15 Tips To Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing In 2024

Nov 25, 2021 14 min read

LinkedIn has transformed into a promising channel to drive traffic, generate quality leads, build thought leadership, and more.

LinkedIn advertisements can reach 13% of the world's population, and it offers more than 200 targeting characteristics. Fifty-five million companies are on LinkedIn, and 96% of B2B content marketers leverage the social platform LinkedIn for organic social marketing.

With a well-executed LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can build your brand and establish long-lasting relationships with your prospects. Besides, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for crafting brand visibility and nurturing qualified leads by posting engaging content and participating in industry discussions.

To aid you in navigating LinkedIn marketing to establish your brand and reinforce effective customer relations, we have encased top Linkedin marketing tips in this article. Leverage the rundown to the LinkedIn strategies from setting your company page to the benefits and grow your business.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

Reid Hoffman launched the social platform to make it easier for people to display their skills and get better job opportunities. But in recent years, the platform has changed a lot more.

LinkedIn is more than just a professional network and gradually becoming a "treasure trove" for brands. LinkedIn marketing tools expose brands to millions of connections, where you can share career development, professional connections, industry discussion, or any other business-related activities.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing can be defined as the process of using LinkedIn to make connections to generate leads. To enrich your brand awareness, foster business relationships, and digital partnerships.

LinkedIn marketing aids users in sharing content and driving traffic to your website. When you include LinkedIn in your brand's marketing efforts, you can use valuable features associated with analytics, connections, and brand-building.

Importance Of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your Business

If you are still wondering about the importance of LinkedIn marketing, let's drill deep into the importance of this concept. You may often put all your effort towards major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in terms of social media marketing. Indeed these platforms are great to reach out to your potential clients.

But including LinkedIn to your marketing strategy may lead to massive opportunities to get potential customers. LinkedIn generates leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter, making it a necessary platform for your business when it comes to marketing.

Note that you should refrain from blatantly pushing your business or hard-selling your product on LinkedIn. Because the set of audience the platform has is a unique audience and you need to plan a different approach based on the operational process of the network to get your desired result.

However, with the correct implementation of the marketing blueprint, B2B marketers are gaining 80% of their social media leads, which helps the businesses to the next level.

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The social platform allows you to connect a wide range of audience, right from a beginner to a senior-level expert or huge organizations. It acts as a bonanza to B2B businesses to attract top-level executives and prospective clients.

A solid LinkedIn marketing approach is critical to a B2B company's growth. And with the appropriate implementation, you can leverage developing brand recognition, increase the generation of high-quality leads, website traffic, and so much more. Sales pitches and aggressive advertising doesn't work on LinkedIn. You need an approach aligning your business goals.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Marketing Page

Have you noticed that you have an active LinkedIn profile, and yet you only occasionally access your profile? Well, it is not the first time, and definitely not that uncommon. Studies have shown that an average LinkedIn user spends about 17 minutes on the platform.

Yet, LinkedIn is, by far, one of the largest networks of companies. While it is easy to create a LinkedIn Marketing Page or a LinkedIn Business Page, but, there are a few criteria that one must fulfill. The requirements are as follows:

  • Your personal profile must be at least 7 days old.
  • Your personal profile must have your real first and last names.
  • Your profile must be ranked either “intermediate” or “All Star”.
  • You must be listed as an employee of the company, under “experience” of your LinkedIn profile, of the company you want to create a LinkedIn Marketing Page.
  • The company you want to create an account of, must have its own unique website, and a company email, i.e., extensions like ‘@gmail.com’ will not meet the requirements.
  • And of course, you must have a considerable number of connections on your personal LinkedIn profile.

If you meet these few requirements, you can very well create your LinkedIn Marketing Page.

Set Up LinkedIn Marketing Page

Here are the steps to create your LinkedIn Marketing Page and the immediate next steps to set up and make your page market-ready. To create the LinkedIn Marketing page you have to login to your personal LinkedIn account:

  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Go to the Work icon in the top right corner.
  • Scroll right to the bottom of the pop-up window.
  • Click on the Create a company page button.

Importance Of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your Business

  • You will then be asked by LinkedIn about the type of page you want to create. You can choose from Small Business, Medium to Large Business, Educational Institution, and Showcase page.

Small Business is for businesses with less than 200 employees. Medium to Large is for businesses with more than 200 employees. Educational institutions don’t have a benchmark, while Showcase pages are for businesses with already existing marketing Pages.

Filling Out The Profile

You now need to fill up the details of your Marketing Page. Starting with the company name, you have to further fill out the company's size, the type of your company, add the company's website, and then the industry that your company belongs to. You can further add company logos, if available, and also write down the company tagline.

Now follow the step by entering the required information about the company, check the box that says that you are an authorized representative of the company. Once done, you can click on the Create button.

You now have a LinkedIn Marketing Page for your businesses and ventures. But simply creating an account will not necessarily bring more followers to your company. For that, you should follow the following steps.

Ornamentation Of The LinkedIn Marketing Page

After creating a LinkedIn Marketing Page, the first thing you must do is to add a face to your page. I.e., personalise your page such that it stands out among the crowd:

Cover photo: The cover photo that appears at the top of your account could be a huge group photo of the company's employees. The company photo, pasted large, could very well be a good cover photo.

LinkedIn cover photos' recommended image size is 1584 x 396 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:1.

Summary: You should next add a very compelling summary to your LinkedIn page. Utilize all 2000 characters in order to tell the viewers who view your LinkedIn Marketing Page; everything from what you do, to how you function. This step will effectively help promote your page and tell job candidates why they should join your company. And you must never forget to add relevant keywords in your summary, so that your page shows up in searches.You should also include keywords all throughout your page.

Location: It is always advisable for you to add the location of your company in your LinkedIn Marketing Page. It makes it easy for users to locate your page, while ascertaining that your page shows up more in searches. It further elevates the legitimacy of your page, urging more people to want to work with you.

Importance Of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your

Regular updates: By now, you have done almost everything that is needed to make people notice your LinkedIn Marketing Page, making them want to check your company out. But to keep users associated with your account, you must keep your page updated.

This can simply be done by regularly posting content on your Marketing Page. For that, you don’t have to always come up with something unique, or very colourful. You could simply post your existing blogs and stories. Or, you could also keep your followers updated on all kinds of events in your company.

Regular updates will ensure that your page regularly keeps your followers engaged, and drive all the possible followers towards the business, or your website.

Promotions: Promotion of your LinkedIn Marketing Page is the next big step that helps exponentially in keeping your Marketing Page in the limelight. This must begin at home, i.e., making your employees add your company in their personal LinkedIn profiles. This will later allow you to tap into their networks, in return, expanding your own network.

Next, you should promote your LinkedIn Marketing Page through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Posting regularly on Instagram, while using proper tags will further ensure that your page maintains a good audience base.
So, here is all about the steps you have to follow to create a LinkedIn Marketing Page and the steps you have to follow to maintain it well.

Importance Of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business In 2024

1. Search Highly Targeted Customers And Connections

LinkedIn provides the best customer targeting options in the field of digital marketing and advertisement. Try to be specific while determining your target audience regarding industry, company, or people you think may want to buy your products or services.

For example, if you are selling employee scheduling software to small businesses in the US, then you can configure your advertisement to only be displayed to companies with less than a hundred employees based on the US and that too only those people having the title of the HR manager.

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2. Stay On Prospects Radar

Once you have made the first contact and introduced yourself to your customers, you have to ensure that your first contact should not be the last one. You have to be on your customer’s radar using LinkedIn. Post daily and weekly status updates.

LinkedIn blog posts to keep appearing in yourself in your customer’s network. You can also send monthly emails to your potential prospects regarding the problems you can solve for them and the results you have got for other prospects. You can take any different practical approach on your own. The basic idea is to stay in touch with your target audience always.

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3. Enrich Your Email Marketing List

You can boost your email marketing list through LinkedIn. You can write a letter to all your connections, thanking them for connecting LinkedIn and inviting them to join your email marketing list.

LinkedIn has a unique feature that allows you to send a message to 50 people at once. In your message, provide a direct link where your contacts can sign up for your email. You must provide something in return. Mention what they will get by signing up for your email list.

4. Post Quality Actionable Content

Posting high-quality content on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to succeed in LinkedIn Marketing. To make high-quality content make sure it is highly targeted, and it should check two checkboxes. First, your post should provide a solution to a problem or how to be better at their jobs. Second, it should help to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. All these will lead to the business if you provide value to your audience through your content.

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5. Try To Go Viral

One of the most potent LinkedIn tools available is posting directly on LinkedIn. If any of your posts begin to gain some attention and momentum, LinkedIn highlights your post in one of its categories. This can help the post to get viral on LinkedIn and get hundreds of thousands (even more) of readers.

It is an effective way to be more visible on LinkedIn while reaching your readers in an extensive way that would have been very difficult to do on your own blog or website. This approach is much more effective than posting your article links on LinkedIn.

6. Focus On Employee Advocacy

Get all your employees to create and complete their respective LinkedIn profiles. Once created and completed, optimize their profiles by adding apposite photos, related job history mentioning what’s their role in your organization and how they help, and adding professional connections.

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To achieve this, you can dedicate a day in the week to set up and optimize everyone’s LinkedIn account. You can even call a photographer to take good pictures that your employees shall post on their accounts. This will help you to establish your organization’s brand on LinkedIn.

7. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are another effective way to increase your reach and turn leads into customers. Try to join groups that are relevant to your target prospects. Joining groups will help you to listen to what your audience is talking about and looking for.

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It will also provide you an opportunity to interact and offer any advice or solution. This way, you will increase your network. You can even message the members of a group directly even if you are not connected. You will notice that you have grown your network in no time and made a relationship with potential clients without spending a penny.

8. Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

Creating your own LinkedIn group is one of the best ways to find potential prospects. Start with creating and setting up your own LinkedIn group. Now join as many groups as you can where your prospects are.

Now in all the groups that you have joined, go through their members to find prospects. You can further filter them down based on a specific job title or any other factor that can help you sort them out. Now, invite all the filtered members to join your group.

Once all the invited members join your group, you will have your potential prospects under one umbrella. If you want, you can control the group and do not let any competitors come in. You can share great and valuable content with your group; you can also tell them what products or services you provide. This will also help you to build up your email list. This is a great way to establish your brand and generate leads for your business.

9. Create An Effective Company Page

With everything else, it is also essential to have a consistent and updated presence of your brand with its own LinkedIn page. Make sure the images, colors, and content align with your organization’s website and other social media platforms.

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Ensure that your company’s LinkedIn page is updated regularly. This will keep you active and running on LinkedIn. Bar yourself from getting into a habit of updating your profile once in a blue moon. Creating a LinkedIn profile and not maintaining it is much worse than not having one.

10. Get Your Custom URL

Claim a custom URL for your brand’s LinkedIn page and ensure that it includes their name. This is important when you have contact with a lot of potential prospects.

This is important while doing business and establishing your brand. Because when you are to meet with someone you have never met, they are likely going to Google about your brand to learn more about it. Having your custom URL increases the possibility of your brand’s LinkedIn page ranking at the top of the search results.

11. Build Connections And Relationships

Linked In is a social network designed for professionals to connect with other professionals. And for a brand, it is not different. As a brand, you should connect with your prospects., referral partners, strategic partners, and other brands and business owners. Once you have made the connections, it is your responsibility to convert them into solid business relationships. These connections and relationships can help you in establishing your brand in the long run.

12. Collect Data And Be Analytical

Marketing without data and research is highly unlikely to yield any results. The same goes for LinkedIn marketing. Marketing in LinkedIn without collecting viable data and analyzing them will put all your effort in waste. Creating and publishing hundreds of posts will go in vain.

Suggested Read: LinkedIn Analytics: Know Your Metrics & Achieve Goals

The LinkedIn analytics tool LinkedIn provides you with detailed data on how your posts are performing. Have a look at those data, analyze them, and find out in which area you can improve.

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You can leverage Statusbrew Reports Lab to create LinkedIn reports to foster your business. It offers all the essential metrics such as LinkedIn Followers Metrics and LinkedIn Company Page Metrics, including LinkedIn Company Page CTA Clicked, LinkedIn Company Page Impressions, LinkedIn Company Page Reach.

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The insights give you complete oversight over your business profiles & prospects. Accessing Reports Lab, you can craft fully customizable reports that showcase the value of your LinkedIn marketing efforts in a format that everyone can easily understand.

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13. Use Linkedin Marketing Tools

Using LinkedIn marketing tools is a great way to propel your LinkedIn marketing efforts. When you wear multiple hats of doing different tasks with limited time and resources, you need to be resourceful with your marketing strategy. LinkedIn offers a suite of organic and paid marketing tools.

Pairing your marketing efforts with these tools together is a key parameter to r brand’s reach and engagement without tapping into additional resources. The LinkedIn marketing tools help you to build

  • Compelling organic presence with LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Aid you in amplifying post reach and engagement via LinkedIn Ads
  • Assist you in measuring and optimizing your marketing efforts to drive more impact

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You can also leverage tools such as Statusbrew to boost your marketing effort and foster your online efforts for business on LinkedIn. It allows you to streamline all your social media management efforts and improve your online presence. With Statusbrew, you can win business and your recruitment process to get a more specialized workforce that can pillar your company’s growth.

Wondering how Statusbrew can be beneficial for your LinkedIn marketing effort? Let’s get a gist from the following points:

  • With Statusbrew, fine-tune your recruitment on LinkedIn. On-board your team to refine your recruitment workflow.

  • Statusbrew offers comment moderation; you also can compose and schedule content with just a click. Besides, Statusbrew helps you in audience targeting to generate business from LinkedIn.

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  • You can respond & reply to comments by your audience as you can sync all your comments from LinkedIn profiles and pages into a unified inbox.

  • Strategizing your LinkedIn marketing plan is easy using the content planner, and you can always have a birds-eye view of the direction of your efforts.

  • Permission-based access makes secure collaborations effortless and secure with your team for your LinkedIn tasks. You can keep business profiles and pages secure while letting executives perform tasks.

  • You can get on-point insights for your LinkedIn profiles and pages as Statusbrew offers reports for LinkedIn on key parameters such as activity, audience sentiments, engagement, impressions, growth, post-performance, and more.

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14. Optimize Your Company Page

Whenever any of your connections or prospects visit your LinkedIn company page, they should see you as an established brand if you want them to be converted into potential leads. For that, you have to make sure that your LinkedIn company page is optimized. Start with the cover image.

It is one of the first things that comes into notice when someone visits your page. Your cover image must be visually alluring, living an impression about your company’s mission, vision, and culture on people visiting your page. For the description part, make sure your description is up to date, mentioning all the recent recognition and awards.

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Moreover, you can add your target keywords by listing your services as LinkedIn company pages are search engine friendly. Once you are done with these two things, pick up an appropriate CTA button from the list LinkedIn provides. If you are serving in multiple locations, don’t forget to mention all the locations on your company page.

The tasks you can perform to optimize your LinkedIn company page are not limited to the aforementioned options. You can create showcase pages, pin the most popular or essential post on the top of the feed, use community hashtags, etc.

15. Make Use Of Sponsored Updates

Posting sponsored content on LinkedIn is similar to other social media platforms. Still, the critical difference is the ability to narrow down the demography or the target audience to minor details like job title, skills, company size, and groups.

You can target your audience directly without competing against unrelated companies. Sponsored content can be effectively used to promote thought-leadership to target your prospects with an appropriate call to action. Nowadays, people don’t want to see typical advertisements; they want something valuable for free.

Summing Up!!

When you fully utilize LinkedIn marketing efforts, it can visibly boost your company’s sales. It can be said that LinkedIn Marketing is multifaceted and has numerous nuances. Whether you’re using LinkedIn for paid advertising or just promoting your blog posts to groups, this social platform can help you and your company with several opportunities. These opportunities are inclusive of creating awareness, generating leads, and increasing traffic aligning your business goals.

Statusbrew can be your trusted companion in the Linkedin Marketing journey. It is a social media suite designed for scale with a wide range of features and an up-to-date, user-friendly interface. Want to know more about Statusbrew? Explore Statusbrew to better insight into how it can help you navigate LinkedIn marketing!!

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