Social Media Conversions: 15 Tips To Convert Followers Into Customers [+Infographic]

Jul 20, 2021 17 min read

Solely accumulating followers on social media is not enough to make your business thrive. The triumph of a business relies on the capability to convert followers into customers.

Despite having substantial followers on social, your social media pages require to be nurtured to enrich the sales funnel.

66% of businesses that spend a minimum of 6 hours on social weekly are getting more leads. 70% of B2C businesses have gained customers through Facebook.

Social media conversion in 2021 is based on people-first social media trends.

It is more relevant because prominent search giants have changed the cookies policy refocusing on lookalike paid audience. It implies that businesses with cogent content have a great future in customer engagement & organic reach.

To achieve poignant social conversion, aligning social media strategy with business goals is crucial. Follow these tips to convert followers into customers. Supercharge your social media conversion & amalgamate it to your social blueprint to shape a plausible marketing funnel.

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Tips To Convert Followers Into Customers

Are you proactively working on converting your social media followers to paying customers?

Generating a user base who follows your social content is one of the initial steps to generate revenues. However, it is challenging to transform your customers into followers.

Diversifying between the engaged users and customer conversion opportunities is critical. With the conversion best practices & apt social media strategy, you can monetize your social effects. Following are a few tips for social media conversion:

1. Proactive Engagement With Followers

Proactive engagement with followers is one of the vital steps for social conversions. It is said that social media is like a party, where you should play the role of host encouraging conversations. Ensure to respond to comments & queries quickly to increase engagement on your content.

Besides, quick response makes your follwers valued. It brings customer loyalty, increases retention & reduces churn.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

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Proactive engagement is a vital part of positive customer experience as well. 89% consumer make repeat purchases after a positive customer experience.

However, while engaging with your followers makes sure you are not bombarding your fans constantly. Follow these steps to make balanced engagement:

Your reciprocity to a follower’s or customer's comment on a post is not simply an answer to a single customer, but to all your current & potential leads.

  • Create your agenda accordingly, frame your message directly to the follower you are replying to, and blend it with product information, facts, FAQs. Create a response that crafts values for multiple customers. It also helps to establish transparent communication, which builds trust.

  • Make sure to appreciate & show some gratitude to your most engaged followers, who often comment or like your content. They are your probable leads and can be your loyal customers.

  • You also can ask your followers to share their favorite books, post, travel narratives etc. Make sure to greet them on special occasions, make them feel appriciated to keep them in the loop.

2. Understand Audience & Create Buyer Persona

Identifying your followers' needs & requirements helps you to plan an excellent social media strategy. Understanding your audience also enables you to choose the right social media marketing tool & the right channel to reach your prospects. You should analyze your followers social media behavior, consumption patterns, communication behavior, etc.

Draw all these information & create your buyer persona to understand what type of content is the best way to convert your followers into customers. When you deliver content that suits your customer's specific needs, it generates warm leads with a high probability of social conversion.

Getting acquainted with your prospect's profile is the initial step to strengthen your relation with your followers.

  • Data says 79% of customers are committed to the brand that follows them. Understanding the target audience & creating a buyer persona is essential to grab quality leads.

  • Make sure to customize your content depending on your buyer persona of different social channels.

  • Analyze your audience pain points & provide a solution. Syncing content with buyer persona nurtures leads efficiently & with time, they enter into your sales funnel.

3. High-Quality Customer Service

Stellar customer service is a significant parameter for lead generation. It is a deciding factor that drives or debars consumers to buy your products. Resolving customer queries quickly increases trust & significantly boosts your brand reputation; it is also crucial for increasing social conversion.

The customer service statistics 2021 says that 78% of consumers ignore mistakes done by an organization or a brand if they hold good customer service records. Zendesk research has shown that around 3 out of 5 consumers are loyal to a brand that provides good customer service.

To enhance your referral traffic & increase your NPS score, embellishing quality customer service is crucial. Companies who receive ‘good’ ratings have 38% more chances to get recommendations. 93% of customers opt for repeart purchasing from a brand or business that has astral customer service.

To increase conversion focus on your customer service, improve your support desk process, train your employees, make proper strategies & most importantly, be swift to solve queries for customer acquisition on social media.

90% of users prefer to use social media to communicate directly with businesses. Use DMs for social media customer service & for quick replies; you can create templates as well.

  • Transfer your communication from the public forum to a private message if any personal information is required to resolve your customer’s queries or issues. Make sure to reach out to them swiftly and start your message with words of gratitude.

  • When you receive a negative review on your profile, make sure to reply in real-time; while replying, check out your vocabulary & tone. The customer may be in anger, so have patience & listen to them carefully.

  • Apologize for their experience and assure them that you are working for a solution. Never leave a bad review or comment unattended.

4. Generate Exclusive Content

While creating your content, remember that your target audience is already consuming too much content on social since most of the businesses are now going online. Focus on creating content that is relevant to your audience to gain attention.

Make your social media content afresh, refrain from using the same content format for long period. It becomes monotonous & no one wants to watch the same content again & again. According to a Hubspot survey, posting high-quality & engaging content impacts audience’s purchase decision-making.

Try to personalize content with a customized message that can meet followers' particular needs.

  • Share promo codes, keep the context relevant to them. Ensure to create content which can guide follwers' user journey & can solve their issues. To understand your followers' tastes, monitor their social behavior.

  • Rather than crafting the same content type, focus on creative aesthetic content such as videos, GIFs, storytelling, clever memes, engaging infographics, quotes, etc. Also, use reels, stories, and fleets to promote your content.

  • Interact with your target audience & understand their pain points as well. If you have a different product line segment your audience based on demography & psychography; use multiple accounts for each of the segment. Creating the right content for the right set of audience can visibly boost your lead generation.

5. Be Original

Be original with your content & sprinkle a dash of creativity into it. Originality helps boost your SEO ranking; it makes you credible and places you as a thought leader of the industry.

Adhere to unique ideas to high-quality content that can create a social buzz; it gives you a significant edge. Original content depicts your work skill, knowledge & understanding of the industry, which enriches your brand authority. Your target audience gets a glimpse of your uniqueness & they get the idea of what your brand can offer more & why you are a step ahead of your competitors.

  • Original content also gets more shares, likes & mentions. Find ways to be unique & interesting. Invest time on research, highly specialized workforce, set content review hierarchy & disseminate gated content to achieve desired result.

  • Don’t be mundane; maintain creativity; it allures your clients & establishes your brands more than a logo or name.

  • Creative content makes your business likable & relatable. In digital cut-edge competition, being likable by your prospects already keeps you a step ahead of your competitors in the field of lead nurturing.

6. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is a key to social media marketing, as it impacts your brand engagement & audience growth. Being consistent on social media helps set up your brand’s voice & makes you recognizable, increasing your social transection.

Maintain consistency in a brand's communication so that your audience can resonate with your brand. At the same time, it helps in setting up the brand’s voice, keeping your vision, objectives & values in mind.

  • Implement the voice through cohesiveness of color codes, themes, text font & logos across all social platforms. It’s paramount to maintain the balance so that your followers easily recognize your brand.

  • Brand recognition is one of the top parameters to craft a loyal followers base & converting them into customers.

  • Along with a consistent voice, be consistent with your content. Share informational, genuine & authentic content which can evoke emotions in your followers & delicately get them engaged with your content.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

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7. Build Rapport With Influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers is an effective way to increase your social media conversion. Study shows that the ROI of influencer marketing is 11x higher than banner ads. Businesses earn $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing.

49% of buyers rely on the recommendations before purchasing a product & 40 % of millennials believes social influencers have better knowledge about a product than their peer circle. 93% marketers are using influencer marketing

Social influencers build a trusted community, as, thought leaders in the respective niche, they also have content placement knowledge. Their followers respect their opinions & listen to them. So influencers can enrich your brand recognition & they can drive your prospects to the sales funnel, leading to boosting conversions.

Collaborate with your niche influencers; you can make them your brand ambassadors or collaborate with them for content and discount or affiliate links.

  • Before opting for an influencer, closely monitor their social activities and impact on followers. Besides, according to the influencer marketing trend 2021, micro influencers are more impactful than macro-influencers.

  • Consumers are now smart enough & they are more inclined towards an ordinary person's insight on a product rather than a celebrity review. So for enhanced conversion, look for a credible and trusted influencer to whom your target audience can relate.

  • Also, ask your influencer to review your product on social media, talk to them about your marketing goals, pick a relevant social channel & choke out a strategy accordingly.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

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8. Develop Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is a crucial factor in increasing social conversions. The goal of creating a landing page is to capture leads & to boost sales. These pages are the essence of the social marketing campaigns & brands have to invest a lot of resources to drive traffic to these pages.

Social media is evolving along with mobile devices, mobile-friendly interfaces are becoming popular. 91% of social media users use mobile devices to access social channels & 80% of total social media usage time occurs on mobile devices.

  • Optimizing landing pages offer the highest possible conversion rate, lowers your customer acquisition costs, & maximizes the value of your ad spend. Mobile optimized landing pages make your content easy to navigate.

  • Brands & businesses without a mobile-optimized page tend to lose revenue. Most mobile purchases are made on impulse. And if your customers face any obstacle in user experience, it sends your customers away.

  • Each time you change your website or landing pages, make it mobile optimized before the change goes live.

9. Run Contests On Social

Contests are a unique way to drive audience engagement, establish customer loyalty, increase brand visibility, market research & promote new products. Also, they provide you the opportunity to draw your follower's attention in an interactive & fun way.

It is one of the best ways to drive conversion to your site since contests cost-effectively amplify your message & generate leads by extending your social reach manifold. As per data, social media auto-fill options in contest participation forms can augment the conversion rates by almost 189%.

In comparison to other formats of marketing content, social contests have a 34 % conversion rate & 3.7% higher conversion rate compared to CTAs. So contests can act as the lead magnet for your brand & business.

A contest is a subtle way to promote your organization without letting your followers know. It can bring user-generated content and WOM advertising in a way, that your followers promote your brand. When your followers promote for you, it makes your brand credible & drives more traffic towards your sales funnel. Follow the steps to create impactful contest:

  • Ensure to set a clear objective. Keep your contest simple & make sure to implement a call-to-action (CTA) aligning to your contest goals.

  • Focus on using high-quality visuals to augment the appeal.

  • Craft attention-grabbing, crisp, clear & precise text & captions.

10. Offer Promotions Through Social Marketing

Social promotion provides your followers market awareness. Organic and paid methods are used through social media channels to reach the most relevant audience. Top brands implement various means of social promotions to convert the followers to customers & upgrading business reach.

Promotions through social marketing is a good way to reach out to your prospects. As for stats in 2021, 93% marketers mentioned that social media marketing had increased their business’ exposure. For outbound marketing, social media channels have a 100% higher lead-to-close rate. Besides, 49% of millennials between the age group 18-29 have made purchasing decisions after watching a social media promotion.

  • For effective lead generation & social conversion use techniques like hashtag contest or photo contest, referral promotion, coupons & use multiple content work skill.

  • Also, to generate more leads, plan special day’s promotions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father's day, etc. Focus on creating value content & give your followers a reason to be your customers.

  • Promotions motivate your followers to act swiftly & encourage them to take exclusive opportunities. Also, incentivize your followers to allure them to visit your site & purchase a product.

11. Create Dialogues & Build Community

Creating a dialogue with your social followers is vital to let the audience find your business. When you initiate communication with your audience, it establishes a solid relationship with your potential clients & you build a community of loyal followers who refer your products or services.

The loyal fan base has the highest chances to enter into the sales funnel & becoming paying customers. To open the communication channel, be interactive with your prospects.

Post video or motion content explaining your new product line. Ask for your followers' feedback about the same. Make sure to interact with your potential customers regularly, create content that can hook them. You can use reels or stories to ask them what they are looking for in your new product line.

Use different types of formats on social media, also focus on language precision so that your prospects feel welcomed. Social communities significantly enhance user satisfaction, it also boosts the percentage of recurring sales, and the customer reaction rate also becomes higher.

  • You also can create a separate Facebook group or Instagram chat group to create a community of loyal fans. To streamline your social engagement with them, update them about any upcoming service or product, share behind the scenes, and communicate on their personal posts like birthday posts.

  • Also, make sure not to leave the comments from your audience unanswered. Maintain connectivity 24/7. Share gated content, information, and valuable content, share promo code, send merchandised goodies to pay them attention.

  • Be loyal to your followers because your simple efforts of faithfulness can turn a loyal follower into a qualified customer. Show your loyal fans that you care for them, and the sense of belonging will help craft the community.

12. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is created, provided & shared by your followers or prospects. This type of content has an average of 4X higher click-through rates than ordinary ads. Hashtag campaigns and gamification are two popular forms of UGC. UGC boosts engagement & drives more conversions as your followers trust your brand’s offerings.

  • UGC is the practical experience that also boosts the credibility of your brand. It gives your followers a voice & it also directs your audience to speak up.

  • UGC also provides an opportunity to connect to like-minded individuals resulting in making a stronger & unified community.

  • You also can use UGC to pave your path to connect to the correct influencer of your niche through the right social channel to supercharge your online visibility. UGC is the trustworthy in-house content that establishes reliable communication, which drives conversion.

13. Storytelling Through Content

Narratives are constantly engaging to individuals & hence content that tells a story is an effective way to drive more leads. Leverage the use of visual storytelling platforms like Instagram to draw your customer's attention.

  • A solid story empowers you to connect with your prospects at an emotional level & it humanizes your brand and provides brand recognition. In the competitive social media marketing scenario, a well-weaved content story puts you at the front, driving more leads.

  • Post on social about the brand’s founder’s story of how the company was established, show your prospects the product manufacturing process, share your employees' narratives.

  • Create videos on why your workforce has chosen your business, the work culture of the organization, etc. This type of content keeps the audience engaged as it evokes curiosity to know more about your brand. Telling the story of your business or brand is an excellent way to drive customer conversion.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

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14. Place CTAs Appropriately

CTA motivates your social followers, leads to taking action. Place your CTA appropriately for prompt and immediate responses to drive sale. Compelling CTA is easy to follow; they come in various types, such as lead generation, lead nurturing, form submission, or social sharing.

  • While placing CTA analyze the tone, the internet sees a lot of content each day, and with increasing noise your prospects may easily get distracted. To hold their attention, place CTAs like ‘Sign Up; ‘Shop Now’ and guide your followers to your shop on your site & to choosing your product at the same time.

  • Use CTAs like ‘Join Now, ‘Try Now’ to initiate the conversation. Place it in a way that creates a sense of urgency & fear of missing out. Refrain from being too intrusive.

  • Provide information about your product line through ‘Read More' CTA. It drives traffic to your blogs or related content & establish a robust online identity. Plan your CTAs, align your campaign goals, & the most effective CTAs guide the audience to make a purchase.

15. Use Automation Tools & Asses Metrics

Marketing automation is your time saver for building brand. Automation tools ensure that your brand is active 24/7. Social automation tools in 2021 like Statusbrew ensure scheduling posts across different platforms, ensure prompt response to customer queries, analyze your social data.

Social media automation is the best idea for marketing consistency. It empowers you to regulate how & where to share your content, save time & it is time-sensitive.

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  • You can plan to post content when your target audience is most active on social media and the reach & probability of leads generation increases. Besides, the tools' analytics help you analyze what works & what content does not work for your business.

  • Ensure to monitor performance metrics of social conversion as well. Conversion KPIs track the effectiveness of your social campaigns such as generating website traffic and goal conversions. Also, these metrics help you to understand your marketing needs & provide you measurable ROI.

  • There are numerous conversion metrics, but you are required to choose the essential one a such as Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, CPC, etc. alligning your goals.

Use social tools like Statusbrew to measure your data, assess hashtag insight, social media engagement, reach & impression, customer service metrics to get the overall view of your marketing efforts.

Make sure to follow the 80/20 rule. Refrain from sharing excessively promotional content on social media as your audience can get disinterested. The 80/20 emphasizes maintaining balance, it focuses on sharing 80% informational, educational, and entertaining content to engage the audience & the rest 20% is promotional content.

Also, share authentic positive customer credentials & feedback on social media. It helps to drive more clicks and conversions, and also enriches your credibility. Further, it diversifies your social portfolio & generates new leads for your business.

Understand Social Media Conversions Metrics

Social media conversion metrics demonstrate & help to review your social marketing funnels to measure conversions. Check out the top conversion KPIs:

1. Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate denotes the ratio of visitors out of the total number of visitors who have completed the desired goal. These goals or conversions are actions like clicking on a link in your post, subscribe to your newsletter, downloading gated content, or registering for a webinar.

A high conversion rate indicates that your content is engaging enough to compel your target audience. Also, it refers that your content has a relevant context to your audience & it is enabled for fulfilling their user journey.

To track conversion percentage, divide the conversions by total clicks and multiply it by 100.

2. Conversation Rate

Conversation Rate is the percentage of interaction, i.e., comments per post against the number of total followers you have. Measuring conversation rate creates clarity about impact of the content on your audience & how much of your audience is compelled to add their voice.

It also helps you to understand the capacity of your content to spark a conversation.

Pull your comment analytics through its report feature for a particular time frame. To get the conversation rate, divide the number of comments you have received for that specific time span by your gross number of followers & multiply it by 100.

3. Bounce Rate

The ratio of page visitors who land on your page after clicking a link on your post & quickly leaving the landing page without taking action is termed bounce rate. It helps you track & compare traffic from your marketing sources.

Increasing bounce rate denotes the irrelevant source of traffic or poor optimization of landing pages, including irrelevant design, high load times, or low usability. Low bounce rates drive high-value traffic; it also means that your social media campaign targets the right segment of audience.

In eCommerce, bounce rates are termed abandonment rates. Setup Google Analytics to measure bounce rate. Go to the “Acquisition” tab. Check out “All Traffic” for the “Channels” segment and click on the “Bounce Rate” button.

4. Cost Per Conversion(CPC)

Cost per conversion is the most critical metrics you should consider to calculate social conversion. It is also termed lead generation costs or cost per referral. CPC is the total cost an advertiser pays to successfully achieve the goals, such as signups, participation or purchase, etc.

CPC is calculated by dividing the total cost for generating the traffic by the number of conversions. To simplify the calculation of CPC, many digital marketing companies offer ‘traffic packages.’

To minimize cost per conversion, optimize your ads. And follow the beat practice like writing a better copy, running an A/B test, ad placing time, etc.

5. Value Per Visit

Value per visit analyses the worth of the visits. It is calculated by the number of visits divided by the total value created. For example, an e-commerce company has a 5% conversion rate and suppose their average purchase is $500. It denotes that for every 100 visitors, they sell $500; hence their value will be $5 per visit.

However, measuring this metric is not always easy as sometimes the values are in an intangible form which is hard to measure.

E-Commerce site visitors create values for each purchase & they also make values when they leave reviews or share positive feedback to their peers about your site or products through word of mouth.

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