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Dec 15, 2021 7 min read

We’re very excited to announce Statusbrew now integrates with Pinterest making it even easier for you to create, publish and measure the performance of your pins.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GMB, and LinkedIn, all Statusbrew customers can now post and schedule to Pinterest.

Pinterest is the world's catalog of ideas, with more than 100 million people using it every month.

93% of pinners say they have used Pinterest to plan, research, or make purchases, as Pinterest helps them decide where to shop & what to buy.

Pinterest also has greater longevity for its content compared to other social platforms. On average, its content lasts 110 days compared to YouTube's 20 days, Instagram's 2 days, and Snapchat's 1 day. This makes content on Pinterest even more valuable for brands than content posted on other platforms. And that's why in 2022, brands are thinking heavily to invest in their relationships with Pinterest because of the opportunities that it provides.

But managing Pinterest should never be a hassle for social media teams. Hence, Pinterest integration with Statusbrew will now allow you to manage your Pinterest marketing along with other networks.

Statusbrew's Pinterest scheduling features will give you a better grip on managing your Pinterest marketing. Its intuitive UI and excellent features give you an effortless experience of managing multiple Pinterest accounts and their analytics under a single dashboard.

In addition, you can also manage your Pinterest marketing with multiple team members and clients from one central place.

You can use Statusbrew's Pinterest analytics to get the bird-eye view of multiple Pinterest account analytics within a few clicks. You get all the data related to the performance of your Pins and boards, such as comments, saves, and average engagement. Let’s delve deeper!

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Why Use Pinterest With Statusbrew?

Features Supported

Ready, Steady, Pin!

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Why Use Pinterest With Statusbrew?

The best way to create & schedule Pins: Statusbrew helps you create & schedule your Pins way ahead of time, that too, for multiple accounts, thus saving you time while also keeping up with the consistency of posting.

Know best times to post Pins according to your target audience: Get to know when your audience is most active on the platform. Schedule your Pins at your best posting times and increase the chances of your Pins getting discovered by your target audience.

Best Time To Post Heatmap In Statusbrew

Better team collaboration: Establish an error-proof workflow within your team where no content gets published without approvals.

Internally categorize Pins: Statusbrew provides a robust set of custom content tagging tools for classifying outbound and inbound content from Statusbrew's Inbox. Tags act as internal labels that are otherwise not visible on your Pins, but they assist you in categorizing your posts.

The Tag Insights section provides a comprehensive breakdown of each tag and enables you to better understand campaign effectiveness.

Edit scheduled Pins: Once you schedule your Pins, you can still make changes and updates to them, such as publishing the Pins immediately, deleting them or making changes and rescheduling them, or assigning different approvers/watchers/tags.

Manage multiple Pinterest accounts: Avoid the hassle of switching between different Pinterest accounts. Create and schedule Pins for multiple accounts at once just by selecting the appropriate accounts.

Multi-channel analytics: Get detailed insights into your top performing pins and the performance of your Pinterest accounts.

Multiple Pinterest account performance comparison reports: What if you manage more than one Pinterest account and would like to get a cumulative performance report to compare the performance of all accounts at a glance? For all your Pinterest accounts connected with Statusbrew, you can derive such reports within a few clicks.

Manage multiple channels: Statusbrew’s scheduling feature ensures your Pinterest marketing strategy aligns with all of the other social platforms your brand is using for marketing, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter & Google My Business.

Features Supported

You can manage & schedule all of your Pinterest posts through the Statusbrew app now! The very first step is to connect your Pinterest account with Statusbrew. Once you have connected your Pinterest account, you can begin scheduling, optimizing, and measuring your Pins!

Here's how to connect your Pinterest account to the Statusbrew:

Step 1: Go to Settings from Statusbrew dashboard & click on "Profiles"
Step 2: Click on "+" from the right side of the search bar. Select "Pinterest" from the list of available networks & Click on "Add Pinterest account." You will then be redirected to Pinterest.
Step 3: Select the Pinterest account you would like to connect to Statusbrew & allow Statusbrew access.

How To Connect Pinterest Account With Statusbrew

And that's it! You are all set to create, publish or schedule Pins now to your account.

Schedule Pins Ahead Of Time

Pinterest is no different from any other social media platform when it comes to consistency. It's essential to build a regular schedule so that your audience can always find new and fresh content on your boards. Ensuring that your Pinterest account is active (even when you aren't) becomes easier than ever with Statusbrew's scheduling feature!

In just a matter of a few minutes, you can schedule a whole week's or even a month's worth of Pins to automatically publish to your Pinterest boards at the set time, so your followers always see new and engaging content from your brand. You can select a date and time to schedule Pins or schedule according to a predefined queue (publish category).

In fact, you can even make a powerful impression with beautiful Pin designs by posting at the best times for engagement using Statusbrew.

Track Pinterest Performance & Tweak Your Overall Strategy

Statusbrew can track and measure your Pinterest growth & measure how your Pinterest follower count has grown and changed over time. Just check out your Pinterest Analytics from your Statusbrew app! Either choose from a pool of ready-made templates or prepare a report of your choice with multiple industry-rich metrics to select from.

Don't want to share a Pinterest account credential but still want others to see your Pinterest growth reports? That's fine. With Statusbrew, you can create external shareable report links and share real-time reports even with people outside your Statusbrew space (organization).

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Create Boards Directly

We allow creating Pinterest boards or choosing from a list of already created boards and make the scheduling task easy and handily expedient. A Pinterest board is basically a collection where users save specific Pins, with each board having its own theme or purpose.

Just click on "Create board" while composing a pin, enter details such as Board name, Board description, and select the privacy setting of the board (Public, Protected, or Secret), and your board has been created.

Create Boards Within Statusbrew

Access Calendar View Of Scheduled Pins

Statusbrew lets you view all your scheduled posts in a list manner, week-wise calendar view, or month-wise calendar view. You can view all of your Pins in a single, filterable calendar.

This will help you visualize your marketing plan at a glance and easily edit and make necessary changes to your Pins.

Store Your Pinterest Assets In One Place

To manage Pinterest media assets within your team, you should have a connected storage structure that ensures consistency, boosts content discoverability & makes it easy to store, access & share media securely.

Statusbrew's Asset Manager lets you maintain all your Pinterest assets in one place and ensure that your creative works are archived, searched, and shared easily within your team.

Compose & Publish Pins Within A Few Clicks

To create a Pin from Statusbrew's dashboard, you firstly need to select the appropriate Pinterest profile from the profile selector. In fact, you can choose multiple Pinterest accounts if you would like to create, schedule, or publish the same kind of Pin for more than one profile. Simply write the Pin description, title, select or create board & enter the destination link.

You can either drag or drop the media file, select one from your system, source free images from Unsplash and Pixabay, design one with Canva, or select from your Asset Manager, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

Have a real-time preview of your Pins at the right-hand side of the Compose window and get a feel of how your Pins will look when they actually get published.

Create A Pin Within Statusbrew

With Statusbrew, you don't just get options to create Pins & publish Pins directly from the dashboard but also perform a ton of other tasks. You can add tags to organize your Pins into categories. The tags are not visible on Pinterest but are helpful to organize content and even get reports for your published content.

You can even add watchers or assign approvers in the form of either a user or a user group. This helps to keep your team members in the loop of publishing activity. Statusbrew also allows you to allocate a Post title exclusively for a Pin that will only be visible and used with Statusbrew's environment.

Create A Pin Within Statusbrew

Manage Pinterest Together As A Team

Truth be told, Pinterest marketing is not a cakewalk. You will have to plan, create, publish, and analyze content, and handle multiple people and deadlines, all at once.

And without a proper team workflow, all of this can get overwhelming and messy.

Statusbrew makes Pinterest marketing easier with team collaboration and helps you spot and fix errors quickly, thus saving time and energy. Now, you can avoid Pins getting published without the approval of managers.

Overall, you can structure your work and put out quality Pins in a planned manner while still maintaining the agility to accommodate spontaneity. Bye-bye to never-ending email loops.

Team Workflow In Statusbrew

Ready, Steady, Pin!

Anyone actively using Pinterest to promote their brand will benefit from this union. Build your Pinterest presence, grow your audience by sharing your visual catalog, and track what your audience thinks with Statusbrew's dashboard now.

Don't believe us, Take a free trial today & see for yourself!

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