Top 10 Meltwater Alternatives In 2024

Feb 25, 2024 12 min read

Meltwater has long been synonymous with media monitoring and analysis across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts, capturing more content and conversations than anyone else in the industry. However, despite its established reputation, Meltwater is not without its flaws. Businesses have increasingly found themselves seeking alternatives due to several common shortcomings:

  • Why Gatekeep Pricing?: Meltwater's pricing structure is not transparent and can be restrictive for growing businesses.

  • Complexity In Usage: Most users feel that the extensive setup process and complex user interface of Meltwater's features can be overwhelming for new users.

  • Customer Support Concerns: Users feel issues with customer support responsiveness while encountering any issue with the tool.

  • Limited Database Coverage: Users say that Meltwater's database doesn't cover non-traditional media sources, such as bloggers and social media influencers.

These are some of the most recurrent concerns Meltwater users have been voicing that have led them to explore alternatives that offer a more favorable balance of features, affordability, and usability. The purpose of this blog is to let you know beyond Meltwater and explore way better alternatives that already exist with better features at a much better price point.


Why Choose Statusbrew Over Meltwater?

If you're seeking a more streamlined approach to social media management without the complexity and hefty price tag, we are proud to put Statusbrew as a leading Meltwater alternative in the segment. Yes, while Meltwater may offer really good features, focussed more on listening and PR workflows, the interface isn't user-friendly per se. In contrast, Statusbrew provides a user-friendly solution that prioritizes affordability and ease of use with more functional features suitable for all business sizes. Besides,

  • We have zero hidden charges.
  • Our pricing doesn't fluctuate on a regular basis.
  • Our responsive customer service gets back within 4 hours.
  • We have up to 18 months of data backfill, so you don't lose your precious data in reporting.

Notable Social Media Media Management Features To Capitalize On

  • Pricing: Unlike Meltwater, which gatekeeps its pricing, Statusbrew is more transparent and affordable, starting at just $129 per month.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Our intuitive dashboard ensures ease of use, even for users with no prior experience in social media management tools.

  • Easy Setup: Get started with Statusbrew in minutes or schedule a free demo for personalized assistance.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Manage your brand reputation and gauge audience perception through AI-powered sentiment analysis.

  • Social Listening: Utilize AI-powered social listening to track brand mentions, identify trends, and capitalize on opportunities.

  • Comment Management: Clear out spam and bot comments easily to maintain a clean comment section.

  • Content Scheduling: Bulk schedule and publish content across multiple social profiles in advance, saving time and effort.

  • Link In Bio: BrewLink in Bio lets you improve your Instagram's ROI with a clickable grid that mirrors your Instagram feed and includes a unique link to each post.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access to over 230+ metrics for in-depth analysis of social media engagement, reach, and audience demographics.

  • Reporting Templates: Access a wide range of reporting templates along with customizable widgets to track social media performance effortlessly.

  • Smart Inbox: Centralize all your social conversations in one place for efficient management. Manage, track, and timely respond.

  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with team members on social media campaigns, control access, set rules, and delegate tasks effortlessly.

While these are our best features, know more about What's New In Statusbrew!


  • Standard: $129.00 per month
  • Premium: $229.00 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

G2 And Capterra Ratings: Statusbrew is rated 4.7/5 on G2 and 4.8/5 on Capterra.

Elevate your social media management with Statusbrew today. Sign up for a FREE trial today and experience the difference for yourself!



As a Meltwater alternative, Brandwatch is one of the leading choices, as it specializes in providing a lot more for both mid and large-size companies. Along with its comprehensive social media listening capabilities, Brandwatch also lets you gauge consumer sentiment and do competitive analysis. Besides this, you can schedule posts, launch targeted campaigns, and engage with influencers way more seamlessly. While Meltwater is an all-in-one solution for PR and marketing needs, the Brandwatch platform is way more flexible with its customization options and higher rating as well.

Key Features:

  • Advanced social media listening capabilities.
  • Real-time analytics for actionable insights.
  • Customizable dashboards for tailored reporting.
  • Supports multiple social media networks.
  • Offers social listening and reputation management.
  • Assess market trends.
  • Social post scheduling.
  • Unified inbox messaging.
  • Competitor benchmarking.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Data Management & Analysis.
Pros: Cons:
Robust sentiment analysis. Not all features are available in all plans.
Powerful social listening features. Hidden cost.
Excellent social media monitoring. High price tag.
Customizable dashboards. Beginners can require additional training for some features.
In-depth data insights. Not as easy to set up as some other tools.
Real-time tracking. Complex interface.
Versatile reporting options.
Scalable to large businesses.

Pricing: Pricing discussed on a personalized demo.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.4/5 on G2 and 4.2/5 on Capterra.

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Sprinklr Social


Sprinklr's ability to offer a seamless integration of essential digital functions, along with its advanced AI capabilities, sets it apart as a superior alternative to Meltwater. This is especially beneficial for businesses aiming for comprehensive and effective digital engagement strategies. Working best for large enterprises mostly, Sprinklr is the next Meltwater alternative if you want modern research, social media engagement, social media management, customer care, and sales all in a single platform. Besides, Sprinkler Social’s customer experience management platform enables you to check what your customers talk about across 30+ channels in real time.

Key Features:

  • Unified platform for social media management, customer care, and marketing.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Social media publishing.
  • Social Analytics.
  • Online review management.
  • Global Social Listening.
  • Effective team collaboration.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis.
Pros: Cons:
Advanced AI-driven social listening feature targeting customer feedback. Complex pricing structure with additional costs for certain features.
Ease of community management. Complex user-level permissions.
Good for marketing, PR, and customer service teams. Complex user-interface.
Easy content building, reporting, and scheduling. An extensive setup is required.
Streamlined workflow for efficient team collaboration.


  • Advanced Plan: $299 per seat/month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.0/ 5 on G2 and 4.2/5 on Capterra

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Referring to itself as a ‘consumer intelligence platform,’ Talkwalker is a great Meltwater alternative for large organizations that are struggling to make sense of their brand mentions & social analytics. The main specialty of Talkwalker lies in its advanced AI-driven analytics, which helps you monitor media mentions, monitor product or company reviews, evaluate metrics collected through customer surveys, assess the sentiment of customer support interactions, and then develop insights out of them. So, if your main focus is gauging your brand’s awareness, then this is the tool for you. What even makes it a better Meltwater alternative is its multi-language support that ensures global insights, catering to the diverse needs of businesses operating on an international scale.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven analytics for trend forecasting and competitive intelligence.
  • Image recognition technology for visual monitoring.
  • Multi-language support for global insights.
  • Customer survey analysis.
  • Review monitoring.
  • Social listening.
  • Competitor benchmarking.
Pros: Cons:
Robust crisis management capabilities with real-time alerts. Premium pricing.
AI-powered sentiment analysis. Complex setup.
Seamless integration with various third-party tools. Data overload potential.
Limited customization options for reports.

Pricing: Talk to their sales reps to get a quote on their business and premium plans.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.3/5 on G2 and 4.3/5 on Capterra.



Cision is definitely a good Meltwater alternative due to its comprehensive PR suite, which is designed to meet a wide range of PR needs effectively. If you’re looking to maximize journalist reach, then this is the tool you should invest in. With the largest media database available, Cision excels in maximizing journalist reach, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to secure extensive media coverage. Besides, Cision offers more features compared to Meltwater by simplifying the PR process by facilitating targeted journalist and influencer engagement, individual and scalable audience outreach, and precise measurement of earned media value.

Key Features:

  • Largest media database on the market.
  • Press release distribution.
  • Media monitoring and analysis.
  • Reports & Dashboards.
  • Social Analytics.
  • Reporting.
  • Monitoring & Listening.
  • Data Management & Analysis.
  • Contact management.
  • PR workflow.
Pros: Cons:
Wide reach and contact database. High cost.
In-depth analytics. Focuses on dated PR approaches.
Access to an extensive set of tools. No free trial with premium.
Easier to set up. Unreliable sentiment tracking.
Better at service and support. Integration issues.
Access to saved searches.
Data export options for further analysis.

Pricing: Reach out to the experts to get a quote.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.0/5 on G2 and 3.8/ 5 on Capterra.



Without a doubt, Hootsuite is a worthy alternative to Meltwater, particularly in 2024, for businesses focusing on social media management. Unlike Meltwater, Hootsuite specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of tools specifically tailored for social media management. You can confidently schedule posts across multiple social networks (including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube ), manage organic and paid social content together, track customer conversations, and monitor your online performance. While Meltwater may excel in media monitoring, Hootsuite specializes in advising on the best days and times to post to optimize their social media strategies without breaking the bank.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive analytics for tracking campaign performance.
  • Team collaboration features for a streamlined workflow.
  • Support over 200 metrics.
  • Best time to post feature.
  • Comprehensive reports & dashboards.
  • Bulk scheduling.
  • Social Analytics.
  • Monitoring & Listening.
  • Team performance measurement across major social platforms.
  • Customize reports and export them in PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel formats.
Pros: Cons:
Smooth account integration. Social Media Limitations.
Social Media Management. Scheduling Issues.
Post Scheduling. High Pricing.
Intuitive Interface. API and Connectivity Issues.
Efficient Scheduling. Poor Customer Service.
Time-Management Features. Complicated Navigation.
Wide range of features.
Integrations with other popular tools.


  • Professional: $23.11 per month
  • Team: $90.97 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.1/5 on G2 and 4.4/5 on Capterra.

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Mention stands out as a compelling alternative to Meltwater due to its specialized focus on real-time brand monitoring across diverse platforms. You will specifically enjoy this tool if you're only looking to keep track of brand mentions and don’t want to be locked into a traditional PR platform. Unlike Meltwater, Mention lets you do much more by monitoring online discussions and assessing their social media and PR impacts. You can monitor numerous web sources, including press releases, reviews, news sites, forums, and blogs, to identify trends and filter social media data for effective online presence management and strategic decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Monitor brand mentions in real time across social media platforms.
  • Social media publishing.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Customer Engagement.
  • Audience Targeting.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Set up alerts for specific keywords.
Pros: Cons:
Immediate updates Limited analytics depth.
Comprehensive social insights Lack of Personalization.
Automated Posting Lagging customer service.
Insightful industry reports Not many third-party integrations are available.


  • Solo: $41/month
  • Pro: $83/month
  • ProPlus: $149/month
  • Company: Custom payment solutions after contact

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.3/5 on G2 and 4.7/5 on Capterra.

Critical Mention

critical mention

Critical Mention surpasses Meltwater as a good alternative due to its extensive coverage and robust analytics. The Critical Mention “Earned Media Suite” ensures reliable monitoring across global TV, radio, and online news sources, complemented by accurate influencer databases. Businesses benefit from real-time scans for brand mentions across 2,500+ international media outlets, sentiment analysis, and keyword tracking, which are essential for PR efforts. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, allowing for comprehensive performance assessment. Besides this, to cater to diverse PR needs, Critical Mention also offers dedicated podcast monitoring tools and a media contacts database, making it a superior choice over Meltwater.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive media monitoring across broadcast, online, and social channels.
  • Conduct real-time scans for brand mentions across 2,500+ international media outlets.
  • Sentiment analysis of brand mentions.
  • Track industry-specific keywords.
  • Compare media data from your Google Analytics account.
  • Find contact information for journalists and bloggers.
Pros: Cons:
Extensive coverage of traditional and digital media sources. Expensive
Detailed analytics for in-depth performance analysis. Exclude most of the local social media platforms.
Easy to use. Higher learning curve for advanced features.
Excellent customer service. No trial demo period.
Great for social media.
Ability to create and share customized clips.
Great reporting feature.

Pricing: Contact their sales rep to get a quote.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.3/5 on G2 and 4.3/5 on Capterra.



Determ offers marketers great control over brand mentions and reputation management in real-time and across languages. It stands out among Meltwater competitors for its simplicity and effectiveness in streamlining workflows, particularly during crises. Determ's standout features include real-time notifications and alerts via Slack channels, ensuring users stay informed whenever their brand is mentioned. Its customizable dashboards and personalized reporting ensure that businesses can tailor their analytics to suit their specific needs without investing excessive time, providing a level of flexibility unmatched by Meltwater.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring.
  • Data Analytics & Reporting.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Real-time mention alerts.
  • Hashtag tracking.
  • AI Synthia.
  • Alerts.
  • Automation.
  • Mobile app.
  • Customizable dashboards for personalized reporting.
  • Integration with CRM and marketing automation platforms.
Pros: Cons:
Easy to use API stability and customization.
Good for profiling Pricing structure is not transparent.
Excellent support team No free trials.
Great insights and data Glitches and strange faults or delays.
Scalable solution, suitable for businesses of all sizes. No data archive.

Pricing: Get in touch to get a quote.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.8/5 on G2 and 4.4/5 on Capterra.



Working best for corporate marketing teams and digital agencies, Sendible is the last Meltwater alternative to consider in 2024, particularly for companies focused on helping their clients manage their social media profiles. Unlike Meltwater, Sendible specializes in allowing brands to create a winning social media strategy. Its social media automation features help grow a following base, and generate online conversations more easily. Most brands and agencies appreciate their Priority Inbox a lot, which saves them hours daily due to its filtering and customization options. You can use its social media reports to track your progress, while its compose box makes scheduling social media posts easier at the best engagement times throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • Automated Publishing.
  • Built-in analytics for tracking campaign performance.
  • Collaboration features for team members.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Customizable posts.
  • Built-in image editor.
  • Mention alerts.
  • Cross-posting feature.
  • Smart queues.
  • Co-branding opportunities for agencies.
Pros: Cons:
Intuitive interface suitable for beginners. Advanced analytics features may be limited.
Affordable pricing plans for small businesses. Unreliable customer support response times.
Integration with multiple social media channels. Account Connectivity Issues.
Adequate Functionality and Flexibility Library Storage Problems.
Accessible to canvas tools.
Detailed report on social media performance.


  • Creator: $29/month
  • Traction: $89/month
  • White Label: $750/month
  • Free White Label Upgrade: $240/month

G2 & Capterra Ratings: 4.5/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on Capterra.

Get The Best Meltwater Alternative For Your Business!

If you have already picked out the Meltwater alternative suitable for your business needs and purpose, then let me give you a small piece of advice. When it comes to choosing the best for your business, the decision comes down to 2 fundamental factors: Features and Price.

If you are okay with the offerings under the said price bracket, then go ahead. If not, take advantage of the FREE trial offers and try each tool before sealing the deal!

As we have already said, our intention is to help you get the best deal your brand needs, and if you are considering Statusbrew as your Meltwater alternative, then we’ll ensure that you can save money by opting for a more personalized solution focusing only on the features you are looking for at the best price.

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