How To Hide Comments On Facebook & Instagram Ads

Hiding Comments On Facebook

To hide a comment on Facebook, open the Facebook post and scroll down to the comment you want to hide. Hover your mouse over the comment and click on the three dots on the right. In the pop-up card, click the Hide comment option

Hide Comments on Facebook

Brands these days rely heavily on advertising their products on Facebook and Instagram. But things get tricky when they are managing multiple profiles, running several ad campaigns, and getting hundreds of comments on their ad posts.

Brand managers look for ways to hide comments on Facebook ads when they are unsure of how to handle all the negative, spam, and user comments for which they currently don't have an answer.

Do you ignore such comments? Do you delete comments on Facebook? Or do you hide comments on Facebook?

In This Blog, We'll Explore Hiding Comments On Facebook & Instagram Ads

We'll help you understand which type of comments you need to hide on Facebook along with step by step instructions for the same.

Should You Hide Comments On Facebook Ads?

As a brand, you want to control the voice of your Facebook posts to get your message across, but running ads these days go hand in hand with negative, spam, and unnecessary comments taking up the comment section.

Hiding comments on Facebook allows you to manage your ad posts in a better way. You can get rid of the spam and irrelevant comments to maintain the quality of your post and even unhide and respond later on to the relevant comments with a better answer to strengthen your brand reputation.

"Brands have seen up to 269% increase in positive user sentiment just by removing or hiding harmful comments and distractions"

You should consider hiding comments, such as:

  • Spam - These are the Facebook comments with links that may send a user to sites with viruses and malware.
  • Self-promotion- How often do we come across people on ad posts that are trying to promote their own website or app.


  • Inappropriate content or language - This includes explicit language, racist, homophobic, or sexist comments.
  • Trolls - These are the comments from users that are determined to drag your name through the mud.


Ignoring such comments can give your potential customers a biased and unrepresented view of your brand, ultimately preventing them from buying your products or services in the future.

Which Comments You Should Not Hide On Facebook?

Apart from the above mentioned types of comments, if you are recieving comments that are customer concerns or constructive feedback, hiding comments on Facebook isn't the best route to take. Here's what you can do instead.

Reply To Comments On Facebook Head-On

Use this technique to reply to comments on Facebook instead of hiding them straight away.


Try to understand where the user is coming from. Ask the right questions to address customer issues


Accept that the customer's concerns are genuine and adress them. Make them feel heard.


Remember there is a human on the other end. Try to make the interation as human as possible.

How To Hide Comments On Facebook Ads?

With the decline in Facebook's organic reach, brands have been trying harder than ever to grab a spot in your social media feeds. Businesses of all sizes can use Facebook's incredible targeting options to get their message to the desired audience via ad posts.

To control the voice of your Facebook ad posts, you can choose to hide comments on Facebook by following the steps given below.

Hiding Comments on Facebook

Here are the steps to hide a comment on Facebook:

  • Open the Facebook post and scroll down to the comment you want to hide
  • Hover your mouse over the comment and click on the three dots on the right
  • In the pop-up card, select Hide comment option

Hide Comments on Facebook

Now you might be wondering what happens if you hide a comment on Facebook. When you hide a comment on Facebook, the comment will be hidden from public but the user won't be notified. Although, the user and your audience might start to notice if you hide genuine comments often so be careful on the use.

And while Facebook sends you notifications for the activity happening on your Facebook page and profile (including comments on all your posts), comments on ads are not considered as an activity, so you do not get any notifications.

You have to manually go through each ad post via the ads manager to monitor and hide the comments on your posts.

Hiding Comments on Facebook in Ads Manager

Here's how you can hide comments on Facebook ads:

  • Under the ads manager, go to the ad level and tick the box next to your selected ad
  • Click on Edit (under the ad name) to open the side panel
  • Click on the Arrow-icon above your ad preview on the right to access the drop-down menu
  • In the drop-down menu, under see post, select the Facebook post with comments

View Comments on Facebook

  • Click on the small dots next to the comment and then select Hide Comment.

Hide Comments on Facebook

How To Turn Off Comments On Facebook Posts & Ads?

Although it is very easy to turn off comments on posts in Facebook groups, doing it for page posts and ads can be really tricky. Facebook does not provide any options to disable comments on your page posts and ads. There are two workarounds if you want to turn off comments on your facebook page posts and ads.

Turn off Comments Using Facebook Moderation

P.S. It will turn off commenting on all your Facebook posts and ads all together.

For this to work, add daily use symbols such as “.” and words like “to”, “you”, etc to the forbidden keyword list in your Facebook page administration. You can find this option under Facebook Page Settings > General > Page Moderation. This will hide all incoming comments on your facebook posts and ads.

facebook moderation keywords

But if you only want to turn off comments on a few posts & ads while continuing engagement on your other content, the next method will work for you.

Turn Off Comments On Facebook Using Statusbrew

Statusbrew allows you to turn off comments on a specific post using it’s amazing feature - “Rule engine”. Using the Statusbrew rule engine, you can create a rule for a specific post and turn off comments on it altogether. Here’s how:

  • Head to the rule engine and create a new rule
  • Name the rule and select a Facebook profile connected to Statusbrew
  • Select condition as “Post is” and action as “Hide all Comments”
  • Click Save and you are done.

turn off comments on facebook

Using this rule, comments on selected Facebook posts & ads would be turned off, while you can continue engagement on all other posts.

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Ads?

With businesses flocking to advertise on Instagram, it's important to make the most of your ads. Instagram ads arguably get the highest level of engagement, which means more number of likes and comments. And while you don't have to worry about the number of likes, managing all the comments on your Instagram ads is a big concern.

Getting rid of the unnecessary comments is vital so that you can channel your efforts into responding to the comments that are relative to the ad post and your brand. Which leads to our next question can you hide comments on Instagram posts and ad posts.

Instagram gives you the option to hide comments on Instagram ad posts, here's how you can hide comments on Instagram ads.

Hiding Instagram Ad Comments In Ads Manager

After linking your ad account to the ads manager, you get the ability to manage your Instagram ad posts.

To hide the comments on your Instagram ads from Facebook ads Manager:

  • Go to the ads manager
  • Click on Edit Campaign next to the campaign that contains the Instagram ad you want to view
  • Click on ads and then from the links drop-down menu, select manage Instagram comments
  • You'll see your Instagram ads with the comments section to the right
  • If you want to add a comment to your ad post, type your comment in the Add a comment field
  • To delete a comment, click on the downwards pointing arrow next to your comment and select Delete comment in the drop-down menu
  • To hide or unhide a comment, click on the same arrow next to your comment and choose Hide comment or Unhide comment in the drop-down menu

How To Hide Comments On Instagram

While Instagram does allow you to hide comments on Instagram ads, unfortunately you cannnot hide comments on Instagram page posts manually.

There's still a way to hide certain Instagram comments, here's how you do it. To hide comments on Instagram,

  • Go to the comment section of your page posts

  • Tap and hold the comment (Android) or Swipe left over the comment (iPhone)

  • Tap on  Hide Instagram Comments icon icon and tap on Restrict (username)

Once you go ahead and restrict a user, a pop up will alert you that now only you and the user you've restricted will be able to see any new comments on your posts.

However this process isn't feasible if you're managing comments at scale and have thousands of comments coming in daily.

If you're looking to hide comments on Instagram at scale, we wrote a detailed blog post with actionable insights on how to hide instagram comments, disable comments on Instagram and more.

Hide Comments On Facebook And Instagram Automatically With Statusbrew

With the lack of options available to manage ad comments on Facebook and Instagram, we at Statusbrew, realized the need for a better solution.

Statusbrew's ad management solutions offer you features to manage and hide comments automatically without the hassle of doing so manually each time.

Control the quality and voice of your ad posts on Facebook and Instagram using Statusbrew's Rule Engine; you can specify the conditions according to your needs and get rid of the irrelevant, inappropriate, or offensive comments automatically.

Statusbrew also syncs dynamic ad comments as well.

To hide comments with Statusbrew:

  • Go to Statusbrew Home and click on Rule Engine

  • Click on Add Inbound Rule to set a new rule

You can use three different parameters for your rule; these parameters define when the rule is triggered and what action is taken.


You can write the phrases or the words that you'd like to avoid in your comment section; for example - buy likes, buy followers, etc. Comments with these phrases will get hidden automatically.

Applies to

Applies to defines the conditions where your rule would be activated. You can set the conversation type such as Facebook comments, Facebook ad comments, Instagram ad comments, etc.

You can even set the rules for a particular social profile and define the sentiment type, such as positive, negative, or neutral.


Action defines what your rule does when it's triggered; you can choose from different actions available such as:

  • Close conversation
  • Hide comment
  • Delete comment
  • Notify via Email
  • Mobile / Desktop Notifications
  • Notify on Slack
  • Assign a user/user group to that conversation
  • Set the conversation as priority
  • Apply Tag to conversation

You can select multiple actions and even get a email, slack, and/or mobile notification every time a rule is applied.

With our built-in Slack integration, you can direct the moderated comments to your specific Slack channels to make sure you're moderating the right incoming comments and are not hiding the non-spam/important comments.

You can unhide the comments you want to and reply to them right from our Engage inbox.

Statusbrew's Engage feature allows you to never miss out on an important comment; with the inbuilt filters, you can easily separate the ad comments from the regular comments and manage them without any hassle.

engage-filters-for-facebook-and -Instagram-ad-comments

Did we tell you that you can claim your free 14-day trial for Statusbrew when you sign up for comment management?

Explore Comment Management!

Stay on top of your ad posts with Statusbrew's built-in ad management features. Set moderation rules according to your brand's needs and get rid of the unnecessary comments automatically.

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