How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page In 2024

Aug 8, 2023 11 min read

Instagram is a viral photo and videos sharing social media app. You can also follow other Instagram users or creators on the platform. Instagram has made several changes to its algorithm throughout the long term, making users stick on the platform for too long.

It shows every user feed depending on their interest and the accounts they follow. There is an IG Explore page where users can see posts related to ongoing searches, individuals they follow, and posts they might like.

Getting on the Instagram Explore page is a certain shot approach to greatly help the visibility of your posts and make a viral impact that offers you an extraordinary chance of engagement in a brief timeframe.

In this blog post, you will get to know the top tips and tricks on how to get on the Instagram Explore page and expand the odds of getting your post wind up on that page.

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What Is The Instagram Explore Page?

The Instagram Explore page is the place where Instagram organizes and presents content for its users. Each user sees distinctive content on their IG Explore page. This depends on the posts they like and the users they follow. It's a collection of posts that Instagram thinks you may appreciate based on your interest.

Instagram claims that over half of its users utilize the Explore page. Be that as it may, how does Instagram choose which posts to show up on the Explore page? That is chosen by their calculative algorithm, which considers factors like:

  • Posts that people you follow have liked
  • Posts with high engagement
  • Posts from accounts similar to ones you as of now follow

What Is The Instagram Explore Page

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Where Is The Explore Page On Instagram?

The Explore button, also called the Search or Discover tab, prompts the Instagram Explore page. Go to the Home Page and search for the Search icon at the bottom that ought to be clicked. This will take you to the Explore page on Instagram to glance around.

Where Is The Explore Page On Instagram

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Why Is Explore Page On Instagram Important

According to Instagram's blog, more than 200 million users visit Instagram's Explore page every single day. The reach it provides is absolutely organic and niche related (especially for businesses and brands).

As soon as your post appears at the platform's Explore section, it opens an ocean of opportunities to build a solid relationship with users who are not even linked with your brand.

Getting on the Instagram Explore page could turn into a significant factor so as to grow your brand's feasible market instantaneously.

Since Instagram possesses a user base of billions of users, learning how to thrive your brand's account by securing a place on the Explore section is certainly quite critical.

How Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Works?

Instagram's Explore Page algorithm determines whether or not a brand's post would show up on Explore feed.

The Instagram Explore page Algorithm is a list of guidelines considered by Instagram to generate an exclusive Explore feed for every user based on their interactions with other accounts and other activities.

The Explore section came to the surface when Instagram decided to offer a real-time content curated feed to its every user. Hence, the base design was taken into consideration to achieve this.

The Instagram Explore feed helped the platform produce diverse and unique content for each user coming from profiles they do not even follow.

The post they see on their Instagram Explore page depends on the user's previous likes and engagements with a specific type of post on the platform, after which Instagram decides which posts to show on their Explore section and which not.

Hence, in the event that a user builds engagement with your posts, then your content possesses a better possibility of appearing in the Instagram Explore section of their fans as well.

This whole process establishes a complex link-building for your Instagram account reach.

How Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Works

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In addition, the algorithm makes your post even more probable of appearing inside the Instagram Explore page of those users who might be enthusiastic about your niche-specific market.

Also, the Explore page on Instagram attracts your potential clients by providing them with the appropriate content they are seeking as per the topic they usually have liked prior to now.

The Instagram Explore page algorithm tracks the way users work together with the social console online. Then it builds content that exclusively syncs with the way a user utilizes the app.

For this reason, certain users contemplate Instagram's Explore page as the most authentic space on the internet.

Instagram implements AI and its giant personal data library to establish its algorithm for the Explore Page.

Employing a plethora of factors and elements, the IG algorithm decides posts that could best suit one's concerns.

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How To Get On Instagram Explore Page?

1: Post At The Right Time

Extraordinary compared to other Instagram tips that you will hear is to post at the times when your followers are generally active on the platform. This is extraordinary guidance because the Instagram algorithm focuses on timeliness as one of the factors for posts being seen.

This means if your post is brand new, it will have appeared on your followers' feeds. Furthermore, if you time your posts when your followers are generally active on the platform, you will probably get higher engagement, which is a critical element to getting your posts onto the Instagram Explore page.

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Best Time To Post Heat Map

On the off chance that you own an Instagram Business account, you can go to the Audience section in the Insights tab, and you will find the option to see when your followers are generally active on the platform both hour and day.

Also, you can use social media management tools such as Statusbrew to find out the analytics of your Instagram account for you. Statusbrew prepares a heat map for instances such as when your followers are most active and when are the busiest hours for you based on your account's past activity. You can get a clear insight into when you should be posting on the platform based on heat maps.

2: Share Engaging Content And Sort Out What Kind Of Posts Your Audience Likes The Most

To make an effective post, it's not only sufficient that you are simply posting when your audience is online. You will have to ensure that you are posting content that is fascinating and helpful too. This is the point at which you will have the option to get the most commitment, so undoubtedly, your post will wind up getting highlighted on Instagram's Explore page of your followers.

With superior knowledge of what content your target market finds the most interesting, mix some engagement of your own. Apply your audience examination to your brand's social media technique.

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3: Create Calls To Action In Your Posts

You can observe that your high engagement posts sometimes land on the Instagram Explore page. Hence it's essential to engage your audience with your posts. Probably one of the most ideal approaches to guarantee that is to straightforwardly urge your followers to engage with your posts using calls to action.

Post questions in your captions so your followers can answer them in the comments section. In this way, they can also begin a discussion with you. You can request your followers to like, share, or tag their friends in your posts. This is an incredible methodology for challenges or giveaways that your brand runs.

Just requesting your audience to engage with your posts can greatly affect engagement and increase your odds of getting included on the Instagram Explore page.

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4: Use Prominent Formats, Such As IGTV Videos And Reels

IGTVs has their own committed area on the Instagram Explore page. This is an extraordinary piece of information for video marketers and brands! So it's nothing unexpected that Instagram is pushing its IGTV design harder and harder on the platform. Utilizing the IGTV format can function admirably because IGTV has a separate section on the Explore page on Instagram and is additionally stuck right at the top.

And, it's not an unhidden fact that Instagram needs Reels to succeed. This format is so integral to the Instagram user experience that the whole landing page was totally modified to oblige it.

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5: Use Suitable Tags, Hashtags, And Captions

Geotags, account tagging, hashtags, and captions are different approaches to broaden the range of your content inside the Instagram Explore page.

Keep in mind that users utilize the Explore page on Instagram to look by location and hashtag. On the off chance, when a particular hashtag flashes somebody's advantage, they can now be able to follow it also. Selected and right captions also help your content get on the Instagram Explore page.

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6: Collaborate With Other Creators

Working with influencers is an incredible way of boosting your engagement and reach by taking advantage of the force of an all-around developed audience. The followers of influencers regularly connect habitually with their posts and trust their brand proposals.

By cross-promoting the posts that highlight your brand on both your feed and an influencer's feed, you will get additional visibility and engagement with another set of audiences.

By getting into such collaboration, you ought to have the option to drive sufficient engagement on your Instagram posts to ultimately show up on the Instagram Explore page.

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7: Tag Products In Your Feed

This is mainly for brands who are selling products. But it can also be a game-changer for new brands if followed properly. Tag your product in every single of your posts.

Doing this will help the viewers directly go to your store and buy it. It also increases the chances of your product being more likely to show up in other users' Instagram Explore shopping section.

Create some fantastic visuals with captivating captions, and there are high chances that your post would turn up on Instagram Explore's shopping section sooner.

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Tag Products In Your Feed

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8: Use Stories To Promote Your Post

You might have already seen on Instagram many of the accounts posting a story about their recent post.

But, do you know why they do it? It's to increase their reach and engagement! Following the latest update in the algorithm, the organic reach of posts on Instagram has declined to a great extent.

Hence, several accounts would have to find their own ways to increase their post reach to all their followers. Getting your followers to turn on their post notification is one of the similar ways while sharing your post in stories in another one.

However, just ensure you don't show the whole post in the story itself. Place it in your story in a way so that the viewers tap on the story and visit your post.

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9: Use Instagram Insight To Know Your Right

Every Instagram user has their own insight that Instagram provides, which shows how your posts and your account are performing.

In the insights section, you can easily see which time works best for you and also track other aspects.

Use Instagram Insight To Know Your Right

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You can see how many hashtags brought more engagement. You can know what type of content brought more visitors. You can even analyze what brought more conversions.

Tracking and analyzing your performance on the platform would help you define your strategy to get the maximum out of it.

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10: Stick To Your Niche

Several of the pages and brands on Instagram just post any random content to maintain the frequency of posting.

While maintaining the frequency of your posts is essential, posting content that is outside of your niche could give you a negative point.

This is because when your audience is interested in conceiving content related to one topic and if they see a post that depicts some other topic from your page in their feed, your users engage exponentially less than usual.

This is especially true when you are a brand, or your Instagram page is related to a particular niche. In such cases, your followers always have an eye to see content related to your niche.

When you post content that is related to your niche, Instagram gives your page a plus point. It increases the chances of your page appearing in the Explore section of those users who follow your niche.

11: Create Native Content

When it comes to getting the right dimensions for posting Instagram images and videos, people share the same one which they created for some other social platform.

People are posting videos that they made for their YouTube Shorts or Snapchat as Instagram as reels. But, you should remember that not all platforms are the same!

Create a video either in the 'Landscape' or 'Vertical' views. Make your images and videos relevant to the platform. Keep it clean and professional to look at.

Although it might take some time, you will have to work extra hard if you want to build a brand on Instagram.

How To Know If You Are On The Instagram Explore Page?

Initially, it was like we had to analyze which posts get more interaction than usual and decide if our post reached the Explore feed.

But it's not the case anymore.

If you own a business page on Instagram, Instagram presents you with a personalized insight that is made exclusively from your posts and your account.

It additionally shows you where the traffic came from. You can see an additional option of 'Explore' in the list of Audience sources.

How To Know If You Are On The Instagram Explore Page

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How To Reset Instagram Explore Page?

As a user, if you want to reset or change your Instagram Explore page on the platform, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.
Step 2: Tap on your profile icon on the bottom right side.
Step 3: Tap on the burger menu icon on the top right corner.
Step 4: From the menu that opens up, tap on the Settings option.
Step 5: Tap on Security.
Step 6: Tap on Clear search history.
Step 7: Here, you will see your recent searches and a Clear All option at the top right side in Android devices (and Clear Search History on iOS).
Step 8: Tap on Clear All.
Step 9: Your search history should be cleared, and the Explore page will be reset.

Thus you can reset the Instagram Explore page.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how your brand can get a boost by making its post to the Instagram Explore page. Apart from following the valuable tips provided here, you need effective tools for helping you out.

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