8 Robust WhatsApp Marketing Tools For Businesses In 2024

Feb 22, 2023 12 min read

The popularity of WhatsApp as a channel of communication is continuously growing. This even applies to businesses, especially in helping them directly market their products to consumers.

Businesses using WhatsApp for marketing have realized that doing marketing is not easy without the help of WhatsApp marketing tools. The capability of such tools is certainly beneficial for businesses to reach a wider range of customers and provide quick responses.

WhatsApp marketing tools are particularly beneficial for businesses in industries such as eCommerce, hospitality, and customer service, where quick and effective communication with customers is essential.

There are many interesting additional features these tools offer businesses to carry out WhatsApp marketing easily. Curious about what the top WhatsApp marketing tools offer? Let's find out in this article.

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What Are WhatsApp Marketing Tools?

WhatsApp marketing tools are a game-changer for businesses looking to boost their marketing efforts. With these tools, you can collect customer feedback, provide after-sale service, and guide customers through the buyer journey, all through the popular messaging app.

The top benefits of using WhatsApp marketing tools include increased conversions, higher open rates, and a more personalized and enhanced customer experience.

Business owners take advantage of WhatsApp marketing tools to attract as many prospects as possible, interact with them through their WhatsApp, share product catalogs, receive orders, provide customer service, and much more. They can carry out sales strategies more optimally to bring greater profits.

8 Simple Tools To Use In Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Statusbrew: Best For Customer Engagement At Scale


Statusbrew is a social media management tool that helps businesses to manage their social media presence and engage with customers across different online platforms, including WhatsApp. It allows you to address customer queries, complaints, and feedback in a timely and efficient manner, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Statusbrew provides the ability to send automated messages to your customers and engage with your customers at scale without requiring a live human agent.

Statusbrew even helps you manage multiple WhatsApp accounts without having to log in and out of each one separately. You can view all incoming messages and conversations from all the connected accounts in one unified inbox and assign them to the appropriate team member to follow up.

Key Features

  • Have two-way real-time conversations with customers within the Statusbrew dashboard.
  • Create automated messaging campaigns.
  • Track customer interactions to help you understand customer behavior and preferences and provide personalized experiences.
  • Provides detailed analytics interactions, such as response times, conversation volume, and engagement rates.
  • Includes a labeling feature allowing you to categorize and label your conversations and contacts. Labeling conversation and contacts are particularly useful for businesses handling a large number of WhatsApp conversations and need a way to sort and find specific messages or contacts quickly.
  • Create custom labels and assign them to conversations and contacts based on their status, priority, or any other criteria.
  • Manage WhatsApp conversations along with your team and leave internal notes for them.
  • Ability to receive notifications for every incoming conversation.
  • Integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Multi-account management feature to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts in one central platform.
  • Set up different levels of access for each team member.

Customer Ratings

G2 Capterra
4.7/5 4.8/5


Plan Pricing
Lite $69/month
Standard $129/month/license
Premium $229/month/license
Enterprise Custom pricing

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Whatso: Best For Sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages


Source: G2

Whatso lets you send bulk WhatsApp messages to several potential clients, customers, and interested people in one go. You can attach documents, links, images, PDFs, and more before sending bulk messages.

Whatso is the leading bulk WhatsApp marketing software, especially because of its new anti-blocking technology. It allows you to turbo-send messages and promote your products. You can even interact with end-users by engaging in conversations to build a lifetime relationship with them.

Whatso is an easy and straightforward WhatsApp marketing tool that allows you to perform bulk action through WhatsApp. It even enables you to use WordPress chat solutions and SMS service through WhatsApp.

Key Features

  • Anti-blocking technology enables continuous focus on sending messages to its targeted audience.
  • Keeps an extensive list of more than 25,000 target customers.
  • Gives a personal touch to your WhatsApp messages containing greetings with each customer's name.
  • Build up a contact list using the filtering technique.
  • Filters the contacts according to market conditions for target marketing.
  • Schedules quick promotional messages in bulk intermittently.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports all types of Windows OS.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Only pay for the number of messages you send.
  • If you already use a bulk SMS sender, you can use it with Whatso.
  • Provides a WordPress plugin to chat through your website.
  • Helps to generate a link to your WhatsApp. Anyone with the link can send you WhatsApp messages without saving your contact number in their contact list.


  • Standard: $89 Yearly
  • Professional: $109 Yearly
  • White Label Software - Lifetime: $279 Lifetime

Vepaar: Best Autoresponder


Vepaar is a multifunctional WhatsApp marketing tool that helps semi-automate your WhatsApp marketing campaigns while assisting with CRM.

You can connect with your clients, send them reminders and notifications, and build an eCommerce store. The store section resembles your own mini online store where you can manage the store information such as payment status, order status, manage product, category, attributes, charges, and inventory.

You can create your personalized business identity by adding your brand's name, logo, and other details, such as social media pages, to the dashboard's details.

It provides a built-in CRM that helps perform all customer-related actions in one place. You can create contacts, WhatsApp groups, and broadcast lists and perform all the actions required for WhatsApp marketing and branding. You can also look into the saved data in text, image, video, and PDF format and look into the previous chats.

Key Features

  • Create broadcast lists, automate responses, and other key CRM tasks
  • You can create client profiles as well
  • Save customers' text messages and other essential details
  • Create a WhatsApp store with links and items
  • Immediate communications with the quick reply option
  • When a customer places an order, you will get a message on WhatsApp
  • Create and share polls through WhatsApp to understand your customer's feedback
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Salesforce
  • Designed for small and medium-sized businesses


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $50
  • Pro: $150
  • Premium: $300

WebEngage: Best For Simplifying User Engagement


WebEngage helps businesses manage WhatsApp campaigns and engage with their customers more deeply. One of the standout features of WebEngage is its ability to create multiple user segments using user behavior data, thus allowing businesses to personalize their communications for maximum impact.

WebEngage provides an easy, two-step integration with the WhatsApp Service Provider of your choice. It supports a wide range of rich media messaging formats, including text, images, GIFs, video, location, and more.

WebEngage also includes marketing automation workflows that enable businesses to send contextual messages based on user actions. This makes it easy to re-engage customers who have failed to complete a purchase or abandoned their carts. Real-time analytics and reporting provide valuable insights into campaign performance. They even provide features like DND, throttling, and frequency capping to help businesses stay on top of their outgoing campaigns.

With dynamic message templating, user-level insights, send time optimization, A/B testing, deep linking, and data platform integration, WebEngage is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to drive customer engagement and retention.

Key Features

  • Create user segments using personal and behavioral data
  • Easy integration with your WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP)
  • Personalize your outgoing messages with a human touch
  • Rich messaging options, including text, video, images, and location sharing
  • Automate transactional updates, resolve customer queries, or simply hold conversations
  • Hyper-personalize your communications with customer details, preferences, and behavior
  • Orchestrate your campaigns based on user actions using marketing automation workflows
  • Real-time analytics with campaign reporting and conversion tracking
  • Third-party integrations and an in-house customer data platform for enriched messaging
  • Dynamic templating, user-level insights, A/B testing, deep linking, and more


WebEngage offers custom pricing over a demo call.

MessageBird: Best For Providing Easy WhatsApp Support


MessageBird is a customer engagement platform that allows businesses to support customers across multiple channels, including WhatsApp. Your team can connect with customers on any channel with MessageBird and access a shared inbox to streamline communication and find information easily.

In addition to WhatsApp, MessageBird integrates with email, SMS, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram, allowing you to automate workflows and push data to third-party tools.

MessageBird provides real-time monitoring of customer support agents, enabling you to measure performance against SLAs. You can gain insight into your performance across channels, agents, and SLAs to continually improve and iterate your customer support strategy.

Key Features

  • Build automated replies and chatbots on WhatsApp using no-code
  • Set up automated notifications
  • Receive and respond to WhatsApp messages
  • Automation to handle volumes of messages
  • Integrate with your tools
  • Send promotional messages on WhatsApp
  • Upsell and cross-sell, re-engage abandoned carts, and personalized promotions
  • Verify through one-time passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Give your shoppers the ability to browse items, make purchases, and schedule appointments directly from WhatsApp
  • Send automated alerts and notifications at scale on WhatsApp - no code required
  • Use buttons to insert calls-to-action and suggested replies
  • Send and receive rich media like photos, videos, and GIFs
  • Enable the sharing of files such as PDFs, CSVs, and more
  • Share locations with customers


MessageBird charges based on the features you choose.

WAAM-it: Best For CRM Integration


WAAM-it provides an effective and innovative solution for sending customized and automated WhatsApp messages. It allows you to send unlimited personalized messages to any number of contacts.

You can include formatted text, emojis, and links in your messages. You can personalize your messages with any information you wish to send, making it a powerful tool for direct personal advertising, sending tips and tutorials to your subscribers, subscription or insurance renewal reminders, and invitations for conferences, meetings, and events.

WAAM-it also includes a built-in feature that enables you to export your contacts to a spreadsheet. WAAM-it Blaster is an instinctively designed and cost-effective WhatsApp marketing application.

Key Features

  • It uploads templates with beautiful themes to attract the attention of more clients and followers to boost profits.
  • You can include your name, caption a message, send emojis, attach links, send files and videos, etc., to give it a personal touch. It would make the message appear tailor-made, especially to the receiver.
  • You can increase contacts in your contact list by adding them from other file formats like .xls, .xlsx, CSV, and text files.
  • You can send any number of messages to any number of contacts globally.
  • It is a *multilingual tool available in almost 60 different languages worldwide.
  • It enables you to send up to 3000 free messages in bulk per hour. These messages can serve as an invite to conferences, meetings, and events for your clients.
  • You can schedule your messages and set time delays between different messages.


  • Blaster Pro: $737
  • Blaster Ultimate: $997

WATI: Best For AI-powered Chatbots


WATI is a fast-growing communication platform that is built on WhatsApp APIs. It provides businesses with a powerful solution to carry out WhatsApp marketing and advertising at scale. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction, personalize their marketing campaigns, and unify customer engagement across their entire team using WATI.

Key Features

  • WATI enables businesses to start a conversation with their leads as soon as they sign up
  • Build a conversation channel on WhatsApp to ensure that you don't miss out on any potential leads
  • Run a WhatsApp marketing campaign for re-engagement if your customers go radio silent after the initial conversation
  • Send bulk personalized WhatsApp messages at scale
  • Implement WhatsApp marketing strategies for abandoned cart recovery by delivering custom notifications through WhatsApp
  • Built to support growing businesses with a quick and simple drag-and-drop approach that makes no-code implementation easy
  • Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM, Google Sheets, helpdesk, and other tools


  • Standard: $28.80 per month
  • Professional: $57.59 per month

Whappext: Best For Template Messages


Source: SoftwareSuggest

Whappext is a WhatsApp marketing software that allows businesses to send bulk messages to customers quickly. The software can be installed on your desktop, and it offers a range of features to improve your marketing efforts.

The software is easy to install and doesn't require any login. Simply run the software on your desktop and pair any WhatsApp account with the software by scanning the QR code in the web WhatsApp section.

Key Features

  • Send bulk WhatsApp messages by uploading a list of contacts
  • Supports various formats, including .csv and .txt files
  • Send personalized messages to your customers with their names and other fields that you can apply
  • The software supports inserting first and last names and adding up to five variables for personalization
  • Extract the numbers of all your contacts in joined groups and use those active WhatsApp numbers
  • Set up predefined responses to general questions or replies on WhatsApp
  • The software is regularly updated with new features that will help you improve your marketing efforts
  • Get free premium updates and new features for the software


WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • Single PC: $125 / License
  • Software + KEYGEN: $399

WhatsApp Filter Software

  • Single PC: $50 / License
  • Software + KEYGEN: $200

Facebook Extractor Software

  • Single PC: $99 / License
  • Software + KEYGEN: $299

Google Business Data Extractor

  • Single PC: $90 / License
  • Software + KEYGEN: $199

How To Choose The Best WhatsApp Marketing Tool?

Aligns With Your Brand Persona

To build a strong bond with your customers, you need to connect with them on a personal level. And hence, creating a unique brand persona for your business is essential. Use a WhatsApp marketing tool that helps you focus on your reputation and perception to align your WhatsApp business account with your brand persona.

Helps To Provide Speedy Customer Service

WhatsApp is an excellent platform for providing real-time customer service and support to your customers. Choose a WhatsApp marketing tool that helps you to handle the volume of customer queries. It should have the ability to combine all your customer feedback and provide you with detailed analysis to increase brand trust and loyalty.

Read more: 11 Brilliant Ways To Use WhatsApp For Customer Service

Ability To Follow Up

Your WhatsApp marketing tool should allow you to send automatic notifications to customer contacts saved in your address book or who have recently purchased from you. It should allow you to send automated messages, attractive promotions, group messaging, voice and video calls, and WhatsApp statuses.

Helps To Generate Customer Engagement

Your WhatsApp marketing tool should help you to generate consumer engagement by reaching out to your customers in a friendly and informative way at the right time.

Assorted Features For Various Marketing Needs

Your WhatsApp marketing tool should provide several ways to use this messaging app for your marketing campaigns, including creating a custom chatbot. It should come with an integrated calling facility and voice messaging, which can be helpful for brands that want to leave short voice messages or connect with their customers through phone calls.

Ready To Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts With WhatsApp Marketing Tools!

WhatsApp allows you to connect and interact with your customers outside the business website. WhatsApp proves to be one of the best marketing tools, as millions of consumers use the messaging app daily.

However, carrying out WhatsApp marketing on a scale can be challenging due to limitations such as restrictions on promotional messages, limited automation capabilities, and more. That's where WhatsApp marketing tools come into play, helping you remove the limitations of conducting WhatsApp marketing on a scale and craft a well-planned strategy to effectively leverage WhatsApp as a promotional tool.

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Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about WhatsApp marketing tools:

How to engage with customers on WhatsApp?

In order to engage with your customers on WhatsApp, you should ensure prompt responses to their messages. You can create a catalog of your products and services. You can even print out a QR code and place it in your physical storefront if you own one.

Using an engagement tool like Statusbrew enables you to quickly reply to incoming conversations from multiple accounts and manage conversations at scale along with your team.

How can I use WhatsApp as a marketing tool?

WhatsApp can be used for messenger marketing, which involves promoting a brand through WhatsApp. It can help brands reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with them, send product catalogs, take orders, provide customer service, send payment links, and increase sales.

Which is the best WhatsApp marketing tool?

Choosing the best WhatsApp marketing tool depends on your specific use case. Every WhatsApp marketing tool provides its own set of features.

If you are looking to handle bulk WhatsApp conversations, Statusbrew will be the best choice for you, providing several features to handle the volume of conversations at scale with ease and along with your team and clients.

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