How To Schedule Tweets To Supercharge Your Productivity

Oct 25, 2021 13 min read

Are you on a tweeting spree & the tweet you are about to share is supposed to go live much later? Is there a product launch tweet or something special that needs to be published on the dot but not now, at a different time and date?

Not to worry because you can schedule the tweets! And there are multiple ways to do that.

Twitter has quickly transformed into a marketing space. Bloggers use it for marketing their blogs, webmasters use it for marketing their websites, affiliates use it to sell their stuff, and there is no end to this list. Even when you are busy, you can't afford to stop tweeting & go silent for a long time.

This post covers several ways to schedule tweets so you can choose the one that best suits your interest. So keep reading!

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Statusbrew offers a solution to a common problem faced by Twitter users: the inability to schedule threads ? natively on the platform.

With Statusbrew's scheduling Twitter thread feature, you can easily plan and create engaging threads ahead of time to avoid the hassle of manual posting.

Schedule Your First Twitter Thread

Why Should You Schedule Tweets?

Before we dig into how to schedule tweets, let's talk about the why. Here are the benefits of scheduling your tweets:

Maintain Consistency In Tweeting

When you schedule your tweets, you can keep tweeting on a regular basis. This helps your audience better understand when and how often they can expect a post from you.

Less Likely To Neglect

Similar to being consistent in tweeting, scheduling makes you less likely to neglect Twitter. Social media is time-consuming, and when you have a business to run, it's easy to ignore social media.

When you schedule out your tweets ahead of time, you avoid consuming your time without a purpose. Instead of being a disruptive activity that you do every hour, you can choose a time window once a week. You can even schedule tweets monthly if that fits best with your schedule.

Post At The Ideal Time

One of the best benefits of scheduling tweets is you can post them at the times & days that you will get the highest impressions and engagement from your audience.

If you are unsure when to post on Twitter, here's a guide on the best time to post on Twitter.

How To Schedule Tweets Using Twitter Web?

After testing it out for almost a year, Twitter announced in May 2020 that it's bringing the capacity to schedule tweets natively. Scheduling of tweets can be done from both a browser and Twitter app on the desktop. Here are the steps for how to schedule tweets using the Twitter web:

Step 1: Go to Twitter & log in to your Twitter account.
Step 2: Click on "Tweet" from the left side menu & create your tweet by adding copy, images, GIF, poles, or emojis
Step 3: Click on the calendar icon. Select the date & time when you want your tweets to be published. Click on "Confirm" to schedule tweets.

Schedule Tweets Using Twitter Web

How To Schedule Tweets Using Statusbrew?

One of the significant advantages of scheduling tweets from Statusbrew is that you can repurpose the same content for other social networks without having to retype. Statusbrew's Publishing feature allows you to create and publish tweets as well as posts for other major social networks.

As you write your tweets, the character count is displayed at the bottom of the window, which keeps updating in real-time. That means as and when you add characters in your tweet, the character count automatically adjusts itself to let you know how many characters are remaining. This helps you stay well within the 280 characters limit.

Here's how to schedule tweets using Statusbrew:

Step 1: From Statusbrew's Home page, select "Compose."
Step 2: Click on "Choose Profile" & select your Twitter profile to which you wish to schedule tweets
Step 3: Enter the content for the tweet in the text field
Step 4: To schedule the post, click at the button that displays the current date & time. Select "Custom Time" to enter a custom date and time to schedule tweets. You can also select "Schedule by category" to schedule tweets according to a pre-defined queue.

Schedule Tweets Using Statusbrew


  1. You cannot post to multiple Twitter accounts at once as it is against Twitter TOS.
  2. A preview of your tweet will also be available on the right side of the window when creating a tweet in Statusbrew.
  3. You can insert images & media to your tweets in several ways by clicking on Add Media button. You can edit your media & add Alt text by clicking the edit media option.
  4. You can send your tweet for approval to specific team members or add an approval workflow by selecting "Choose approval" option.
  5. You can even add Tags, assign Watchers, save your post as draft & add a post title that is exclusive to Statusbrew environment.
  6. Statusbrew even provides you with an in-built Campaign Url Builder & the option to shorten your link using Bitly.

Campaign Url Builder In Statusbrew

How To Schedule Tweets In Bulk?

Using Statusbrew's Bulk Upload feature, you can schedule up to 400 tweets at once by uploading a CSV. Here's how to schedule tweets in bulk using Statusbrew:

Step 1: Prepare A CSV File

To create your CSV file, you can use Google Sheets, Numbers (on Mac), or Microsoft Excel (on Windows/Mac). Statusbrew provides two possible layouts of CSV files:

1. Date-time-based CSV: Assign a custom date & time to each tweet according to when you want it to be published.

2. Pre-select Schedule CSV: Assign a previously created Category to your CSV file.

Statusbrew provides you with a downloadable template of both the CSV file layouts. So you just have to fill up data in respective columns & your file is ready to upload.

Step 2: Upload The CSV File

  1. Go to Statusbrew Home Page and click on "Bulk Schedule."

  2. Choose the profile to which you wish to schedule tweets in bulk from the "Select a Profile" menu.

  3. Select the type of CSV file that you are uploading. If you choose the Pre-select schedule CSV option, you will also have to select a category from the drop-down menu.

  4. Now you can either upload your CSV file from your system or drag & drop the file in the blue box area. You can also shorten the post content URLs by activating the link shortener.

Schedule Tweets In Bulk

How To Schedule Tweets On Mobile?

80% of Twitter users access the platform on a mobile device. You might be on your way home or standing in a queue when a fantastic tweet idea strikes your mind. But neither is it your best time to tweet, nor do you have your system in hand. Worry not, because you can still schedule tweets on mobile, be it Android or iOS. Here's how to schedule tweets on mobile:

Step 1: On your Android or iOS, open the Twitter app. Alternatively, you can also open in a browser on your phone.
Step 2: Write your tweet, add media or create a poll. Click the calendar icon to schedule tweets.
Step 3: Select the date & time you want your tweet to roll out. Tap "Confirm" at the top right side, & your tweet will be scheduled.

Bonus: Statusbrew's mobile apps (supported for Android & iOS) helps you to seamlessly manage & maintain your Twitter presence from anywhere.

How To Schedule Quoted Tweets?

Retweets with an added comment are known as quoted tweets. Quoted tweets are a great way to add your own spin on the retweet while also giving the original tweet its exposure. Scheduling quoted tweets gives you an excellent opportunity to express your thoughts on others' tweets to your followers.

You can schedule tweets that are quoted from Twitter or Statusbrew. Here is a step-by-step roadmap for both methods:

How To Schedule Quoted Tweets From Twitter?

Step 1: Go to Twitter. Click on the retweet icon of the tweet you wish to quote & select "Quote Tweet."
Step 2: Add your text in the "Add a comment" box & click on the calendar icon to schedule quoted tweets.
Step 3: Select the date & time when you want your quoted tweets to be published. Once done, click on "Confirm."

Schedule Quoted Tweets From Twitter

How To Schedule Quoted Tweets From Statusbrew?

Step 1: Click on Compose from your Statusbrew Home Page.

Step 2: Click on the Add URL/link button that appears as a pin icon. Now paste the link of the tweet you wish to retweet.

Step 3: Click on the "Switch To Quoted Tweet" button. Statusbrew's Compose will automatically detect the tweet link & show you a preview of the tweet on the right side.

Step 4: You can add a caption or emoji to your tweet in the compose text box.

Step 5: Once done, you can schedule according to a customs date and time, schedule by category, or assign approvers and send it for approval.

How To Schedule Promoted Ads Tweets?

Using Twitter Ads, you can schedule Promoted-only tweets. You are allowed to schedule both organic and Promoted-only tweets up to a year in advance. Here are the steps on how to schedule tweets using Twitter:

Step 1: Go to Twitter Ads. Click on "Creatives" from the top menu & select "Tweets."

Step 2: Click on "New Tweet" from the top right corner. You will be taken to the Tweet Composer. Here you can create your Tweet by adding your copy, photos, videos, & cards. Select the "Promoted-only" option to deliver your Tweet only to users targeted in an ad campaign & not to your organic followers.

Step 3: Select the down arrow button next to "Tweet." Select "Schedule" from the drop-down menu. Choose the date & time you want your scheduled Tweet.

Schedule Promoted Ads Tweets

Image Source: Twitter Business

Note: Deselecting the "Promoted-only" option in step 2 will schedule an organic tweet.

Statusbrew also helps you schedule ads smoothly & visualize a complete timeline of all promotional posts with it's easy-to-use calendar to reimagine content planning.

How To See Scheduled Tweets?

Once you schedule tweets, you still stand a chance to either edit them or reschedule them. For doing so, you should figure out where your scheduled tweets are located & how you can access them. Here's how to see scheduled tweets on both Twitter & Statusbrew:

How To See Scheduled Tweets On Twitter?

Step 1: Open Twitter & click on "Tweet" from the left side menu.

Step 2: From the compose tweet box opened, click on "Unsent Tweets" from the top right side.

Step 3: Click on "Scheduled" from the top menu & you will see all your scheduled tweets.

See Scheduled Tweets On Twitter

To edit: Click on the tweet you want to edit & it will open the tweet in the compose box where you will be able to edit its copy, media, etc. Click on "Schedule" to save the changes.

To delete: Click on "Edit" from the top right side. You will be able to select the scheduled tweets that you wish to delete. Click on the check box of all the tweets you wish to delete & select "Delete" from the bottom right side.

To reschedule: Click on the tweet you wish to reschedule. From the compose tweet box opened, select the calendar icon to reschedule. Change the date and/or time as per your preference & click on "Update" to reschedule the tweet.

How To See Scheduled Tweets On Statusbrew?

Once you have scheduled tweets on Statusbrew, you can always make changes to it from the Planner until the time it gets published. The tweets that are rejected by the approver, in the draft section, tweets under approval, scheduled tweets, & tweets that failed to publish can all be edited.

Statusbrew's Planner is an easy-to-read calendar where you can view all your scheduled tweets. It provides you with two kinds of views: List & Calendar view.

List View: When you want to get a sense of the order in which your tweets will be published, the list view is the best. Click on any tweet, and its preview & status will open on the right side of the window. From here, you can even edit your tweets by clicking on the pencil icon.

Calendar View: The calendar displays all your tweets in a weekly or monthly view as per your preference.

Weekly: Weekly view is best to identify the gaps on a daily basis in your Content Calendar.

Monthly: Month view allows you to see your complete content strategy for each day of the month, enabling you to spread posts apart more effectively and add or remove content to form a more well-rounded social strategy.

See Scheduled Tweets On Statusbrew

In both the weekly & monthly calendar view:

  • Clicking the post thumbnail will expand its preview and get corresponding actions done such as editing & deleting.

  • Rescheduling of tweets can be done by simply performing the drag and drop action.

Week-wise Content Calendar View On Statusbrew

Week-wise Content Calendar View

Best Practices To Schedule Tweets

Now that you know how to schedule tweets, you are all set to start working more efficiently & with greater productivity. But if you want to achieve your goals on Twitter, don’t tweet lightly. You should also consider these best practices to reach your audience as effectively as possible.

Identify The Best Time To Tweet

While Twitter is a great place to reach a wider audience, tweets are raining on the platform always! If we go by the stats, Twitter has 206 million monetizable daily active users, who together contribute 500 million tweets every single day. To cut through that noise & get noticed, you need to ensure that your tweets are posted at times when your followers are most active on the platform.

Every brand has its own ideal hours to post based on its audience and industry. Statusbrew's reports lab feature extracts your perfect times to post based on your past performance.

Best Time To Tweet

One crucial factor to keep in mind when scheduling tweets is your audience's geographic location & time zone. You need to schedule tweets based on their time zone & not yours.

Decide The Frequency Of Your Tweets

As a brand thriving to grow on social media, you will often find yourself trying to find the right balance between tweeting too much & tweeting too little. While the latter will leave you buried under a long list of tweets, never to be found by your intended audience, the former will end up annoying your followers.

To figure out this balance is where the success of your brand on Twitter lies. Researchers have found that posting between 1 to 5 tweets a day is the ideal frequency.

Review Your Scheduled Tweets Before Sending Out

Scheduling tweets does make your job easier and saves you time. However, it's always best to review your scheduled post before it goes live. No doubt, social media automation is a boon for businesses. But bypassing content review can cost you and your brand dearly.

Top It Up With Real-Time Efforts

Apart from sharing tweets regularly, you also have to keep the conversation going with your audience. Invest time every day to track the engagements on your tweet and respond to mentions and replies.

Once you schedule your tweets, it can be tempting to set it & forget it. Scheduling does give you tons of flexibility with the time you spend on Twitter but don't forget to talk to your audience. Doing this will help you establish a strong relationship with your followers, which will help you earn their loyalty.

If people comment on your tweet, respond. If they share your tweets, like them. Start a conversation, and don't just blast them with promotional content.

More importantly, tracking conversations in real-time will allow you to catch the wind of a crisis sooner than later. It helps ensure that you are able to step in and resolve the issues a customer faces in a timely manner.

Real-Time Efforts On Twitter

Image Source: Pringles Twitter

Be Careful Of Current Events

Timeliness is crucial in social media marketing, more so in the case of time-sensitive content. Typically, this would include news and event-related content. News-like content has an extremely short life, which means even a few days' lags would result in losing its essence. Hence, schedule your tweet at a time and day when it is likely to have the most impact while still being fresh for your audience.


Image Source: KitKat Twitter

If there is a big news event or tragedy, you may want to pause your regular tweets. It's essential to be aware of what's happening in the industry your business operates in and understand that sometimes tweeting about your brand & its services may not be the right message during difficult times.

Make A Habit Of Checking Analytics Regularly

Social media campaigns run on a well-defined strategy. Analyzing data allows you to prepare the best strategy for your marketing efforts while also keeping a track of your efforts regularly. Analytics helps you know what is working and what's not.

However, extracting data regularly from native analytics is as tedious as publishing tweets rather than scheduling it. That's where social analytics tools not just save your time but also provide you with in-depth analytics which the native tools might fail to provide.

Twitter Analytics

With 180+ industry-rich metrics, Statusbrew’s Reports Lab feature allows you to build your own social media reports with endless customization or even choose from tons of ready-made reporting templates. Visualize data in the way that makes the most sense to your business and export the reports to share with real-time updates.

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