Top 5 Birdeye Alternatives To Use In 2024

Mar 12, 2024 8 min read

Yes, your brand’s online reputation can make or break your company’s fame! This is why review management platforms like Birdeye have long been synonymous with offering solutions to monitor online reviews, mass messaging, and client feedback.

However, as businesses evolve with the growing demand for more efficiency and flexibility within sustainable price brackets, the need for Birdeye alternatives has become apparent.

Despite Birdeye's recognition for services like automated responses and listing management, significant drawbacks exist, prompting businesses to explore its alternatives. Here are some pertinent ones:

  • Cost: Compared to other alternatives, limited features in Birdeye's packages may not fit some business's budgets.

  • Limited Integrations: Few integrations hinder organizations with diverse tool requirements.

  • Limited Customer Support: Difficulty reaching Birdeye's support team was reported by many businesses.

While every tool out there comes with its set of limitations, these are some basic ones that cannot be compromised with, especially considering the package they charge. Our blog aims to help you look beyond Birdeye and explore alternatives offering better features within a sustainable quote. Let's get into the specifics.



Why Choose Statusbrew Over Birdeye?

If Birdeye is not serving your business requirements and needs enough even after paying a hefty subscription price, then it's time to look beyond its scope.

Yes, we are keeping Statusbrew as a leading Birdeye alternative in the segment because we can offer you better and more functional features for your business with the best deal.

So, stop navigating through complex interfaces and dealing with unpredictable pricing structures, as Statusbrew redefines online reputation management, unlike Birdeye, which focuses mainly on review management, messaging, mass listing, and webchat.

In contrast, Statusbrew offers you a 360-degree view of brand conversations, integration with popular social platforms, omnichannel support, comment moderation, sentiment analysis, and much more, all prioritizing affordability, ease of use, and functionality.

But that’s not all. We:

  • Believe in transparency with zero hidden charges.
  • Offer stable and customizable pricing.
  • Commit to resolve your queries with a guaranteed response time of just 4 hours.
  • Ensure that you never lose your valuable data when reporting (up to 18 months of data backfill).

Notable Reputation Management Features You Can't Ignore

reputation managment dashboard

  • Pricing: Unlike Birdeye, we don't gatekeep our pricing. Statusbrew is more transparent and affordable, starting at just $129 per month.

  • Seamless Navigation: Our intuitive dashboard prioritizes ease of use and scalability for all types of users.

  • Swift Response To Negativity: Offer real-time alerts for negative reviews for prompt customer response.

  • Emotion Insights With AI: Understand audience sentiment about your brand at scale.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: With access to over 238 metrics, you can track your brand reputation performance.

  • Efficient Review Assignment: Auto-assign reviews, streamlining the management process.

  • Specialized Routing: Route reviews to the right team member, ensuring informed responses.

  • Controlled Access: Ensure compliance and security with controlled team member access.

  • Spam Management: Auto-hide spam and trolls across social platforms, maintaining brand reputation.

  • Proactive Listening: Identify potential customers and market trends beyond immediate reach.

Besides these actionable features, we strive to improve our platform daily with more requested features. Know more about What's New In Statusbrew!


  • Standard: $129.00 per month
  • Premium: $229.00 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

G2 And Capterra Ratings: Statusbrew is rated 4.7/5 on G2 and 4.8/5 on Capterra.

Don't settle for mediocrity, and take control of your brand’s online reputation. Sign up for a FREE trial today and test before you invest!



Meltwater is a worthy mention when listing down Birdeye alternatives. It mainly stands out due to its AI-powered media intelligence and social listening suite. While Birdeye focuses primarily on overseeing online reputations through review and listing management, Meltwater counts for a more holistic overview over a wide range of channels.

With real-time, AI-powered insights, Meltwater eliminates the need for labor-intensive surveys, providing actionable data on conversations about their brand, industry, and competitors. You can manage PR campaigns and analyze audience behavior through social data reports.

When it comes to audience engagement, compared to Birdeye, which offers web chats, Meltwater lets businesses manage all social media functions from one place and set custom alerts to respond swiftly to emerging crisis situations.

Key Features:

  • Social publishing & engagement.
  • Consumer & audience insights.
  • Sales intelligence.
  • Analyze historical social media data.
  • Sharable dashboards with team or clients.
  • Social listening across broadcast, online news, blogs, and forums.
  • Track brand mentions.
  • Sentiment analysis of social media mentions.
  • Track competitors.
  • Identify and respond to social media crises.
  • Customizable integrations.
Pros: Cons:
Sentiment analysis and competitive intelligence. No clarity in pricing.
Customizable dashboards. Complexity in usage.
Robust media monitoring across a wide range of platforms. Customer support concerns.
Effective analytics and reporting capabilities for data-driven decision-making. Limited database coverage.
Advanced social listening features.
Customizable dashboards.

Pricing: Customized pricing for all plans based on the solutions you choose.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: Meltwater is rated 3.9/5 on G2 and 4.0/5 on Capterra.

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Mostly great for local businesses with 1-15 locations, Podium is another good Birdeye alternative to choose from. Simply put, Podium is an award-winning marketing and communication platform that helps local businesses manage their reputation, handle their reviews and feedback, attract more leads, and retain more customers through SMS, web chat, and social media.

In contrast to Birdeye, Podium offers comprehensive analytics and lets businesses discern trends within their reviews, both positive and negative, for operational improvements. Its web-chat widget enhances real-time communication via text message—a convenient option for both businesses and customers alike.

Key Features:

  • Helps gather and manage online reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more.
  • Collect consolidated customer feedback.
  • Manage and interact with customers through Google, Facebook, SMS text, and more.
  • Detailed reporting and monitoring.
  • Create and send promotional messages.
  • Generate leads from your website with Webchat.
Pros: Cons:
Seamless communication. Higher pricing.
Centralized management of online reviews and feedback. Difficult learning curve.
Saves Time. Lagging customer support.
Good integration and deployment. No cancellation option.
Lacks omnichannel review collection.

Pricing: Podium's pricing starts at $249 per month. It is customized based on the features you opt for and how many locations your business has.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: Podium is rated 4.5/5 on G2 and 4.3/5 on Capterra.

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This is one of the most preferred alternatives to Birdeye due to its comprehensive approach to managing online presence across multiple directories and platforms.

Yext's superiority lies mostly in its limitless customization options, robust analytics tools, and range of languages, including German, French, Swedish, and Simplified Chinese, unlike Birdeye, which only operates in English. Yext is a good tool for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information, tracking customers, and generating repeat business.

Key Features:

  • Update information across multiple directories.
  • Build a customer-centric reputation management system.
  • Monitoring and analyzing authentic reviews directly from your customers.
  • Offers direct integrations across Amazon Alexa, Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp.
  • Helps improve search engine visibility.
  • Keep control of your brand's landing pages.
  • Respond to reviews from the dashboard.
  • Benchmark against competitors.
Pros: Cons:
Ease of use. Slow response time.
Centralized management. A decline in support quality.
Easy review management. Difficult to change vendors.
Extensive reach across numerous directories and platforms. High cost.
Advanced analytics for actionable insights. The reporting feature is not robust.
Customizable solutions.


  • Emerging Starter Package: $4 per week, billed at $199 annually.
  • Essential Plus Package: $9 per week, billed at $449 annually.
  • Complete Standard Package: $10 per week, billed at $499 annually.
  • Premium Advanced Package: $19 per week, billed at $999 annually.

G2 & Capterra Ratings: Yext is rated 4.4/5 on G2 and 4.3/5 on Capterra.

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Clearly way cheaper than Birdeye, Vendasta is a white-label local citation-building and management platform that helps agencies manage their clients' online presence. Utilized by over 60,000 partners and serving more than 5.5 million SMBs worldwide, Vendasta offers an extensive marketplace of cloud-based technologies that can be branded and sold under their own label.

Unlike Birdeye, Vendasta's AI-driven marketing automation, integrated CRM, and comprehensive project management tools facilitate efficient go-to-market strategies. The tool also does more for you with its task management and billing solutions, along with the third-party listing feature.

Key Features:

  • Marketing automation.
  • Generate leads and track sales efforts.
  • Create custom local SEO packages for your clients.
  • AI capabilities for review responses.
  • Single dashboard for review management.
  • Customer voice tool.
  • Customizable review display widget.
  • Listings management.
  • Offers insights and competitive benchmarks.
  • Tracks brand mentions.
  • White-label fulfillment.
  • Wide range of digital marketing solutions.
Pros: Cons:
Integration with popular CRM systems for seamless sales enablement. Takes Time
White-label solutions. Lagging customer service
Marketplace feature. Feature limitations
Improves partner experiences. Complexity of features.
Pricing may vary depending on selected features and customization options.


  • Starter: $79/mo, Billed at $948/yr
  • Professional: $499/mo, Billed at $5,988/yr
  • Premium: $999/mo, Billed at $11,988/yr
  • Enterprise: Custom

G2 & Capterra Ratings: Vendasta is rated 4.5/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on Capterra.

Seal The Best Birdeye Alternative For Your Business!

Our best advice? If any of the above-mentioned tools meets your business needs and requirements, don't settle unless and until you have tried their FREE trial offers. We always recommend testing before investing. And our main motto has always remained: the ease and satisfaction of our customers.

Besides, if you are confused as to which Birdeye alternative to seal, we’d suggest comparing factors like: Features, Reviews, Pricing, and Support. If these basic pillars are strong, you can then close in on the basis of specific features you want.

In this regard, we are proud to keep Statusbrew as one of the powerful Birdeye alternatives for businesses seeking a blend of all the above factors. If you decide to rely on us, we’ll ensure you get the best-customized features at the best quote.

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