21 Best TikTok Trends To Follow

Nov 20, 2023 9 min read

If there's one thing we all love and hate about TikTok, is that it never sleeps. Every new day calls for a new trend, and we go like... "Now, where did that come from?"

Be it the quirky dance challenges or the weirdest DIY ideas - there's no short of discovering the best TikTok trends. We get it - you are probably feeling all lost and confused - right?

But don't worry because we are here to help you discover the best TikTok trends that the platform has to offer in the last quarter of 2023!

What's a TikTok Trend?

TikTok trends are video formats, dance, hashtags, or even an original clip of a sound that goes viral. Till the time the trend remains in style, many creators try to enact it in their way to engage more with their followers.

Following the trend is very important for TikTok creators as they can create fresh and regular content consistently. Even small businesses also focus on trends to grow and spread their message to millions of users. In short, the TikTok trend has the ability to make you go viral. They also pave the structure of the content on the app.

How To Find A TikTok Trend?

If you are not used to TikTok, it can be difficult for you to discover the best TikTok trends. However, here are some ways you can streamline your TikTok search and look for trending TikTok videos!

There are two easy ways to discover popular trends on TikTok. The first way is to check out the 'Discover' page. Though the suggestions on the 'Discover' page are based on the videos you watch, you can search for popular and trending hashtags here.

The second way is to keep an eye on the 'For You' page. It is the homepage of TikTok, where several videos appear. The more you interact with these videos, the more suggestions you get to watch. The best way to find out trending videos on TikTok is to cultivate your 'For You' page.

Check out some of the best TikTok trends to follow:

1. "none of our business"

none of our business

Are you in the mood to make humorous and lighthearted TikTok videos? Well, then try out the 'none of our business' trend with your friends. You can do that very easily! Share your personal thoughts and use the voice-changing effect. Don't forget to put in animated text to make the video more funny!

2. "10 out of 10 but…"

10 out of 10 but…

If you are eager to make a trendy and relatable TikTok video, then nothing can be better than the hilarious "He's a 10 out of 10 but" trend. All you have to do is share your point of view about someone you had an encounter with! Make it lighthearted and funny, keeping it short and sweet. Use your front camera to record quickly. Just use your original sound and motion titles! You'll see your followers laughing loudly and following you!

3. Pronouncing Words Incorrectly


One of the most popular and latest trends of TikTok now is the "pronouncing words incorrectly audio" trend. You must have pronounced a word hilariously incorrectly, and your friends or family haven't forgotten it, right? Take the original video from Umgabi and explain which word haunts you and why. Don't forget to ask your followers and viewers to share their experiences as well! You can also use auto-captions and stickers to make your video more engaging!

4. Roman Empire

Roman Empire

The "Roman Empire" is a silly yet engaging trend! Just ask your husband or boyfriend about the Roman Empire and how frequently they think of them. Secretly record the answer, add captions, soft background music, and overlay text! That's it to rock on your TikTok timeline!

5. Zepotha Challenge

Roman Empire

Are you fond of vintage aesthetics? Do you love odd-school horror movies? Well, if your answer is yes, then the Zepotha 1987 challenge is for you! Do join in this trendy TikTok video creation. TikToker Emilyjeffri initiated this trend, and now it has gone viral. Many Tiktokers have been creating their own movie trailer with this challenge. However, initially, it was a Q&A where Emilyjeffri's followers had to answer what character she was looking like! You can also use a VHS filter and overlay text to make your vintage videos.

6. "If it's lovin' that you want" Dance Challenge

If it's lovin' that you want Dance Challenge

The 2005 hit of Rhianna, 'If it's lovin' that you want,' has made a wild card entry to 2023! Creators across TikTok is using this for dance challenge. You don't have to be a pro dancer to participate in this challenge. You can perform just for fun with this trending track!

7. Pet Spinning Challenge


This is an adorable challenge, and you can try it with your pets and kids! Here, you can show your viewers and followers your point of view when you spin your pet in a circle! All you have to do is get your pet, take your phone on your headband or shirt, and start spinning your pet! Do add music to this video to make it more engaging.

8. What Things Are Called


This is a more funny challenge, and you can involve your kids in this as well. In case your kids say certain things in a unique way, record what they are saying. Use the green screen effect to combine the clips and create a video that has the potential to go viral!

9. AI Filtered Slideshow

AI Filtered Slideshow

This trend has really gone viral, and you can try it out very easily! If you want to get professional photos without investing money or time, then this is surely for you. What the TikTok creators have been doing is uploading a selfie in an app and receiving many AI-generated shots! They turn these photos into a slide show video and upload it to TikTok. You can do it easily as well without any hustle!

10. "I got married in Italy" Audio Trend


While music and other stuff go viral, audio also goes viral, and 'I got married in Italy' deserves a special mention. Basically, a Kardashian meme video creator, cocodevile, is behind this viral clip! The video recreated The Kardashians, a popular TV series scene where a character called Kim exclaims how Kourtney copied her wedding in Italy. The main reason why this audio has gone viral is that creators are sharing their own experiences with best friends or siblings who have copied their wedding style! You can also try it in the same way with people whom you feel 'copied' you!

11. Attention Please! Pickpocket Audio

Attention Please! Pickpocket Audio

You can also try this trend where viral audio from a lady in Venice alerts tourists about pickpocketing. Many TikTok creators are using this Attenzione pickpocket audio to make meme videos with their pets, siblings, and partners. However, you can use this audio mix in all types of videos and go viral as well.

12. Taylor Swift Audio


Many TikTok creators are using songs of Taylor Swift to honor her Eras tour. This has become a viral trend where you can showcase anybody or anything. You can create one with your partner, pets, children! It's just that you have to highlight and show the love of your life!

13. Seven Dance Challenge


Although dance challenges are popular and can be witnessed frequently, they are always viral. But this challenge is a bit different! The TikTok creators are sharing their Seven Dance, which is not only fast-paced but also a 35-second K-pop dance. The dance pairs with Latto and Jung Kook soundtrack!

14. Beige Flag Meme


You must have heard about red flags! But did you expect to hear something like a "beige flag?" Well, this is a new trend that's viral on TikTok now! If your partner, parent, or someone close to you does things that are neither good nor bad but make you pause for some time, then this situation is called a "beige flag." Many TikTokers are using background music and animated text to share their partner's beige flag. You can also do that and ask your viewers or followers to relate to it!

15. 'I'm Just Ken' Dance Challenge

'I'm Just Ken' Dance Challenge

You must have heard Ryan Gosling's song "I'm Just Ken" song! It's a viral tune from Margot Robbie's Barbie movie and has been on the internet for quite a long time! However, Brookie and Jessie created the trend early with this song. Now, millions of creators use this track to dance. You can also try it, as it is as easy as any other dance challenge.

16. How I Spend My Day


One of the most trending and intriguing videos on TikTok is 'How I Spend My Day!' In this video, you can share your daily activities, at business or at home, and how you tackle them properly. You can also add ASMR sounds to make the video more interesting and satisfying. Though it might seem like daily vlogging, it's not only that. You can easily shoot a day candidly and add soothing music and headings to make the video better.

17. Justin Bieber Audio

Justin Bieber Audio

Unlike Pedro Pascal's video overlays, Justin Bieber has also become a trending hit. It's due to his low-key version of the song' Holy.' The audio of a line from the song is paired with Justin Bieber's singing overlay! You can also try this!

18. Skits


Skits are always trending and popular. They are short videos that entertain people. You can perform a skit, record it, and upload it on TikTok with proper music and other animations! Make it funny so that your followers can laugh or relate to it. You can choose relevant topics that any viewer can connect with very easily. Many TikTok creators have already gone viral for their humorous skits! Even businesses use skits as explainers and simplify a topic in an easy-to-understand way.

19. Age Filter

Age Filter

The age filter has been a viral trend for quite a long time. If you want to witness how you'll look when you are old, then this trend is just for you! You can tap on the filter and record yourself in that picture effect. This trend is very funny and all over the place.

20. Mimicking Pets


Like you can document a day in your life, you can do the same for your pets as well. Shoot their clips throughout the day and then merge them together. You can also add a voice clip or some entertaining music to it to make the video more cute. Many TikTok creators have already followed this trend, and you can be the next one!

21. Pedro Pascal Sandwich Meme


If you are not bothered by what's happening to you, then you can surely try this Pedro Pascal sandwich meme trend. Basically, a clip of Pedro Pascal had gone viral. He was seen having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but remained expressionless and unbothered while eating. So, many TikTok creators are using this trend to portray that they are also not bothered by what is happening to them!

Ready to Match Up to the Best TikTok Trends?

Whew! That was quite a list, huh?

We get it - the TikTok trends are evolving faster than ever, and it's truly hard to keep up. But we hope that our list of best TikTok trends gave you a cue to head start the last stretch of 2023.

Whether you are trying to grow your followers, entertain your audience, or promote your audience - there's always a trendy way to do things on TikTok.

So, why wait? Go ahead, pick a trend, and start TikTok-ing... till the next trend drops in!

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