How To Get 5-Star App Ratings In 2024

Oct 10, 2022 5 min read

Google features star ratings front and center across branded SERPs and even beyond. 48% of consumers won't even look twice at a business with less than 4-stars.

Google SERP ranking app ratings

Ratings can help your app earn trust from potential customers, boost conversions and improve local search rankings. And 5-star ratings are a great indicator that you are providing a quality product or service. The elusive five-star review is also something that you can proudly flaunt on your website.

But the high ranking of your app depends on a variety of factors. It takes time, patience, a proper understanding of your target audience, and much more to reach the apex position.

If you are looking to improve your app ranking and ultimately aiming to get 5-star app ratings, you should pay attention to the following factors:

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Build An App Which People Want

As rightly said by Paul Graham, founder of the best start-up incubator in the world, Y-Combinator, "make a product which people want." If you build an app nobody wants, then you are blindly hoping people to stick to your product and keep using it.

Your application has to be centered around a niche that can fulfill the users' needs. If you build an app that users cannot survive without using daily, you are on the right path to becoming a successful app developer.

Google measures how much time users spend daily on your app, the frequency of app usage, and a retention rate (that is, for every 100 users, how many do not uninstall your app). Google uses all of these factors to rank your app in search results.

Example of app that people want

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Take Care Of The App Size: The Smaller, The Better

Apps should strive to have a small size (preferably 5 MB or less) to gain 5-star app ratings. This will ensure that your app fits within the storage space available on your user's mobile devices.

Furthermore, the small size of your app will draw the attention of more users, not to forget that the Google algorithm will list your app among the top on its platform.

Focus On App Design

Considering the stiff competition in the market, app developers should come up with sassy and thrilling designs so as to remain relevant. The first impression of your app matters a lot to the user, as a sophisticated outlook will definitely attract more customers to your app.

App developers should have clear representations and specifications of what the app entails before designing an interactive app.

Example of app with good app design

Image Source: Dribble

Keep Maintaining And Updating Your App

Maintaining and updating your app is very important, especially to attain a 5-star rating. App developers should be urged to ensure that the app gets rid of any and all bugs at the earliest. Updates include adding more features and resolving issues on older versions of the app. App Stores appreciates developers who pay great attention to their user's complaints and address matters arising.

By updating the app on a regular basis, the developers get to win the hearts of more users. They get satisfied with the services offered. So working on this will definitely bring in a lot of stars for your app.

Testing For Success

Testing your app will ensure that you are constantly improving. It’s key to increasing downloads. Almost every single part of your Play Store or App Store presence can be tested and improved. Here are some key areas to look at when it comes to the Play Store or App Store testing strategy:

  • Keywords
  • App title and subtitle
  • Icon
  • Screenshots
  • Description
  • App logo
  • Determine how end users perceive your mobile app with usability testing
  • Test the speed and responsiveness of your app with performance testing

Monitor Reviews And Responses

Several experts have identified that most users rely on an app's reviews to choose which app to install. Your happy users are more likely to leave a rating, while unhappy users will drop a long review with a list of complaints. So for any app to attain good ratings, it should target more positive reviews. You need to adopt strategic ways to ask for reviews from your customers.

While acquiring customer reviews is important, it's even more important to respond to them (especially if they are negative ones). The quicker you respond to such reviews, the more chances you have of changing the sentiments of negative reviews.

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Review management tools like Statusbrew can help you manage reviews from different review sites. It allows you to filter and monitor reviews much more effectively.

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Here's how Statusbrew can help you to manage and monitor reviews:

  • Get back to your customers quickly by getting notified of all reviews.
  • Auto-assign reviews to specific team members for quick response.
  • Understand your customer's emotions at a scale using AI-powered sentiment analysis.
  • Automatically route reviews to a particular inbox/team member.
  • Keep track of customers posting reviews across platforms using inbuilt CRM.
  • Collaborate with your team members in real-time to handle customer queries quickly.
  • Mitigate compliance issues using no password sharing and controlled team member access.
  • Auto-hide spam and trolls comments across your social real estate.
  • Get in-depth brand reputation insights.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions on getting 5-star app ratings:

How do you get good app ratings?

Here are some tips to get good app ratings:

  • Ask at the right time.
  • Ask your happy customers to rate your app. For unhappy customers, resolve their issue and then ask them to drop ratings.
  • Provide flawless customer support.

Is there an app rated 5 stars?

Some apps with 5-star ratings in the App Store in 2020 included Twitter, Starbucks and Hulu.

How do 5-star rated apps influence downloads?

Ratings and reviews impact your app store optimization (ASO) and app store ranking. Both Google and Apple show a tendency to rank apps with higher ratings and more positive reviews than those with low ratings and negative reviews.

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