17 New Instagram Updates You Should Know In 2023 [Latest]

Nov 12, 2023 12 min read

Have you ever noticed the time that goes by in a flash when you scroll through Instagram's never-ending Reels and stories? Instagram AI has evolved so much that you see content purely based on your interest. With new Instagram updates and features constantly being released, one never gets tired of the platform.

Meta's photo-sharing app eschews the refined, aspirational aesthetics that were popular in the late 2010s. Instagram users today want to feel included and are willing to see only authentic and honest content. You need genuine content ideas if you are a brand trying to win your followers.

Understanding Instagram updates and utilizing them effectively in real-time can significantly influence your brands. Read on to learn about the best Instagram features you need to know in 2023 to develop amazing marketing ideas.

Top 17 New Instagram Updates Of 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over two billion monthly users; it is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2023. It is not only popular among young audiences but also older ones. Pro-tip to win followers - Instagram is all about aesthetics, and you can use high visualization to describe your products and services.

You can use the following 17 new Instagram updates from 2023 in your marketing strategies.

Instagram Testing Polls In Comments - October 2023

Instagram wants to enhance engagement in the comments section of Reels and feed posts by introducing its popular poll feature. This feature, already widely used in Stories and DMs, will allow users to add polls to comments & provide a fun and interactive way to engage with their audience. The introduction of polls aligns with Instagram's focus on promoting organic interactions between creators and their followers.

Instagram Testing Polls In Comments

Instagram Testing 10 Minutes Long Reels - September 2023

Instagram is exploring the possibility of extending Reels to 10 minutes in length, a move that would cater to creators seeking to produce more in-depth content and eliminate the need to segment longer videos into multiple parts. Currently, Instagram Reels range from 15 to 90 seconds in duration when created using the in-app camera. This shift towards long-form video content appears to be an effort by Instagram to rival TikTok, which introduced 10-minute videos in February 2022 and directly competes with YouTube's Shorts format.

Instagram Expands Threads In Web - July 2023

Instagram's Threads app is now available in a web version. The expanded web functionality makes it easier to manage social media activities from a desktop computer to enhance social media managers and business owners' productivity and efficiency.

Instagram Expands Threads In Web

Instagram Launch Text-based Threads App - July 2023

Instagram launched its text-based conversation app, Threads, on July 5th, 2023. The app is designed as a place for communities to discuss various topics and trends. The app's release comes as Twitter (now X) restricts the amount of content users can view per day.

Instagram Launch Text-based Threads App

Instagram Allows To Download Public Reels - June 2023

Instagram is finally allowing users to download public Reels to make it easier to share these short-form videos with friends and family. The new feature is currently available to US users and will be rolled out to other regions in the future. Creators can opt to disable the download option for their Reels in Account Settings.

Instagram Allows To Download Public Reels

Instagram Improved Reels Editing & Analytics - April 2023

Instagram had rolled out a series of updates to its Reels feature, introducing new tools and enhancements to help creators better connect with their audiences and produce engaging content. The key updates include:

  • Reels Trends Hub: A new hub to explore trending songs, hashtags, and topics for inspiration and research.
  • Improved Reels Editing: A streamlined editing experience that allows creators to edit video, audio, stickers, and text on a unified screen.
  • Improved Reels Analytics: New metrics, including total watch time, average watch time, and follower notifications from Reels, provide deeper insights into content performance.

Instagram Improved Reels Analytics

  • Expanded Gifts Feature: Gifts, a monetization option for creators, are now available in more markets, allowing creators to earn from their fans' support.
  • Gift Acknowledgement: Creators can now express gratitude by acknowledging the gifts they receive from their viewers.

These updates are designed to make it easier for creators to connect with their audiences and create immersing Reels content.

New Quiet Mode Feature - January 2023

Instagram has introduced three control features: Quiet Mode, Hidden Words to Recommendations, and Multi-Select for Not Interested - to help people, particularly teens, manage their time and content on the app.

The "Quiet mode" feature allows users to select a specific time of day or week when they don't want to receive notifications. An automated reply will be sent to anyone who messages during that time. This can help users to reduce their screen time.

Instagram Introduces New Quiet Mode

Instagram also ensures users won't miss anything important in this mode by providing a summary of missed notifications once the Quite mode is turned off. Currently available in several countries, including India, the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Instagram has added a new feature that extends the ability to hide words to recommendations. Previously, users could only hide comments or direct messages, but now they can hide words, emojis, or hashtags they want to avoid. For example, if a user hides the words "fitness" or "recipes," Instagram will no longer recommend any content with those words in the caption or hashtag.

Instagram Introduces New Quiet Mode

Instagram has added a new feature that allows users to select multiple posts from their Explore page as "not interested" to hide unwanted content. This feature was already available on the platform but now offers multi-select capabilities.

Instagram Introduces New Quiet Mode

In February, Instagram will simplify its navigation to enhance social interaction and sharing of interests. Here's how:

  1. The navigation bar at the bottom of the app will place the content creation shortcut in the center and Reel to the right.
  2. The Instagram Shop tab will be removed as part of this change.
  3. Despite the removal of the Shop tab, users will still be able to run their shops on Instagram.
  4. Instagram will continue to invest in shopping experiences that provide value for people and businesses through various features like feeds, stories, reels, ads, and more.

New Monetization Feature: 'Gifts' - February 2023

Meta, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, announced on February 8 that Instagram would allow more creators in the US to earn money from their followers. The update builds upon a test initially launched in November 2021, which enabled followers to show their appreciation for creators through direct monetary support using virtual gifts called "Stars."

With the gifts feature, supporters can now purchase virtual gifts within the Instagram app, providing a creative and easy way to express their appreciation for their favorite creators while also enabling the creators to earn money. To check eligibility for this feature, creators can access their Professional Dashboard on Instagram.

Gifts are just one of the many ways Instagram is helping creators build their community and make a living on the platform. As Meta continues to invest in Instagram, we will likely see even more opportunities for creators to monetize their content on the platform and grow their audience.

New Monetization Feature Gifts

Comment With A GIF On Instagram Post - February 2023

Instagram has introduced a feature that allows users to reply to comments with GIFs. It's pretty similar to the GIF button in the text box when you respond to Instagram Stories. The feature relies on Giphy's extensive catalog of GIFs and was initially rolled out only for certain iOS users, but now, even Android users can comment with GIFs on posts.

You might have seen the GIF button in the text box when you reply to Instagram Stories. Something similar is being introduced to the comment section.

How to comment with a GIF on an Instagram post?

Tap the comment button under an Instagram post. Tap the GIF button to select or search for a GIF from the app's extensive library.

Comment With A GIF On Instagram Post

Example of an Instagram comment with GIF (Android)

The New Instagram Account Status - December 2022

The very recent Instagram update is the Account Status update. This is especially helpful if your posts are constantly being removed for failing to meet Instagram's terms. It allows you to see if your content qualifies for non-follower recommendations in categories like Explore, Reels, and Feed Recommendations.

Instagram is attempting to increase creators' transparency by indicating if your content is eligible to be recommended by its various AI algorithms and offering advice on resolving any concerns on this front.

With the new update to its in-app Account Status dashboard, you see an alert in your Account Status display. It will then show you an example of posts that may not comply with Instagram's policies and explain why they might not.

Monetization Via Subscribers - November 2022

Instagram has opened fan subscriptions to all US-based creators who qualify, making it possible for many more people to earn money from their Instagram audience through direct, continuous support from their communities.

With subscriptions, creators (with over 10k followers) can charge a monthly fee ranging from $0.99 to $99.99, granting paying members access to subscribers-only live streams, posts, and stories. Badges in comment streams also enable creators to recognize their supporters.
By enabling this function, users can pay to subscribe to the creator's account and gain access to live videos and stories that are only available to subscribers.

For the creator to know who is commenting on a post or sending a direct message, subscribers will receive a badge next to their name. Instagram is trying to enable the export of subscriber lists to other websites and platforms.

Native App Reel Scheduling Feature - November 2022

You don't have to use Meta's business suite to schedule Reels anymore; with the new update, you can easily do it from Instagram's native app. The new feature applies only to professional accounts. You can now plan images, carousels, and Reels directly in the Instagram app up to 75 days in advance thanks to the new post-scheduling feature.

You can schedule Reels on the Instagram app by following these steps:

Step 1: Before sharing the content, select "Advanced Settings."
Step 2: Select "Schedule"
Step 3: Decide when and on what day you want it to go live.
Step 4: In the post composer, set "Schedule."

You can also schedule Instagram posts using social media management tools like Statusbrew. With Statusbrew, your Reels may be scheduled to publish automatically at any time. You have a lot more control over the publication schedules of your Instagram Reels with Statusbrew's flexible scheduling.

Follow these simple steps to schedule your Instagram Reel on Statusbrew.

Step 1: Connect your Instagram Business account
Step 2: Click "Create" on the top right corner

Schedule Instagram Reel Using Statusbrew

Step 3: Upload the Reel you want to publish
Step 4: Write your caption, add hashtags, emojis, and tag other accounts
Step 5 (Optional): Add your first comment
Step 6: Preview it and publish it immediately or schedule it for later

Schedule Instagram Reel Using Statusbrew

Step 7: Choose the ideal time to post if you're scheduling it for later
Step 8: View it on the content calendar

Schedule Instagram Reel For Later

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Instagram Map Search - September 2022

Instagram released a new map feature across a few parts of the world in September 2022. Users of Instagram's Maps function can select desirable options from a list of categories, which include restaurants, theatres, beauty parlors, cafes, etc., to filter out and search for specific locations. Before the introduction of this feature, Instagram's sole supported maps feature displayed only tagged posts.


Users accessing the new feature are asked to tap on the map symbol in the Discover tab's upper right corner. The unique Map Search experience, which primarily spotlights cafes and restaurants but also includes retailers, entertainment venues, and more, is then accessible through that.

It's comparable to Snapchat's evolving map feature, which displays business information similarly.

Instagram Notes - July 2022

In July 2022, Instagram released a new update similar to Twitter. Most users also compare this feature to WhatsApp's Status feature.

The new notes feature allows you to communicate with groups of your Instagram friends in brief messages of 60 characters or less. The message is retained for 24 hours before being deleted. It's a clever concept to send a short message to several friends.

You won't receive a notification when your followers or close friends post a Note; instead, you'll need to check your Inbox to see it. You'll need to check frequently because Notes vanish after 24 hours.

Instagram eCommerce Shops - July 2022

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app; it is now a mini-eCommerce platform. With the new update on July 2022, Instagram users can make payments directly from the app. Some users feel this is more secure as they don't have to move from the app to third-party websites.

Through the new Shop chat feature on users' Instagram accounts, they may add pertinent customizations to the orders and conduct online shopping. This improvement streamlines Instagram buying and allows customers to follow their orders. With the addition of this new function, Meta hopes to broaden the appeal of its e-payment service, Meta Pay.


Image source: Instagram

Ad-Free Instagram Feed - March 2022

Instagram released a new update on March 2022 on two new ways to control the Instagram feed. This new update is a long wait for most of the users as these days, the feed is filled with suggestions and ads. The new updates allow you to have a feed without ads or suggested posts on Instagram. You can modify your Instagram settings so that you only view posts from those you follow in reverse chronological order.

Here's how to disable Instagram's ads and suggested posts:

In the top left corner of your feed, tap Instagram
After that, tap "Following" or "Close Friends"


Summing Up!

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and you must keep yourself updated to understand the upcoming trends. You can use the platform for marketing your brand in new, innovative ways. We suggest you use technology to assist you in it by using an Instagram marketing tool like Statusbrew.

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