How To Get Followers On Twitter In 2024

Dec 20, 2022 12 min read

Twitter was introduced to the world back in 2006. The microblogging giant has come a long way since its former CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet, "just setting up my Twitter." And today, Twitter users send almost 6,000 tweets every second.

Twitter has become a powerful tool for individuals and businesses if their Twitter followers are up to the mark. Your Twitter followers should be in decent numbers to obtain the advantages of the platform. But very few people actually know how to get followers on Twitter.

In your mind, there comes a real struggle when you think that nobody notices you in the world of microblogging and values your account.

Instead of getting puzzled about why you are not getting Twitter followers, you should accept the fact that only celebrities get thousands of followers as soon as they launch their account.

Everybody else has to use some tactics and work out a few strategies to get followers on Twitter. This article will walk you through 13 tried and tested ways on to get followers on Twitter the legit ways. So, let's get started!

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

How To Get Followers On Twitter?

  1. Create Attractive Twitter Profile
  2. Choose Your Category
  3. Tweet Frequently
  4. Tweet Threads
  5. Use Hashtag In Your Tweet
  6. Tag Others Users In Your Tweets
  7. Get More Followers On Twitter From Your Other Sources
  8. Tweet Retweetable Tweets
  9. Tweet On Trending Topics
  10. Use Images, Links, And Signature
  11. Follow Other Active Twitter Users And Influencers
  12. Participate In Twitter Chats
  13. Tweet A Rare Bird Regularly
  14. Tweet At Your Best Time

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Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

A simple Google search of "buy Twitter followers" will lead to several pages full of services that allow you to buy as many followers on Twitter as you want. But is it even a good idea for a growing Twitter account to be buying Twitter followers at any given point in time?


There are many reasons why you should stay away from buying Twitter followers. One of the main reasons is that the Twitter algorithms always seem to catch this kind of activity from any account.

What this means is that if you adopt any shady methods to grow your account, Twitter will eventually figure out that you aren't growing your Twitter following naturally. They can then limit the number of people your tweets reach out to, or even worse, they can shut down your account for violating their terms of service.

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Social media platforms want to provide their users with great content so they have an awesome experience on their respective platforms. They also want creators on their platform to grow their presence naturally and organically.

And buying followers goes against both of these principles. So, while anyone may be able to get away with it for a while, buying Twitter followers is likely to get your account downgraded eventually or even suspended.


The only reason you would want to go ahead with buying Twitter followers may be to have instant "social proof," meaning if others see a large following on your account, then you may appear to be someone who is popular on the platform and worth following as well. And you can develop such status in a short period of time without putting in much work.

Needless to say, growing your following in a legit way on Twitter is definitely time-consuming and involves a lot of hard work and strategy. But it's certainly worth all that time and effort, given the number of opportunities it will open up for you through the platform.

Ultimately you are better off having a smaller number of real audiences who have a real interest in your brand and are more likely to engage with your content.

Twitter has purged hundreds of thousands of fake accounts in the past in an effort to cut down on spam efforts on the platform.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers

There are legitimate ways on Twitter to run paid ads to grow your Twitter following. The reality is that buying Twitter followers is not a good long-term strategy because it's likely to come back to haunt you in the form of much lower reach and a downgraded account.

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How To Get Followers On Twitter?

1. Create Attractive Twitter Profile

You should optimize your Twitter profile for landing in search results and to get followers on Twitter. Set up a good profile picture with a cover photo that appears attractive to your followers.

According to researchers on social images, a clean and unobstructed facial photo attracts more people. You should describe yourself and your brand in a clean and succinct way in your Twitter bio, which can attract new followers to your profile.


You can even add your location, which will add authority to your profile. You should write about what your brand does, your workplaces, your interests, etc., in your bio. Make your profile attractive and also optimize it to increase the chances of gaining new followers.

Twitter bio is an essential tool to increase followers. Therefore, your bio is to be made with full effort. Since Twitter bio is restricted to 160 words, the information which you share here should be complete, precise, short, genuine, impressive, and catchy.

By reading your Twitter bio, the visitor should get a fair idea of your area of expertise and the type of tweet they can expect from your account in the future.

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2. Choose Your Category

Every category of profiles is available on Twitter today. People interested in photography are tweeting about photography; people interested in motivation and inspiration are tweeting motivational quotes as tweets.

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Similarly, you will have to find out your interest to get followers on Twitter. It can be any category. You should be selecting a category in which you can tweet consistently and do not run out of ideas very frequently.

Don't choose tweet subjects that you can't tweet on much. Find your tweet category in which you are interested and can tweet creatively on that topic because "Content Is The King" even on this platform.

3. Tweet Frequently

Twitter requires a very aggressive strategy.

According to research, tweeting 3 to 7 times every day can increase engagement on your tweets significantly. If you are running a brand page on Twitter, tweeting at least 15 to 20 times per day brings engagement.

You can also do a self-research on some other well-followed Twitter pages, which have the same category profile as yours. You should observe how many times they are tweeting per day and also the theme of the tweet. You can then frame your Twitter strategy along the same lines.

Remember to tweet frequently with proper hashtags when a trending topic is running on Twitter that is related to your niche to get followers on Twitter.

4. Tweet Threads

Twitter threads are a valuable tactic to include in your Twitter strategy as they generally tend to generate much more interest than a regular one-off tweet.

Several Twitter threads generate hundreds and even thousands of likes and retweets. This increases your chances of reaching new audience members, growing your following, and getting more engagement.

A good Twitter thread that starts with an enticing intro can grab and hold an audience's attention better than a single tweet that links to an external website.

Try scheduling your Twitter threads with Statusbrew to plan out your threads in advance and ensure it's published at the optimal time for maximum engagement.

How To Schedule Twitter Threads In Statusbrew

Schedule Your First Twitter Thread

5. Use Hashtag In Your Tweet

If you want to grow rapidly on Twitter, hashtags are one of the gateways to it. The main aspect here is to use only the right and popular hashtags and those that are related to your tweet.

If you are tweeting a motivational quote, then you can use a hashtag like #motivation, #inspirational, #motivationaltweets, #motivational, etc.

Trends running on every day basis on Twitter have popular hashtags related to each day; such as if today is Sunday, then you can use hashtags like #sundaymotivation, #sundaythoughts, etc.

You can also use the hashtags trending in your area, country, or all over the world to increase engagement.

There is a very high chance to get followers on Twitter from your trending tweets. You can make your tweets trending by adding appropriate hashtags too.

The hashtag is a type of metadata tag. They make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.

6. Tag Others Users In Your Tweets

This is one of the most effective techniques get followers on Twitter. When you tweet about something, and if you feel that you can tag someone who is relatable to your tweet, then go ahead and do that.

Tagging popular people in your tweets increases the chances of getting your profile viewed by them as well as their followers if they retweeted. However, ensure not to tag people unnecessarily in your tweets; otherwise, you lose the chance of getting the exposure.

This is a very quick way to increase followers on Twitter. Here, a bonus tip for you is to tag people and use related hashtags in your tweet to get more and more engagement.

7. Get More Followers On Twitter From Your Other Sources

If you have an excellent following base on other social platforms, you can draw the same to your Twitter profile by adding your social handles in your Twitter bio. Most people usually have a social presence on two or three of the most prominent social platforms. Having established credibility in one social platform will give you the initial push required on Twitter.


If you are using Instagram, you can put out a post or story along with your Twitter handle asking your Instagram followers to follow you on Twitter, or if you have a Facebook account, you can also put out the same post there.

If you have a YouTube channel or website, you can add your Twitter profile link to your website or YouTube channel.

If you are a part of a Facebook group, you can get followers on Twitter from there as well. Just add a post in the group, and a good amount of group members will consider your post since Facebook groups usually consist of members sharing similar interests. This method is also very effective, so definitely you should try out this method.

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8. Tweet Retweetable Tweets

Retweets are also a great way to get more followers on Twitter. For most people who want to grow rapidly on Twitter, the most important aspect should be to create a tweet that is retweetable.

If someone has retweeted your tweet, then it appears on their profile page and also appears on the home feed of their followers. Thus, your tweets get exposed to more audiences, and you stand a high chance to get followers on Twitter.


Trending topics stand a high chance of creating viral content that can give you massive followers on Twitter. Several people tweet on trending topics and get thousands of followers in a short time.

If you also want to tweet on trending topics, you have to keep your eyes daily on the "Explore" tab on Twitter, where all trending hashtags are shown.

If you find some hashtag that is trending on a particular day, you should post tweets with those hashtags that are retweetable.

If people retweet your tweet, then you can get more followers on Twitter in a day. Just ensure that the topics you are going to tweet about must be relatable to your audience; otherwise, they would hardly retweet it or even give it a read.

10. Use Images, Links, And Signature

Remember that images are heavily retweeted and spread widely in a short span of time. Retweets can improve visibility and popularity along with increasing Twitter followers. You get the chance to communicate with several Twitter users on the platform and get their opinion or views.

The technique of mentioning Twitter addresses in your email signatures can also be quite a lucrative idea. In this way, you can utilize your email connections, and more and more people will get to know about your Twitter presence and can follow you.

Tweets with visual content can get more followers on Twitter than plain text. Tweets with visual content receive more likes, shares, and retweets than without visual content.

11. Follow Other Active Twitter Users And Influencers

It is proved that there is a direct relationship between those followed by you and your followers. Hence, if you follow more users, your chances to get followers on Twitter will increase to a great extent.

To do this activity more intelligently, you should follow influencers such as some well-known thought leaders or business tycoons who are top Twitter users because their followers will be more in comparison to other users. Hence, the correlation will be more beneficial here.

12. Participate In Twitter Chats

Imagine the usage of discussion in real life on an established and well-organized forum. Certainly, such conversation improves your relationships with other people on the platform and enhances and improves your knowledge, gives you a sense of responsibility, & makes you feel necessary.

Participate In Twitter Chats

Therefore, you should indulge in Twitter chats. You can search on Google for Twitter Chat and can start with a stretch.

The benefits of this involvement are the same as the real-life chat and conference. But it has the additional advantage to get followers on Twitter and increasing your popularity.

13. Tweet A Rare Bird Regularly

Nobody wants to follow a person on Twitter who does not have any idea about what they write. So if you want to get followers on Twitter in ample amounts, then you should tweet a rare bird.

Your tweets should be original and meticulous and should depict your thoughts, your views, and your opinion. If you are sharing some facts and current affairs, it should be real and actual backed by some data.

Tweeting from your mind is outstanding, but it should be done regularly. Regularity is the best medicine that suits here. If you tweet a rare bird more often on your profile, your impression among your followers will be great, and the demand for your Twitter account will be high.

Basically, you have to do something extra to get something extra too. Quality and regularity are that "extra" here.

14. Tweet At Your Best Time

Every Twitter user has its own best time to post on Twitter. When you tweet at your best time, more of your audience is active on the platform, and you can get more engagement on your tweets.

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If you are confused about how to find the best time to tweet, there are several ways to know that. You can do an experiment by yourself as you tweet at different times in a day. Find out at which time of the day you are getting a high amount of likes and retweets. That will be your best time to post on Twitter.

If you find your own time to tweet, then you can get more followers on Twitter by simply tweeting at those times consistently.


If you are worried about the accuracy of the traditional method, you can take the help of a social media management tool like Statusbrew, which helps you to prepare a heat map of your best time to post on Twitter.

With this amazing tool, you can get that extra edge in creating content and drawing the insights that will get you more and more followers on Twitter.

Using this tool, your tweets can be scheduled as tweeting consistently will increase your visibility and engagement, resulting in an increase in your Twitter followers.

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