How Are Brands Dealing With Comments On Facebook & Social Media In 2020? Best Ways To Win Your Audience [+Infographic]

Mar 27, 2020 7 min read

Brands are exploring new ways to build their identities online and discovering the ways to do so, as they grow their audience. While most of the practices for managing Facebook & other social profiles for brands are applicable only for specific niches, there is some common wisdom to achieve positive results. It includes “Managing Comments On Social” especially Facebook.

In this article, let us look at the best ways for businesses to manage comments on Facebook & other social media networks. The do's & dont's will not only help you build engaging social media profiles but also understand your audience.

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Is It Important To Manage Comments On Facebook & Social Profiles? Does It Add To Brand Value?

Ever since user reviews and feedback made its way online, customers have relied on honest user opinions and experiences to judge any business or service. Hence, to be very straightforward, yes it is very important to manage comments on Facebook and other social media profiles.

"It is human nature to trust people they can relate to and it is also human nature to focus more on negative aspects over positive ones."

How does this relate to managing comments on Facebook and other social brand profiles? Well imagine this. Suppose you run ads on your brand profile, and a user is about to buy your product. Just before buying, the customer scrolls down and reads angry, disappointed and negative comments from the audience without any response from your brand. What feelings will it convey to the audience? Probably that your service is not good enough and you don’t care about your customers.

If you proactively manage your comments on Facebook and other social media profiles, your customers will have a feeling of trust and positivity in the comment section. You, as a brand, can set examples of great customer experiences and support by handling user comments in the best way possible. To achieve the best comment management on Facebook and other social platforms, we have listed down some do’s and don’ts for brands to handle comments in 2020.

Don’t Do This While Dealing With Comments On Facebook & Other Social Profiles

Here are a few things brands might do on social profiles while managing comments that are sure to affect them negatively. Hence, to build your fan base and convert your audience into loyal customers, we've listed a few tips you need to put into practice.

Don’t: Ignore Negative Comments

Negative feedback left unaddressed on your social profiles can act as a hammer knocking down your online business. It gives a signal to your customers that their voice is not being heard and that they do not matter. This carelessness can put you in a very odd position and become a hurdle for your business goals.


Don’t: Delete/Hide Comments With Genuine Issues

It is a bad practice to delete comments with genuine customer issues. You can never have a superclean comment section full of praises and great reviews. It appears made up. Instead having some genuine feedback that is acknowledged properly is the way to go in such cases. In our Do’s section we have explained how you can deal with such comments in the most graceful way.

Don’t: Lose Your Cool

We know there can be some comments that annoy you to the level you might lose your cool. However, as a brand one of the things you want to stay away from is a social media controversy. Losing your cool in Facebook comments can attract a lot of bad publicity. This can be easily avoided by following the “Do #3” explained below.

Don’t: Reply With A Generic Saved Text

Although it might appear productive, it is not a good idea to quickly paste a template reply for all your comments. Doing so may make you appear robotic and your audience will not be able to connect with your brand. Using a generic reply makes you feel insensitive towards your users’ issues and feedback.


Don’t: Promise Something You Can’t Deliver

The next point on our list of things not to do while managing comments for your brand on Facebook and other social media is that you should not publicly commit to what you can not deliver. What we mean is that it is always to be best-informed about business procedures in your organisation so you can provide the best information to your customers on social media.

Don’t: Forget To Personally Acknowledge Positive Experiences

While we have talked a lot about negative comments, spam and trolls, how can we forget the comments left by satisfied customers and brand advocates? It is really a bad practice to ignore the positive comments on your social media posts. Instead, you should appreciate people talking about the positive experience with your brand. Read more about this in “Do #5” below.

Hence, these are a few tips on what you should avoid while managing comments on Facebook and other social networks for your brand to maintain your reputation online.

Do’s For Dealing With Comments On Facebook & Other Social Media For Your Brand

Looking for some ideas about what to do while managing your comments on Facebook and other social media profiles? Here are some Do’s that you can follow.

Do: Moderate Your Comments

Moderating comments on Facebook and other social profiles is one of those tips that will give you the maximum results. Using a combination of effective moderation rules best suited for your brand are a key step towards good comment management on social. Learn more about comment moderation with Statusbrew.

Do: Encourage Positive Comments

By now you must be quite aware of the fact that having comments is important under your social media posts on Facebook and other networks. To build a genuine base of brand advocates on social, you should encourage customers to share their positive experiences in your comments. You should also appreciate them for their valuable comments.


Do: Respond Promptly & Add value

Facebook and other social media algorithms have always favoured business profiles with a quick and consistent response time. So, we recommend that instead of letting comments sit under your posts and ads for customers to be misguided from, you should respond as soon as possible. Also whenever you can, try to add value to the user by directing him to the right information source or solving the issue.
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Do: Personalise Your Comment Replies

Social media is all about that personal connection. To take engagement and connection with your audience a step ahead, it is better to send personalised replies to the comments by your audience. And by personalised, we don’t mean that you manually have to type out each comment. This can be automated using Statusbrew.


Do: Take It Out Of The Spotlight

One of the best ways to deal with an angry customer is to take them out of the spotlight. From the comment section, you can either move them offline to a call, or into DMs or e-mail. In certain cases, we advise you not to have a public discussion, especially when the comment deals with a sensitive issue. Once the conversation is moved to a personal channel, you can deal with it calmly without the social pressure.


Do: Listen & Analyse Carefully

Dealing with comments should not only be a short term effort. Comments are one of the best ways to understand your audience and their sentiments towards your service or business. If you are getting hundreds of comments daily this is impossible to do manually, but if you invest in the right tool you can understand your customers in one click reports. Learn about customer sentiment analysis with Statusbrew.

Hence, these are a few tips you can follow to make the most out of your comment section when you are putting in the effort to create engaging social media profiles for your brands.

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How to deal with comments on social media Infographic

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