9 Undisputed Facebook Ad Management Tools In 2023

Feb 6, 2023 10 min read

Today, with the growing popularity of Facebook ads' effective results, every brand wants to get more from their Facebook ad campaign.

However, due to a lack of time and potential resources, most ad campaigns on Facebook do not work correctly. And hence, brands struggle to identify the means to effectively manage Facebook ads that can get them more visibility and increase the ROI of Facebook ad campaigns.

In such situations, using Facebook ad management tools can turn out to be a stepping stone as it can help you manage multiple ad campaigns from a single dashboard. Each tool also has many more features that make Facebook ad management easier for brands wanting to get the most out of Facebook ads.

Thus, here we have squeezed out the 9 most effective Facebook management tools from plenty of them to ease your job. Let's explore the key features of each of these tools.

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9 Undisputed Facebook Ad Management Tools In 2023

Statusbrew: Best Overall Facebook Ad Management Tool


Statusbrew is a well-renowned social media management tool known for easy monitoring and managing conversations from multiple platforms. It is a complete package for handling comments on Facebook ads, ads on other social platforms, organic posts, review sites, and more.

It allows you to manage conversations along with your team. You can easily view all the comments and private messages in one dashboard, reply to those queries, assign them to your team members, or leave internal notes for them with a single click.

Key Features

  • Built inboxes for conversations of similar types for easy segmentation and management
  • Manage access permission of each inbox for different team members
  • Integrate with tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to receive updates on the platform of your choice
  • Automate conversation based on your desired conditions to save time and human resources, ensuring fast replies to your audience
  • Easily create Facebook ads and auto-schedule Facebook ads in a calendar view.
  • Provides insights that help you know the best time to run Facebook ads
  • Reports to have a quick view of campaign performance


"It's a powerful social media management system which includes Facebook and Instagram ad comment moderation with support for integration with Google my business."

"Statusbrew helps us manage 1000s of comments each day across our social handles. We get tons of spam and people trying to impersonate us under our ads; Statusbrew automatically deletes those comments, which is a great help to us. And, we can spend more time replying to potential customers. Also, I appreciate the smart routing of conversations which saves me a lot of time since I don't have to assign each conversation manually to my team."

Customer Ratings

G2 Capterra
4.7/5 4.8/5


Plan Pricing
Lite $69/month
Standard $129/month/license
Premium $229/month/license
Enterprise Custom pricing

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Facebook Ads Manager: Best Free Facebook Ad Management Tool

Facebook Ads Manager

Source: MarTech

Facebook Ads Manager is one of the best places to turn for information and guidance when it comes to Facebook ad management. It is Facebook's own tool built to manage Facebook and Instagram ads from a single place.

It's an easy-to-use and uncomplicated tool, suitable for amateurs and non-marketers. Facebook Ads Manager consists of the essential marketing tools required to develop targeted ads that are meant to reach the right audience. It is an essential Facebook marketing and management tool and has a lot to offer.

Key Features

  • Select the potential audience for your ad campaign.
  • Facebook Audience Insights provides additional details on your Facebook audience that you cannot gather from Facebook Analytics.
  • Campaign Budget Optimization allows advertisers to balance their ad spend across different ad sets.
  • Facebook Ads Manager allows advertisers to use ad scheduling features when using a lifetime budget.
  • Ability to save an audience for later use.
  • Automated rules to activate, pause, and manage campaigns.
  • Creative Hub, an ad mockup tool, allows users to test different ad types, ad elements, and ad placements. Single image, video or carousel ads can also be tested.

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Revealbot: Best Facebook Ad Automation Tool


Fully integrated with Slack, Revealbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide live updates on the progress of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Revealbot is fully integrated with Slack. You and your team can receive reports within Slack with comprehensive details about your ad campaigns. You can view reach, clicks, and impressions and analyze whether these metrics have improved or decreased over a designated time period.

Key Features

  • Bulk creation feature allows you to upload images and videos in bulk to create several ads automatically.
  • Allows you to boost posts automatically by setting up conditions, parameters, and audiences.
  • Allows you to continuously generate lookalike audiences in bulk or create lookalike audiences from high-performing ad sets.
  • The top audiences feature helps you discover top-performing audience segments.
  • Create rules feature helps you build automations specific to your brand goals.
  • Pause an ad without leaving Slack when the ad is not performing well.
  • Revealbot has a useful graph feature, allowing you to compare any two metrics from your campaign and display their performance visually.

However, Facebook Ads Manager can be tricky to understand and use for those just starting out. The regular updates from Meta make it difficult to manage ads easily on the platform at all times. Also, ads on other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google display ads cannot be run from Facebook Ads Manager. That's where other Facebook ad management tools help.

Zalster: Best To Optimize Bids, Budgets, & Targeting Using AI


Zalster seeks to replace human imprecision with AI. Zalster optimizes your bids, budgets, targeting, and ad creatives using sophisticated AI algorithms to give you the best results.

The tool features a dashboard where you can visualize the status of your ad campaigns. It even provides live updates via Slack. Split testing is one of the most useful features of Zalster.

One of the trickiest parts of a Facebook ad campaign is deciding which conversion event to optimize for. Most marketers' natural inclination is to optimize for purchases since that's the end goal. You can often get better results by optimizing for "add payment information" or "add to cart", as Facebook has more data to work with those conditions.

Zalster allows you to run split tests for manual bidding and conversion events. You can determine which variant provides the lowest cost per acquisition by split-testing different ad sets before you start scaling.

If you spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on Facebook ads, Zalster can be a wise investment. If you are running smaller campaigns, Zalster probably isn't for you.

Key Features

  • The split testing feature performs testing for manual bidding
  • Perform testing for conversion events to determine the variant resulting in the lowest cost per acquisition
  • Automates ad distribution through a "story creator" for the quick design, testing, and optimization of ad placements
  • Covers various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat
  • Features a dashboard to monitor the progress of your ad campaigns through a graphic medium
  • Integrates with Slack to deliver live updates

ConnectExplore: Best To Find A Target Audience


ConnectExplore is a cloud-based tool that helps you save time finding Facebook users to show ads to. It allows you to effectively target your audience with two main options: Audience Search (search by keyword) and Page Search (search through different 'pages' on Facebook). It analyzes Facebook to assist you in creating a targeted, profitable ad campaign.

Key Features

  • You can find hidden audiences
  • Get details on the profitability of your target market
  • Ensure each ad is targeted to the right person at the right time
  • Advanced targeting feature to connect with audiences that are most likely to engage with your ad content
  • Break down Facebook ads performance analytics on interest by interest basis to get a clear picture of progress
  • Search multiple keywords and get suggestions related to keywords from the auto-suggest feature
  • Additional lists related to your target market are automatically built as you build your interest lists
  • Ability to target 43 foreign languages

MobileMonkey: Best To Advertise Through Facebook Messenger


It can become hard to respond to thousands of messages received through Messenger ads manually. So, you can direct those chats from your Messenger ads to a MobileMonkey chatbot. The chatbot will then ask qualifying questions and engage your users at scale.

MobileMonkey is the world's best Facebook Messenger marketing platform.
MobileMonkey makes it easy to build messenger chatbots and execute automation without writing lengthy codes. With powerful chatbot-building tools, marketers can do chat blasting, drip campaigns, and list building in Messenger.

Key Features

  • Allows marketers to make Facebook ad bots, SMS bots, and native web chatbots in one place.
  • Create chatbot conversations and funnels that work in multiple messaging apps.
  • Instantly respond to customers with chatbots. Urgent chats can be routed to live agents.
  • Respond to Facebook messages, SMS messages, and web chats from one inbox on desktop and mobile apps.
  • Send notifications, updates, and promos to chatbot contacts in Facebook Messenger and SMS to increase your open rate.
  • Built-in lead magnets to generate chat marketing leads include landing pages, buttons, checkboxes, and scan codes.

AdStage: Best To Automate Ad Optimizations


AdStage offers powerful automation with alters, rules, A/B testing, and much more. Their ad management tool allows you to edit ads in bulk and create ad variation testing across social and search.

You can budget, compare, and pause campaigns on all networks with the same tool. AdStage allows you to optimize your AdWords and your ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Bing. It's especially useful for those who run ads on multiple platforms and want to save time managing and optimizing ads and get better results from their ad campaigns.

Key Features

  • The automation engine of AdStage is a suite of tools that helps you to bulk edit and adjust existing ads.
  • Allows to set up rules that will take automated actions, such as pausing ads that spend too much money.
  • Control your advertising across multiple platforms in a consistent way.
  • Scheduling ads while going as granular as dayparting for maximum levels of control.
  • You can rotate ads based on metrics such as ad saturation and performance.
  • Automate ad scheduling and rotation.
  • Set email alerts to keep track of the performance of your campaigns.

Perfect Audience: Best For Remarketing

Perfect Audience

The Perfect Audience is a Facebook retargeting tool. Perfect Audience allows marketers to bring back lost web visitors through Facebook ads and banner ads on the web. Perfect Audience adopts a web-based approach to retarget by putting the buying power of the web's entire ad inventory in your hands.

Key Features

  • Conversion and revenue tracking
  • Retargeting with Facebook ads and in the Facebook news feed
  • Cross-device targeting
  • Dynamic retargeting
  • Flexible retargeting window
  • Data visualization
  • One tag to rule them all. A single tracking tag builds audiences and tracks conversions.
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Detailed analytics for clicks, conversions, CPM, CPC, CTR, CTC, and more.
  • Analytics are updated every 2 hours and are available as automated reports emailed to your inbox.
  • Powerful segmenting to track users based on query strings, actions taken, pages visited, and more.
  • Cookie freshness allows you to focus your ad spend on the most recent visitors, not the older ones who are less likely to convert.

Driftrock: Best To Schedule Triggers For Facebook Ads


Driftrock allows you to connect the data in your CRM to your Facebook presence. Combining these two can create highly targeted ad campaigns throughout the entirety of the customer lifecycle.

Driftrock allows advertisers to specify unique "triggers" for their ads, allowing for dynamic ad campaigns. Example triggers include weather patterns for specific regions, results of major sporting events, and many other data feeds.

Key Features

  • Set triggers for your ads. You can use signals such as the weather, time, or TV schedules to trigger your Facebook ads.
  • Automate your Facebook custom audiences. It uses your CRM or your database to sync your audience lists with Facebook so that you can target the right people.
  • Generate, manage, and convert leads from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Create an ad in less than 60 seconds
  • Create multi-product ads

Start Managing Your Facebook Ads With These Tools!

There you go! You just completed reading a comprehensive list of the top 9 Facebook ad management software. Most of these tools offer a free trial, so you can take the free trial and see for yourself if you want to go ahead with the tool of your choice. All these tools are fairly easy to use. As a result, you do not have to spend a lot of time on Facebook ad management using these apps.

Now, it is high time that you start using these Facebook ad management apps to boost your marketing strategy on Facebook.

If you are not using at least a couple of these softwares by now, you run the risk of being left behind by your competitors. If you use at least one of these tools, then you are in a better position to succeed.

Facebook Analytics

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Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Facebook ad management tools:

What are Facebook ad management tools?

Facebook ad management tools make it easier to create, edit, analyze, and optimize multiple Facebook ad campaigns from a single dashboard. Several Facebook ad management apps make creating and monitoring ad campaigns easier across multiple platforms.

How can I manage Facebook ads?

A part of managing Facebook ads includes:

  • Updating your interests.
  • Choosing what information Facebook uses to show you ads.
  • Adjusting your general ad settings.

What are the benefits of Facebook ad management tools?

Fine-tuned audience targeting, extensive analytics, the ability to schedule ads, increased click-through rates, and auto-suggestions to improve the performance of Facebook ad campaigns are the main benefits of Facebook ad management software.

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