The Definitive Guide To WhatsApp Business Management [2024]

Dec 22, 2022 10 min read

There are over 50 million users of WhatsApp Business. If you are also conducting your business operations on WhatsApp, congratulations! You are on the right path. But the question arises, is it enough to just be present on WhatsApp for business? The answer is NO! You would also need effective management.

WhatsApp Business Management is the process of managing regular business activities like selling products, interacting with customers, promoting, running creative campaigns, providing customer support, etc., through a WhatsApp Business account.

As per Meta’s guidelines, the businesses or brands that get official Meta verification done fall into the category of Official Business Account. Such businesses are the ones that are renowned, well-searched, and also have a green tick mark badge on the upper right corner of their name.

On the other hand, the small, medium-sized businesses that are not verified do not have an official green badge, but they can carry out business operations through Business account. You can convert your current WhatsApp account into a business account using your personal number. Once done, there will be a Business Account flashing under the name of the brand/business.

For WhatsApp Business Management, businesses can use smart features that WhatsApp business applications offer. But before looking into the features and the ways to manage them, let us first look at the blog overview.

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Businesses have to take care of different business activities. So, let us see how you can manage them on a single platform.

Chat Management On WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business accounts provide some interesting features to manage chats with customers and clients, such as setting quick replies, creating automated events/greeting messages, auto-away messages, creating contact labels, and accessing WhatsApp message stats. Let us see the features in detail.

Quick Replies To Answer Common Questions At Once

Regardless of their niche, businesses can reply to all common and mostly asked queries through Quick Replies. This feature allows you to reuse and save the messages you send frequently to your customers.

Send Greetings And Away Messages In A Click

You can manage chats by setting automated greeting messages on WhatsApp. On festivities or some special events, you can send auto greeting messages to the present customers in the list.

If you are out for a few days, you can also send away messages. You can customize and schedule the away message as per the requirement.

The Auto Reply feature allows you to stay connected with the customers even when you are not active during working hours. You can set the auto-replies in your WhatsApp Business Account in just a few steps.

Apart from the above, businesses can also manage their chats in three ways. These are as follows.

  • You can work with other companies or a partner to manage the chat. When you choose this option, the customers will see, “This business works with other companies to manage this chat.”
  • You can use WhatsApp cloud. This option allows you to use Facebook’s hosting services. When you use this option, you will see, “This business uses a secure service from the Meta to manage this chat.”
  • You can manage chat all by yourself. If you choose this option, you will see, “Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.”

Broadcast Messages

After creating auto-replies, you can use the broadcast messaging feature. With the broadcast messaging feature, you can send messages instantly to multiple contacts. To send broadcast messages, you can create a list of contacts to whom you want to send messages. You can also create a broadcast list by using labels.

Managing Products/ Services On WhatsApp Business App

Through WhatsApp, businesses can sell their products and services. They can manage the process of buying and selling by using the following features.

Product Catalogs And Collections

Businesses can exhibit their products on Catalogs on the WhatsApp business application. You can add a brief description of the products along with their codes and prices. It will save a lot of your time and effort in sending products and introducing services one on one to customers.

The Collections feature was introduced in October 2021. This feature allows you to create a folder of items or products that fall into the same category. It will make the process of WhatsApp Business Management easy. Also, the users can navigate through the category they want in specificity.

Customer Care Management On WhatsApp Business

Managing the customer’s demands is extremely important to maintain a brand reputation. Customers do not like waiting when they are looking for a solution or reply. They want instant responses. So, to cater to the needs of customers immediately, it becomes important for businesses to manage customer care professionally. WhatsApp Business application allows you to do so. All you need to do is use the following features for smooth WhatsApp Business Management.

Interactive Buttons

This feature allows businesses to manage customer interaction, therefore improving customer service. It provides two types of buttons, i.e., CTA and Quick Reply. By clicking on the former, the customer can make a call or is also directed to the business webpage. The latter allows your customers to choose the option by tapping on it.
Businesses can enhance the customer experience by using the interactive buttons feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business Statistics You Mustn’t Ignore!

175 million people interacted

  • A report says there are 50 million users of the WhatsApp Business application. Out of these, 15 million, are Indian account users.
  • As of June 2022, globally, there were 44.93 million downloads of the WhatsApp Business application.
  • In the second quarter of 2022, there were 6.6 million downloads of WhatsApp in the US.
  • Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp at Meta once tweeted in 2021. He said about 175 million people interacted with businesses by sending messages on WhatsApp.

The figures and the statistics highlighted above tell us an untold story. It says that there are WhatsApp users in millions and businesses, irrespective of their kind, size, and niche, can find their leads and tap on them to convert them into customers.

So, whether you are into the banking sector, selling merchandise, are a young start-up owner, or are an established business tycoon, creating a business profile on WhatsApp has become the need of the hour.

If the truth is to be told, your customers want immediate access to your products and services. Any delay in the response may give them a red signal and shift their focus to your competitors. So, without any further thought, entrepreneurs must show up their businesses, products and services on the WhatsApp Business application.

Even though using the WhatsApp Business application is easy, there are many tools and features that you might not be aware of. But if you learn some tips and tricks, it will bring ease to your online business functioning and give maximum benefits.

To make it easy for you, we have also listed some of the best WhatsApp Business Management tools. These tools will simplify the WhatsApp Business management process. So, let us see.

Statusbrew: The Best WhatsApp Business Management Tool


If you do not want to miss a single update on your business.
If you do not want your customers to become loyalists of your competitors.
If you do not want your business to suffer a setback due to delay in response to negative reviews.

Then, all you need is the number one social media management tool, i.e. Statusbrew. It is the leading SMM tool in the industry because of the following reasons.

  • Over 10,000 businesses across the globe vouch for Statusbrew.
  • It is tried, tested, and trusted by some of the renowned brands and governments overseas such as Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government etc.
  • It brings flexibility to the process of conducting business on all social media channels.

Main Features

Statusbrew offers a number of brilliant features such as;

  • WhatsApp and social media integration to carry out your business operations effectively and handily.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • A unified inbox to stay updated on all social media activities. All your social conversations are brought into a single inbox with automated support.
  • It allows you to respond on the spot to regular ad comments.
  • You can create, schedule, and publish social media posts on different channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business, all at once.
  • You can evaluate results by getting elaborative insights into posts' performance, engagement, demography, etc.

Pricing Structure

Statusbrew offers four pricing plans. These are as follows;

  • Lite plan: $69 per month.
  • Standard plan: $129 per month.
  • Premium plan: $229 per month.
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

Each plan offers different features. To know which plan will suit your business profile.

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Your business and the way you work will benefit a lot through a tool as robust, comprehensive, and simple to use as Statusbrew. It is a one-stop solution for all your business management. So, if you are looking forward to a tool that creates a smooth workflow, get in touch with us.

Statusbrew is for all types of buisnesses, irrespective of the size, and nature.



WATI is a tool (product) of the parent organization, i.e., It is an engagement support tool built on the official business API of WhatsApp. It is a tool used as a business solution provider (BSP) that eases engagement with clients on a daily basis.

It is designed with the aim of offering customer-focused service. WATI API allows businesses to sell and provide immediate customer support. The tool is good, especially for the marketing teams, as they can send messages in bulk, create template messages and broadcasts, and create chatbots without a code builder. Not just this, you can also manage customer queries through a single team inbox.

Main Features

WATI offers businesses some smart features such as multi-login, chat automation, broadcast, etc. Let us see the features in detail.

  • WATI’s no-code chat builder conveniently allows you to enable WhatsApp API Chatbot. WhatsApp Chatbot helps in further automating the widely asked FAQs about your brand, products, and services.
  • The WhatsApp API features on WATI allow you to set multi-login from one WhatsApp contact number. Businesses can save time and effort as they need not scan QR codes but can add multiple agents at a time, therefore easing communication and support.
  • WATI has a dedicated team inbox.
  • Applications such as WhatsApp, Zapier, Shopify, Zoho, Pabbly, etc., are some of WhatsApp's API integrations.
  • WATI has a contact management dashboard that allows you to manage WhatsApp CRM easily. Not just this, you can also set custom attributes and add filters just from WATI’s WhatsApp-based CRM.

Pricing Structure

There are two pricing plans that WATI offers. These are as follows.

  • Standard plan: Flat rate, $2900. The plan is billed on a monthly basis.
  • Professional plan: Flat rate, $5800. The plan is billed monthly with a monthly payment frequency.

WATI is best for businesses that want to provide strong, smooth, and instant customer support on WhatsApp.

Delight Chat

Delight Chat

It is a two-in-one tool that allows marketing and customer service features. Delight Chat is made for e-commerce brands in specificity with an aim to streamline effortless customer support.

Main Features

The tool is trusted by over 500 DTC brands. Delight Chat offers multiple features.

  • Brands can interact with customers easily through a unified Delight Chat dashboard. Omnichannel customer service allows E-commerce businesses to talk to potential and current customers across different channels such as Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Email, and WhatsApp.
  • On the spot, customer support service improves sales, adds credibility, and also builds trust.
  • Delight Chat allows you to market your products and services through the official WhatsApp API.
  • Businesses can perform various functions such as sending instant order updates and notifications, conducting verification of cash on delivery orders, developing upsell, cross-selling journeys, and sending broadcast messages.
  • Brands can automate WhatsApp notifications at scale for recovering abandoned carts and collecting reviews.
  • Businesses can collaborate with teams, leave notes, assign tickets, and set timely reminders.

Pricing Structure

Delight Chat offers three pricing options. These are as follows.

  • For start-ups: $49 per month, including WhatsApp charges
  • Scale: $99 per month, including WhatsApp charges
  • Growth: $299 per month, including WhatsApp charges

The tool is great for small and medium-sized e-commerce and D2C brands that manage lean teams.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

It is a cloud-based social media management tool for companies of all sizes. Sprout Social helps agencies manage their conversations on a single platform. It is headquartered in Chicago and runs across social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Main Features

The tool offers various features such as;

  • Superior customer support service. Through Sprout Social’s WhatsApp integration, businesses can respond to queries faster than ever.
  • You can unify all social channels and improve collaboration with team members by avoiding redundant content, approving content, and starting conversations.
  • It helps in building genuine connections by offering personalized services, tailored responses, and recommending products and services to customers based on their last purchase and preferences.
  • The tool gives you the freedom to improve customer experience by building WhatsApp analytical reports and evaluating every response.

Pricing Structure

The SMM tool offers 4 pricing plans. These are as follows.

  • Standard: $249 per month
  • Professional: $399 per month
  • Advanced: $499 per month
  • Enterprise: The plan can be customized as per the requirements of the business.

The tool is good for businesses of all types and sizes.

Deciding Which Tool To Go For?

Well, just go for the best in the industry!

We understand that running and handling a business, no matter how big or small, is always hard. But to simplify the entire process, we have brought you the premium yet so simple to use WhatsApp Business Management tool, i.e., Statusbrew.

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To sum up, we can say that to manage the business on WhatsApp, you must use the features, and tools available for the efficient results. By using WhatsApp Business Management tools, businesses can keep a thorough track of their operations anywhere and anytime. It makes the process of management less complicated and also increases productivity.

If you think your business is not getting sales, if you think your presence on social media or WhatsApp Business is not generating enough revenue, then without overthinking, just reach out to our professionals.

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A single platform like Statusbrew will be enough to manage, engage, publish, listen, report, collaborate, and even advertise.

Statusbrew supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions about WhatsApp Business Management

How is WhatsApp Business Management different from business management?

WhatsApp Business Management means conducting and overseeing business operations right from selling, communicating, providing customer support, introducing new products, etc through business accounts. On the other hand, business management is taking care of overall business activities apart from social media platforms.

How can we effectively manage the business on WhatsApp?

All you need is a WhatsApp Business Account. After that, leverage different tools and features that the OBA (Official Business Account) and business account offers, such as catalog, broadcast messages, etc. To stay hands on, you must also use WhatsApp Business Management tools like Statusbrew.

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