How To Use WhatsApp To Boost Sales?

Jan 4, 2023 7 min read

There are over 2 billion WhatsApp users around the globe. Over 100 billion messages are exchanged on WhatsApp every single day. It means most of your present and potential customers are on the application. So, it is high time for businesses to build an appealing presence on WhatsApp to boost sales.

Whether you are looking forward to building a new customer base or you want to promote, and spread brand awareness, WhatsApp is the right platform for you.

WhatsApp for Business has some innovative features such as quick replies, auto-replies, list messages, broadcast lists, etc. These features help simplify the process of WhatsApp Business Management.

Using the above features, you can promote products, run exciting WhatsApp marketing campaigns, provide quick customer service, immediately reply to customer feedback, etc. However, when it comes to boosting sales through WhatsApp, one must take some important points into consideration.

We will talk about ways to use WhatsApp for sales, but before going into detail, let us first see the blog overview.

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Benefits Of Using WhatsApp For Sales

There are ample reasons behind using WhatsApp for sales. Let us see each one of them.

  • Change In Consumers’ Online Behavior: The onset of the pandemic has brought a drastic change in the way consumers approach businesses. The people resorted to excessive buying and selling things online. Now, customers look for quick online engagement with businesses.

    So, as a business, you must do what your customers want. You must be present where your customers already are. If figures are to be considered, then WhatsApp is the clear winner among other platforms to be used for sales, as most of the global population uses it. It is crucial to have an appealing brand presence to attract maximum eyeballs on WhatsApp for increasing sales.

  • Quick and Convenient: As of 2022, WhatsApp has gained the third rank after Facebook and Youtube in the category of most popular social networking platforms. The reason is that WhatsApp is quick, handy, and easy to use. It enables formal and informal interactions in a few clicks. The messages can be sent to multiple customers simultaneously on a WhatsApp broadcast, building strong, individual customer relations.


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  • Local and International Reach: Businesses can cast their net wider than they think through WhatsApp. All you need is the WhatsApp contact numbers of your consumers and send creative messages to promote offers, discounts, the launch of new products, etc.

  • Speed: You can send your messages to a broader audience within seconds. The messages drafted on WhatsApp are short, to the point, and reach faster. Also, it allows you to use rich media like GIFs, images, voice messages, documents, videos, etc.

How To Use WhatsApp To Boost Sales?

Let us see the strategies by which businesses can use WhatsApp to boost their sales.

Create A WhatsApp Business Profile

If you have never had a WhatsApp Business Account, you must first download the application and create a business profile. If you own a start-up and have to manage customers, and clients in fewer numbers, then go for WhatsApp Business Application.

If you are a medium-sized or established business owner, go for WhatsApp Business API. For effective management of WhatsApp Business API, use intelligent tool like Statusbrew, the top-ranking SMM tool in the industry.

It allows you to integrate WhatsApp and other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google My Business. You can manage all business social profiles on a single dashboard, saving you the hassle of logging into multiple applications all at once.

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Use A Separate Business Number

It may sound obvious, but this is an important step. Using a personal WhatsApp number will also impact the business, and people may not trust the business. Also, it will mess up your personal life. So, to avoid any confusion, have a contact number dedicated only to your business.

Upload Your Brand’s Logo As A Display Picture

Bring professionalism into your WhatsApp Business Account. Use your logo in the display picture. It is recommended not to add your photo. Your customers should know you by your brand and its services and products. Apart from the logo, you can also use your tagline or punch line to present yourself well to the current and target customers.

Exhibit Your Products, Prices, Description

WhatsApp for Business is just like a shop in the hands of your customers. Your business will go along with your customers. So, make sure to showcase your products in the Catalog feature of WhatsApp for Business. You can upload around 500 items in your Catalog.

Give a brief description of the products, add prices for each item, and your online shop is ready to be served. The Catalog feature is an excellent relief for businesses as it saves them the hassle of sending links to each product, describing them individually, and carrying out all this repetitively.

The significant part is you can also group similar items/products in one Catalog. Just be aware of the limitations and the items that cannot be added as per WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy.

Keep Updating Your Catalog

Your current customers and those who you are about to target should not go away disappointed. Your Catalog should have the new inventory, or the offers that you are already talking about on other social media platforms. Remember, customers want solutions to their problems quickly.

If they had to wait for you to show what’s new in the shop, you might lose a conversion. So, keep updating your WhatsApp Catalog. Here's how you can add products and services to your Catalog.

Apart from the Catalog, you can also use ‘WhatsApp Status.’Add your products to your status, create a sense of scarcity, be authentic in your approach and increase sales.

Notify Customers On A Timely Basis

To increase sales, you must keep tapping on your customers. Keep them updated with new offers, discounts, launches, etc. You can do this by using the smart tools and features of WhatsApp for Business. Read here to learn the ways to use WhatsApp for Business.

Promote Services Through Exciting Offers

Broadcast messages are another feature that will bring great results for your business. The feature allows you to send messages to all your customers in no time. Conveniently you can reach maximum people. This feature helps you save time and energy; hence you can devote time to other important business tasks.

Maintain Healthy Customer Relations

Building a strong bond with customers stands at the top of the list for enhancing sales. WhatsApp is one such channel that gives you the freedom to interact one on one with your customers.

It provides you with that personal space with customers, which is a boon for growing businesses. WhatsApp has some interactive button features, such as.

  • List Messages: These messages provide recipients with 10 options from which they can choose and interact with the business.
  • Reply Buttons: These messages include three options which are buttons.


  • Single Product Messages: These include a single product from the business's inventory.


  • Multi-Product Messages: These messages include up to 30 products/items.


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Through these features, you can communicate with your customers in a personalized manner, therefore making the best use of WhatsApp for sales and WhatsApp business management.

Click here to learn some ways to use WhatsApp for excellent customer service.

Run Click-Through Interactive Campaigns

Running WhatsApp campaigns is a novel way to keep customers in a loop if they are inactive. Netflix carried out a campaign on WhatsApp and named it “I am in.” The goal was to bring back those customers who had unsubscribed from their channel. The campaign was successful in getting back their lost customers.

It is a brilliant way to address concerns regarding your business products and services. Carrying out promotional activities can help in making better use of WhatsApp for amplifying sales.

Some of the greatest brands, such as Hellmann, Lenskart, ADAC, etc., shifted to WhatsApp for conducting promotional campaigns. Here is an interesting read on how they benefited from running WhatsApp campaigns. Read more to know about the WhatsApp use cases for increasing sales.

Do Not Forget About QR Code

The less cumbersome buying and selling processes are, the more the chances of customers converting into leads. So, to make the buying funnel smooth, businesses can use QR codes to their advantage.


QR codes are an easy way to enter the doors of your business. So, your prime duty is to provide customers with easy access to your business. To do this, place your QR code on all promotional messages and adverts. It will help businesses use WhatsApp for sales enhancement.

Wrap Up!

WhatsApp is the platform that gives businesses the flexibility to draft a message per individual customers' requirements. It allows you to interact in a more personal manner. When the messages are personalized, customers feel special and involved.

For big brands and businesses running on a wider scale, using a smart tool would be a wise suggestion. A robust, simple, and comprehensive tool like Statusbrew will take your frustration away as it will bring all your notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, GMB, Instagram, and Linkedin. The WhatsApp integration with Statusbrew will help you in sharing Catalogs at scale, automate the notifications, send campaign messages in bulk at once, automate customer sales through chatbot, etc.

Imagine the relief you will get and the time you will save by not jumping from one social platform to another to see updates on socials.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about WhatsApp Business tips, and tools.

How can I use WhatsApp effectively for business activities?

Use the features that WhatsApp business applications and WhatsApp Business API has provided. Be proactive, reply to customer queries immediately, use WhatsApp chatbots to enhance the pace of your work.

Can I use WhatsApp status to boost sales?

Yes, WhatsApp Status is a great feature. You can use it to give instant updates about new products, services, discounts, offers, etc. Since the Status lasts for 24-hours, you can use it to create a sense of scarcity, hence, boost WhatsApp sales.

How effective is WhatsApp for increasing sales?

WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messaging application. Also, there are over 2 Billion people using WhatsApp, which makes it an ideal and an effective platform to sell and promote your services.

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