What's New This Month - February 2024

Mar 4, 2024 4 min read

Lately, we've been focused on making changes to our Compose section to help you create, edit, and schedule more effectively.

Last month, we introduced significant improvements to our Compose section, including a redesigned Profile Selector, a new way to create Profile Groups, a dedicated scheduling window with a calendar view, and an expanded bottom bar for improved access to collaboration tools.

Keeping up with the momentum, this month, our product team shipped over 10 new releases, product updates, and countless improvements.

We launched our much-requested BrewLink in Bio & Instagram Grid Planner to help you curate a visually appealing and interactive Instagram profile 🚀.

Read about each new feature & its value-driving capabilities👇.

🎉 Huge news: BrewLink in Bio by Statusbrew is here!

With BrewLink in Bio, you can create a clickable replica of your Instagram grid. This interactive page allows you to add links to your shop, products, events, and blog posts directly on each grid item.

Set up your BrewLink in Bio page in less than 5 minutes!

Add a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) button on top of your BrewLink to direct traffic from your Instagram to a specific landing page, like your website, shop, or blog. Customize the hero section with a captivating image that reflects your brand, and add custom text to highlight your brand name, tagline, or any other message you want your audience to remember.

BrewLink in Bio by Statusbrew CTA

You can add a Post link directly in Compose when you are creating an Instagram post. The link will get added to your BrewLink in Bio page as soon as the post gets published.

BrewLink in Bio by Statusbrew

It is also super easy to add a link to your already published post. Just add the post link directly in the Post link box from the BrewLink in Bio.

BrewLink in Bio by Statusbrew

Instagram Grid Planner

We have added a Grid View in Planner for you to visualize how your scheduled, published, and draft posts appear on your Instagram grid. Our Grid Planner shows your scheduled and published of the last 180 days.

Instagram Grid Planner Profile Picker

Go to your Planner in Statusbrew & select Grid from the Planner view options. You can also select a profile for which you want to view the Grid from the profile picker. Under each post, you will be able to view the status of that post, such as Published, Rejected, Needs Approval, Draft, Failed, & Scheduled.

Instagram Grid Planner Profile Picker

You can even arrange your scheduled posts with a drag-and-drop & find the perfect look for your feed. This drag-and-drop feature will cut down your manual efforts of copying post content for rescheduling.

Click and hold on the post that you wish to reschedule. Drag and drop it at the appropriate location in the Instagram grid. Select the date and time to reschedule from the dialog box. In the same dialog box, you will also be able to see your previous post and next post of the grid for better content planning.


And that’s it! Your post will get rescheduled with all the same details.

Note: Click on any post to open its detailed view.


Network-Specific Toolbar Customization

Building upon our recent improvements to the Compose in Statusbrew, we're thrilled to introduce Network-Specific Toolbar Customization in Compose to enrich the user experience. Our latest update integrates the customization options of various social networks directly into the Global tab.

Earlier, our users faced difficulty locating Network-Specific Customization options while creating posts. With this update, we've redesigned the user interface, placing these frequently used customization options front and center for easy accessibility.

Now, there's no need to toggle tabs to find Network-Specific options.

Note: If you want to make changes to caption, image, or links for specific networks, you can easily do so by navigating to the Network tabs.


Inline Emoji Picker

To add emojis while crafting your post, simply type a colon (":") followed by the name of the emoji (for example, ":thumb") and then select the desired emoji from the dropdown list that appears.

Instagram Grid Planner Profile Picker

No need to break the flow or browse through a lengthy emoji list. Simply type the colon and emoji name, and you're done.

This way, you can also find and add emojis quickly without interrupting your writing flow.

Typing the name of the emoji also reduces the likelihood of selecting the wrong emoji from a visual list.

The colon prefix makes the emoji intention clear, even for users unfamiliar with the new method.

Need help setting up or have questions on how to get started with this set of features? Let our team show you some Statusbrew tips & tricks!

We will keep you posted as we continue to improve, update & modernize our dashboard! 🙌

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