What Is YouTube Automation? Ways To Use It

Sep 11, 2023 9 min read

If we talk about content creation on YouTube, finding ways to streamline the process is a goal shared by many. We believe that whether you're a pro content creator or have just started out, the hassle of the time and effort that goes into managing a successful YouTube channel isn't unknown to you.

We understand your problem and want to convey that with YouTube Automation; you can automate various aspects of channel management and focus on other important aspects of your life or business. Yes, YouTube automation has transformed the way we approach content creation on this popular platform. It may sound like a dream, but with YouTube automation, it's entirely within reach.

That's the premise of our discussion in the blog. In this article, we’re sharing our take on YouTube automation and ways to use it.

What Is YouTube Automation?

Being an automation platform ourselves, we at Statusbrew think that automation is all about freeing yourself from repetitive work and focusing on more critical issues that truly affect outcomes. Simply put, with the help of automation tools, you will not only increase efficiency but also complement the work you do and even perform some tasks that go beyond what you can do.

Now, coming to YouTube automation, it is basically putting some processes into play to automate the production of a YouTube channel to earn revenue.

With the goal being the same, YouTube Automation is all about streamlining and simplifying the processes of creating, managing, and growing a YouTube channel using various tools and strategies. This reduces the creator's burnout and allows them to be more productive.

Depending on your requirements, the role of YouTube automation changes. So, if your goal is generating passive income for yourself, YouTube automation is the way that empowers creators like you to work smarter, not harder, in their pursuit of success on this platform. Check out the below examples to understand how it works.

Examples Of YouTube Automation

These are some of the examples showing how certain popular YouTube channels have leveraged automation techniques to gather a huge number of followers and views, even with a faceless host. While this list only comprises the automation techniques used, in the next section, we have compiled the “hows” for better understanding.



With people fascinated all over the globe about space travel, a YouTube automation channel around Space technology, Voyager is a popular one with around 333K subscribers and over a million views. This automated YouTube channel is doing an excellent job by employing YouTube automation in several ways:

  • Animation
  • Stock image
  • Subtitle generator
  • AI for Voiceover
  • Social media scheduling tools
  • Thumbnail generation automation
  • Video Editor

2.Top Tech Now


Top Tech Now, a channel dedicated to reviewing and showcasing the latest tech gadgets and innovations, leverages YouTube automation to streamline its content creation process, enhancing its product demonstrations and reviews for the channel's success. They have 200K subscribers and use:

  • Animation
  • Video Editor
  • Stock image
  • Subtitle generator
  • AI for Voiceover
  • Social media scheduling tools
  • Thumbnail generation automation



WatchMojo.com, the well-known faceless YouTube channel known for its "Top 10" list-style videos covering various topics, employs YouTube automation in numerous ways to maintain a consistent content schedule. Having a video duration of around 10-20 minutes, WatchMojo.com employs a mix of

  • Professional AI voiceover
  • Clips from movies or shows
  • Stock images
  • Video Editor
  • Animation
  • Subtitle generator
  • AI for Voiceover
  • Social media scheduling tools
  • Thumbnail generation automation

4.Economics Explained


Economics Explained, a channel that simplifies complex finance concepts utilizes YouTube automation to enhance its content production process. This channel mostly uses

  • Stock footage as their video
  • Automated script generator
  • AI voiceover
  • Animation
  • Video Editor
  • Social media scheduling tools
  • Thumbnail generation automation

Ways To Use YouTube Automation

Step 1: Create A Niche Channel

First things first! To start enjoying the perks of YouTube Automation, you need to create a niche channel first. Pick up any specific niche and content genre you are passionate about, and that has an audience interested in it. Try not to make it too common, as initially, the competition will be very high, and YouTube automation is a patient process.

For instance, check out this YouTube Automation channel, “Brainy Dose,” specifically dedicated to a niche of personal growth and self-improvement. After deciding on its niche, this faceless YouTube channel, having 2.26M subscribers, has used the following automation techniques:


  • Using stock images from VideoBlocks, Adobe Stock, and Pexels
  • Music from Epidemic Sound
  • AI Voiceover softwares
  • SEO tools for research
  • Video Editing Software
  • Subtitle Generators
  • AI for script
  • Social media analytics tools for performance review

Step 2: Start Your Video Production

Kickstarting your video production is the most important step and consists of 6 different categories of leveraging YouTube automation. A lot goes behind video production, and if done correctly, you can monetize your video content in a way like never before. Let's look at how you can automate each step, streamlining your channel.

  • Research And Optimization

The first step to anything is research! Whether you are creating a script or searching for industry-relevant content, regular research will add to building your niche channel. While video creation is important, knowing how to optimize it to rank higher in search results is also crucial.

You can always leverage SEO automation tools like VidIQ, Keywordtool.io, Semrush, Tube Buddy, Ahrefs, and Moz to research relevant keywords to understand what your audience wants and how you can give them that value through your videos.

To give you a clear perspective, we have here used Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to automate the keyword research process specific to YouTube. You can use any of the below-mentioned tools as per your requirements. The image below shows how you can get to know the volume, traffic potential, and click per search for a particular keyword and their matching terms, helping creators like you make an informed decision.


  • Script Writing

Once you have an idea of the content you want to put out, it's time for scripting. There are various ways to do that. You can plan out your entire YouTube video script using automation. For your clarity and coherence, we have let out a use-case of ChatGPT in automating your scripting process within seconds. Here’s a prompt you can try!


With the help of this structure, you can save hours in thinking and structuring your script. You can simply use this script as your script wireframe and then improvise accordingly. For instance, if you want a video that is 8 minutes long (currently the recommended length), you can always mention the duration in the ChatGPT prompt to get an exact length.

Besides, you can also automate:

Script Grammar checking: Grammarly


Copywriting ideas: Copy.AI


  • Voice-Over

This step will decide the reach and connectivity you have with your audience and is one of the most crucial elements of a faceless YouTube channel, as there is no creator onscreen for viewers to watch. To automate the voiceover, you can leverage AI softwares like Animaker Voice, NaturalReader, and Murf. AI. With this softwares, you can toggle multiple options in terms of voice and tone without anyone needing to speak into a microphone. The softwares has amazing audio quality and is a great way to streamline your YouTube automation process.

In the below example, we have created an animated voiceover within seconds with the help of Murf. AI using the above given automated script.


  • Video Editing

If you are a content or video creator, you must know that video creation is time-consuming and requires much patience. But what if you can automate the entire process and get this work done easily? Well, thanks to YouTube automation for this!

You can take the help of video editing platforms like VidIQ, Movavi, Vimeo, Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, and CapCut (for shorts), which have features such as thumbnail generators, automatic transitions, AI prompts, video templates, and more. This will not only speed up the editing process but also help structure them for better engagement.

For instance, Brett In Tech, a YouTube automation channel with 1.34 million subscribers specializing in technology reviews, tutorials, and insightful discussions, mostly uses screenshots or screen-recorded videos. To further automate the process of editing videos, they use video editing softwares for maximum efficiency.


Besides, automating video editing is a logical first step if you want larger numbers of videos or more complex visual effects. You can also use relevant stock videos or animations for the video background or combine them together to create something new.

For instance, we here have used a video editing example with the help of CapCut that lets you automate the video editing process with ease.


  • Thumbnail Design


Thumbnails are crucial for increasing click-through rates and attracting more viewers to your content. This automated video creation process is all about creating eye-catching thumbnails to entice viewers to click on your videos.

Statistics tell that 90% of the most successful videos on the platform have personalized thumbnails. They are the first point of contact that appears on a YouTube video, making it crucial to attract viewers’ attention and make them watch it. This is why it's better to automate this process by resorting to thumbnail creation softwares like Canva, Placeit, and Snappa.

The below image demonstrates how you can automate the thumbnail creation process with the help of Canva. It offers a lot of creative templates with text editing options.


  • Channel Management and Analytics

Once your video is live, the last step is to remain consistent and review your video content’s performance meticulously to gauge what's working and what isn't. This is why automating your YouTube management and analytics helps you keep up with posting content, boosting the channel visibility.

Automation can save you time and ensure consistent channel growth. Statusbrew can help you automate channel management tasks, such as scheduling uploads, moderating comments, and analyzing video performance through analytics.


As a social media automation tool, Statusbrew is packed with unique automation capabilities (AI sentiment detection, automated responses, auto approvals, and more) that will save you time and money. Extending its capabilities to YouTube, you can automate your YouTube posting schedule, analyze video performance, track comments and mentions, and even collaborate with your team seamlessly, simplifying your YouTube management tasks.

So, why wait? Start a FREE trial to give it a drill today!

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Step 3: Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Automation can significantly aid in monetizing a YouTube channel by streamlining various critical processes. Here are a few ways:

  • It can automate video scheduling and posting, ensuring a consistent content stream that attracts and retains viewers.

  • Automation tools can optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags, increasing discoverability and search engine rankings.

  • Automation assists in comment moderation by hiding, deleting, or disabling unwanted comments on your posts, and regular and dynamic ads.

  • It can also ban spam bots and trolls automatically maintaining a positive viewer experience.


By efficiently managing these aspects, creators can focus on content quality and audience engagement, which ultimately drives more views, subscribers, and revenue from ads, memberships, merchandise, and other monetization avenues.

Make Your Way To YouTube Automation

By now, you must know that the term “YouTube automation” has different meanings. It can be either creating and managing your YT channel or using automation tools to speed up the process of creating content for the platform. Depending on your requirements, you can monetize your YouTube channel and leverage YouTube automation as a viable online business model only if you have time and money to risk and wait for the channel concept to take off with the YouTube algorithm.

So, if you want to save valuable time, reduce the risk of burnout, and focus more on content creation and strategy with minimal effort, an automation tool is something you should consider.

Ahana Basu

Ahana Basu, a content writer at Statusbrew, transforms ideas into captivating narratives. Besides writing, she loves exploring cuisines, powerlifting, drawing, and jamming to classical music.

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