The Definitive Guide To Broadcast WhatsApp Messages

Dec 28, 2022 8 min read

Messaging the customers individually about new products and services as per their needs can get overwhelming. To reduce stress, save time and effort, and consistently keep the customers in touch with your brand, you can use the Broadcast WhatsApp Messages feature.

Through the broadcasting feature, businesses can notify their customers about regular discounts, offers, new launches, run exciting WhatsApp campaigns, etc. All these activities can be carried out at a large scale within a few clicks.

WhatsApp Business Application and WhatsApp Business API, both offer the broadcast message feature. But the former is most suitable for small businesses and fresh start-ups as they begin to connect with customers with limited resources.

Before we look into the details of the WhatsApp Broadcast Messages feature, let us first see the blog overview.

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How to broadcast WhatsApp messages?
To Broadcast WhatsApp messages, first, create a broadcast list of your customers and add labels to segment them. Then draft your message and hit send.

WhatsApp Business API is a programming language interface. It is not an application but allows you to connect with WhatsApp API users at scale. Businesses can integrate WhatsApp into the customer relationship management tool and perform all business-related activities.

Statusbrew is one such social media management tool that allows businesses to integrate their WhatsApp. Through Satusbrew, customer engagement on WhatsApp is simplified, shared team inbox makes it easy for you to use WhatsApp for customer support.

It allows multiple agents to login to serve their customers. You can assign conversations to agents, respond quickly using custom parameters and quick replies.

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Success Rate Of Broadcast WhatsApp Messages

  • The opening rate of WhatsApp messages is 98% compared to emails and messages.


  • The conversion rate of WhatsApp is 45-60% and for emails is just 2-5%.


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The percentage above says that the success rate of Broadcast WhatsApp Messages is more than the other media. So, businesses should use broadcasting features to their advantage. It is a great feature to use for conveniently promoting products and establishing the brand identity.

Benefits Of Broadcasting WhatsApp Messages

It Helps In Building Connections Worldwide

Building awareness about their brand and creating strong customer relationships is important for businesses. WhatsApp, in this case, is a perfect platform as it helps you reach the target audience anywhere, anytime. It offers businesses of all kinds a secure and personal environment wherein brands can interact with their customers individually.

It Helps In Injecting Your Brand’s Personality

While the platform provides an opportunity to communicate one on one, it gives a fair chance to feed your brand’s message, personality, and goal into the minds of your customers. You can put forward the intent in creative WhatsApp messages according to the customers' needs.

It Helps In Communicating Using Different Multimedia

The platform does not limit you to communicating just through text messages. It also allows you to be creative by using different media like images, GIFs, videos, documents, etc. Businesses can infuse their brand ideology uniquely and create engaging and long-term customer relations.

It Helps In An Easy Workflow Management

Through WhatsApp, businesses can easily manage activities like chats with customers, selling their inventory, and providing excellent customer service. WhatsApp Business API allows you to manage the entire workflow quickly and easily. You can use different features like labels and auto-replies for effective WhatsApp Business Management.

It Helps In Conducting Promotions

Businesses can resort to promoting their services from a single platform. Global brands such as Unilever, Absolut Vodka, Adidas, etc., have benefited in terms of sales, and increased customer base by running creative WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

It Helps In Two-Way And Personalized Communication

Businesses can reply back when customers reach out to them on WhatsApp. You can know about your customers’ preferences using interactive messaging features such as list messages and quick reply buttons.

Steps To Broadcast Messages Using WhatsApp Business App

Before sending the broadcast messages, you will have to create a broadcast list.

Steps To Create Broadcast List

Here are some steps that WhatsApp Business Account users must duly follow.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Business App.
Step 2: Click on three dots in the upper right corner > More options
Step 3: Click on the New broadcast.
Step 4: Select all the contacts you wish to add.
Step 5: Click on the check mark.

Once the list is formed, you can edit or delete it per your requirement. To make Broadcasting WhatsApp Messages even easier, you can create different broadcast lists by adding labels.

Steps To Create Broadcast List Using Labels

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp Business Application > More options
Step 2: Click on Labels.
Step 3: Choose the label you want to create > More options
Step 4: Message to customers.
Step 5: Click on the green tick mark.
Step 6: Draft the message and send it.

Benefits Of Creating Labels To Broadcast WhatsApp Messages

Following are some advantages of creating labels in the Broadcast contacts list.


  • It allows you to segment your customers.
  • You can find customers easily from the long list of customer base.
  • You can customize the services and communicate with the customers.

Steps To Send Messages In Broadcast

After creating a broadcast list and adding labels, you will be all ready to send your message. Let us see the steps.

Step 1: Open the broadcast list you have created.
Step 2: Draft your message. Add images, videos, and GIFs to make it appealing.
Step 3: Click send.

Even though you can send messages by creating groups in WhatsApp Business accounts, there are some significant differences that you must be aware of. Let us see how Broadcast WhatsApp Messages differ from WhatsApp Group Messages.

Broadcast WhatsApp Messages Vs. WhatsApp Group Messages

Broadcast WhatsApp Messages WhatsApp Group Messages
You can message multiple people at once without forming different groups. You will have to form different groups.
Privacy of recipients is protected. Privacy of recipients is not protected. Group members can access each other’s contact numbers.
Broadcast message is sent as a private message to recipients. Message is not sent as a private message.
Recipients will not know that the same message is also sent to other members. Other recipients in the group will also know about the message sent.
No limit to creating WhatsApp broadcast lists. You can only add 256 people in a group.
Only one person i.e., the admin can send messages. Any group member can send a message.
Only one person can be the admin. No one else can be assigned. Different admins can be appointed.
Reply is delivered in a private chat. A reply goes to all participants.

Businesses running on a large scale should opt for WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging. The difference above shows that broadcast messaging is a clear winner because it does not bombard the recipients with messages they are uninterested in.

Types Of Broadcast WhatsApp Messages

Depending on the nature of your business, you can send different types of WhatsApp Messages. Some of the types are as follows.

Discounts, Offers & Sales

Businesses often have to communicate discounts, special festive offers, or flat sales to all their customers. Sending one-to-one announcements can be difficult and time-consuming. So, to prevent extra time and effort consumption, businesses must use the Broadcast WhatsApp Messages feature. All you need to do is write and send a creative message using the abovementioned steps. Within a few minutes, your customers will know about the offers and your brand, and you will gather a lot of attention.

Charity And Donations

NGOs can also make use of Broadcast WhatsApp Messages. They can ask for donations from those who are willing to contribute. The organizations can notify their supporters about awareness programs simultaneously.

Presenting Recognitions

Businesses can showcase their achievements, recognitions, and awards received in the form of ratings and feedback. Broadcast such messages creatively to your subscribers and show them how your brand is perceived. This will also help you maintain the brand reputation among customers at a wider scale.

Online Sessions & Webinars

If you are in the education sector or are into any other field that requires imparting knowledge, then Broadcast WhatsApp Messaging is a great feature to rest on. You can instantly send files, resources, timely reminders about due dates for the assigned work and exams, and constantly stay in touch with the students.

Broadcast WhatsApp Messages Use Cases

The great part is that there is no restriction on how you present your message to clients, customers, or other businesses. Here are some examples businesses can use to promote themselves and their assets.

  • Sending Newsletters: Inform your customers or clients about business news.


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  • Availability Updates: In case your business website is under construction or needs an update, you can inform the customers about the same through Broadcast WhatsApp Messages.
  • Products/Services in Stock: You can send product alerts to the customers who might have requested them earlier but are in stock now.


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Final Thoughts!

Entrepreneurs want their businesses to scale, reach the maximum number of people, and spread awareness about their brands. In such a competitive business world, all this is possible only if you make the best use of social channels. WhatsApp Business is by far considered the best because it is instant, handy, and comfortable.

Use the Broadcast WhatsApp Messages feature if you also own a business and are looking forward to a way that eases your interaction with customers, saves time, and assists you in reaching a wider audience.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Broadcast WhatsApp Messages.

What are the requirements for Broadcast WhatsApp Messages?

Ensure that all the contacts in your broadcast list have saved your number. There is no limit to the broadcast lists you create. You can create different lists and label them individually per customer type.

Will recipients get any special notification for the message received through broadcast?

No, the recipients will receive the message just as a normal message. Also, the message will be received by all the recipients who have saved your number in their address book.

Can Everyone See The Broadcast WhatsApp List?

No, recipients will not know who else is there in the list. The Broadcast WhatsApp Messages are sent as private messages.

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