What Is UGC Creator? How To Become One

Sep 21, 2023 12 min read

If you have been active across socials like TikTok and Instagram, you must have stumbled upon creators talking about their earnings as User-Generated Content (UGC) creators. They claim to make thousands of dollars by crafting content right from the comfort of their homes. An enticing prospect, isn't it? But what exactly is a UGC creator, and how can you monetize your creativity?

Meet Jeanne Ng, an Australian UGC creator who, like many UGC creators, initially had no video editing or filming experience. Yet, armed with nothing more than a smartphone and a creative eye, she now collaborates with brands and has earned as much as $5994 in the month of August, quite enough to make your head spin.

So, if you are aspiring to have a similar experience, we have broken down all that you need to know to become a UGC creator successfully.

What Is UGC Creator?

A little different from what we know about influencers, UGC creators specialize in creating sponsored organic-looking content that appears like authentic user-generated content for brands in return for payment for the same. As opposed to how brand and influencer collaborations work, in this type of collaboration, brands only have to pay for the content they are asking for and for the creator’s follower access. Besides this, the content that is created is meant to be live on the brand’s own social media platforms rather than the creator’s profile.

The UGC creator picks up a particular niche like fashion, travel, or health and creates video content for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. UGC content tends to appear less polished and professional than influencer content, making it more authentic.

For example, the video below shows UGC creator @silkonme promoting QUEEN MUSIA’s newly launched lipstick with the help of a try-on video. This video content is published as marketing material on the brand’s official Instagram handle.

Examples Of UGC Creators

Now that you know what a UGC creator is and how they work differently from influencers, let's dive into knowing some of the famous UGC creators to take inspiration from, especially if you are aspiring to one. The below examples are specifically from the platforms TikTok and Instagram, as these platforms are most used for such collaborations.

But before we get to them, we at Statusbrew want you to learn how to do UGC creator research on your own. You just have to:

Step 1: Type (#UGC) In the search bar on Instagram.
Step 2: Click on the “Accounts” tab to view the list of creators.
Step 3: Scroll through the different accounts having UGC in their profile description and click on your desired one.


UGC Creators From Instagram

1. Anna Louisa


As Anna’s description says – she’s a self-proclaimed UGC creator with around 3.5 million followers who can create content around the home interior and cleaning hacks. Additionally, she shares her Threads account, website, links, and discount codes within that. You can check out how she creates UGC content from the highlights or reels she has on her Instagram account.

2. Elle


Elle is a UGC Creator in the beauty niche. She creates makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare routines on her Instagram account. Being present in TikTok in the name angelaman_, Elle has worked with a lot of renowned brands, from what you can find in her highlights section. You can check out every single brand she has collaborated with for UGC content to understand how she does it.

UGC Creators From TikTok

3. TaraChristina


Having around 15.4K followers, TaraChristina is a UGC creator who specifically talks about creating UGC content, how to create it, and how new creators can make a good income from it. If you want to start in the same profession and wonder how to become a UGC creator, check out her videos as soon as possible.

4. Eli's diary


Last but not least, this UGC creator has 4.8M followers on TikTok and specializes mostly in beauty, skincare, makeup, and lifestyle. You can also check the brand collaborations on TikTok and Instagram on her bio as well.

What Are The Steps To Become A UGC Creator?

Step 1: Research The Market

Research, research, and research! This is the very first step you need to take as an aspiring UGC creator, be it any niche. Analysis of the UGC landscape is only successful when you not only start consuming a lot of UGC content but also evaluating it. Spend a considerable amount of time researching how brands are promoting their UGC.

  • What kind of UGC is getting most preferred?
  • Is there any pattern to the UGC content creators are producing?
  • Which UGC content from what niche is standing out from others?
  • What kind of filming setup are UGC creators using?
  • Is there a niche you think you’d be particularly strong in?

Once you get answers to these questions, shortlist the niche and brands in that niche that you are targeting and visit their profile to see what type of UGCs they are posting. This research will help you understand the audience's preferences, trends, and the types of UGC that resonate within that niche.

Step 2: Invest In Equipment And Tools To Build Your Setup

As you begin the next stage of building your UGC career, start investing in the necessary equipment and tools to create high-quality content. This may include cameras, microphones, lighting, or social media scheduling tools, depending on the type of content you plan to produce. Initially, you may start by investing in affordable equipment and tools. But as you upgrade your work to make this a viable side hustle or career, investing in quality equipment can significantly enhance the appeal of your content.

Here are some upgrades that you might want to invest in:

  • Backdrop

If you want a clean background or want to change it while editing your videos, get yourself a green or filming blank sheet to customize it the way you want.

  • Props

Depending on what your niche is, find props that can match the type of UGC content you create to make it look like you’re living the ideal lifestyle of your niche.

  • Ring Light

This is a staple while filming any type of content if you want that well-lit and polished look for your videos. Your lighting can change the entire mood or setup, especially if you are filming at night or in darker rooms.

  • Statusbrew - For Social Media Scheduling

While the other equipment is quite common, you must be wondering why you would need to invest in a social media scheduling tool, right?

Well, as you upgrade your work and start producing a considerable amount of UGC, it will be challenging to keep track of all the posts you are creating or even publishing and analyzing. You might simply be busy with all the backend work or maybe even planning out your next batch of UGC collaboration.

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Step 3: Start Building Your UGC Portfolio

Practice makes a creator perfect! As you continue practicing, you will gradually improve your skills, which you can finally use to create a robust portfolio of UGC showcasing your skills and style. This portfolio can include samples of your content, such as reviews, tutorials, or testimonials, reflecting your authenticity and passion for your chosen niche.

This sets the premise and gives brands a reason to trust you with their content. Before partnering with you, the brand will take a look at your previous work to evaluate your worthiness. This is where you can seal the deal by creating a snatched portfolio with the help of Canva templates that are high quality and organized. Once you have the portfolio organized, you are ready to pitch and send the brand's content or PR team an email.

Step 4: Pitch Yourself And Reach Out To Brands

It's a fact! Initially, brands aren't going to come knocking on your doors for a collaboration. It is you who needs to be proactive about reaching out to them.

You can start by shortlisting the brands whose products or services you genuinely appreciate and align with. Find the contact information for the person of contact (POC) and attach the same UGC portfolio you created while emailing them your pitch. Explain how your content can benefit them and their target audience, personalizing your pitches for each brand you approach. Lastly, don't email randomly; keep track of your inbox, including the spam, to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

Step 5: Scan For Opportunities On UGC Creator Platforms

Levelling up your networking and outreach skills is an absolute necessity when you are aspiring to become a UGC creator. However, in the initial phase, you might have difficulty in finding brands for collaborations and might even get demoralized by seeing a bunch of your emails get ignored. Luckily, there are some platforms built specifically for creators looking for UGC opportunities, saving you the hassle of finding one yourself.

Here is a list of some of the platforms you can approach:

  • JoinBrands
  • Trend
  • Influee
  • UGC Shop
  • Insense
  • Youdji
  • Brands Meet Creators
  • Thingtesting

Besides this, you can also expand your client pool by registering on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to connect with brands.

Why Are Brands Investing In UGC Creators?

Traditionally speaking, the main idea around UGC content was about resharing a customer photo, video, testimonial, or product review to build more brand trust and awareness, eventually leading to sales. This concept has now changed. Reinstated, brands have started partnering with UGC creators in exchange for a payment to produce custom-made user-generated content for them. This has led to the rise of a new trend of using the same unpolished content in a way that uniquely repositions their brand in the market.

Now, returning to the question, why are brands investing so much in UGC creators to create content for them? As driving awareness and sales are valuable aspects of any business, let's explore some of the reasons that explain it.

  • More Economical Than Influencer Campaigns: As opposed to influencer campaigns, where creators charge a hefty amount to brands for sponsored content, UGC creators only charge for the content created and not for access to their audiences. It's way more economical and beneficial for brands as they get top-quality content that they can repurpose for various marketing purposes.

  • Feels More Authentic: UGC is considered inherently authentic even when it's paid for. In fact, millennials find UGC 50% more trustworthy than content generated by brands. UGC creators are leveraging this content in such a way that it can be called promotion in a non-promotional manner. The thrust in the example below is honing in on what a brand’s target audience values most so that they can relate and trust better.

@airbnb just imagine all of the NPCs you’ll come across at these airbnbs! #sidequests #RPG #airbnbpartner #airbnb ♬ original sound - airbnb
  • Drives Purchase Decisions: UGC is deemed 9.8 times more influential than influencer content in the decision-making process. That being said, UGC creators utilize UGC to give brands social proof, which is a powerful way of product/service demonstrations. It doesn’t look like a blatant ad but is more organic and realistic and, thus, a better way to boost sales.
@rebel.socials ✨Ugc video example of a testimonial in a Food & Beverage category. If you want to see more UGC video examples i post them on my iηstα: rebel.socials #ugcmeaning #ugccontentexamples #ugcvideoexample #ugcvideoexamples #howtoworkwithbrands2023 #wheretofindbranddeals #brandsoftiktok #influencermarketing #microinfluencertipsandtricks ♬ original sound - ?Kate // Creator & coach
  • Great Way Of Outsourcing Content: With mass layoffs and reduced headcount and resources, a brand’s best bet can be outsourcing some of its content creation from UGC creators as they are more affordable, effective, and adaptable to changing trends and consumer preferences. Brands can easily intimate their UGC requirements to the creators, who can then quickly respond to new developments and create content that resonates with the current climate, making them a valuable asset for brands looking to stay relevant.

How Much Can A UGC Creator Charge?

We believe after getting to know the steps of becoming a UGC creator; you must have the next set of obvious questions:

  • How much do UGC creators get paid?
  • How much should I charge as a UGC creator?
  • Is there any standard charge list for this profession?
  • What is the maximum range I can charge?

Well, before we get into clearing these questions, there’s one thing you should clearly know before starting out as a UGC creator: No two UGC creators are the same. Charging depends on various factors, like

  • Niche and Industry
  • Audience Size
  • Content Quality
  • Type of Collaboration
  • Geographic Location
  • Experience and Reputation
  • Market Demand
  • Negotiation Skills

These factors are a benchmark that can determine a UGC creator’s worth, but they are subject to change. Not all UGC creators are at the same stage of their careers and have the same success rate, which invariably means that they don’t all make the same kind of money.

However, if you have done past brand collaborations before, you can adapt your prices for UGC by initially going a bit lower. And if you have no idea at all, then experimentation is the only key! Try negotiating with brands as and when they approach you and quote a price that you think your content deserves.

Since creators have a tendency to undervalue themselves, we have laid out a chart that should only be taken as a rough guide as these figures are subjected to change depending on the above-mentioned factors:

Social Media Platform UGC Creator Fees for Brand Videos (Rough Estimate)
Instagram $500 – $5,000+
TikTok $500 – $5,000+
Facebook $500 – $2,000+
YouTube $2,000 – $10,000+
Twitter $200 – $2,000+
Pinterest $200 – $2,000+

Besides, taking reference from this chart, you can also do your own research, finding UGC creators on social media platforms and connecting with them to know how much they’re charging. For your ease, here are some UGC creators you can try and approach:

1. Making income from UGC on a full-time basis

@creativelymadi This is exactly what I did to start making over a full time income with UGC. GOOO watch Part 2 in the comments! #ugcincome #ugccreator #ugc #howtostartugc ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul

2. How some UGC creators charge for one video and its usage rights

@juliaphillipscreative The biggest question ive gotten lately - this is your time to sharpen up those negotiation skills ?? #ugcbyjuliap #ugccontentcreator #ugccreator2023 #ugctips2023 #howtostartugc2023 #ugclifestylecontentcreator #ugcwellnesscreator #ugcfashioncreator #ugcskincarecreator #howtostartugc #ugc2023 #ugctips2023 #ugccommunity #ugctipsforbeginners #ugcincome #ugcinspiration ♬ original sound - Julia | UGC Creator

3. Some share how much to charge based on content concepts and usage

@heyfrankieday ? #ugcbyfrankie #healthwellnessbeauty #ugccreator #ugcrates #ugccommunity #contentcreator2023 #creatorrates #myreaction #moneytok #ugcincome ♬ A work of art by s_johnson_voiceovers - Stefan Johnson

Final Takeaway

User-generated content creators are now more vital than ever and have emerged as a powerful catalyst of growth for brands. While the concept isn't entirely new, it's evolving in exciting ways. UGC creators have become the solution for brands seeking authentic content in a world where traditional marketing can feel less trustworthy.

In fact, almost half (42%) of marketing experts view user-generated content as an indispensable element of their marketing plan. So, if you are still considering becoming a UGC creator full-time, these tips and recommendations will set you on the path to success, and the best part is you'll learn a lot doing so. So why not give it a try?

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