Twitter Explores New Tweet Subscription Options

Feb 10, 2021 1 min read

Twitter appears to be exploring new ways to maximize its revenue opportunities.

The social media giant is testing new subscription models and revenue options to reduce the dependency on ads. The new model also aims at providing an incentive to keep top users tweeting more often.

As per Bloomberg:

"Twitter's considering "tipping," or the ability for users to pay the people they follow for exclusive content. Other possible ways to generate recurring revenue include charging for the use of services like Tweetdeck or advanced user features like "undo send" or profile-customization options."

Last year, Twitter sent out a survey to a limited user set. The survey asked them about a range of potential options that they might be willing to pay for in the Twitter app.

These ideas have been in discussion for some time and now appear to be gaining momentum once again.

Twitter's quarterly numbers haven't been solid since the last few quarters, and the Q4 numbers, which are due this week, are expected to be on the same trajectory.

So we could see an announcement regarding the same in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, Twitter's also exploring a paid, ad-free option, like YouTube, and subscriptions for a higher quality video, which would generate some interest from users.

But at this point, it's hard to say whether people would be ready to pay what Twitter would be asking them to pay. And whether such a model would be sustainable or not.

Shivam Devgan

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