15+ TikTok Videos Ideas To Go Viral In 2024

Jul 20, 2023 9 min read

Imagine the rush of adrenaline as your follower count skyrockets, your notifications explode, and your videos become the talk of the town. Whether you're a seasoned TikToker looking to up your game or a newbie hoping to make a splash - the thirst for going viral never really subsides.

From hilarious lip-syncs to jaw-dropping challenges and good ol' dance videos - we have seen it all on TikTok, and honestly... TikTok algorithms have moved on from this phase. If you want to go viral doing these on TikTok in 2024, then these ideas aren't going to work anymore!

That's why, today, we are going to introduce you to TikTok video ideas to go viral in 2024 - that works!

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Best Viral TikTok Video Ideas 2024

Day After Day Series

Create a series of videos where you showcase your daily activities, challenges, or progress on a specific project. By documenting your journey and sharing it with your audience, you create anticipation and a sense of connection. People love following along and seeing the progress you make over time.

Whether it's showcasing your morning routine, trying new recipes, or sharing your workout routine, viewers love consistent content. Make it engaging by adding a unique twist to each theme, such as "Taco Tuesday Taste Test" or "Fashion Friday Outfit of the Day."

In order to ensure a consistent presence on TikTok, posting at least twice every day is a must - but given your hectic schedule, it can surely become a hit or miss game pretty soon. What’s the solution, then? A TikTok post planner and scheduler - yes, that exists!

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Schedule Your First TikTok

Find popular TikTok trends or challenges and put your own unique twist on them. Add your creativity, humor, or personal style to make your video stand out from the rest. By piggybacking off of trending content, you increase the chances of your video being discovered and shared by a wider audience.

For example, if there's a dance challenge going around, add your own creative moves or incorporate a unique prop. By building on what's already popular, you increase your chances of being discovered by viewers who are already engaged with the trend.

Say/Do Something Different Than Usual

Break away from the norm and surprise your viewers with something unexpected. It could be a unique talent, a bizarre experiment, or an unconventional perspective. By offering something out of the ordinary, you capture people's attention and intrigue, making them more likely to share your video with others. This can range from taste-testing bizarre food combinations to attempting outrageous stunts (safely, of course!).

Day in the Life

Take your viewers on a virtual journey through a typical day in your life. Showcasing interesting or relatable aspects of your routine can create a sense of authenticity and allow your audience to feel like they are experiencing it alongside you.


People enjoy peeping into others' lives, and sharing your daily experiences can help your video gain virality. Whether you're a student, professional, or artist, share your experiences and give insights into your routine. Be authentic and relatable, and allow viewers to connect with you on a personal level.

How Did I Do ________

Choose a particular skill or challenge that you want to master and document your progress. Whether it's learning a new language, mastering a dance routine, or improving a specific talent, share your journey and seek feedback from your viewers. This interactive approach invites engagement and encourages people to follow your progress, increasing the likelihood of your video going viral.

Come to (Workplace) with Me

Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of your workplace, whether it's an office, a store, or a creative studio. Showcasing the behind the scenes, introducing colleagues, and sharing interesting aspects of your job can be fascinating for viewers. It allows them to experience something new and may inspire them in their own careers as well.

Best (Niche) Songs Playlist + Expressions/Lip Sync

Create a compilation of the best songs within a specific niche or genre, and demonstrate unique expressions or lip-syncing to accompany each song. This combination appeals to music lovers and provides an entertaining way to showcase your personality and style. Sharing a curated playlist adds value to your content and increases its shareability.

Unboxing Premium or Rarely Known Products


Unboxing videos have always been popular on social media. Select premium or lesser-known products within your niche and film the unboxing process while sharing your genuine reactions and opinions. This type of video taps into people's curiosity and desire for new and exciting experiences.

Highlight unique features, share your genuine reactions, and provide honest reviews. This type of content can attract attention from both product enthusiasts and curious viewers looking for something new.

High School/University Lifestyle Tips

Share valuable tips and advice on navigating high school or university life. Cover study strategies, time management, socializing, and self-care. Students are always seeking advice and guidance, and by providing helpful and relatable content, you can attract a large and engaged audience. Whether it's organizing your study space, managing stress, or navigating social situations, provide valuable insights that resonate with students.

All Things ASMR


Dive into the world of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and create soothing and relaxing videos that trigger pleasant sensations in viewers. Explore different ASMR triggers, such as whispering, tapping, or crinkling sounds, and pair them with visually appealing scenes. ASMR videos have a dedicated audience who actively seek out this type of content, making it highly shareable.

Gaming Videos + Your Face

Combine gameplay footage with a face cam overlay to create engaging gaming videos. People enjoy watching others play their favorite games, especially when they can see the player's reactions and expressions. Add humor, commentary, or unique challenges to make your gaming videos stand out and encourage viewers to share them.

How-To's and Demonstration Videos

Share your expertise by creating instructional or demonstration videos. Teach your viewers a new skill, share a useful life hack, or guide them through a step-by-step process. Offering valuable knowledge in an engaging and concise manner increases the likelihood of your video being shared among those seeking solutions or new skills.

Writing on Paper Videos


Film yourself writing or drawing on paper, whether it's calligraphy, doodles, or artistic illustrations. The visual appeal and the satisfaction of watching the creative process unfold can be mesmerizing. Use catchy music and time-lapse techniques to create captivating videos that people will want to share with others who appreciate art and creativity.

Unknown/Rarely Known Travel Facts/Hacks

Discover and share fascinating travel facts or lesser-known travel hacks. This could include hidden gems, historical trivia, budget travel tips, or unique cultural practices. People love to be amazed and learn something new, and by offering insider knowledge, you provide valuable content that viewers are likely to share with their friends and followers.

Daily Mini Vlogs

Capture snippets of your day and create a compilation of short and exciting moments. Mini vlogs are perfect for capturing attention in our fast-paced world, allowing viewers to experience the highlights of your day in a condensed and engaging format. Keep the content visually appealing and ensure each clip provides something interesting or entertaining.

Video Responses to Most Asked Questions


Compile a list of frequently asked questions from your viewers and create video responses. This interactive approach demonstrates that you value your audience's input and fosters a sense of community. By addressing common inquiries in a video format, you offer valuable information while encouraging viewers to share your content with others seeking similar answers.

No Face, No Voice Vlogs

Take a unique approach by creating vlogs without showing your face or using your voice. Use creative visuals, text overlays, captions, or gestures to convey your message or tell your story. This style of video adds an air of mystery and allows viewers to interpret the content in their own way, sparking intrigue and encouraging sharing.

TikTok Hacks/Tips & Tricks

Share useful TikTok hacks, tips, and tricks that help users get the most out of the platform. These could include editing techniques, duet features, creative effects, or strategies for growing a following. By providing insider knowledge, you position yourself as an authority and resource within the TikTok community, increasing the chances of your content being shared widely.

Before-After Videos


Capture the transformation of a space, a project, or yourself in a before-and-after video. Whether it's a home renovation, a personal makeover, or a skill development journey, people love seeing progress and the final outcome. This type of video creates a sense of anticipation and satisfaction, making it highly shareable among those who appreciate transformations.

Story/Quotes on Video

Pair meaningful quotes or short stories with visually captivating scenes or animations. This combination evokes emotions and resonates with viewers. It's the perfect content to inspire, motivate, or uplift others, making it highly shareable among those seeking positivity or a meaningful message.

Create a Branded Filter/Music

Use TikTok's creative tools to design and share a branded filter or music. Whether it's a face filter that adds a unique twist to people's videos or a catchy original sound that users can incorporate into their content, creating a branded element encourages user engagement and promotes your videos through the association with your brand.

Take advantage of the popular songs on TikTok by pairing them with your original video sound. Use the lowest volume setting for the trending song, creating a background ambiance, and let your original sound take center stage. This unique approach captures people's attention as they hear something different while still engaging with familiar music trends. It adds a fresh twist to popular content, making it more likely to be shared and enjoyed by a wide audience.

Ready To Go Viral On TikTok?

While there's no guaranteed formula for viral success, by consistently producing compelling content and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and features on TikTok, you can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. Remember, patience and persistence are key, as it may take time to gain traction and build a loyal following. That's why it's important to tap into trends, create engaging and unique content, leverage TikTok's features effectively, and engage with your followers. Go ahead, and let your creativity shine through!

With Statusbrew, you can plan and schedule your TikTok videos in advance, ensuring that you engage your audience at the perfect time, all without any manual effort - no more last-minute posts. Try it out now and see the difference for yourself. Sign up for Statusbrew today!

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