How To Schedule Facebook Posts

Oct 20, 2021 13 min read

"I learned that we can do anything, but we can't do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities, not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything." - Dan Millman

This quote holds true when it comes to managing your brand's Facebook page. If you plan out your content strategy in advance, it helps you stay on top of your game plan.

Understanding how to schedule Facebook posts saves you lots of time, effort & definitely makes for a more efficient workflow.

In this post, you will come to know the various benefits of scheduling your Facebook posts in advance. You will also get a step-by-step roadmap on how you can go about doing it in multiple ways. Let's get started!

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Facebook Schedule Post: Why Go For It?

There are several reasons why you may want to & should schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time. Some of them, among many, are:

Post At Your Best Times: Scheduling Facebook posts allows you to push out content when your audience is active, but you might not be on your computer at the time.

Post Consistently & Reliably: Even with the best concentration level, it's easy to forget to post, for something to distract you or encounter tasks that keeps you away from your computer.

Spread Out Your Post Evenly: Not all days are the same. You may find an hour now to post, which you might not get in the entire week. So rather than posting all 7 posts in a row now, it's good to spread them out evenly over the entire week.

Can You Schedule Posts On Facebook?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: There are two ways to schedule posts on Facebook

  1. Using Facebook's native posting scheduler
  2. Using third party publishing tools

Using third-party schedulers over Facebook's inbuilt posting schedule provides several advantages & extra features which can make your scheduling action even more simpler and eased out. Let's explore how to schedule Facebook posts using both ways.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts?

Sporadic posting on Facebook isn't exactly the best way to go, especially when you are trying to promote your brand or business and connect with your audience. Instead, you can schedule posts ahead of time to get published on a regular basis on your brand's Facebook page. Just find a chunk of time when you can create several posts at once and schedule them in one go.

Here are the two methods for how to schedule Facebook posts:

How To Schedule Facebook Posts Method #1: Using Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite allows businesses to schedule posts for their Facebook pages. You can create posts and schedule them within Facebook's environment itself without switching to different apps. Here are the steps on how to schedule Facebook posts using Facebook Business Suite.

Step 1: Locate Facebook & select "Pages" from the left side menu.

Step 2: Click on "Business Suite" from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Click on "Create Post."

Step 4: Enter all of the details of the post you wish to schedule, such as text, link, media, & call to action. You will also see the preview of your post on the right side. You can switch to a different preview between desktop and phone by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of the window.

Step 5: Once you are done creating the post, click on the down arrow beside "Publish" from the bottom right side of the window.

Step 6: From the menu that opens up, click on "Schedule Post."

Step 7: Enter the time & date according to your schedule. Once chosen, click on "Save."

Schedule Facebook Posts Using Facebook Business Suite

Step 8: You will now observe that the "Publish" button on the bottom right side of the window has changed to "Schedule Post." Click on it & you have successfully scheduled your Facebook post to go out at the right time.

This works well for scheduling a one-off Facebook post but can get mind-numbingly tedious when you want to schedule multiple posts at once.

Luckily, the second method helps tackle this problem.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts Method #2: Using Statusbrew

Statusbrew’s Compose feature allows you to create and schedule social content. Here’s how to schedule Facebook posts using Statusbrew.

Schedule Facebook Posts Using Statusbrew

Step 1: Click "Compose" from Statusbrew's homepage.

Step 2: Click on "Choose Profile" and select the appropriate accounts for scheduling posts.

Step 3: Enter the content for your Facebook post in the text field. The character count is reflected in the lower right corner of the text field and gets updated in real-time as you type content for your post.

Step 4: Click on the Add Media button under the text field to add media assets to your post. You can upload media from your system, search from free image websites like Unsplash and Pixabay, upload GIFs, create images from Canva or choose images from your team's media repository inside Statusbrew's cloud storage, i.e., Asset Manager.

Step 5: Click on the Edit Media button to crop or edit your image to the required aspect ratio, or add text banners & click "Save" once done.

Step 6: Click on the pin icon to add a link to your post. You can also share links with media or share links with their metadata preview by entering the links as a part of the text. You can shorten the links as well.

Step 7: Click on "Campaign URL Builder" to add UTM campaign parameters to your shortened links to track custom campaigns.

Step 8: You can even go for Audience Targeting when you want your post to be viewed only by a specific set of users in their feed. The posts will be hidden from the audience who fall outside the target user set.

Step 9: Once you are done preparing the perfect Facebook post, click on "Schedule for Later" below the Compose window. You can either select a custom date and time to post or schedule by category.

Schedule Facebook Posts Using Statusbrew

When working with a team, you can provide your team members with Needs Approval access so that their post won't be published before it is approved. When different team members are responsible for creating and approving the content, those creating the post can select the team member they wish to send the post for approval and click the "Send for Approval" button.

If you have different teams taking care of setting up the audience and ad budget for the posts natively from the Facebook Business Manager, you might want to hide your Facebook posts from your timeline. In such scenarios, you can enable the Dark Post option.

Statusbrew’s Planner lets you visualize a complete timeline of all your scheduled or published posts and collaboratively manage individual posts and campaigns.

How To Schedule Multiple Posts On Facebook?

Do you want to become more productive in your scheduling task & bulk schedule post to avoid the monotonous process of creating & scheduling every time? Statusbrew allows you to do just that by uploading a CSV sheet & schedule up to 400 posts at once.

You can bulk schedule text, links, and graphical (image, GIF, and video) content within a few clicks. To bulk schedule posts on Facebook, Statusbrew supports two layouts of CSV:

1. Date-time-based CSV file: Allows you to schedule posts based on a specific date and time.

2. Pre-select Schedule CSV: Assign a previously created Category to your CSV file.

Date-time-based CSV File Sample

Date-time-based CSV File Sample

Statusbrew provides you with a template for both layouts, so you just need to download them and add data to respective cells. Here is the roadmap on how to schedule multiple posts on Facebook:

Step 1: Open Statusbrew's Homepage & select "Bulk Schedule" under the Compose section.

Step 2: Click on "Select a Profile" & choose the profile to which you wish to bulk schedule posts.

Step 3: Then, select the type of CSV you wish to upload from "Date-time based CSV file" or "Pre-select Category." If you choose the "Pre-select Category," you will have to select a category from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Now, you can add the CSV file by selecting "Upload file" & uploading the CSV from your system. You can even drag & drop the CSV file in the blue box area.

Step 5: If you wish to shorten the URLs you have added to your post, just click on the check box of the link shortener. Shortening a URL will help you manage and track the reach of your content that is coming up via those shortened links.

And you are done scheduling several posts within a matter of a few clicks.

Using Statusbrew, you cannot just bulk schedule posts but also perform bulk actions on your posts, such as deleting, approving, or adding tags.

Schedule Multiple Posts On Facebook

Why Use Statusbrew To Schedule Your Facebook Post?

While Facebook Business Suite provides various options to carry out your Facebook campaign with ease, there's always room for improvement. The more flexibility you have in managing your marketing campaigns, the faster you can wind up with the campaign events & achieve your goals. And that is where Statusbrew comes to bridge the gap.

Here's what Statusbrew can provide you, which Facebook Business Suite fails to deliver when it comes to publishing and scheduling content.

Multiple platforms support: Manage other social platforms posting without having to type the same post again, just customize it according to the platform. Thus, expand your reach in all directions.

Bulk scheduling: Rather than typing each post & selecting an individual date and time when you have batch prepared your content, just upload a CSV to schedule content in bulk.

Manage Multiple Business Profiles & Pages On Facebook: If your brand has multiple Facebook Pages or you manage Facebook Pages of different clients, Statusbrew helps you manage them without any clutter. You can create a dedicated space for the content of each Facebook account separately to avoid confusion.

Auto-schedule for best time: Don't schedule at a random hour. Instead, let Statusbrew analyze at what time most of your audience are active and your post has maximum chances of exposure. Leave it on Statusbrew to figure out and schedule content for the best time to post on Facebook.

Design efficient workflows for team collaboration: If you manage your brand's Facebook Page along with a team & can't give them the complete responsibility of creation & publishing, it's better to have the scheduled post approved before it's out for any and everyone to see.

Auto-replies for comments: Add several conditions and actions to automate your entire comment management workflow. You can set up automatic private replies to posts, user comments, or private messages based on specific keywords or phrases.

Measure depth metrics: Statusbrew’s Reporting feature has the ability to extract data with millimetres of accuracy, thus allowing you to make better data-informed decisions.

Facebook Reports

How To See Scheduled Posts On Facebook?

Having a bird' eye view of your scheduled post will help you get a complete picture of how your content distribution is planned. It also helps identify and remove duplicates and organize your content calendar to see when, where, and how your content will appear. Here's how to see scheduled posts on Facebook on both Business Suite and Statusbrew.

How To See Scheduled Posts On Facebook: From Facebook Business Suite

Step 1: Locate Facebook & select “Pages” from the left side menu.

Step 2: Click on "Business Suite" from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Click "Posts and stories" from the left-hand menu.

Step 4: Select "Scheduled" from the top menu & a list of all your scheduled posts will appear.

How To See Scheduled Posts On Facebook: From Statusbrew

Statusbrew’s Planner gives you a complete visualization of all your scheduled posts. This helps you collaboratively manage individual posts and campaigns. You can get a list view of all your scheduled posts, or you can view them in the form of rows & columns through the calendar view. The calendar view gives you a weekly and monthly visualization of your post.

1. Month view: See a complete content strategy in place for each day of the month. Month view lets you effectively spread posts across the entire month and add or remove content to form a well-rounded social strategy.

2. Weekly view: Using a weekly view, you can identify the gaps within your content calendar on a day-by-day basis.

Month-wise Content Calendar View

Month-wise Content Calendar View

How To Edit Scheduled Posts On Facebook?

Editing your scheduled post can be a great lifesaver since it's still not yet seen by anyone, unlike editing a published Facebook post. Here's how to edit scheduled posts on Facebook that are scheduled using either Business Suite or Statusbrew.

How To Edit Scheduled Posts On Facebook: From Facebook Business Suite

Step 1: Locate Facebook & select “Pages” from the left side menu.

Step 2: Click on "Business Suite" from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Click "Posts and stories" from the left-hand menu.

Step 4: Select "Scheduled" from the top menu & a list of all your scheduled posts will appear.

Step 5: Click the post that you want to edit. A post preview will open from the right-hand side.

Step 6: Click the three horizontal dots & from the menu that opens up, select "Edit Post."

Edit Scheduled Posts On Facebook From Facebook Business Suite

How To Edit Scheduled Posts On Facebook: From Statusbrew

Statusbrew allows you to edit the scheduled post till the time it doesn't get published. Posts under approval, scheduled posts, rejected posts, failed posts, & draft posts can be edited.

Open Statusbrew Home and click on "Calendar" under the Planner section. Select the scheduled post you wish to edit, and click on the pencil icon. You will be able to edit your scheduled post from both a weekly or monthly calendar view.

Edit Scheduled Posts On Facebook From Statusbrew

How To Reschedule A Scheduled Post On Facebook?

There might be times when you will have changes in the schedule. This mostly happens when newsjacking posts take up your calendar slot for the day but when you already had planned to post evergreen content. Nevertheless, both Facebook Business Suite & Statusbrew allows you to reschedule your scheduled posts when they have not been published.

How To Reschedule A Scheduled Post On Facebook: From Facebook Business Suite

Step 1: Locate Facebook & select "Pages" from the left side menu.

Step 2: Click on "Business Suite" from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Click "Posts and stories" from the left-hand menu.

Step 4: Select "Scheduled" from the top menu & a list of all your scheduled posts will appear.

Step 5: Click the post that you want to reschedule.

Step 6: Click the three horizontal dots & from the menu that opens up, select "Reschedule Post."

Step 7: A dialog box will open asking for the date and time of rescheduling. Click on "Save" once done.

How To Reschedule A Scheduled Post On Facebook: From Statusbrew

Rescheduling Facebook posts in Statusbrew is as easy as performing the drag and drop action. Statusbrew's calendar view helps you visualize your campaign timeline in both a week and month view.

You can simply drag-and-drop a scheduled post in month view or week view to reschedule its date and time.

Reschedule A Scheduled Post On Facebook

How To Schedule A Shared Post On Facebook?

While scrolling through your Facebook news feed, have you ever found a post that you want to share but not immediately?

If the post belongs to someone else, you want to give them full credit by sharing it from their Page. Unlike the share button, Facebook does not provide a button to schedule other posts for sharing later. There's still a way to schedule a shared post on Facebook. Here's how.

Step 1: Click on the post you wish to share.

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal dots beside the post and select "Copy link" or "Embed link."

Step 3: Return to your timeline. Create a new post and paste the post URL. Facebook will automatically pull in the post as a preview, just as if you were clicking the Share button.

Step 4: Add any extra text in the post if you wish to. It's also a good practice to give credits to the other Page by typing @ and their name.

Step 5: Click the down arrow and choose "Schedule" to the right of the blue "Publish" button.

Step 6: Set whatever date and time you wish and click on "Schedule."

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Groups?

Scheduling posts on Facebook is not just limited to Facebook pages. Admins and moderators of a Facebook group can schedule several posts to be published in their group later. Facebook does not provide the members of the group the ability to schedule content for the group. Here's how to schedule posts on a Facebook group.

Step 1: Locate Facebook & select "Groups" from the left side menu.

Step 2: From the left-hand menu, under the "Groups you manage," click on the group in which you wish to schedule your posts.

Step 3: Click "Create a public post" & design the Facebook post you wish to schedule in your group.

Step 4: Once done, click on the calendar icon beside "Post."

Schedule Posts On Facebook Groups

Step 5: You will have to select the date and time when you want to schedule the post. Click on "Schedule" to complete the process.

If you want to reschedule the content of your Facebook group, click on the three horizontal dots beside "People." Select "Your content" from the menu. Then select "Scheduled" from the left side menu & all your scheduled posts will appear. Just below each post, there will be two options, "Publish Now" & "Reschedule." When you click on "Reschedule," you will have to enter the appropriate date & time to reschedule the content.

Schedule Posts On Facebook Groups

No More Forgetting!

Once you know how to schedule Facebook posts & start doing so, you will gradually see an increase in your social media performance without dedicating more time to it.

Using Facebook Business Suite can be an excellent starter for scheduling Facebook posts and becoming acquainted with them. As you start growing exponentially on social & start delegating the publishing task, a social publishing tool that comes equipped with team collaboration will come in handy for all our needs.

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