10 Advantages Of Using Facebook Chatbots For Businesses [+Infographic]

Sep 3, 2020 4 min read

“Chatbot” is the new hot word in the business world.

Anyone who keeps up with the ongoing market trends knows how companies in all industries have been adding chatbots to their business fronts.

Based on market demand, Facebook has added a chatbot service to its 1.3 billion user platform “Facebook Messenger”. Surely, there are great advantages of using Facebook chatbots for businesses.

In this article, let us take a look at the top 10 advantages of using Facebook chatbots. We will discuss the ways in which businesses are benefiting from implementing Facebook chatbots in their customer service strategy.

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Advantages of using Facebook chatbots

Here are the advantages of using Facebook chatbots for businesses:

1. Higher Customer Engagement

The clearest advantage of having a Facebook chatbot is the high increase in customer engagement on social media. Having a clear gateway for the audience to communicate with your brand reduces friction and allows for smooth interactions. Chatbots not just intrigue the user and encourage engagement, they have also been proven to increase customer spending for businesses.

2. Improved Lead Generation & Easy Nurturing

Facebook chatbots personalize instant messaging for brands. This always-available personalized messaging with brands, on a high volume platform such as Facebook, has a huge advantage when it comes to lead generation and nurturing. Chatbots engage with people, collect the necessary information, and then persuade them to become a customer. Additionally, chatbots can also be configured to qualify leads based on set parameters.

3. Opening Up To Global Markets

Another great advantage of using Facebook chatbots is that they allow brands to break language barriers. There is a huge opportunity for a brand to go global using Facebook chatbots. Chatbots break the language barrier and cater to a global audience, opening up new markets and opportunities.

4. Extended Customer Service

Facebook chatbots have a huge advantage over traditional customer support channels. They exist right where your audience interacts and makes providing support easy and quick. It has been observed using Facebook chatbots improves customer satisfaction by many folds.
Chatbots extend customer service by:

  • 24-hour availability
  • Customized support delivery
  • Pro-active customer interaction

5. Easy Scalability

With Facebook chatbots, one of the clear advantages is the scalability factor. You can scale your support operations across borders and languages with an easy to setup process at no investment cost from your end. Businesses who have scaled on Facebook chatbots have seen high growth in their operations with lean use of resources.

chatbots example

6. Improved Brand Loyalty

With 24x7 support availability & high social media presence, brands become credible. The audience sees them as genuine businesses and trusts them more. It has also been proven that brands who are quick to address customer issues have more loyalty than brands who have less public resolutions. Using Facebook chatbots has a clear advantage in improving brand loyalty among customers.

7. Cost Savings

As mentioned above, Facebook chatbots allow scaling your support with little investment in resources. Hence, the returns on adding Facebook chatbots to your support service can save a lot of operational costs for your business. You get the benefits of improved customer satisfaction and low running costs for your customer support. Win-Win!

8. Higher Support Productivity

Completely opposite to the popular belief, chatbots are not here to replace human customer support agents but to assist them. For instance, a chatbot can be set up to gather the necessary information beforehand, before being transferred to an agent. Chatbots can also serve as a filter to solve easy queries and let the agents focus on the more important customer issues

9. Deeper Insights & Customer Analytics

Having Facebook chatbots allows systems to collect more information on your customer, their issues, and their needs. Chatbots also enable better ad delivery so it can be incredibly useful if you also use Facebook ads for your business. The better customer data your business has, the more you can tune your operations.

10. Keeping Up With Trends

Last but not least, having Facebook chatbots and having social media support in general makes your brand feel up to date with the market. We all know automation is the future, or rather it is the present. Rather than delaying using chatbots, adopting them early on will give you an edge over competitors. Having chatbots take care of your leads and support operations can help you drive more business.

In conclusion, these are the 10 advantages of using Facebook chatbots for businesses. Are you using Facebook chatbots? Are you planning to? We would love to hear from you. Share your experiences with Facebook chatbots in the comments below.

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