Hiding Facebook Comments - Here’s What eCommerce Brands Do!

Hiding Facebook Comments - Here’s What eCommerce Brands Do!

Sep 11, 2020 4 min read

Once you start using Facebook to promote your products, you will get some spam and negative comments. There will obviously be many positive and good comments from your customers.

But here in this article, we will discuss the negative comments on Facebook. Should you hide Facebook comments? Is there a better way to hide Facebook comments? Let us find out in detail.

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The Problem Of Negative Comments On Facebook

You are going to get negative comments on your Facebook ads and posts from time to time. It just happens! These comments generally come from people who have never engaged with your brand, never clicked your Facebook ads, and have never visited your landing page. The comment could be about your business saying it is a scam, or your products are cheap. It could be about the people featured on your brand profile.

No matter how harsh these comments may seem, you need to keep in mind that these comments are not a reflection of your brand and products. It is just “people being people”. People can be mean and rude, especially behind a computer, and there’s very little you can do about it.

However, if your business is legit and provides a good customer experience, you are going to get positive comments overall and there would be a positive social media brand presence. This helps the post-performance on Facebook but let us now discuss the negative and spam comments on Facebook. How do they affect your ad and post-performance, and should you hide Facebook comments.

How Negative Comments/Spam Affect Ads & Post Performance On Facebook

If you have a negative comment or a spam comment on your Facebook post, anyone looking at your post can read it. Even though that does not affect you in terms of Facebook metrics such as reach and placement as Facebook sees all comments as engagement, positive or negative. But it does affect the rate of conversion or the click-through rate. Imagine someone is going to click through and buy the product you have shared on Facebook but abandons the journey because they read negative comments on Facebook.


Having unaddressed negative comments on your Facebook posts can cause resistance to customers in their buying journey hence affecting your marketing goals.

Even if your customers are satisfied with your product and are not leaving comments that you might need to hide, there's another problem. As your posts and ads begin to reach a larger audience on Facebook, spammers will try to use your comment section in an untasteful way.

Given below are a few comments spammers may drop on your Facebook posts and ads.

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If you are facing this, you might want to hide Facebook comments altogether, and even ban the user. To know if you should do that, refer to the infographic we have made especially for you.

Let us now get to the ways about how to hide comments on Facebook. Is there a better way to handle negative comments on Facebook?

How to Hide Facebook Comments?

There are two ways you can hide comments on Facebook. While one involves going to each comment under respective Facebook posts and hiding them via the steps given below, or using an automated comment management platform like Statusbrew.

We also have a guiding chart for you to decide which comments you want to hide on Facebook and if there is a better way to deal with these comments. So make sure you check it out as well.

How to Hide Facebook Comments Manually?

Here are the steps to hide Facebook comments manually:

  • Navigate to particular post with the comment you want to hide
  • Move your mouse pointer over the comment, click on the three-dot menu and select Hide Comment from the drop-down
Hide Comments on Facebook

Hiding a comment will hide it from everyone except the person who posted the comment and their Facebook friends. You can even unhide the comment later.

How To Hide Negative Facebook Comments Automatically

Statusbrew allows brands to automatically hide negative comments and remove spam from Facebook posts and ads along with other social networks. It is built for brands to get the best ROI from their investments in social media marketing.

Here are the steps to hide Facebook comments using Statusbrew.

  • Signup for Statusbrew and add your profiles
  • Click on the Home button in the top left of your screen to open Statusbrew Home and click on Rule Engine
  • To add a new rule, click on the Add Inbound Rule button in the top right corner & give your new rule a name (eg. Hide comments)
  • Select your desired social profile(s) & profile groups and add the conditions that you want to hide all comments from
  • In Applies to, add any condition
    Next, in the Action section, select Hide the message
  • Click Save
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How Brands Decide To Hide Facebook Comments

We have observed brands that have succeeded in making social media the number one source of their eCommerce sales. We have also studied the brands that have tried so hard yet failed. Here are our findings that have helped our customers manage their comments better on Facebook.

Here’s what you should not do when you get negative comments on Facebook.

  • Immediately delete the comment.
  • Leave the comment unattended
  • Reply aggressively
  • Use a harsh tone and call names

Here’s what you should do instead :

  • Provide better information
  • Clear Doubts
  • Address and acknowledge customer feedback
  • Improve your copy/posts


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