9 Impactful WhatsApp eCommerce Strategies For 2024

Jan 11, 2023 9 min read

Out of 24 million eCommerce websites, only less than 1 Million sites do a business of more than $1000 per year. Only 2.86% of eCommerce websites convert visitors into leads. Also, the increasing abandoned cart rate has added to the worries of businesses.

The figures above show a sorry state of affairs regarding the output eCommerce businesses get by just having a website. But this is not the case with WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp for running an eCommerce business can enhance its sales prospects, reach a wider audience in a matter of seconds, run exciting WhatsApp Campaigns , and promote and sell products and services. You can carry out almost every business activity you can think about and use WhatsApp For Business in many different ways.

But to make your business stand out in the crowd and shine bright, you would need right WhatsApp strategies. Before we learn the impactful WhatsApp eCommerce strategies for 2024, let us first see the blog overview. In this blog, you will get to learn about reasons to use WhatsApp for eCommerce, proven WhatsApp eCommerce strategies etc. Let's see.

Reasons To Use WhatsApp For eCommerce

The figures mentioned below are a proof, and these give you some strong reasons to stick to WhatsApp for eCommerce;

  • 5x boost in sales.
  • 45-60% click-through rate.
  • 98% opening rate.
  • 2.2 billion global users.
  • Rise in conversions by 112%.

The results that WhatsApp shows are jaw-dropping. The best part is that you can also achieve the above mentioned results for your eCommerce business.

To help you do so, we have come up with some of the best and result-oriented WhatsApp eCommerce strategies for 2024. Let’s see!

100% Result-Driven WhatsApp eCommerce Strategies For 2024

Your dream of scaling your eCommerce business is about to take off. All you need to do is follow these smart and robust WhatsApp eCommerce solutions.

Let’s start!

Send Auto Replies Through WhatsApp Auto Reply Feature

One of the biggest problems of abandoned carts has got a nice and easy solution. It is seen that around 80% of customers add items to the cart but do not make a purchase. If you are also facing this issue, then the solution is simple.

Abandoned Cart

Image Source: Gallabox

Use WhatsApp’s Auto Reply feature. It allows you to send templated auto-replies to customers all at once. In the case of an abandoned cart, you can create template messages as described below.

Creative automated messages for abandoned carts have the potential to take your visitor to the end of the purchase funnel. Such messages will help you remind them of an incomplete purchase, hence, leading to a wider customer base. Also human psychology comes into the picture when they see an automated reply about the products in their cart.

Whether you are a small business owner or you run a large enterprise, automated WhatsApp messages will act as a boomerang and bring back your customers.

Message Template 1 For Abandoned Cart

Hi (Name)

You have forgotten something really important! The items in your cart are 15% OFF. Check Out Now and Make Them Yours!

Message Template 2 For Abandoned Cart

Hi (Name)

This is yours but you have left it with us! If you Check Out Now, you will get 10% discount. So, what are you waiting for?

Send Automated Notifications On WhatsApp Business

It is important to keep your customers in a continuous loop to stay on top of the game. Use WhatsApp Business Account for sending timely updates and notifications such as delivery updates, order confirmation, payment reminders/ confirmation, etc.

You make the customer feel secure by sending an order confirmation or payment receiving updates. Sending one-on-one messages to customers can be next to impossible, especially if they are in large numbers.

So, to keep the customers in touch with your brand, make the best use of the automated notifications feature on WhatsApp.

We understand that being an eCommerce marketer is not a cakewalk. You have to manage multiple social accounts and thoroughly check notifications and updates. Missing even a single update can land you in trouble.

So, to keep your frustration at bay, we have brought you a comprehensive social media management tool to help you manage your business effectively.

Irrespective of the number of WhatsApp business accounts you manage, Statusbrew will help you stay hands-on with every notification, manage providing customer service from WhatsApp Business account along with your team, and reply to all WhatsApp messages from a single stream of the dashboard.

Statusbrew WhatsApp Integration

You can provide real-time, personal, and automated support at scale. The list does not end here. To know more about Statusbrew, get in touch with us.

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Message Template For Order Confirmation

Hi (Name)

Thank you for placing your order with us. Here’s your order tracking code. We will keep updating you about your order on WhatsApp. For any queries related to your order, contact us via email (id).

Message Template For Delivery Updates

Hi (Name)

Stay excited! Your order is on its way. You will receive your order number XY1345 in two days. Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you.

Enhance Engagement By Adding a WhatsApp Button On the Website

By adding a WhatsApp button on your eCommerce website, visitors will know that your products and services are also accessible on WhatsApp. It is a great way to enhance engagement, convert visitors into leads, increase traffic, etc.

WhatsApp Button on Website

Image Source: StackWhats

If visitors leave your website, they can stay in touch with your brand. The WhatsApp button on the website will also significantly increase the quality of customer interaction and customer support. Instant customer service is the need of the hour.

Considering the consumer’s online behavior, they look for quick solutions to their problems. Any delay can negatively impact your customer base. So, in such a scenario, WhatsApp proves to be one of the best platforms to carry out eCommerce strategies and attend to immediate customer service needs.

Offer Instant Discounts To Prevent RTO

Providing discounts and other exciting offers are not something new, but if present and potential customers are notified on a timely basis, it can make a huge impact. Return To Origin, i.e., RTO, is considered one of the major issues in an eCommerce business.

It means the users place an order at cash on delivery (COD) but they refuse to make the payment. Hence, the order returns to the warehouse; therefore, the business has to bear the brunt of double shipping charges.

If there is 70% cash on delivery orders, 40% returns to the warehouse, which is called Return To Origin. So, this can be reduced by giving the customers an instant discount offer on WhatsApp.

For example, if someone places an order for COD, you can send them an ongoing discount notification saying that they will get an immediate 20% discount if they pay right now. This impactful WhatsApp eCommerce strategy will help your business by reducing the losses through RTO and lowering cash on delivery.

Send Messages In Bulk Through Broadcast Feature

Saving time for core business or eCommerce activities is important for its growth. But if you have to manage different social profiles all at once, then caring for customers can often go for a toss. For every business, the customer is king, and you must not leave any stone unturned to provide the best service to your customers.

To do it professionally, you can use the WhatsApp Broadcast Message feature. It allows you to send messages to customers in bulk. You no longer have to spend long-haul hours drafting individual customer messages. For effective WhatsApp eCommerce, you just have to create a broadcast list, categorize, or segment the customers by labeling them, writing a message, and sending by clicking on the green check mark.

Show FOMO On WhatsApp Status

Creating FOMO for products and services is one of the impactful WhatsApp eCommerce strategies. Even though businesses have been using the fear of missing out principle since the birth of conventional advertisements and marketing, 2024 demands businesses to jump to WhatsApp to work on this principle.

You can do this by creating graphics and posting them in the status for your WhatsApp Business. The WhatsApp Status lasts 24 hours, hence the best feature to show scarcity.

Automate Selling Through Chatbots

Even if you are busy with other eCommerce activities, you can still work on augmenting sales prospects by using WhatsApp Chatbots. Believe it or not, the bots help you accomplish half of your work.


Image Source: Sleekflow

For example, bots can handle common queries and reply to them quickly. WhatsApp Chatbots can become your qualified salesman for your eCommerce online store.

It can benefit you in many other ways such as collecting first-hand information from leads that reach you through WhatsApp, completing the sales funnel by sending customized recommendations, collecting timely feedback on services and products, etc.

Promote Quick Buying Through QR Codes

Over the years, life has become fast-paced. No one has time to wait and explore lengthy procedures while buying. So, as a business, it becomes your duty to give your customers what they want.

WhatsApp QR Code

Image Source: Myabcclass

They want a quick, instant, and easy buying process that is possible by using and promoting your WhatsApp Business QR Code. Customers need to scan, and the buying funnel will be completed in just a few clicks. It will bring an instant boost in your sales and take your business to newer heights.

For instance, retailers can use QR Codes to boost conversational commerce; entrepreneurs can add QR Codes on flyers and business cards; the food industry can display their QR Codes on their food packaging to help consumers scan their menus, etc.

Set Up An Online Storefront By Using WhatsApp Catalog

Presentation is key to a successful WhatsApp eCommerce business. It means eCommerce businesses should not shy away from displaying all they possess regarding inventory and services.

WhatsApp Catalog

2024 demands businesses to be open and transparent in their approach. You must do that and fully leverage the WhatsApp Catalog feature. This feature allows you to present your products and their prices, brief descriptions, website links, and product codes.

A Catalog can contain 500 items at a time. It allows your customers to share your products with friends and family. By keeping your WhatsApp Catalog up-to-date, you can grab maximum eyeballs and ease customers' buying process.

Boost Your eCommerce Sales With WhastApp

If you are a business owner looking forward to scaling it, follow the aforementioned impactful WhatsApp eCommerce Strategies. The strategies such as using auto replies, automated notifications, QR Codes, setting up an online storefront, etc. will be of great assistance in giving wings to your business in 2024.

But to add more comfort in implementing the above WhatsApp eCommerce strategies, your business would also require a smart and intelligent social media management tool like Statusbrew.

Using Statusbrew, you will help your business stand out as it allows you to simplify your customer service on WhatsApp.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about impactful WhatsApp eCommerce strategies.

Which areas should businesses focus on while planning eCommerce Strategies?

The three main areas are your product and services, maintaining customer relation, and corporate considerations. All these three can be done by using different WhatsApp features. For instance, use WhatsApp Catalog feature to display and promote products and services, use WhatsApp chatbots to provide instant customer support and so on.

How can you implement WhatsApp eCommerce strategies?

You can implement it by using WhatsApp Business account. Apart from that, you would also need a comprehensive social media management platform like Statusbrew to manage and stay updated with notifications, updates, mentions, comments, etc.

Can you attract more customers on WhatsApp?

Yes, you definitely can attract customers on WhatsApp. Use different WhatsApp features such as WhatsApp Broadcasting, Auto-Reply, Status, etc. WhatsApp broadcast messages allow you to send messages to a large number of people at once, auto-replies allow you to stay in touch with customers even when you are inactive, and status feature helps you in quickly updating offers, such as discounts, etc.

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