12 Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts in 2024

Apr 25, 2024 11 min read

The best marketing podcasts get me thinking, with hosts who are both fun and smart. So, I started by asking for recommendations and then dug into research.

After countless hours of listening to tons of podcasts, I found the ones I believe can benefit anyone from the marketing industry, be it content marketing tips, leadership, strategy building, advertising, or team building.

Here are my top 12 picks of marketing podcasts (including popular ones), guaranteed to make the hours you invest in them worthwhile. Also, they are not in any particular order.

"The Social Media Marketing" By Social Media Examiner

Host: Michael Stelzner, Frequency: Weekly

What Does It Offer

This podcast covers precisely what you need to know about different aspects of social media marketing. It includes insightful discussions on content marketing, influencer marketing, product marketing, email marketing, leads generation funnel, etc, that will truly inspire you.

What To Learn

While you can find a lot of topics of your preference in this podcast, my favorite episode is “Content Marketing Strategy in the Age of AI,” discussed with guest Robert Rose, renowned content strategist.

The reason I personally like this podcast is that it has given me great insights into how we can explore or revisit our content marketing strategy in the age of AI. I learned how created content and constructed content are two different concepts in marketing.

Robert Rose states how AI is good for constructed content (those that are already created) but not for created content (inventing). I could learn how content strategy is not a vision or tactic but a logical plan/ roadmap toward the goal.

It is all about how you are overarching a set of activities and planning and fitting it as a part of your business. To explain his thoughts, he also gave examples that make it even easier to understand.

Recommended Episode

“Content Marketing Strategy in the Age of AI”

"Social Pros Podcast" By Convince & Convert

Host: Leanna Pham and Sunny Hunt, Frequency: Weekly

What Does It Offer

Sponsored by digital marketing agency Convince and Convert, the Social Pros podcast will enlighten you with solid social media marketing strategies that you can implement as a corporate marketer.

With a successful 10 years of running, this podcast will have you taking notes, getting inspired, and dreaming big.

What To Learn

In this episode, “Why Social Needs A Seat At The Leadership Table,” featuring Fractional VP of Social Media at Social Proof Agency Robyn Nissim, I've gained invaluable insights by listening to her journey from working in-house to fractional roles.

I got to know about the significance of investing in social media and how Robyn's reflections on the shift towards a digital-first approach resonate deeply with me.

Her discussion with hosts Leanna Pham and guest co-host Sunny Hunt emphasizes the critical importance of metrics that matter, such as impressions and click-through rates, emphasizing the need for brands to align their strategies with the digital behaviors of their target audience.

I highly resonated with her views on cross-functional collaborations and strategic content planning for a cohesive approach to social media management.

Recommended Episode

“Why Social Needs A Seat At The Leadership Table”

"Marketing School" By Neil Patel And Eric Siu

Host: Neil Patel and Eric Siu, Frequency: Daily

What Does It Offer

If you're short on time, or if you prefer a podcast with minimal fluff, Marketing School offers bite-sized, no-nonsense episodes. Most of the episodes feature only the hosts, Neil Patel and Eric Siu, sharing actionable marketing tips in 10 minutes or less.

New episodes drop daily, so you'll have no shortage of ideas to bring to your next marketing brainstorming session.

What To Learn

Wherever I am on the go but still want to listen to something productive, this is the podcast I opt for. It covers a variety of topics, such as hiring practices, marketing and ad techniques, business strategies, branding, content creation, and more.

I would suggest listening to episode #2720, as it discusses the growth of ChatGPT and its impact on Google, as well as the increasing opportunities for content creators in the digital space.

I also learned the importance of prompt engineering for AI-generated content, the polarization of wealth in the creator economy, and the need for editing and detail-oriented work to stand out as a writer, along with 3 content marketing stats that will change how you create content.

Recommended Episode

“A lot of people no longer use Google; instead, they just turn to AI solutions like ChatGPT; Creators payouts grew 17% YoY, and 3 content marketing stats that will change how you create content”

"The GaryVee Audio Experience" By Gary Vaynerchuk

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk, Frequency: Daily

What Does It Offer

If you are up for truth bombs, then the podcast will help you learn a lot about business and entrepreneurial development, the impact of social media on business decisions, and the way you should approach and capitalize on social media in 2024.

What To Learn

If I have to describe my opinion of this podcast, I would say it's great for marketers just into the business. Gary shares his thoughts on social media, entrepreneurship, content marketing, and personal branding in such a conversational manner that you will hardly notice time has flown by.

What I like about the podcast “How to Dominate TikTok, Linkedin, Marketing and More” is that he shares one of the most important matters in the marketing industry, which is how to get your business through a recession and marketing advice for the year ahead.

I got great insights into the power of micro-branding and why it's critical to winning in 2024.

Besides that, he emphasizes the importance of supply and demand in business and how the combination of LinkedIn and Facebook will have enormous opportunities in the coming years and be great for brand-building exercises.

Recommended Episode

“How to Dominate TikTok, Linkedin, Marketing and More”

"Perpetual Traffic" By Kasim Aslam and Ralph Burns

Host: Kasim Aslam and Ralph Burns, Frequency: Twice weekly

What Does It Offer: From this podcast, you can expect to learn about the latest trends and best practices in paid social media advertising, action plans for growing traffic in online business, and generating leads and sales that will leave you in complete wonder.

What To Learn: If you are keen to learn about the latest advertising techniques, I recommend listening to the episode “What’s Working And What’s Not Now On Meta And Google Ads With Nick Miller.

In this episode, I learned everything about the dissection in the latest shifts in media buying strategies, the transition from Ad Set Optimization (ABO) to Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), practical tactics to leverage algorithms for improved campaign effectiveness, and much more.

Nick Miller discusses with the hosts the popular marketing myths that need to be busted and how to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace with the help of reputation management.

Recommended Episode

“What’s Working And What’s Not Now On Meta And Google Ads With Nick Miller”

"Online Marketing Made Easy" By Amy Porterfield

Host: Amy Porterfield, Frequency: Twice weekly

What Does It Offer

Amy Porterfield shares her life experiences in online marketing, including social media strategies, dos and don'ts, and what she did differently to get effective results using those techniques. Her podcast will surely help entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses using effective online marketing techniques.

What To Learn

While I have listened to most of the episodes of this podcast, my favorite one is “Secrets From A Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Team” because I could learn a great deal from Amy and the core 5 strategies her marketing team uses to continue to test and improve their methods in alignment with what's happening in the industry. These are the:

  • Mastering Data-driven refinement to increase creativity
  • Rinse and repeat method for revenue goals
  • 360 marketing mindset, which is not about promotion but about connection
  • Have a solid off-season strategy

The good part? These strategies are (as always) tried, proven successful, and completely applicable to small businesses and solopreneurs.

She advises you to build something you are proud of and let it shine through, focusing on establishing credibility rather than a sales pitch for conversions. Believe me—this episode is jam-packed with value no matter where you are in your journey!

Recommended Episode

“Secrets From A Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Team”

"Marketing Over Coffee" By John J. Wall

Host: John J. Wall, Frequency: Weekly

What Does It Offer: This casual, conversational podcast covers various marketing topics, including social media, SEO, email marketing, search marketing, multivariate testing, copywriting, and more.

What To Learn: Whenever I want to listen to something interactive, I tune in to this podcast. Sometime back, I was listening to the episode “Jenny Li Fowler On Organic Social Media Strategy” and got some really good inputs on how she progressed through her career from television journalism to State Farm to Boston and Harvard Kennedy School, finally transitioning to MIT.

She said her primary reason for writing her book on Organic Social Media Strategy was because she felt that there was a gap in the organic social media space. In her book, she points out that teams in organizations have a tendency to forget social media or take it seriously as they should.

She points out how social media is not always brought into strategy planning, so the social media manager is often left to figure things out themselves, and this book can guide them through it.

I also learned how we just can't replace or transition our target audience from one channel to the other. They have to be willing to move and adapt themselves. To explain this, she gives the example of Threads and how people are gradually transitioning to it every day.

Recommended Episode

“Jenny Li Fowler On Organic Social Media Strategy”

“The Content Callout” By Mark Raffan

Host: Mark Raffan, Frequency: Monthly

What Does It Offer

While very unfortunately, the Content Callout podcast won't have any further new episodes, I have kept it on the list because you can still learn a lot from its backlog of evergreen content.

The team from Content Callout talks with the industry’s top marketers about marketing strategy, tactics, social media, content, tips and tricks, and more.

What To Learn

Whenever I have writer’s block and feel out of strategies, I come back to this podcast to refresh my mind, and I am back on track in no time. Among all the episodes in this podcast, the one I like the most is “How To Use Psychology To Improve Content Quality With Camela Thompson, Episode #101.”

In this podcast, Camela Thompson, VP of Marketing at CaliberMind, explains how she has spent 15 years in revenue operations before proving herself as a customer-first growth marketer.

She emphasizes the importance of embracing web trackers and technology for tracking data, page visits, and bounce rates to make changes to content according.

I have also learned how, while writing content, it’s important to understand our prospect's needs and emotions associated with those needs and then create a content structure.

She advises recording and listening to sales calls to learn our prospects' pain points, asking questions, and analyzing how they speak about a particular product. Once you understand that, you should reflect those same feelings in the content you write.

Recommended Episode

“How To Use Psychology To Improve Content Quality With Camela Thompson, Episode #101”

"Market Your Genius" By Nikki Nash

Host: Nikki Nash, Frequency: Weekly

What Does It Offer

This podcast talks all about building and growing a profitable service-based business. Along with this, you get to know about strategies and insights on how to turn your passion and expertise into a profitable and sustainable business.

What To Learn

Market Your Genius is a podcast that covers everything from sales strategies to leadership to career growth. While there is no secret formula, Nikki Nash explains how to take your service-based business to the next level with each episode.

Besides listening to topics on building a high-performing marketing team, mapping out content plans in minutes, and getting booked on podcasts, my preferred episode is “How To Build Relationships That Grow Your Business.”

From this episode, I have learned how good marketing helps build relationships at scale, how angel investors and venture capitalists operate, and how important outreach and networking are.

It has helped me understand that when done incredibly well, outreach doesn't seem like outreaching at all and that you should always get to know your prospects, understand what they are looking for, and back up what you are providing.

Recommended Episode

“How To Build Relationships That Grow Your Business.”

"The HeyCreator Show" by Matt Ragland and Tim Forkin

Host: Matt Ragland and Tim Forkin, Frequency: Weekly

What Does It Offer

In this podcast, Tim and Matt have candid conversations with industry leaders who share real-world experiences on common misconceptions about using AI for writing, actionable tips while writing content, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and much more.

What To Learn

I have been following this podcast for quite some time, and recently, I was tuning into the episode on “Best Advice For New Creators.” What I liked and learned from this episode is that content creation as a profession has slowly started to be accepted and how budding creators like me can approach the same in the initial years.

According to Tim, you can either do it for fun or take it as a serious business and progress accordingly. While doing so, how to focus on a particular thing, topic, or platform at a time and not try to be everywhere at once.

Focus brings more success, and you should initially start creating content based on your expertise. And if you are creating content as a side hustle, repurpose it in such a manner that it serves the purpose of your audience on different platforms.

Recommended Episode

“Best Advice For New Creators”

"BS-Free Service Business Show" By Maggie Patterson

Host: Maggie Patterson, Frequency: Weekly

What Does It Offer

This podcast is for freelancers, creatives, and Agency Owners who want to learn to grow their businesses with integrity, authenticity, and bravery. It discusses and calls out non-essential and misleading parts of the business, like overpromising results or hiding the total cost of services or products.

Besides, you get to know the tips for maintaining a simple and sustainable business, myths of running a micro-agency, practical pricing advice for service business owners, and the power of retainer clients.

What To Learn

I personally like the podcast “The Real Cost Of Content Creation” as it gives me a very realistic idea of how much a content creation team, tools, and editing can cost and how much revenue can be generated from that.

As a content creator myself, I have learned how a single platform approach can initially help me grow my reach and the average time taken for ideation of podcasts, blogs, emails, Instagram reels, carousels, etc.

Maggie reveals what works for her content team and how much revenue she generates from that effort. According to her, she generates as much as $300 to $400 dollar per episode (team cost), and generates around $9000 to $12000 dollar from that effort.

A whooping profit! She also iterates that the tool costs will depend on what content you create, and her cumulative annual cost is around $27,684. She also emphasizes the need to know when to cut your losses as it costs precious time, money, and so much more.

Recommended Episode

“The Real Cost Of Content Creation”

"The Ahrefs Podcast" By Tim Soulo

Host: Tim Soulo, Frequency: Daily

What Does It Offer

I recently started listening to the Ahrefs podcast, which is on my preference list because of its comprehensiveness. Honestly, I learned a lot of new things, and what’s best is that Tim or any of the guest speakers he brings do not gate-keep. Most importantly, the conversation was very insightful and natural.

What To Learn

I like the particular episode “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets: How Laura Roeder Positioned Her Way To SaaS Gold Empire.” And if you are an entrepreneur, creator, business owner, or someone just into the industry, please listen to this episode. You will thank me later.

From running a brand-new SaaS ramp up to $1M ARR in just 11 months to discussing how Laura grew MeetEdgar, I got insider tips on how Ahrefs marketing operates. They both share what marketing tactics they follow for their company and whether those tactics still work.

Currently the CEO of Paperbell, Laura shares that to grow MeetEdge, she first built an audience and then the product through guest blogging, early podcast interviews, running Google ads for blogs, and offering shorter trial and referral schemes to customers.

She invested a lot of time and money in Facebook ads in the initial years and then started blogging to build up a library of good articles, having organic traffic to get a position at SERP.

I learned how good articles will fetch good results when properly optimized and that it's better to promote and put money on interesting articles than promote every other one.

Recommended Episode

“Million Dollar Marketing Secrets: How Laura Roeder Positioned Her Way To SaaS Gold Empire”

Closing Words

Listening to marketing podcasts is a great way to level up your skills and business. But don't just stick with the top-rated ones; try different podcasts (you can rely on our list) to find what clicks for you. There's a wealth of insights out there waiting that will leave you brimming with inspiration.

Also, consider checking out podcasts featuring industry experts you admire. Any other good ones I should know about?

Ahana Basu

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