Optimal Posting Practices For Facebook & Twitter In 2021

Jan 19, 2021 2 min read

The world of social media is a tough place to navigate. The platforms & their algorithms are always changing & it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends & recommendations.

To help you form a solid social strategy for 2021, here is a compilation of some current best practices for posting on two of the major social platforms, i.e., Facebook & Twitter.

These tips would help you fine-tune your approach & maximize your social performance in 2021.


Facebook in 2021 is still the most used social platform in the world. It provides unmatched reach for your brand messaging if you can get it right.

Facebook's News Feed algorithm, which decides the reach for all your posts, is comprised of these key elements:

Who posted it?

The algorithm determines how each user engages with a profile or person plays a role in determining reach.

When was it posted?
Time is of paramount importance, so you need to grab attention among the people who initially see it.

How likely each user will engage with it?

Facebook determine each users' engagement habits and optimizes its algorithm to maximize their specific behaviors.

Research shows that short text posts with 25 to 55 characters perform better apart from these technical considerations. Video is still the best performing post type & live videos see the most engagement.

Posts with images do better than plain text.

Posting frequency is still under debate as Facebook stresses that pages should not be overly concerned about over posting.

There's no downside to posting more often.


Twitter's algorithm is comparatively less sophisticated & influential as compared to Facebook's. The company suggests users follow a "three C's" approach for optimal tweeting.

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Conversational

You've got limited characters (280) to work with, so you need to be concise without losing clarity. And If you can prompt a discussion among your audience with your Tweets, you're nailing the "three C's" approach.

Tweets with video get maximum engagement, followed by tweets with GIFs, photos than plain text.

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