What's New This Month In Statusbrew - January 2024!

Feb 7, 2024 5 min read

Happy 2024!! Welcome to our very first update of the year.

Let’s take a look at the exciting new features we have added in Statusbrew this month to make your social media management smoother than ever.

React to LinkedIn content within Statusbrew

Now you can like, celebrate, or show love to posts & comments on LinkedIn without having to switch between apps.

We have integrated the full set of LinkedIn reactions (Like, Celebrate, Support, Funny, Love, Insightful, Curious) right into Statusbrew. So now you can give posts and comments the recognition they deserve with just a click.

You can also react to individual comments and posts within the Engage feed to show specific appreciation for insightful content.

Simply click on the like button underneath the post or comment & select the LinkedIn profile from which you want to react. As soon as you hover over the like button beside any LinkedIn profile, you will see all 6 LinkedIn reactions. Just click on the reaction of your choice to show your support.

React-to-LinkedIn-content-within Statusbrew

If you have already reacted to a post or comment from a connected LinkedIn profile in Statusbrew, you will see the like button highlighted in blue beneath the post or comment in the Engage feed.

Hover over the like button icon to see from how many profiles you have reacted to that particular post or comment. Click on the icon to see a list of all profiles from which you have reacted.


The like icon beside the profiles from which you have reacted will appear blue in color. Click on the like icon to remove the reaction.

Sometimes, our first reaction isn't quite right. With Statusbrew, you can easily change or remove your reactions to both posts and comments. If you wish to change the reaction, hover over the like icon, and you will see a tray of all reactions. Click on the reaction that you want to swap the current reaction to.

Revamped Profile Selector in Compose & A New Way To Create Groups

  1. When creating social posts in Statusbrew, you can now select your profiles from the sidenav bar. This way, you can accommodate more profiles visibly at once and reduce the need for excessive scrolling or dropdown menus.

    Go to Compose from the Statusbrew dashboard and click on the Toggle sidenav icon. Now, you can select the profile of your choice or search using the search bar.

    Select your profiles from the sidenav-Statusbrew

  1. Now, you don’t need to go to your Admin settings in order to create profile groups. You can do it right from where you create your posts on the Compose screen.

    From the sidenav, select the profiles for which you want to create profile groups and select Create profile group. Give a name to your profile group, add descriptions, permissions & watchers, and click Create.

    Create profile group-Statusbrew

  1. If you frequently post content across the same set of profiles, we have brought a new feature that will save you a lot of time. Instead of manually selecting profiles every time, you can copy the selection of profiles from the last successfully created post.

    In the sidenav, select Select profiles from last session.

    Select profiles from last session-Statusbrew

Being able to replicate the exact profile selection for different versions of a post is also very useful when conducting A/B testing in your social media strategy.

  1. You now have access to a dedicated window for selecting the time and date for your scheduling posts. You can pick your desired scheduling date directly from an intuitive calendar view. The moment you select a date, we will instantly display all posts already scheduled for that day for better planning and organization of posts.


  1. We have expanded the bottom bar across the full width of the interface to provide you with a more spacious and organized workspace in the Compose window. Key collaboration features, including tags, "share with" options, watchers, approvers, and scheduling information, have now been moved to the bottom bar for easy reach.


Mention Personal Profiles on LinkedIn

You can now tag personal profiles in your LinkedIn posts when creating them in Statusbrew. This is perfect for giving shoutouts or connecting with people directly through your posts.

  1. Type out the username of the profile in the caption when creating the LinkedIn post in Statusbrew’s Compose.
  2. Publish the tagged post immediately or schedule it.


So, start giving credit wherever it's due! Open doors to more collaboration and start building stronger relationships one tag at a time.

Schedule Instagram Collab Posts

If you work with other brands or influencers, you can now create and schedule Instagram collab posts from the Statusbrew web and mobile app. Add up to 3 collaborators for each post; just make sure that the collaborator’s username is 100% correct.

  1. Go to the Compose section from your Statusbrew Dashboard. Upload your media and write an engaging caption.
  2. Type in the Instagram username of your collaborator in the Invite Collaborators field. Remember to press enter or comma after typing the username.
  3. Opt for immediate publishing, schedule for a custom time, or use a pre-defined category for scheduling.
  4. The post will be published on both accounts as scheduled.
  5. The collaborators will also receive a notification in their Instagram app after the post is published to accept or reject the collaboration.


All New "Post Bulk Actions" in Engage Inbox

You can hide or delete multiple messages in one action and simultaneously close the conversation. This way, you can clear out spam and irrelevant or resolved conversations in bulk from your inbox.

You are essentially reducing the number of clicks and actions needed to manage your inbox by using the two combined actions (hiding/deleting and closing).

  1. The "Hide & Close" option will keep your inbox uncluttered without permanently deleting messages. So, you can focus on priority conversations while keeping others out of sight but not out of record.

  2. The "Delete & Close" option will give you more control over your conversations by allowing you to remove inappropriate or sensitive messages immediately.


Explore the new set of features!

We hope you enjoy these releases! Head over to your Statusbrew dashboard to start using these features today.

If you are not already a Statusbrew user, you can try it for FREE for 14 days right here.

In the meantime, please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or have any feedback for the platform. We are ready to keep improving Statusbrew for you.

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming your way soon!

Rushali Das

Rushali is a B2B SaaS content writer who specializes in writing research-driven blog posts around marketing for B2B SaaS brands.

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