How To Succeed As A Social Media Agency & Attract More Clients [+Infographic]

Sep 29, 2021 17 min read

Social media agencies are the trend mapper, the dynamo of ideas & the strategic ambit that scales a brand’s growth.

With the growing need for social agencies, competition has also increased & gaining clients’ attention & ripping the revenue has become tricky & time-consuming.

55% of agencies admitted that measuring ROI is one of the significant challenges. 54% of agencies struggles with educating clients about the values of social media & 51% claimed that the client’s expectation is one of the major pain points.

Developing & adhering to an apt social media agency business model aids you to find a solution to the challenges. Having strategic knowledge, social media management expertise & being business savvy is vital to gain your target audience’s attention & to push your prospects to the marketing funnel.

To save your time & effort, in this article, we have demonstrated fundamentals for a social media agency to attract client’s attention, tactics to strengthen client relations & boost growth.

Drill down & gobble up all the knack of setting up a flourishing social media marketing agency & deliver results with a perceptible client base.

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What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media has grown exponentially over the years & has become a significant part of a brand's marketing effort. With the growing need for social media management, social media agencies came into existence with the promise to lift social media marketing efforts on behalf of the brands.

From taking care of social engagement to managing multiple social media profiles to maintaining posting consistency on social media, the social agency has become the 'Fairy Godmother' for businesses; making brands visible & helping them to enrich conversion rate.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency

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The service offered by a social media agency comprises social media publishing, social media audit, in-depth competitors analysis, etc. Furthermore, agencies offer their clients social media marketing strategies to be visible in the cut-edge competition & aids in outlining social media policy for brands.

The social agency assesses the industry & identifies the best-suited social channel for the business. It crafts a complete & enhanced profile to connect to the target market.

  • Agencies also offer help in the brand's customer support to amplify its presence. When you handle customer queries & needs swiftly, it creates a positive impression. Social agencies ensure to aid businesses in crafting a plausible customer service mechanism making brands trustworthy in the market.

  • Social media is a noisy place where a brand's awareness can be torn off soon. To stay relevant, it's crucial for brands & businesses to segment the audience & create social profiles according to their customer demographics.

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  • Particularly brands with diverse product lines can leverage creating multiple social profiles on social media. However, in each of your social media profiles, engaging with your prospects is vital to establish a credible relation & social agencies are your magic wand here.

  • They can effectively handle multiple social media profiles with ease & drive all the buzz for clients. Besides, social agencies help you run both organic & paid social media campaigns, assuring a brand's poignant presence on social.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency

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  • With community management & engaging with your prospects, they ensure to make the most from the campaigns. Whether it be building brand awareness, increasing followers, or improving leads for the business, social agencies aid brands in all campaign objectives.

  • According to a study by Econsultancy, 82% of social media agencies offer social media integrated SEO strategy services for their clients. Media agencies stress the importance of social signals to ensure that content gets high engagement.

If you plan to start an agency, it is essential to remember that analyzing your clients' social profiles is a part of the social media audit process. You need to analyze each social media profile's engagement rate and the traffic it is driving & must focus on reach and impressions, followers growth, engagement rate such as likes, comments, share, tagging, etc.

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Strategies For Social Agency To Scale Business

The rising popularity of social media is making the brands & businesses embrace & outsource social media agencies in 2021. However, with changing business goals after pandemic & changes in the target client's demographics, social media agencies face challenges. Client retention & managing the pricing and packaging structure are now even more apparent.

Remember that you need to engage, enlighten & encourage your prospects along with delivering startling results to retain them. But to climb the ladder of success as a social agency having a solid client furnace is a significant parameter. Let's roll down to the strategies a social media agency business model should comprise of to attract more clients:

1. Assessing Client's Target Market

The first & foremost step to be successful as an agency is to deliver quality service & to deliver results to your clients. It's vital to analyze your client's target market to understand the target audience's needs & requirements.

Rely on the data-driven insights to get all market data. Find out audience demography, assess the age, gender, social behavior, the social channel they prefer most & when the target audience market is most active on social media.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency

You can assess the native data offered by the social networking site & to get more precise data you can rely on Statusbrew Reporting. Drilling down the insights will help you assess how your client's audience is perceiving the brand & you also can find out the brand's most loyal followers who often engage with the content most & often mentions the brand on social media.

Set up meetings with your clients to take their input on brands' audience makeup, assess their qualitative & anecdotal data, & get an in-depth idea about the client's target audience. And when you streamline the process, it creates a credible relationship between you and your clients.

2. Prepare A Case Study

Before onboarding a new client, you need to be clear with the client's goal & objectives behind outsourcing a social media agency. Aid your client to understand what you can offer for business growth & visibility on social media.

Share your previous reports before having a formal conversation with your new clients, prepare case study notes of your previous clients. Share stats and data to make your effort more convincing.

Prepare A Case Study

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Map up your entire process, how you have helped your clients achieve startling results as it can give an inside look at your working systems & what you have accomplished.

You can also write blog posts on case studies & directly share them with your prospects. Create a research methodology to help them to understand your approach.

Write about the challenges & obstacles you have encountered, mention how different social media algorithms work & how you tackle them. Also, it is best practice to mention the approximate budget invested in the project by your clients to get that plausible result.

3. Use Social Media Tools

Social media tools are a helping hand in attaining success as a social media agency. If you are already in the social media agency industry, you probably know how helpful these tools can be.

With these social media management tools, you can accomplish social listening by identifying conversations about your agency & it helps you get the idea about your customers' sentiment about your services, such as if clients are happy with your agency or if they are frustrated.

Use Social Media Tools

You also can measure brand awareness such as if your social media agency is already on your prospect's radar or you need to put more effort. Using a social media tool also aids you in being up to date about new trends & development in your industry & helps to keep an eye on your competitors.

You get the whole idea about what other social agencies are doing to grow their business & how you should imply new trends to attain more clients.

4. Collaborate With Non-Competitors

The social media marketing agency industry is incredibly competitive. But it does not imply that you should not collaborate with your contemporary agencies. Teaming up with other social agencies & marketers can benefit in scale your business growth while it also helps to bring more leads.

Interagency collaborations are best to optimize your social media efforts & to develop different social media campaigns for brands visibility. You can collaborate with a non-competitor with a guest blog or can run a social media campaign together by articulating specific basic rules.

Besides, teaming up aids you in broadening your service reach & you can offer a wide range of services which is a great way to attract more clients.

For example, if you are not a public relations agency, but your client is looking for online media coverage for an event, you can team with a PR agency to deliver the client's requirement. It's a fact a single agency can not be an excellent fit for each of the clients.

So to enrich your client's experience, it is always a good idea to collaborate with your peers' agencies. You can pass leads that are not fit for your social agency & strengthen relations & chances to gain favor in return from your contemporaries.

5. Offer Incentives & Invite For Free Training Sessions

Word of mouth marketing tactics works well in generating referral leads & to push them into the marketing funnel. Your happy clients can be your brand ambassadors to bring more leads.

But you can't simply expect that they will directly promote your agency. Instead, craft a strategy & communicate with your loyal client base, share that your agency is planning to enrich its client bases, & request them to refer your agency among their network & peers.

Note that your client may not refer you even though you have delivered excellent service. Here you have to play the game of referring incentive. You can offer your clients a reference-fee as an incentive or gift to recommend your agency to other business owners.

You can adhere to specific ways to set the referral fee, such as providing discounts to existing clients' monthly invoices.

Or you can provide a percentage of the revenue you earn from the new lead they recommended. Ensure to be transparent about referral structure & also it is a wise step to decide a time frame for the same.

As a bonus & gesture of appreciation, you also can invite the loyal clients to a free training session. Along with helping boost business revenue, it also helps create a positive impression of your social industry in your target market. Above all, who doesn't like gifts & appreciation? Right!!

Offer Incentives & Invite For Free Training Sessions

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6. Brand Yourself On Social

Since you run a social media agency, you already know how social media can be a great medium to help you to establish a thriving social media agency. Gear up and display your agency's efficiency by demonstrating what you can accomplish for your clients' agency through social media.

Set your agency as an epitome of a well-managed social media example, develop a social media strategy, collaborate with influencers, write blogs, share infographics!! Do everything you would have done to deliver a startling service to your clients. Set specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-based goals.

Develop the copy and creatives with quality content & information. Share industry figures & up to date statistics about your agency's performance. Inculcate paid social promotions to amplify your reach & mingle it with organic effort to share with your audience.

Leverage all social networks analyzing your target groups. Branding yourself in social media makes your agency authentic & also helps your prospects to asses how capable you are. Besides, when you are visible on social media, your potential customers can easily find you & communicate with you.

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7. High-Value Content

As a social media marketing agency, 'service' is one of your most vital points; generating more revenue will react to this point. You can offer your prospects free downloads of quality content to build your client roster. To attract more projects, you can share high-quality content with them or share how to do blogs or e-book.

You can further share a quick-start social media guide or tips and tactics to boost social presence. Create content in a way that can aid them in troubleshooting their issues & tell them how your agency can help them in the process.

Sharing high-value content makes you an industry expert in front of your prospect & the more you offer support, the more you can expect their trust.

Along with written content, you can also share video content, as video has become one of the crucial parts of marketing efforts. Create Instagram reels, share tutorial videos or explainer videos, get more visibility instead of a hassle.

8. Request Testimonials

Request testimonials & feedback from your happy clients. Check your database to choke out the most satisfied clients, usually satisfied customers tend to share positive statements about your social media agency's services.

If you have a Google My Business account, you can request them to share their positive feedback in the form of a Google review. Since often prospects did Google search before choosing an agency, posting feedback creates a good impression about your services.

90% of B2B companies trust online reviews just like personal recommendations. To make the process easy for your clients, you can share the questions such as 'What did you like best about working with us?' Or 'Can you please share what, according to you, is our team's strongest skill?' 'Are you satisfied with the performance we have offered to grow your brand?' etc.

Note that it is always advisable to take permission from your clients to use the testimonial & your client's name or company publicly on ethical ground. You also can shoot video content with them.

Imply the testimonial at your website homepage, or you also should create dynamic social media content sharing positive reviews on your social media profiles.

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9. Prepare A Savvy Sales Pitch

Pitch is a significant way to communicate with your prospects & to retain clients. Do in-depth research, connect with your team, and consume a myriad of social content before preparing the pitch. Create a pitch explaining the process, pain points, goals & how you are capable of offering an effective solution. Make it engaging, focus on the use of language.

Backup your pitch with data collected from social media tools such as Statusbrew, demonstrate return on investment (ROI), and add a case study. A savvy pitch can help you respond persuasively to any objections and deliver an offer compelling your prospect to think about it.

Also, to pave your way, appear on podcasts, attend conferences, join Facebook groups or networking events. Networking events are a great platform to share your pitch & connect to new prospects. LinkedIn has its own offline networking event LinkedIn Local where you can connect to the myriad of new leads.

In networking events, you can answer social media questions & offer advice to business owners during the open networking sessions. Provide insights about digital marketing trends or any new industry developments.

In global networking events such as BNI, you also can share referral links for your organization if it's appropriate.

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Social Media Management Tool To Succeed As A Social Media Agency

However, juggling between your client's multiple profiles, publishing, managing, scheduling, monitoring report!! A lot of work. But since you are the captain of your client's social media ship, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly to maintain your agency reputation. Here the importance of social media tools of agency comes in.

You can rely on leading social media management solution Statusbrew as it aids you in becoming a successful agency & to grow clients with plausible service.

Statusbrew can help you in managing clients from a central dashboard & you can have a unique workspace eliminating all confusion.


With Statusbrew Publish, automate publishing workflows and deliver the best results to your clients. You can streamline & manage your next marketing campaign by visualizing a complete timeline of all the tasks.

Average First Response Time

The Asset Manager aids you to allow your team access to a shared pool of client's social content, helping them to enrich their efficiency and consistency. Planner & Compose features allows configurable workflows & you can schedule content in advance; the role-based approval permissions enable hassle-free content planning and publishing among teams.


With Statusbrew Engage, keep track of social conversation of all the social media profiles across different social networks & respond to each quarry swiftly.

You can get instant updates about each social conversation in real-time in single stream & automatically assign conversations & messages to your team depending on the status, type, and social channel. Besides, with Statusbrew's advanced automated comment moderation rule, you can hide & delete negative comments or mark spam comments keeping your or your client's brand reputation intact.

Average First Response Time

Statusbrew's Team Engagement and Leaderboard Report aids you assess how individually your team handles customer queries & set team goals to evaluate your team's reply times. It also mitigates the gap between the customer care executives working in different time zones, as you can now set up Office Hours for each social profile in different time zones.

Statusbrew Slack integration employs agencies to get notified every time a new conversation is received or replied to. Furthermore, with Statusbrew social monitoring becomes easy; you can listen to popular keywords, competitors' brands, & product launches. Get the profile of the audience & directly pass them to your client's CRM. Assess how the target audience is reacting to the brands & understand the emotion of the target market towards services & products offered.


Statusbrew Reports help you get in-depth insights on audience engagements, audience demography & get data about the impression generated by the social campaigns. You can build custom reports as per your client's requirements & focus on the most critical metrics.

Statusbrew's newly launched Reports Lab is massive as it offers 180+ metrics & it's one of a kind in the entire SMM industry. You can now build reports per your client's requirement through its wide range of metrics, customization & sharing features. With the highly customizable widgets, you can now create, export & share as you want & offer 11 visualization or display methods depending on the metric selected.

Furthermore, the widgets on the Reports Lab support layers of dimensions such as social profile, sentiment, language & more. & it works in a cross-network way, allowing you to have different social networks in the same widget.

All widgets can be resized, reordered & repositioned simply by dragging & dropping, which is a plus. You can schedule each report to appear on email according to the time you choose & the significant part is now you can share real-time repost links with no-Statusbrew users. Soon you can leverage other integration such as Shopify analytics, Google analytics & Pinterest integration as well.

It provides you Engagement Metrics, Social Profile Metrics, Post Metrics, Facebook Page Metrics, Facebook Post Metrics, Instagram Metrics, LinkedIn Metrics, Google My Business Metrics & the most significant buzz is reposts lab now offer metrics for YouTube reports aiding you to understand your channel & video performance.

You can analyze how your brand performs on social media & help you to assess if your team efforts require any improvisation to enhance engagement to draw more clients. Statusbrew team reports are a plus as you can get the data on when your clients' queries are at peak & accordingly, you can prepare a strategy to engage with your clients effectively & able to assess the performance of each team member.

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How To Strengthen Social Agency & Client Relation

To strengthen social agency & client relationships, the first step to take is to have a conversation about social media goals & what is social success & feasibility of the goals. It is vital to know what social success looks like unless attaining success will be a mere dream!

Though it may sound harsh, to satisfy the client goals & strengthen your client relationships, prioritize your strategies & bring them to the front of your client's table. Let's check out a few ways to get a new client & to retain them:

1. Set The ROI Table

Often social marketing agencies face a question: what is social ROI? A study has shown that measuring social ROI is one of the significant challenges markets face.

To deal with this issue, initiate defining what social ROI means to your client and shoot the question to them, what is the requirement from social—pondering upon their goals & discussing how their goals can impact their organization.

Then prepare the ROI table, including a strategy to support the business goal, identifying the target audience, the budget required, publishing content, measuring ROIs, monitoring competitions, effect on other departments & team workflow.

Align Work With Client's Goal

While getting a new client, discussing the client details with your team. It helps them understand clients' needs & requirements and align your work with the client's goal. Plan your content accordingly.

For the top of the funnel, create blog posts on social media addressing the problem clients' target market faces.

For the middle of the funnel content, create content addressing solutions, you can help you create downloadable guides or tutorial videos.

For the bottom of the funnel content, create posts, data explaining & comparing your client's brand to the competitor. Prompt the posts to sign up for a demo or a call.

Choose KPIs & Provide Client's Performance Report

Depending upon your client's goal, set KPIs to demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign. The KPIs that you should measure are:

  • Brand Awareness: Impressions, reach, audience growth
  • Engagement: Replies sent, Inbound messages, audience growth
  • Web Traffic: Clicks, website visits
  • Sales and Leads: Clicks, website visits, URL tracking to measure social traffic
  • Content Distribution: Messages sent, responses, clicks, potential reach,
  • Brand Advocacy: Following, social trends reporting, reach, clicks
  • Customer Support: Response rate, response time

Choose KPIs & Provide Client's Performance Report

By measuring the KPIs, you can set a quantifiable goal. Use social media analytics tools such as Statusbrew to measure social media performance, including impressions, clicks, growth rate, response time & speed, and more.

Download the report or share the real-time report link with your clients. Clients always are queries to know about the pulse of the campaign. You give them access to social media reports & publishing to make your work more credible.

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Navigate Market Competition & Set Benchmark

To make your work more authentic to deliver success, you also require navigating clients' competitors' markets. Ensure to get the industry-standard reports to compare the metrics such as the response rate & time, how to communicate the brand is to the consumers, how consumer engagement with the brands, how many responses & mentions the brand receives in social, etc.

Pull all competitive insights with a social listening tool, assess impression volume, consumer sentiment, views on the video, etc. Set a benchmark for your client brand & track your client profile growth.

Collaborate With Client

Effective collaboration with clients is a significant aspect of setting up a successful social media agency & to retain clients. Ensure to be clear in communication with your clarinet; also, you mingle with clients better it is advisable to guide them to engage with their prospects.

To avoid any publish discrepancy, take pre-approval from the client & set a content calendar in advance. You also can use asset libraries where you can share a pool of content with your teammates. While you create a content calendar, you can also look after repurposing content & give your client access to publishing to streamline the workflow.

Collaborate With Client

Asses & Adjust Your Approach

Social media is evolving each day & and coming up with new ideas & features. Hence be flexible with your approach. Review your metrics each day to measure if they are hitting the target or improvising is required.

Optimize your strategy if needed. While discussing a strategy that did not work, offer them a solution backed by relevant data, keep evolving & maintain interaction to retain your client.

Wrapping Up!!

When you have a solid plan, building a successful social media agency is not a daunting process. However, you require a specialized workforce along with a substantial client base.

Besides, maintaining a work schedule & following a day to day marketing-driven work is necessary to deliver results as a social agency. Also, to get the maximum impact, asses the best posting time on social & ideas to get more comments and likes. Explore, research, build strategy, deliver & monitor!!

The quest for growing businesses & new ways to acquire more clients is a continuous journey.

Explore Statusbrew, the comprehensive marketing solution to reinforce the marketing efforts & get more clients & propel business growth. Book your demo today!

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