Leverage Dynamic Ads To Skyrocket Your Shopify Sales

Sep 14, 2020 6 min read

We've recently spent a great deal of time learning about Facebook Dynamic ads' impact on various businesses.

We even had a conversation with one of our customers for whom Dynamic Ads were a gamechanger. Read the full conversation.

In our research, one of the things that we've found quite consistent is how powerful dynamic ads can be for eCommerce businesses.

Leverage Facebook Dynamic Ads To Grow Shopify Sales

Being a Shopify merchant, Facebook ads are probably one of your biggest customer acquisition channels. But curating & targeting these ads can often take up too much of your time. You'll have to spend time creating and targetting hundreds of different ads for hundreds of different items in your inventory.

Now here comes the magic of Facebook Dynamic Ads for your Shopify store.

You can easily set up dynamic ads with a high degree of automation so that you won't have to actively create multiple ads and target them to potential customers.

With the help of Facebook Pixel, dynamic ads use behavioral information (user patterns) about visitors to your eCommerce site to determine which products should be featured in your Facebook ads.

This information allows you to serve ads to your customers featuring the exact products they may end up purchasing.

 Facebook Dynamic Ads

We've written a detailed article on creating Facebook dynamic ads along with their advantages. If you're at the setup phase, jump to how to create Facebook dynamic ads?

Now that you've set up dynamic ads & linked your Shopify store, we have some tips that'll help you make the most out of your Facebook ads campaign.

Understand The Metrics

Track, measure, and modify until you get the desired results.

Usually, the metrics & reporting is at the end of such lists, but in this case, it will be our starting point.

To avoid wasting any ad dollars, we need to be clear on what we're measuring to generate a good ROI. Since we're merging marketing & sales, these are some metrics that you might want to track.

Facebook Ad Metrics

Number of impressions: We'll only see optimum results if enough people are seeing the ads. If you are getting low impression numbers, you might need to widen your target market.

Click Through Rate: Once your ad is getting a good number of impressions, the next metric you need to focus is the Click Through Rate or CTR. A low CTR usually means that either the ad copy or the targeting needs some tweaking.

Cost Per Click: This'll help you understand how much each click is costing you. This'll vary a lot depending on your target audience, but is an important metric to track.

And now the ultimate metric.

Conversion Rate: This metric helps you measure the "money in the bank". Each campaign is unique, so there is no hard fast number for conversion rate. You'll have to understand and fine-tune your strategy according to what works best for you.

You'll have to test multiple ad copies, design & landing pages to reach the sweet spot that converts the most for you.

Carefully Set Up The Event Triggers

This part is where we get to see the power of dynamic ads in action.

We'll be retargeting people, which means the goal is to reach people who are somewhat familiar with your brand and have a need or desire for what you offer.

The Facebook Pixel thing that we talked about earlier will help us with all of this. Here's an article on linking Facebook pixel with your Shopify website

Once the Facebook Pixel is set up, your ads can be based on specific actions that visitors take on your site.

So when a visitor:

  • Views content
  • Adds an item or items to their shopping cart; or
  • Makes a purchase

You can present them with an ad that is triggered by that specific action.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Events

This results in a highly targeted ad that is more like to bring in more conversions.

Win Back The "Lost" Customers

With the help of Facebook Pixel & dynamic ads, you can potentially win back customers that showed interest in buying a product from your Shopify store but didn't end up making a purchase.

Retargeting to such customers will help you keep them in the buying process and avoid losing them to a competitor.

Let's say a visitor abandons their shopping cart containing a red checkered shirt. Now, this is precisely what you can show on your ad along with a copy to encourage them to revisit your Shopify store and complete the purchase.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Tip: You can even push a discount code as well to encite them.

These are customers that are on the verge of making a purchase. So, a highly targetted ad will likely bring in a lot more sales for your Shopify store.

Fine-Tune Your Ads For Success

Odds are you aren't going to get the best results right away. So it would be best if you optimized & fine-tune your ads from time to time.

Here are some tips for the same.

  • Don't go overboard: If you end up continually bugging people with your ads, chances are you'll lose them altogether. You'll have to control and restrict the ad frequency. One impression a day is the standard.

  • Create unique ad sets: A catch-all strategy with a single retargeting ad type might not work all the time. Separating & creating different ad sets for "Add to Cart" and "View" behavior segments is generally good.

We recommend crafting ad copies based on buyer intent.

  • Update your ad copy from time to time: Your ad copy is one of your ads' biggest success factors. Updating it from time to time and keeping it fresh with the latest trends and emojis will maximize the engagement rate.

Be On Top Of Dynamic Ad Comments

Dynamic ads usually have a lot better engagement rates as compared to regular ads.

But often, merchants end up ignoring dynamic ad comments due to the way Facebook handles it. The notifications are usually a hit & miss, and you'll have to manually navigate through a lot of tabs to reply or hide comments.

This is troublesome & non-scaleable.

With Statusbrew, all your dynamic ad comments effortlessly show up in a single unified inbox. You can easily hide & delete these comments and even set up rules to automate the process.

These rules let you create workflows that automatically hide & delete dynamic comments. You can customize these rules to auto-assign conversations to your team members as well.

Did we tell you that you can claim your free seven day trial for Statusbrew when you sign up for comment management?

Try Statusbrew

Use The Power Of Videos

From the last couple of years, Facebook has enabled video support for the dynamic ad platform.

Facebook videos are an excellent tool to promote your business. Creating immersive Facebook videos can captivate audience attention, especially with younger audiences.

According to Facebook's IQ division, "Almost a third of its mobile shoppers prefer to discover products through videos."

Also, you don't necessarily need high-quality video production equipment to start creating videos for your product ads. Using your smartphone, you can record videos of the key items in your product catalog.

Facebook Dynamic Video Ads

Make sure the videos you create are suitable for mobile viewing (create them in square or vertical format). Also, to increase the accessibility of your videos, we recommend adding text captions.

Use dynamic ads to target the right people at the right time & increase the revenue of your Shopify store.

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