How To Get Followers On Pinterest In 2024

May 12, 2022 10 min read

Pinterest has the ability to influence purchasing habits and increase inbound leads.

One of the best advantages of Pinterest is its high levels of user engagement. Pinterest can help you promote your business and improve sales by combining all its benefits.

Pinterest is a lot of fun. Without a large and active following, you are unlikely to see success in promoting your products & gaining more sales on the platform.

  • Are you having trouble increasing your Pinterest audience base?
  • Are you looking for an answer on how to get followers on Pinterest?
  • Are your Pinterest boards not getting the following you thought they would?

If you answered in affirmation for all these questions, this blog will be helpful. We have listed down plenty of easy tips you can apply now to increase your Pinterest followers.

Be Active & Engage Yourself

A part of Pinterest's success depends on making friends using the Smart Feed. You will get followers on Pinterest when you outsmart the smart feed. The various ways to remain active and engage yourself on Pinterest are:

  • Pin on a regular basis
  • Re-pin from 'Explore' and 'Trending' pages
  • Re-pin other's pin

If you come across 'Board to Follow' in your feed, you should follow it if it's relevant to you. You can even check your Pinterest activity and re-pin those that have pinned yours.

Be Aware Of Who Makes Use Of Pinterest

Know about who uses Pinterest the most. Having a good Pinterest audience base would help you a lot when you craft content for your profile. Hence it's essential to understand the Pinterest audience and how you can connect with them to gain more followers on Pinterest. Millennials are active users of Pinterest; hence you should catch hold of them.

Be Aware Of Who Makes Use Of Pinterest

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Keep a look at what is going on the platform by browsing the Popular Feed. Takedown popular ideas from there, evaluate the most common terms, and consider ways in which you could relate and apply these ideas to your content.

Consider re-pin fascinating content to one of your boards, write a though-full comment on it or follow the user. Performing these actions on a regular basis would increase your brand awareness and get followers on Pinterest.

But try not to overdo it. When you post too many comments at once, there are chances that it could be flagged as spam. Instead, you should focus on writing a few genuine comments regularly.

Join Group Boards & Make Use of Them

Search for the top Pinterest boards available in your brand's category. Look for a "Request to join" button in the upper corner of the group board page if you wish to join a group board. Most group board owners avoid putting this button to prevent an overwhelming number of requests.

If you wish to join a group board that doesn't have a request button, you can read the description of the group board for instructions on how to send in a request, or you can even contact the group board owner through a private message on Pinterest.

Join Group Boards & Make Use of Them

Image Source: Elke

Post Fresh & Unique Content

One of the best ways to get followers on Pinterest is to regularly post fresh and unique content. As you must be knowing that Pinterest prefers original content. Pinners come to the platform to look for new ideas and inspirations.

Hence, while posting on Pinterest, ensure that your Pins are fresh and superb. Avoid using stock photos as much as you can. In its place, Pinterest recommends you highlight any novelty elements so that the Pinterest audience would get more excited about your ideas.

Include Beautiful Visuals

It is found that interesting pins perform better and have the following characters in common:

  • Beautiful
  • Interesting
  • Actionable

Pinterest is a leading visual platform. Hence make sure that you make good use of attractive images to get followers on Pinterest. A few pointers to remember for Pinterest images are:

  • Make use of high-resolution images.
  • Make use of appealing images rather than the standard product shots.
  • Include photos that are vertical rather than horizontal ones. Vertical images would have a bigger impact on users using Pinterest on their mobile devices.
  • Images should not be too long.
  • Try to showcase multiple product snapshots in a single pin. Pinterest has found that pins showing many products can take a different taste and spark curiosity. Try using about four products per pin so that the users are not overwhelmed.
  • Make use of videos as well and place short videos.

Include Elaborate Descriptions

When you add attractive images to your pins, it will seize much more attention. However, you should also have an inspiring caption to retain that attention.

Add a short description for your pins in captions. Provide such information that would force users to enquire about your brand and products. Observe other pins that are exciting and are effective in attracting users to them.

You should make your pin descriptions detailed. You can include descriptions up to 500 characters. Pinterest recommends adding as much helpful information as you can in the description.

Include Elaborate Descriptions

Image Source: WP Tasty

But, the first 50 to 60 characters are the most important ones as they are most likely to show in people's feeds. These characters arguably matter the most. Hence you should focus on adding what is most relevant to your audience in the initial characters of the description.

Add your carefully researched keywords when writing your descriptions, along with a quick reason on why Pinterest users should learn more about your products.

You should also use complete sentences, relevant keywords, and a call-to-action in your descriptions. You should even feature action verbs in your CTA, such as find and buy, see, and shop, so your visitors know what you want them to do next.


Image Source: Katie Grazer Blog

Make Use Of Keywords & Hashtags

Make use of relevant keywords and hashtags in your captions. Pinterest is basically a visual search engine; hence ensure that your content optimization should be in place.

Your descriptions should be rich in keywords and include relevant hashtags so that they would show up in relevant searches. To find out the right keywords and hashtags:

  • Put a few keywords in the search box and observe its automatic suggestion.
  • Keyword suggestions would bubble up as they get displayed on the search results.
  • Give a look at the hashtag suggestions and the statistics about its usage.
  • Search for an applicable hashtag in your category and observe the keywords and tags that are used by the pinners.
  • Check for the trending hashtags applicable in your category.

Make Use Of Keywords & Hashtags

Image Source: Blogging Wizard

Add Relevant Pinterest Board Name

Optimize your Pinterest boards for search. Ensure your board names are precise and accurate and that best describe your content. Use relevant keywords in your board name and description. If possible, add applicable hashtags to the description. If you are unsure about the category of the board, look at the categories that would best suit in.

Add Relevant Pinterest Board Name

Image Source: Pinterest

Organize Boards Based On-Board Sections

Pinterest has added Sections lately to organize the various boards. Sections are used to arrange pins on the platform. You can save your ideas on a single board, arrange them into sections and find them easily when you want to experiment with them. Perform the following if you wish to stay organized:

  • Organize your ideas
  • Clear your boards and clean them regularly
  • Plan

For instance, if you have a board category such as Apparel, you can create individual sections for each kind of apparel now. This would increase your brand's credibility. Your followers can then navigate to the content of their interest. Make the sections descriptive and use language that is rich in keywords.

Organize Boards Based On-Board Sections

Image Source: Pinterest

Include Rich Pins

Include rich pins if you want to get followers on Pinterest, as it adds extra details to your pin using metadata taken from your website. Rich pins are an organic pin format that gives more context to an idea by providing extra information on the pin.

Rich pins are available as a free product to anyone on Pinterest. Easy identification of a rich pin is extra information. Rich pins are of four types, including an article, app, product, and recipe pins that you can add to your Pinterest account. Rich pins will display product availability details and price if your brand sells products. Article pins are ideal for publishers and bloggers as it displays a headline, story description, and author.

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Include Rich Pins

Image Source: Simple Pin Media

Post Regularly & Schedule Pins

Unlike the other social media platforms, the content reach takes over a longer period on Pinterest. Pinterest posts have a fairly greater lifespan. In fact, they could even show up on users' feeds even weeks or months after it has been posted if they are relevant to the user's search.

Hence, do not overwhelm your audience by posting multiple times on Pinterest. Focus on the quality of pins if you want to gain followers on Pinterest. Publish pins steadily over a successive month.

Plan the pins in advance, as it is always a good idea to stay in advance of the calendar. Brands should share periodic content until 45 days before any holiday or event for best results. Some brands even share a few months' pins in advance to special events.

By scheduling pins, you would not lose track of the pins. The pins would be published according to the dates you schedule them for without you having to log in to the platform. This is very essential to get followers on Pinterest.

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Post Regularly & Schedule Pins

Grab The Pins On Special Events Or Holiday

Holidays are days when there is more traffic on social platforms. Pinners usually generate more activities on a holiday as there are more viewers on those days.

Even on specific events such as Mother's Day and Father's Day, millions of users pin on the platform. Christmas time also draws a good amount of pins every year. So, if you want to get followers on Pinterest, you should be prepared for the holiday season by making plans on Pinterest Planner.

Most people come to Pinterest for their life events ideas, inspiration starting right from major holidays and going to seasonal celebrations. A Pinterest Holiday Planner will help you understand how the different types of pins will go out on the platform and be aware that your brand posts pins to all boards regularly. It will also give you the time to sit, explore and discover how you plan your growth on the platform.

So, get on to the holiday action. Create on-brand content for holiday and special events and share them on the platform using applicable keywords and hashtags to get the best results and get followers on Pinterest.

Grab The Pins On Special Events Or Holiday

Image Source: Pinterest

Make Use Of Follow Button

An essential way to get followers on Pinterest is not to forget to include the following button. The follow button makes it easy for your audience to follow your brand and stay updated. You should install the button on various online places such as your newsletter, website, email signatures, or any other place on the web that you think would be ideal for people to get attracted to and follow your brand.

In most cases, people make use of the Pinterest icon that would easily promote their brand's Pinterest profile. Such icons will ensure that it would link to their brand's Pinterest account. This will help you attract followers to your Pinterest account from other places.

Make Use Of Follow Button

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Explore Pin Promotion

One of the best ways to get followers on Pinterest is to promote your pin if you have enough budget. Promoted pins increase exposure to a great extent. You can take a pin with weak performance and target it to make it reach new potential followers. The steps to get started with Pinterest promotional pins are:

Step 1: Create a business account.
Step 2: Select a pin to promote.
Step 3: Add text to pins.
Step 4: Set a goal and a URL.
Step 5: Decide on a daily budget.
Step 6: Target a large audience with the right keywords.
Step 7: Track your progress.

Explore Pin Promotion

Image Source: Pinterest

Pinterest also provides the option of paid advertising options, just like most other social media sites. Promoted pins look like any other pin on the platform. However, they give you improved visibility when you pay for the promoted pin to a targeted audience.

Promoted pins use a cost-per-click (CPC) model, which means that you only pay when a visitor clicks on your pin.

Once anyone clicks on your promoted pin, you can direct them to where you want them to go. For example, you can direct them to your homepage, a page on your store, or some promotional or sale items.

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Explore Pin Promotion

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With such a vast audience of active Pinterest users, there's ample opportunity for you to promote your content and engage with your Pinterest followers.

To ensure your content gets seen, you need to initiate some effective strategies to build your followers.

With all the strategies given in this article, you have got the know-how to get followers on Pinterest and reach a wider audience. These ways to get more Pinterest followers can be a great task to consider during the initial stage of your Pinterest development. As the task progresses, it gets easier. As your Pinterest followers grow, you will develop even more trustworthiness and expertise in your niche. So, get ready to gain more followers on Pinterest.

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  • Manage Pinterest together as a team

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