How Facebook Dynamic Ads Are A GameChanger For Businesses

Sep 7, 2020 5 min read

At Statusbrew, we've seen a sharp increase in incoming queries for dynamic ads & dynamic ad comment management in the last few months.

So we took an initiative of doing marketing research on the advantages of dynamic ads for different types of businesses, problems they encounter daily, and more.

A quick market search pointed out that we are among the only few platforms that offer various dynamic ad comment management features.

Recently, Rishabh Mahajan (C.O.O Statusbrew) sat down for an insightful conversation with Kim Shearer, Head Of Marketing at Think Huge (in collaboration with HowToTrade), on the impact dynamic ads have had on their business & how Statusbrew has helped them manage it.

If you wish to learn more about the basics of dynamic ads & how you can get started with them, check out our blog on how to get started with dynamic ads.

Q. What, according to you, are the most significant advantages of using dynamic ads for your business?

Kim: "We've recently started using Facebook Dynamic Ads, and it's been a game-changer for our ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

It's allowed us to optimize our ads and focus on copy & creative that works best for our audience. We've experienced a significant increase in conversions since launching Dynamic Ads."

Rishabh: "This holds for a lot of our other customers as well, and a significant reason for it is that dynamic ads help you save a lot of effort & time if you've got a big inventory of products.

Instead of having to spend time creating different ads for hundreds of different items in your inventory, and then and targetting each of them, you only need to create a single ad."

Q. Would you like to mention cons as well, if any?

Kim: "Dynamic Ads are fantastic; the only problem has been you cannot always control the combination Facebook will show the audience. It might not always make sense to the viewer."

Rishabh: "I agree that finding a sweet spot of a creative that works best with your audience is always a struggle. Our marketing team at Statusbrew does a lot of A/B testing for the ads that we run. Even if something works perfectly today for us, market dynamics change rapidly, and we have to go back to our drawing boards.

Insightful reporting is the key to fine-tuning your creatives and getting the optimal results."

Kim: "Our biggest problem with Dynamic Ads has been finding a platform that can handle answering comments on ads. We've struggled to handle hundreds of comments per day manually. We've tried lots of platforms, but none of them could handle answering comments on Dynamic Ads...until we found Statusbrew!"

Rishabh: "Our team identified this issue throughout our time in the industry & have developed a highly functional solution for this.

Although the industry still lacks awareness on the availability of tools like ours, we've seen a high adoption rate among our growing portfolio of customers. Managing hundreds & thousands of dynamic ad comments remain a primary concern for these customers.

Brands that tend to ignore responding to these comments end up losing out on potential customers."

Q. If you are using Facebook itself to manage dynamic ad comments, can you mention any problems/limitations that occur?

Kim: "We do not respond to comments within Facebook itself. We have lots of ads and hundreds of variations - it's impossible to respond/hide/delete comments manually from within Facebook itself when you have a large business."

Rishabh: "This was one of the primary concerns of our customers that we wanted to address. A lot of them get thousands of comments each day on multiple ads across different profiles.

Facebook makes it pretty hard to manage all these comments at scale. You'll need a lot of people to get rid of all the spam & respond to genuine comments. Statubrew provides a solution that lets you manage comments (reply, hide, delete) without spending a lot of time on it.

We're also pushing out regular product updates & are trying to enhance our automation features as well."

Learn more about all of our new features here - Statusbrew Updates.

Q. Facebook often misses out on timely notifications for dynamic ad comments? Is that an issue you've faced? How are Statusbrew notifications working out for you?

Kim: "Yes, we've faced this issue. We often have a backlog. We're automating responses using Statusbrew too.

Notifications would not be of interest to me because we have SO many comments; it would become annoying. I can see this working for smaller businesses with a small amount of ads running."

Rishabh: "Our integration of social media notifications & slack has revolutionized communication for us & our other customers.

More people have realized lately they have a problem with the notifications & are looking for a solution.

Getting to Inbox Zero is becoming a top priority for growing businesses."

Q. Do you use any other third-party tools for managing user engagement on dynamic ads?

Kim: "No, we don't. We were using AgoraPulse before, but it couldn't handle Dynamic Ads."

Rishabh: "Social media priorities change so quickly that it is pretty hard for tools to catch up.

Our in-depth demos & free trial has helped our customers make the right decision. It gives them the flexibility to go through all the features and test it out with their team."

Q. Statusbrew offers features such as hiding, deleting, replying, liking & replying privately to dynamic ad comments from a unified inbox. Is there anything else you'd like to have?

Kim: "Not for the moment, but we will have ideas on how to improve."

Rishabh: "If you have a particular use case you'd like to solve or have any feature request, you can reach out to our customer success team.

Also, we've launched a lot of new features for social customer service in the last few months. And we have a lot of interesting stuff coming out soon. We'd love to have you try them out & give us your feedback."

Q. Statusbrew offers automated ad comment management features such as auto-hiding, deleting comments, etc. Is that something businesses like you can benefit from?

Kim: "Yes."

Rishabh: "Great, our rule engine empowers businesses to automate customer service on social. We've added new features to it, such as the auto-reply & mobile notifications in the last couple of weeks."

You can look at our help center & get started with rule engine to automate your social workflows.

Q. Do you have a team that provides customer service on social? If yes, would Statusbrew's team collaboration features such as auto-assign, slack integration, team reports, etc. would be beneficial for you?

Kim: "We have one guy, Muhammad, who helps us manage comments. At the moment, slack and team reports would not be of interest."

Rishabh: "As your team grows, Statusbrew'll help you provide real-time, personal, and automated support at scale."

Q. With dynamic ads, do you retarget users who have interacted with your products on and off Facebook, or you want to reach customers even if they've never heard of you?

Kim: "We use traffic ads and retargeting for dynamic ads. More so on the traffic ads, for cold traffic."

Rishabh: "User engagement on retargeted ads is much more valuable. Since customers have moved further down in your marketing funnel, it's important to address their queries and convert them quickly."

Q. Are you satisfied with the way Facebook reports the ad data to you?

Kim: "Yes, we are. We have issues with Google Analytics and Facebook not matching up, though."

Rishabh: "Consistency triumphs accuracy when it comes to social reports.

You need dependable reports to compare the results of your marketing efforts for each campaign with the previous one."

I hope these answers solve some of your queries regarding dynamic ads & managing dynamic ad comments. If you have any other queries, do let us know in the comment section down below.

If you'd like to try out Statusbrew for your business, you can sign up right now & start your free trial.

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