5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2018

Nov 24, 2017 7 min read

We can see how Social Media has been emerging into the world of marketing for everyone since its inception. I have been writing a lot about how you can grow your personal brand and business on Social media with Social Media Marketing strategies on Statusbrew blog, but still, it’s mandatory for every one of us to go mainstream and educate ourselves with the Social Media Marketing trends for 2018.

Let’s dive in…

If you were to ask me to provide you with one important statistics to tell how important the online world is for your business, I might have said this to you, 71% of consumers and clients who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. (Source: Ambassador)

Anyway, 71% is a big number. You have to agree.

Accepting the fact that Social Media is the biggest communication arcade on the web, it is important to remember the past and get prepared for the future Social Media Marketing trends.


Though chatbots have been around since the inception of ELIZA in 1966, the advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence has skyrocketed this tech as a mainstream topic around the world in the last few years.

It created a huge bond between customer service agents and bots. Undoubtedly, it is going to be one of the hot-shot topics of Social Media Markeing trends for 2018.

AI has traveled a long journey to understand the requests, queries and needs of a customer. Sometimes customers cannot recognize that if they are communicating with a human or chatbot.

Chatbots will dominate all the social networks and messaging platforms. So? Be flexible to the next step.

“We're kind of already the White Pages of messaging apps. With now 20 million businesses actively responding to messages and 100,000 bots out there, we have a shot at becoming the Yellow Pages of messaging apps as well,” Facebook VP of Messenger David Marcus, told Marketing Land last week.

Why chatbots are important?

  • Chatbots won’t make you feel tired of waiting.
  • Chatbots can provide real-time customer data.
  • Chatbots won’t sleep.
  • Chatbots can reduce the response time customer service.
  • Chatbots can serve multiple customers at once.

2. Influencer Marketing will take a huge lead in Social Media Marketing

A Return on Relationship is the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship over time. This will demonstrate that the influencer is true to the brand, and this true relationship connection will pass through to the consumer. - Ted Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Innovators

The term ‘Influencer marketing’ gained a massive interest and attention worldwide, it increased its search to 90% since 2016 and it’s doubled in the first 10 months of 2017.

What marketers expect from 2018 is opening new doors for influencer marketing techniques because it’s proven that this type of marketing technique is working for each and every business due to the trust factor and authenticity it holds.

One of the major reasons for the success of Influencer marketing is the growth of Social Media. Social media influencers like Neal Schaffer, Shama Hyder, Sam Hurley and Joe Pulizzi are extremely doing well by educating their audience and engaging with them at every turn possible.


How Influencer marketing is going to be one of the Social Media Marketing trends in 2018? Let’s check a few key points:

  • The number of influencers on Social Media will increase.
  • The metrics will play a vital role, the measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the Return On Investment (ROI) will be keenly taken care.
  • Influencers will involve more into word-of-mouth strategies like affiliate and referral programs, advocacy and loyalty in order to drive more revenue.
  • Businesses will be cautious about “Fake Influencers” with paid followers.
  • Instagram will be one of the most popular networks for Influencer marketing, even now the worth of Influencer marketing is 1 billion dollars on Instagram.
  • Social Media Marketing tools will be a key source to find influencers.
  • The case study on Entrepreneur, states the undeniable need for B2B Influencer marketing.
  • The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines will play a major role in Influencer budget and prevent unfair business practices online.

Bonus: A complete guide to Influencer marketing and an effective tool to find influencers.

Top Benefits of Influencer marketing

report linqia
(Source: Linqia)

3. Video content marketing is the next level


Video content is expected to be responsible for 74% of the entire internet traffic by the end of 2017. (Source: KPCB)

What does it say to your future content marketing strategy?

Social Media Marketing in 2018 will be more about social audience engagement than just advertising. Video marketing will play a next level role in the Social Media Marketing trends for 2018.

Videos will gain more attention than any other form of content on the Social Media platforms because all the major social networks have started supporting video formats and applied various features to make them attractive. Videos are everywhere.

I mean, everywhere...

Check the list of video trends for 2018-

#Live Video Streaming

Since 2016, Live video streaming has been building its place on the To-Do lists of many recognized brands.

Starbucks never held back in adopting the latest trends and getting people mad by smartly implementing brand awareness strategies.

Real-time experience is one of the best ways to communicate ideas, share news and build the audience more organically.

Future is always predicted in Social Media Marketing.

#Square shaped videos on major platforms

Social networks made us think vertical by changing the various aspects of video formats.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are consistently trying to provide better video experience to their users. In some cases, square-shaped videos got 30-35% more engagement than any other type of videos on these platforms.

Mobile content is consumed very efficiently lately, this is one of the reasons that square shaped videos will dominate the future.

For example, Facebook alone now hosts 1.09 billion daily mobile users according to VentureBeat, it clearly defines that 92% of the Facebook users access it via mobile. It gives a golden opportunity for many to redesign their sales-conversion funnel.

#Super strong CTA with Social videos

In order to follow the rules of social media conversion funnel, CTA plays a major role in acquiring customers for the business. Here, Social videos on YouTube and other social networks can be a perfect place to focus on.

While educating your audience through E-learning or How-To videos on various channels, will definitely create a strong place to fit your CTA.

According to Retailtouchpoints, customers are willing to watch videos 60% of the time they found, and 52% of the customers are less likely to ask for a refund after watching the product video.

Amazing stats, right?

Let's look at this Social video by Statusbrew on YouTube

4. Social Media Marketing Tools For 2018

The world is getting social and you should be too

There’s no way you can ignore the fact that Social media management tools will get outdated especially looking into the highly evolving Social Network usage around the globe.

It becomes mandatory for your business to send out social media posts in the mornings, evenings and even at 3 A.Ms because you create great content, funny GIFs, high-quality infographics and more for your audience.

And also managing and engaging with the audience at the same pace is vital for your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Publishing content and managing audience at the same time can enhance your business’ organic audience reach.

Not many aspiring marketers have given a shot to this fact but 2018 will not be easy without getting into Social Media Management tools and embrace their benefits.

List of 10 Social Media Management tools recommended for you:

  1. Statusbrew
  2. Buffer
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Agora pulse
  6. Sendible
  7. CoSchedule
  8. Crowdfire
  9. Edgar
  10. SocialOomph

Social Media Management tools come in all shapes and sizes, here you get the responsibility to choose the right one for your business social goals.

Bonus: Statusbrew is a Social Media Marketing tool for your business growth. Now it's easy for you to schedule and publish your content, and engage with your audience, find potential customers and influencers, all from one dashboard. Click here sign up and ask for a free trial.

If you find your favorite tool is on the list then grab your Social Media Marketing strategies and do it right. Now!

5. Brand Participation in Messaging platforms

There is a 3 out of 4 chance that smartphone users are having messaging apps for their convenient personal conversations or in groups.

Businesses and brands are thinking of reaching their personal audience through the mobile messaging platforms. This can give businesses a huge opportunity to gain their audience attraction way more personally than Social Media.

However, this marketing strategy hasn’t been adopted as a mainstream strategy by many but 2018 is predicted to be a kickstart year for a large number of recognized businesses and brands.

Businesses and brands are tactically developing the chatbot technology in order to meet the future marketing trends.

Messaging apps are gaining more traction than Social Media when it comes to building personal connections.

WhatsApp Status, a feature launched by WhatsApp which is similar to Snapchat and Instagram story, accumulated 175 million daily users within 3 months of its launch. It took 9 months for Instagram to reach 200 million users.

It states that messaging apps have the potential to target more customers than Social Media, which will definitely a topic to talk about in Social Media Marketing trends.

Goibibo is a travel based app, which is enormously gaining the attention of their loyal users by providing customer support and ticket details via WhatsApp.

goibibo on whatsapp
(Goibibo on WhatsApp)

List of most used Messaging platforms

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Wechat
  • Viber
  • Kik
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Line
  • Telegram

These messaging platforms have become a major part of people's daily routine. There's no surprise in accepting the fact that businesses are going to alter their marketing techniques.

Eager to know from you

With each and every year, Social Media Marketing trends are consistently accelerating and getting stronger.

How are you preparing to boost your business right after your New year party? I am eagerly waiting for your answer in the comment section below.

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