Twitter Shares Tips On How To Improve Twitter Ads Approach

Jan 17, 2021 2 min read

If you're looking to grow your brand's Twitter presence in 2021, Twitter has shared some key tips on how you can improve your Twitter ads approach.

It's no secret that mastering Tweets does take some time.

Connecting with the right audience & showcasing your brand or products with the a sentence or two is a lot harder than it looks.

If you are struggling with Twitter ads for your brand, Twitter has a few tips from their internal ad specialists that'll help you get started with better ads.

The first tip revolves around Twitter's 'Three R's' methodology.

via Social Media Today

These three R's are more directed towards paid promotion & are pretty straightforward to follow for an effective ad strategy.

While analyzing any ad campaign, keep in mind whether you are generating a response from your audience, your content is relevant to your target audience & you are keeping it engaging and updated (fresh).

Following the Three R's, Twitter's next tip talks about the importance of creative elements.

"Campaigns that have strong, eye-catching creative with a clear call to action typically perform much better than those without."

This tip goes for pretty much everything; if you include a striking visual element, capturing the audience's attention is relatively easy.

Creating it would certainly not be easier by any means, but it's worth the time & efforts. Using apps such as Canva makes it a bit easier to create such elements, especially for novice creators.

Twitter ad specialists also stress that visuals play an essential role, especially in the 'Recency' element of the Three R's.

"Using 3-5 creatives with bright colors, show-stopping images, and interesting motion captures viewers' attention, and increases the chance of a successful serve."

You should actively look to refresh your visuals to maximize audience engagement.

Lastly, the ad team from Twitter also suggests trying out different CTAs in your Twitter ads to A/B test & measure response.

"Test more aggressive CTAs (e.g. 'Get a Quote,' 'Book Tickets' or 'Shop our Sale') against softer ones (e.g. 'Learn More')."

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