How To Set Up Auto Reply On Instagram In 2024

Aug 7, 2023 8 min read

Currently, Instagram is among the most popular social media networks. It has become crucial for businesses to maintain their Instagram presence, given that there are more than 2 billion active users and that over 200 million of them view a business page once every day.

Brands can use platforms like Twitter and Instagram for their customer care. Whether you're just starting with your Instagram marketing or have been doing it for a while, you already know that response rate is very important for customer satisfaction.

Customer engagement is a term that has gained much traction among brands lately and is a measurement of how frequently a brand interacts with its customers throughout its lifecycle.

All business accounts on Instagram now have access to the Quick Replies feature, albeit very covertly. Read on to learn more about setting upauto reply on Instagram in 2024.

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What Is Instagram Auto Reply?

Instagram auto reply helps brands by enabling them to be reachable whenever a customer has a query or wants additional details about the products and services. Auto replies are very helpful, especially when you are offline.

The Instagram auto reply is an automated response that is triggered when someone messages. Two of the most popular auto replies used by businesses to enhance customer experience are welcome and FAQ responses.

Imagine this: When you check your Instagram DMs, especially at the time of sales and offers. It will be very similar to this:

  • Are there any excess discounts?
  • How about the delivery cost?
  • How about the return policy?
  • What is the delivery time period?
  • Is product X still available?
  • I haven't still received the order

Instagram's auto reply is majorly of two categories: Auto reply and Away message. Auto replies are pre-formatted responses you create and then paste into a direct message to save you from repeatedly typing the same answer to several recipients. It will be highly beneficial and effective for businesses and marketers.


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Why Should You Set Up Auto Reply On Instagram?

If you run an Instagram business account, you probably reply to clients with many of the same messages. Because although each individual on the planet may be different in their way, they share many common questions.

The advantages of Instagram Auto reply are listed below for your information:

  • Ensure client happiness
  • Work efficiently
  • Maintain brand tone
  • Lower work costs
  • Respond to consumers in various time zones
  • Boost the conversion rate
  • Establish a long-lasting relationship with your clients

Methods To Set Up Auto Reply On Instagram

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Instagram Mobile App

You may be wondering how to use an Instagram Auto reply. You can do this in the following ways if you have a business account:

Step 1: Go to your Business profile setting

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Instagram Mobile App

Step 2: Choose "Creator"

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Instagram Mobile App

Step 3: Select the "Saved replies or Frequently asked questions or Welcome message" button

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Instagram Mobile App

Step 4: Enter your first brief response

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Instagram Mobile App

Step 5: Enter a shortcut in the "Shortcut" field (max. 15 characters)

This will prompt a quick response.


  • There is no need to work with or pay third party
  • No flaws or errors (unlike the Meta Business Suite)
  • Free conversion to a business account (necessary to set up automated responses)


  • Only four FAQs can be used

Bonus Tip: You can use the FAQ feature for the most asked questions like store timing and location.

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply With Meta Business Suite

Step 1: Open Meta Business Suite and get the admin access
Step 2: Choose Inbox option
Step 3: Select Instagram
Step 4: Choose Instant reply
Step 5: Switch On the Instant reply button
Step 6: Setup your response


  • Based on FAQs, create a set of customized questions and auto replies
  • Send post-appointment messages and reminders for appointments
  • Share more details, such as your location and further contact information
  • Make an away message or instant reply message


  • A Meta business page is necessary
  • Regardless of address, sends a response for each DM (one person could get multiple replies)
  • It makes it challenging to find the original message in your Inbox by moving it to the primary or general Instagram folders
  • Setup of automatic messages is time-consuming and challenging due to extra oddities and issues

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools like Statusbrew can come in handy especially if you want to engage with your followers even when you are not there.

With Statusbrew's Rule Engine, you can set up moderation rules to filter, hide, and delete spam comments on Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook.

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Social Media Management Tools

Your direct messages, comments, and reviews from your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube are all included in the unified Engage inbox in one location.

Setting Up Instagram Auto Reply Using Social Media Management Tools

Rules are merely automatic responses triggered if a condition is satisfied, such as when someone sends a message containing a specific term.


  • Completely reliable
  • Handy with other social media management features
  • Brands can get technical support
  • Easy to handle all your social media DMs
  • Instant replies
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Increase conversion

Based on the keywords you set for a specific rule, auto-moderation enables you to automatically respond to Instagram DMs (as well as comments and ad comments). It can be used for every comment and direct message on Instagram to:

  • Responses to frequently asked queries, such as your business hours, the costs of its products, or recurring problems
  • Send messages to a particular customer care agent automatically
  • Remove spam and hide comments
  • Additionally, you can set up automatic moderation rules for several Instagram accounts at once and many other social media accounts


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Tips To Write Auto Reply Messages On Instagram

One of the best ways for brands to understand customer expectations and make them feel appreciated is customer engagement. According to Forrester , 80% of customers use social to engage with brands and Instagram is the most used. To ensure rapid and appropriate response, it is advised to adhere to the basic codes for writing effective auto reply messages on Instagram.

Understand Customer Expectations

As a customer, when you reach out to a brand and get an automated response, all you want to know is when you will get to interact with an actual human to understand your issue. Frequently, auto reply messages need to include an estimate of how long it will take them to receive actual answers for their concerns.

There are a lot of frequently asked questions that you can answer. Here are some typical instances of auto reply responses that customers get.

  • We'll be in touch with you right away.
  • We appreciate you getting in touch with us.
  • Our rep will get in touch with you right away.

Suggest An Alternative Support

Suggesting an alternative support platform is used when you are not using social media as your primary support platform. The automated Instagram replies or text messages must make it abundantly clear how customers can contact the company.

Some of the examples of providing alternative support platforms include the following:

  • Website contact forms
  • Telephone number
  • Email address for live chat
  • Assistance section
  • Enterprise chatbots

Providing alternative methods when Instagram support is unavailable and directing customers in the right direction creates a neat customer experience. It also enhances your brand’s credibility.

Mark the brand tone

One of the primary elements to consider is maintaining your brand tone and voice. Though it is auto reply messages on Instagram, the appropriate linguistic tone is critical.

Bonus Tip: Use the same brand voice and tone that you are using in your Instagram post captions. Your followers and customers would expect you to be the same across social media, especially in DMs.

When writing auto replying Instagram DMs, you can try the following:

  • Avoid using technical language
  • Avoid using confusingly sophisticated jargon.
  • Maintain a positive brand voice

Wrapping Up

Life is easier when using Instagram-saved replies. They only save you time, mainly if, like most businesses, you frequently receive the same inquiries.

Quick Tip: Never let a customer have the impression that you're trying to cut corners. They should feel that you tried your utmost to assist them. For this, you must always exercise caution and retain the informality of your quick responses.

But always remember to use the appropriate tool to engage with your customers and followers. Social media tools like Statusbrew can help you grow your social media following and increase traffic. Using Statusbrew, you'll find it much simpler to keep track of all your discussions. Your task is already made easier because all your conversations are in one location.

In addition to comment moderation, Statusbrew's features let you search for conversations by keyword, which might give you the impression that you have superhuman social media skills.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send automatic messages on Instagram?

You can send automatic messages, such as greetings to brand-new followers, responses to people who are already following you, and responses to those who still need to follow your account.

How do I turn off auto reply on Instagram?

To turn off auto-reply on Instagram follow the steps:

  • Open Business Settings
  • Open your list of saved replies
  • Next, tap on the saved reply you wish to edit or delete in your list of responses
  • Modify the wording or the shortcut
  • To save your changes, tap the checkmark

What is a welcome message on Instagram?

You can instantly respond to someone who gives you an Instagram direct message by posting a welcome message on Instagram. It's just a simple Instagram greeting for (possible) consumers.

What is a saved reply?

When responding to a consumer, a saved reply is a passage of text that may be rapidly added to the editor. You can also use a shortcut on Instagram to get the snippet of the text.

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