the CEO plays a significant role.

Why building your personal brand is mandatory?

A complete guide to building your personal brand

Everyone likes a human touch when it comes to trust. People prefer to trust other humans rather than a brand. It helps establish an emotional connection.

Consider these benefits of building your personal brand:

  1. Building yourself as an entrepreneur and start a business
    In the current scenario, holding yourself up against your competitors is necessary, in order to get rewarded with good opportunities.

  2. Becoming an influencer
    It gives you the self-motivation you desire because you are recognized to be unique among your community. They believe in what you say and they let you influence. Most importantly, your personal brand creates a trust among your audience that drives you to deliver more value to them.

  3. Enhancing yourself as a potential employee
    A study by California Polytechnic State University figured that a personal brand gives employers the identification needed to differentiate among the qualities of various employees.

  4. Building your credibility for your upcoming ventures
    In real life, building your personal brand gives you the opportunity to build your career strategically because you know the career purpose which is all it needs.

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. – Chris Ducker

How to start building your personal brand?

Building your personal brand

The happy news is to know that in today’s world, you have all the technical requirements to build your personal brand. You just need to work hard, smart and with dedication.

1. First of all, you have to work hard on your work experience for building your personal brand. In order to achieve that, you have to sit and spend quality time on brand discovery. You need to see who you are as a Brand in your working field. This process can eventually help you find who you are, what are your values and who need you.

What do think about yourself is more important than what others think about you.

Personal branding

2. Create a personal branding statement - People will not care if you just keep telling about yourself, this is a mandatory statement while building your personal brand which will help you overcome this. You need to tell people how you will add value to the work that they are doing. It defines your job description, interests, attributes and why you are different than your competitors in a simple and short way. You are noticed quicker than others.

Personal branding statement

3. Be purposeful in what you share with others; each word matters. Sharing meaningful content helps you deliver better value to your followers and build a more relatable and logical connection with them.

Share relevant content

4. Serve your values with the blend of emotions to the ones who need you. This will give you a unique chair to sit among your interest group.

Building your personal brand

5. Associate with other strong brands; especially find the closest connections who have established their brand from your family, friends, colleagues or with the ones who studied in your university.

Associate with other brands to build your personal brand

6. Craft and share purposeful content that connects you with people holding your interest.

Purposeful content in building personal brand

The world is connected through the Internet and the way you present yourself on the Internet is vital.

Q&A for building your Personal Brand:

This video will let you connect with the unique understanding about yourself with respect your personal branding. Below are the Social Media assets you need to consider for the same.

1. Do you own Yourname?
Your domain will represent you as a brand. Understand the importance of online property and buy one soon. Every single person who’s trying build personal must focus on a personal website.

2. Do you have a blog?
Create a Blog for your personal branding and post 2-3 blogs per week and share them on social media. Write blogs on topics that connect your interests. You can inform and educate if you own a blog with active readers.

3. Do you have Facebook profile and page?
Having a Facebook profile is good but having a Facebook page is important. It portrays you as a brand. So, create a Facebook page and invite your colleagues, family and most importantly, people of your interests to follow the page. It is an efficient platform to illuminate yourself.

4. Do you have a Twitter profile?
Professionals mostly use Twitter to follow people who share their interests. Having Twitter profile gives you the advantage of getting in touch with people that can benefit you and help you become a brand.

5. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?
Professionals call LinkedIn, an online résumé. It gives you the professional outlook when you approach people. You can also join groups and answer the queries on LinkedIn, work as an active participant.

Know more: How To Add Resume To LinkedIn [4 Methods + Bonus]

Note: Since you are creating a personal brand, use your photo that is recognizable and formal. You can also create your personal logo and use it wherever you build your personal brand.

Quick tips for building your personal brand

Quick Tips
  • Build your personal website with your name.
  • Be visible on Social networks using social media management tools.
  • Go through your personal experience and hone your uniqueness.
  • Understand and master your professional interest.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Keep yourself real.
  • Create strong connections and maintain a database.
  • Identify and appeal emotions that can create connections.
  • Concentrate on value delivery.
  • Identify your purpose and set priorities.
  • Work on reviews and make necessary changes.
  • Share your story.
  • Let your work do the talking.

Famous examples of personal branding

There are true examples set by many people. Do we get the same understanding while we think about the following personal brands?

People are still achieving this goal because they sit, think and answer the questions that reflect their ability to solve problems of people.

Influencers like Neil Patel, Sam Hurley and Gary Vaynerchuk have dominated the internet by understanding and developing their personal branding techniques.

Follow the link: How to become an Influencer.

Key adjectives for building your personal brand

  • Be Professional: Understand the importance of being a professional.
  • Be Optimistic: No matter how many times you make mistakes, try to learn from them.
  • Be Yourself: Share your true stories.
  • Be Supportive: Ask people if they need you and find a way to grow with others.
  • Be Aware: Keep a track of what’s going on in the market.

Are you ready for building your personal brand?

Building you personal brand

Guess what? Now you have a guide; you can use for building your personal brand. You can use it wisely to develop yourself the way you want to.

Apart from self-satisfaction, you can enhance your respect among your interest groups with a strategy and build your personal brand by distributing your ideas and values to them.

You have to track the relevant contacts instead of targeting everyone out there. With the help of social media, you can overcome this.

If you feel that there is something that I missed or if this guide helped you in some way, I'd be glad to hear about it in the comments.

Mohamed Sikandar G

Content Developer

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