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Oct 30, 2023 6 min read

Ever found yourself scrolling through your Facebook page, watching the likes and engagement numbers rise, and thought, "Hmm, there's got to be a way to turn this into some cold, hard cash"? Well, you're not alone. After pouring in hours of work, creativity, and perhaps a meme (or ten), it's only natural to want to see some return on your effort. And guess what? Monetizing your Facebook page isn't as mystical as it might seem. In fact, with the right strategies and a pinch of patience, you can turn your audience's engagement into tangible dollars. Let me tell you how.

  1. Sell any products/services
  2. In-stream ads between videos
  3. Do affiliate marketing
  4. Do paid promotions
  5. Live stream monetization
  6. Build a brand
  7. Fan subscriptions for exclusive content

What Is Facebook Monetization?

Facebook Monetization is the process by which creators can earn money by placing ads in their videos, posts, or other content they share on Facebook. By doing this, creators who produce and share popular content receive compensation for their efforts and creativity after meeting certain guidelines.

Guidelines for Facebook Page Monetization

If you are wondering how to make money on Facebook, it's not possible without abiding by Facebook's content guidelines.

Non-Eligible Content Formats for Facebook Monetization

  • Static Image Polls
    The polls which are posted with no-motion images and have only one goal of increasing the Facebook page’s engagement.

  • Content with Ad Embeds
    The content which comes with already inserted manual pre-roll or post-roll ads and gives no scope to Facebook for running in-stream ads.

  • Image Slideshow
    The content which displays a group of images in consecutive order.

  • Text Montages
    The content that displays overlaid text on static images/moving images.

  • Looping Videos
    The content that displays or plays the same video in a loop for an extended time in the same video, such as boomerangs.

Non-Eligible Behaviors for Facebook Monetization

  • Giving Engagement Baits to the Audience
    When you incentivize people to click on a link or respond to a post through shares and comments.

  • Soliciting Engagement
    The content that asks for compensation from the audience in exchange for extreme behavior, like consumption of drugs or inedible substances and anything that is publicly inappropriate.

You can read more about the Facebook Content Guidelines here.

Requirements for Facebook Page Monetization

If you want to monetize Facebook page through subscriptions, you need at least 10,000+ followers or 250+ return viewers and any one of the following in the last 60 days, according to the Facebook monetization requirements:

  • 50,000 post engagements
  • 180,000 watch minutes
  • Your Facebook page should be at least 90 days old

How to Monetize Facebook Page?

1. Sell any products/services

Sell any products/services

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize your Facebook page. With Facebook Marketplace growing every day, you have a golden chance to showcase your offerings according to the preferences of your target audience. Whether you want to build your own brand from scratch or just want to resell some merchandise products, you can host live streams, share original product videos/images, and run Facebook ads to reach a wider audience.

2. In-stream ads between videos

It is probably one of Facebook’s favorite ways to monetize Facebook pages by placing short ads in between long videos. While Facebook earns money from the sponsors and ad conversions, you make money just by showing those ads to your audience.

But every Facebook page is not eligible for in-stream ads. To qualify, you need:

  • A Facebook page with at least 10,000+ followers
  • A Facebook page with at least five active videos
  • A total watch time of 600,000 minutes in the past 60 days

3. Do affiliate marketing

Do affiliate marketing

Building a brand surely is a lot of work and takes a certain time to show results. If you are looking for something that can generate revenue faster, go for affiliate marketing. But here are a few things to follow while doing it:

  • Do not be too salesy
  • Give transparent disclosure of affiliation to your audience
  • Choose products/services that are relevant to your niché

Such promotions are perfect for influencers to grow and monetize their Facebook pages because they involve a scope of collaborations and drive traffic/engagement to your page.

If you have just started, you can start with barter collaborations with other aspiring influencers like yourself without any financial incentives. When you see growth, you can get into paid collaborations with brands and can leverage your brand to earn money.

5. Live stream monetization


Live streams on Facebook pages can be monetized, too, if you have a dedicated audience base. This can work in two ways - first, by doing collaborative streaming, and second, by using Super Chats.

If you already have a dedicated and engaged audience base, there will surely be startups or aspiring influencers ready to pay you for an appearance in one of your Facebook page live streams as they can leverage your audience to promote their products or services.

Next up, Super Chats is a Facebook Live feature where your watchers can pay you in exchange for pinning or highlighting their comments in the first place. While it’s a great way for your audience to stand out from the crowd, it’s an incredible way for you to earn, too.

6. Build a brand

The next best thing you can do with your Facebook page is make it your brand. Earning money from a Facebook page for a while is easy - but if you want to pursue it long-term as your sole income source, making it into a brand is your best bet. How can you do that?

  • Build a rapport with your audience
  • Engage with your audience via reels/videos
  • Do not be salesy from the beginning
  • Focus on providing value to your audience
  • Take feedbacks and implement them

7. Fan subscriptions for exclusive content

Facebook creators can make money from fan subscriptions by offering exclusive content to their subscribers. Here's how it works:

  • Subscription Model: Creators can set up a monthly subscription fee for their fans. In exchange for this fee, subscribers get access to exclusive content and other special perks.

  • Exclusive Content: This is the main draw for many subscribers. Creators can provide exclusive videos, photos, posts, or any other form of content that isn't available to their regular followers. This could include behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, special Q&A sessions, and more.

  • Badges: Subscribers can receive special badges next to their names, indicating their supporter status. This not only makes them stand out in comments and chats but also encourages others to subscribe when they see the badge.

  • Connect Directly: Facebook allows creators to have a closer relationship with their subscribers by providing options for direct messaging. This enables creators to gather feedback, answer questions, or just engage more deeply with their most devoted fans.

  • Special Events: Some creators host exclusive live streams, chats, or events only for their subscribers, adding extra value to the subscription.

How to Check Your Eligibility for Facebook Page Monetization

  • Step 1: Visit Meta Business Suite from your desktop
  • Step 2: Click “Monetization” and check the overview of your Facebook page’s status
  • Step 3:Choose an eligible monetization tool and click “Set Up”
  • Step 4:Click the right arrow beside “Other Monetization Tools”
  • Step 5:Click “View Criteria” under each tool to check if you have met any

You can learn more about Facebook’s monetization policies from here.

Ready to Monetize Your Facebook Page?

So, now you know - monetizing your Facebook page is very easy - and, all you need is a bit of creativity and a great strategy. From affiliate marketing to live streaming monetization, there is a sea of opportunities waiting for you. At the end of the day, whatever you do, it should add value to your audience!


1. What does it mean to monetize my Facebook Page?

Monetizing your Facebook Page means using various features and strategies provided by Facebook to earn money from your content, such as ads, fan subscriptions, or collaborations with brands.

2. Is my Facebook Page eligible for monetization?

Not all pages are eligible. Facebook has specific criteria, like a minimum number of followers and engagement metrics, that your page must meet to be considered.

3. How do I start with Facebook Ad Breaks?

Facebook Ad Breaks allows you to insert short ads into your video content. To start, you must first check your eligibility in the Monetization Eligibility Checker. If eligible, you can set up ad placements in your video settings.

4. What are Facebook Stars and how do they work?

Facebook Stars is a feature where fans can buy and send "Stars" during live videos as a way to support creators. Every Star you receive translates into a monetary amount.

5. How do I track my earnings on Facebook?

You can track your earnings through the Facebook Creator Studio, which provides detailed insights into your revenue and performance.

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