How To Use Twitter Spaces To Boost Your Business

Apr 28, 2022 7 min read

With Twitter Spaces, users can create audio conversation Spaces with their followers.

In fact, it is believed that the Twitter Spaces format was already expected. After all, the public's interest in audio content, like podcasts, has increased a lot in recent years.

You can take advantage of all the benefits of this audio format on Twitter and engage your followers in an interactive way.

Earlier, Clubhouse gave us a glimpse of what was to come as an audio conversation app. However, it wasn't available to everyone to use. This is where the innovation provided by Twitter has filled the gap and excited the social network's users.

If you want to learn what are Twitter Spaces, how it works, and how to take advantage of this Twitter feature to boost your brand on this social network, keep reading this blog!

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What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a new feature on Twitter to have live audio conversations.

Twitter Spaces were announced in December 2020. They were initially launched as a beta version for selected individuals to test. After that, Twitter added the ability for accounts with 600 or more followers to host Spaces.

And now, anyone can start and host Twitter Spaces; there is no minimum following required. In fact, someone who's not on Twitter can also listen to the conversion happening using the Space link. However, they won't be able to join the discussions.

Benefits Of Using Twitter Spaces

Right now, one of the most significant advantages of using Twitter Spaces is that your audience is already there. Hence, you don't need to build an audience from scratch and then invite them to enter your Space to learn about your business. Here are some other advantages of the tool:

Twitter's Audience Is Huge

Twitter has billions of accounts, but about 363 million are monthly active users.

An average of 66% of these users access Twitter every week. However, 46% consume content daily on the network on average.

The most interesting fact here is that a study suggested that about 44% of Twitter users form a silent but attentive audience.

They observe everything happening on the platform without ever posting a single tweet. Now, you might know the potential for gaining leads and potential customers on this social network.

What Are Twitter Spaces

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Greater Engagement With Followers

Twitter users are already used to seeing and interacting with tweets, ads, videos, and fleets promoting active brands.

In fact, Twitter even honored major brands for using their reach on the platform to make a positive impact on their followers in 2020.

Because of these reasons, Twitter Spaces created by brands and businesses are usually well accepted.

More Visibility

A purple icon is displayed at the top of the screen to all followers once a profile starts using Twitter Spaces. And, there's no way that it will go unnoticed by anyone active on the platform.

So, all events created by your brand's profile will gain visibility and greater reach with the possibility that your followers will share the Twitter Space's link.

What Are Twitter Spaces

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Easy To Use

Since the Twitter Spaces icon appears at the top of the home screen, any of your followers can see the activity in progress. The room gets open as soon as they click on the profile.

The layout of Twitter Spaces is clear and intuitive. It directs the user to participate in the conversation in some way or the other, either by asking to speak or by selecting one of the reaction buttons.

Who Can Join Twitter Space?

Whether they are on the app or the web version, any Twitter user can join a Twitter Space.

What Are Twitter Spaces

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All Twitter Spaces are public. This means that you don't have to follow a person to join a Space they are hosting. On the other hand, Ticketed Spaces have a limited number of attendees. It also requires listeners to buy a ticket to join.

You will have to use the Twitter app if you would like to raise your hand to ask a question to the host or contribute to the discussion. This is because Twitter's web version only supports listening to Spaces.

If someone isn't a Twitter user but wishes to listen, they can join a Twitter Space on the web if they have a direct link to that Space. But they won't be able to take part in the discussion.

Who Can Host A Twitter Space?

Previously, anyone required atleast 600 followers to host a Twitter Space. But, in October 2021, Twitter announced that everyone on Android and iOS would be able to host a Space.

So now you don't need a minimum follower count to host a Space on Twitter. But since the web browser does not support hosting, you need to use the Twitter app.

Hosts of Twitter Spaces also have the ability to make their listeners co-hosts or speakers. This gives the listeners more opportunity to participate than being ordinary listeners.

A Twitter Space can have up to 13 speakers, including two co-hosts and the host.

Co-hosts have admin rights in the Twitter Space. They have the ability to invite others to become speakers, remove participants, edit the Space name, manage speaker requests, mute all speakers and manage pinned tweets.

But they can't end the Space or add or remove other co-hosts.

The main host also has the ability to transfer primary hosting to the co-host. If the primary host leaves the Space, the co-host that was added first obtains primary admin rights.

How To Start Twitter Spaces?

Step 1: Tap on the "+" floating button at the bottom right.
Step 2: Tap on "Spaces" from the available options.
Step 3: Enter a name for the Space.
Step 4: Tap "Add Topics" to select topics. You can pick up to 3 topics to help others discover your Twitter Space.
Step 5: You can also choose to record the Space by toggling the "Record Space" options so others can tune in later.
Step 6: Tap the "Start your Space" button to start a Twitter Space.

How To Start Twitter Spaces

How To Join Twitter Spaces From Mobile Devices?

Here's how to join Twitter Space from your Android or iPhone device:

Step 1: When you open your Twitter app, you will be able to see if someone has started a Twitter Space at the top of your timeline, next to Fleets.
Step 2: Tap on the profile of the user.
Step 3: Tap "Join this Space." Now, yu will get added to Space.
Step 4: You can request mic access from the host whenever you want to speak.
Step 5: Your mic will be turned on after the host accepts your request.

How To Join Twitter Spaces From Mobile Devices

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How To Join A Twitter Space On PC?

To join a Twitter Space on PC, users rely on someone sharing a link to the Space. The host can send a link to the Space by invitation, with a tweet, or with a DM link.

Twitter allows the host to invite users when setting up the Space. The host can tap on "Share with a tweet" to share the Space link in a tweet after the Space has started.

To share a link for the Twitter Space with individual users, the host should tap the Share icon at the top of the window and select Invite via DM, Copy link, Share via. (options) after Space has started.

If the host sends anyone an invitation or a DM, they should look for it in the Messages tab. By clicking on the invitation, they can join the Twitter Space on PC. Likewise, users can join a Twitter Space on PC by tapping a shared link or the link in a tweet.

How To Join A Twitter Space On PC

How To Schedule Twitter Spaces?

Twitter allows you to schedule spaces while creating them. Here's how to schedule Twitter Spaces:

Step 1: Tap on the "+" floating button at the bottom right.
Step 2: Tap on "Spaces" from the available options.
Step 3: Enter a name for the Space.
Step 4: Tap "Add Topics" to select topics.
Step 5: You can also choose to record the Space by toggling the "Record Space" options so others can tune in later.
Step 6: Tap on the calendar icon beside the "Start your Space" button.
Step 7: Select the appropriate date and time to schedule your Twitter Space.
Step 8: Tap on "Next."

Your Twitter Space is scheduled now!

How To Schedule Twitter Spaces

How To Pin A Tweet In A Twitter Space?

You can pin content in the form of tweets inside Twitter Spaces to the top of the live Space. Pinning a tweet in a Twitter Space allows you to highlight content for other speakers and listeners within the Space.

If more than one tweet is pinned to the top of a Twitter Space, participants of the Space can see all the tweets by swiping to the left and right.

Since anyone can't be a host or speaker of Twitter Spaces in a web browser, they must be using a Twitter app on mobile devices to pin a tweet in Twitter Space.

Only the Twitter Space's host, co-host, or speaker can pin a tweet within a Twitter Space. You should request permission to speak first if you want to share a tweet.

Tap Request at the bottom left of the Twitter Space window. After the host approves your request, you will see the icon change to mic is off. Now you can pin a tweet.

Step 1: Tap anywhere in the Twitter app outside the Twitter Space window.
Step 2: The Twitter Space will minimize at the bottom of the screen.
Step 3: Find the tweet you wish to pin.
Step 4: Tap the tweet's Share icon (the upward arrow) .
Step 5: Tap the name of the Twitter Space you want to pin it to in the pop-up window.

How To Pin A Tweet In A Twitter Space

Image Source: Twitter

How To Download Twitter Space Audio?

As a host of a Twitter Space, you can retrieve a copy of your Space recording from your Twitter data archive. This has to be done within 30 days of the original broadcast date. The copy can be retrieved as a .ts file that you can then convert into an audio file such as .mp3 or .wav.

Currently, Twitter does not support downloading a Spaces recording directly to your device as an audio file.

The ability to record Twitter Spaces is available to hosts on Android & iOS. However, anyone can listen to a Twitter Space recording on the web, iOS, and Android.

You can download a Twitter Space recording from your Twitter data archive from both the app and web browser. Here's how to download Twitter space audio:

Step 1: Locate Twitter in a web browser.
Step 2: Click "More" from the left side menu.
Step 3: From the menu that opens up, click "Settings and privacy."
Step 4: Select "Your account."
Step 5: Click "Download an archive of your data."
Step 6: From that point, Twitter may ask you to re-login to your account.
Step 7: Under Twitter data, click the "Request archive" button.
Step 8: Twitter will notify you once your file download is completed.
Step 9: Once downloading has been completed, open the .zip file and navigate to data > spaces_media.

How To Download Twitter Space Audio

How Can Brands Use Twitter Spaces?

Active social media platforms like Twitter can not only be used to advertise but also to interact with the brands' customers. Twitter also offers the perfect environment for this conversation.

Obtain Customer Feedback

If you understand what the consumer thinks about your product and services, you can adjust your offers accordingly.

Thus, by making efforts to satisfy your customer's needs, you can attract your audience's attention and be remembered and recommended as a brand.

Twitter Spaces gives a voice to your customers to give feedback about your brand and its product and services.

Host A Q&A With Experts

Customers with busy routines are always in a hurry to get answers to their questions about brands, products, and services.

Hence, one of the best ways to use Twitter Spaces to grow your brand is to give the opportunity to your customers to ask questions. Almost every customer tries to talk to a brand to get their questions answered. It's even more annoying for customers if they have to settle for a recorded message.

How Can Brands Use Twitter Spaces

Image Source: Twitter

Parallel to this, customers feel they are being heard when a brand specialist answers their questions. Twitter Spaces has the grounds to provide this satisfaction to your customers.

On the other hand, it's possible to create a partnership or collaborate with a celebrity to promote your brand or launch a product on Twitter Spaces.

Real-time Coverage

Lately, sports channels are using Twitter Spaces in a very clever way. They use it to cover play-by-play in real-time. This audio roundtable connects followers to the account's host without a doubt.

In a similar manner, a digital business can easily create opportunities to interact with its customers and audience at an event of interest to its followers.

Such conversations can indeed encourage the participants to share their thoughts and opinions. As a result, brands can learn more about their audience's needs through Twitter Spaces.

How Can Brands Use Twitter Spaces

Image Source: Twitter

Creating Brand Awareness During Launches

Creating brand awareness or brand recognition has always been important to brands, especially at the times of product or service launches. This is because your competition and the amount of information that your audience receives have increased drastically.

Knowing how to use Twitter Spaces provides your audience with a chance to learn about your brand and share their thoughts on what you have to offer. Hence, it's possible that customers will refer your products or services to others as a point of reference.

Open An Avenue For Interaction

Twitter Spaces has expanded the possibility for a brand to present itself in front of its audience. It certainly opens a virtual communication channel, where the brand can inform, entertain, and captivate its audience; and also listen to and meet their needs.

It also enhances the reach that a brand can achieve through the social network. However, it's essential that brands learns about all the features and possibilities to use it in the best way possible.

Organize Contests With Your Audience

Twitter Spaces can be an excellent ally if your brand is launching a product or service. In fact, this feature allows you to play games with your followers, just like a talk show.

This way, you can organize exciting giveaways with your followers and promote your product to those interested who have been attracted to your Twitter Space.

Get Started With Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are a great way to dip your toe in the social audio phenomenon.

It's a popular platform with a large audience base. The public nature of Twitter Spaces makes it easy to join in and listen to others.

Now that you understand the benefits of using Twitter Spaces for your brand and how to use it, try it out! We would love to hear about your experience!

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