2 Simple Ways To Schedule Instagram Reels

Sep 16, 2022 8 min read

Instagram Reels are the most popular visual content consumed on social media today.

From travel videos to lifestyle, Instagram Reels are far more entertaining than its counterparts. Thus, it is not surprising that the engagement per post is also high. If you are looking for ways to use the best of this medium and showcase your products or offerings to your potential audience, you have come to the right place.

91% of active users watch videos on Instagram weekly. This signifies how widely Instagram Reels are consumed by users.

But creating and posting Reels on time is not an easy task. Scheduling Instagram Reels will solve this problem. It helps you to put out the video content for your audience at the right time, so you don't fall behind on your content calendar.

Picture this: You don't have cell service, you are on a vacation, or at a meeting. You don't want to depend on your smartphone or network only to publish a reel. A social media publishing tool could help you with pushing content on such occasions.

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The Power Of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Before we even discuss how awesome it is to schedule Instagram Reels, let's first discuss the significance of Reels. If you haven't already, you should make them your primary focus in your social media strategy.

Shortened version video is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Reels improve your audience engagement. People find them more entertaining and thus show interest in the Reels content. In essence, people adore them!

People want updates, but they also want information quickly and easily. Videos make this possible, but Instagram goes a step further by enabling you to interact with your target audience in a fun way.

Reels might be compared to that big net. Since more than 50% of Instagram accounts worldwide visit Explore each month, Instagram claims that getting the Reels on the Explore page enables creators to reach a broader audience. It's important to remember that there are many ways to take part in the Reels, even if you're a little camera shy.

Why Should You Schedule Instagram Reels?

Users Spend More Time On Reels

From the Explore tab, hashtag search, and audio search to its very own feed, Instagram Reels are found everywhere. Users can scroll through a selection of different Reels tailored to the specific user's behavior on the Instagram app.

As a creator, you should be aware of the best time to post your Instagram content to garner maximum views and interaction from your community.

Scheduling Instagram Reels Saves Your Time!

Creating Instagram Reels can take a lot of time, especially if you're doing it one at a time on the day you want to share it. Instead of stopping your workflow from manually uploading every time, scheduling Instagram Reels enables you to create content in bulk.

You can develop an Instagram Reel campaign in addition to regular content by spending the time to create a Reel schedule. You may reach a larger audience and encourage them to interact with your content by using daily Reels in combination with music and audio clips that are currently popular on Instagram.

Reach Your Goals 10x Faster!

Your viewers will learn what to anticipate when you consistently provide new video Reels because consistency is the key!

The more frequently you appear, the more Instagram learns about you and what you have to offer. As a result, relevant Instagram users will see your Reel content as they surf the platform.

While maintaining your Reels' consistent look and design is crucial, you also don't want your content to be overly uniform. By varying the types of Reels you post, you can keep your followers engaging and interested in your content. You can achieve this balance by planning and scheduling Instagram Reels.

Helps Creating A Positive Impression

Sharing Reels right away is good occasionally, but scheduling Instagram Reels in advance makes it much simpler to keep them organized. You may plan out the sequence of upcoming Reels and visualize how they will appear in your grid when you schedule posts through a social media publishing tool.

By doing this, you can prevent sharing related Reels back to back. Additionally, you can rest assured that time-sensitive content is distributed at the ideal moment.

Increase follower engagement

When you know your audience would be most active on Instagram, schedule your Reels for those times to boost your chances of being seen and receiving engagement. You can be confident that your users will view and interact with your content.

How To Schedule Instagram Reels Using Creator Studio?

Beginning in June 2022, Meta has introduced desktop publishing for Reels in Creator Studio. As a result, you can now use the desktop dashboard of Meta to build and publish reels on your Instagram profiles.

Step 1: Choose a schedule from the list of publication choices if you prefer to publish your Reel at a specific time.

Step 2: To choose a date and time, click the calendar icon. Reels can be scheduled 75 days before publishing and at least 20 minutes in advance.

Step 3: To complete the process, you can click the schedule button in the lower-right corner.

Schedule Instagram Reels Using Creator Studio

You can view every scheduled Reel from the *Pre-Published* tab in Creator Studio just like you can with drafts

You can view every scheduled Reel from the Pre-Published tab in Creator Studio just like you can with drafts.

Note that segments from videos that have already been published cannot be scheduled.

In Creator Studio's Published tab, you can see every Reel you have posted. Reels can be found by using the Published drop-down menu. You can view, edit, or download your post at this point. You can also make a new Reel by selecting the Create New button in the top-right corner of this screen.

How to Schedule Instagram reels using Statusbrew?

Your Reels can be set up in Statusbrew to publish automatically at any moment in the future. With Statusbrew's flexible scheduling, you have considerably more control over the publishing schedules of your Instagram Reels.

Use Statusbrew and perform the following actions to schedule a Reel:

Step 1: Record your video using the Instagram app and edit it with music and sound effects.

Step 2: Save the Reel to your device.

Step 3: Log in to Statusbrew, and tap the Create symbol at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4: You may publish your Reel to any Instagram Business account by selecting it.

Step 5: You can select the Reel you want to post using the browse option.

Schedule Instagram Reel Using Statusbrew

Note: Videos must have a 9:16 aspect ratio, lasting between 5 and 90 seconds.

Step 6: Include an eye-catching caption to your post. You can use emojis, hashtags, and the handles of other users.

Step 7: Make additional adjustments. You can allow or deactivate comments for any of your reels.

Step 8: To publish your Reel right away, click Post Now after previewing it. If you'd want to publish your Reel at a later time, click Schedule For Later.

Schedule Instagram Reel For Later

Step 9: You can choose the best times to post for the most engagement or manually select a publishing date.

That's all! Your reel will be visible in the Calendar along with all your other scheduled social media posts. Once your Reel is published, it will show up on both the Reels page of your account and on your feed.

Scheduled Reel On Calendar

What are you waiting for? Try Statusbrew and start scheduling your Reels now.

Schedule Your First Post Now

Improve The Approval Workflow

Statusbrew has the potential to alter your workflow process if you're tired of screen recording your Reel drafts for evaluation.

All your first drafts may now be saved to Statusbrew so your coworkers can see them before they go public. You won't have to concern yourself with how to share the content from your device because Statusbrew allows access to drafts for your complete team.

Anyone on your team can access the information and modify settings from the dashboard once your Reels are live. This implies that remixing is directly configurable on the desktop.

Find The Optimal Time To Publish

Before its rollout, Meta demanded that creators immediately publish their Reels. Real-time uploading isn't practical if your brand produces a lot of Reels or if you have a lot of marketing chores to manage.

Statusbrew lets you schedule posts to be published after up to 75 days. Finding the ideal time to post on social media engagement should start with thoroughly examining your previous postings. You may use this as a starting point and adjust along with your social media adventure. You may use Statusbrew's post insights to determine when your audience will be most engaged.

Businesses, agencies, and teams now find it much simpler to plan and create Reels on a desktop using Statusbew. You may collaborate with coworkers and clients while creating and scheduling Reels more effectively with Statusbrew.

Wait, What's The New Update On Instagram Reels?

Now, All Instagram Videos Will Become Reels!

Instagram Reels Update

As it doubles and triples down on the short video format, Meta has announced that almost all new video uploads will now be Reels. It now has also included a variety of new creative tools for Reels.

The general Idea of combining reels and videos is that as more people watch Reels, more content will be available, which will only increase engagement. More content should also result in more views for your clips because they will be surfaced in that stream.

Struggling To Manage Your Social Media?

For brands, managing social media involves a lot of labor and constant upkeep. It's acceptable to occasionally be unsure of what to do next and to have inquiries as you go but having a content plan in place can take you miles ahead.

Statusbrew can do all the heavy lifting for you by enabling you to schedule and publish posts across networks, including reels. Schedule your Instagram Reels now with Statusbrew.

Try Statusbrew

Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

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