How To Change Facebook Page Name

Nov 8, 2023 9 min read

With Facebook updating its Page name policy, changing the Facebook Page name has become quite easy as businesses and entrepreneurs like yourself can do it by following certain simple guidelines. Whether it's correcting a typo, rebranding for a fresh look, or aligning with evolving social media goals, you just need to name one reason and do it.

But while all these might seem very simple and straightforward, it's important to be updated about the new policy guidelines, as adhering to them is a must if you want to change your Page name. We're here to guide you through the process, step by step, to show you how to do it.

What Page Names are Allowed On Facebook?

When choosing a name for your Facebook page, it's important to adhere to the platform's guidelines to ensure that your page name is allowed. Thus, before we dive into the steps to change your Facebook page name, it's important to understand what names are allowed and are in accordance with Facebook Business Page Name Help Center guidelines. They have certain restrictions and rules in place to maintain consistency, prevent misuse, and ensure a positive user experience.

Check the key guidelines that must be adhered to if you are planning to change your Facebook Page name. Your page name must:

  • Not exceeding 75 characters.
  • Not contain any variation of the word "Facebook" or use the term "official" unless Facebook has authorized you to do so or"Meta" and any of the Meta Company Products.
  • Be maintained by authorized representatives for a brand, place, organization or public figure.
  • Be directly related to the content you share or reflect the intent of the Page.
  • Not consist solely of generic terms (e.g., "shop" or "store" or “Pizza”)and must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Not include profanity, symbols (example: ® ), or unnecessary capitalization (example: tHe best CaFE).
  • Not infringe on someone else's trademark.
  • Not use terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone's rights.
  • Refrain from using descriptions or slogans (example: The Best Restaurant - We serve the best food in town). Stick to adding this information to a Page's About section.
  • Avoid generic geographic locations (for example, Las Vegas). You must create a Page name for an organization that represents a geographic location. For example, "Las Vegas – Mayor's Office" to become an acceptable Page name.

Even though these guidelines might sound pretty simple and basic, they are crucial to ensure your page name change request is successful. As a pro tip, we suggest you keep your Facebook Page Name short, crisp, and punchy so that it's easily memorable and findable at the same time.

For instance, if you are thinking of changing your restaurant’s Facebook business page, you can try out a few names like these:

  • "TastyBitesCafe"

  • "GourmetEatsHub"

  • "FlavorFusionGrill"

  • "FoodieHavenCuisine"

  • "SizzleSteakHouse"

Please Note: These are just some suggestions for your reference. You can always tweak it around as per your business requirements and target audience.

5 Easy Steps To Change Facebook Page Name in 2023

Changing your Facebook Page name isn't a herculean task in 2023. To make your work easier, here are the easy steps to do so on both desktop and mobile devices:

On Desktop (New Page Experience)

  1. Log in to your Facebook Account, click on your profile photo in the top right, and click “See all Profiles” to select the Page you want to switch to and not your profile.


  1. Click “Settings & Privacy”, then click “Settings.”


  1. Below General Page Settings, click “Edit” next to your page's current name.


  1. Click into the Name area and enter your new desired page name in the provided field, then click “Review Change.”


  1. After entering the new name, enter your password in the pop-up window, then click Request Change.


Facebook will review your request, and you will receive a notification regarding the status of your name change request. Be patient while Facebook processes your request.

On iPhone/ Android (New Page Experience)

If you don't have a desktop and are wondering how to change your Facebook Page name, then do not worry! You can do the same, being either an iOS or Android user pretty easily. Here’s how it's done in the New Page Experience:

  1. Go to the Menu and switch to your Page.


  1. Back on the Menu page, scroll down to “Settings & Privacy” and “Settings”.


  1. Tap “Page Settings,” then tap Name.



  1. Tap on the current page name, enter your new desired name, and tap “Review Change.”

  2. If the name is appropriate and adheres to Facebook's rules, tap enter your password in the pop-up window, then click Request Change.


Why Can’t I Change My Facebook Page Name?

Not every Facebook Business Page can change its name at any time it wishes. If you're among the same and experiencing difficulties changing the name of your Facebook page, there are several common reasons why you might not be able to make the change:

  • Recent Name Change: If you or another Page admin recently changed your page name, you may need to wait for a certain period (typically around 7 days) before you can request another change. This limitation can also occur if you have tried to change your name too frequently within the last 60 days.

  • Page Size: If your Facebook page has a significant number of likes or followers (more than 200 likes), Facebook might restrict your ability to change the page name. This is done to prevent pages with a large following from constantly rebranding, which can be confusing for your audience. In such cases, you may need to contact Facebook support for assistance.

  • Name Violates Guidelines: If the proposed new name for your page violates the above-mentioned Page name guidelines, having profanity, misleading terms, inappropriate content, or generic terms, your request will be denied. Besides this, your request will also be denied if your name doesn't match the name that appears on an item from Facebook’s ID list.

  • Trademark Issues: If the name you want to change infringes upon someone else's trademark or intellectual property rights, Facebook will reject any names that could lead to legal issues.

  • Appeal Pending: If your previously appealed name change was denied or is still under review, you may not be able to submit a new name change request until the appeal process is resolved.

  • Page Role Access: You don't have a Page role or Page access that allows you to change your Page's name. Learn how to see your Page access or role.

  • Regional Page: As per Facebook, you can not change the name of a regional page if it falls into a global page.

  • Errors or Glitches: Occasionally, technical issues or glitches on the Facebook platform can prevent you from changing your page name. In such cases, you may need to wait for Facebook to resolve these issues or report the problem to their support.

These are some of the most common reasons why you might have difficulty in changing your Facebook Page Name. However, if none of the situations, as described above, fits your problem, then it's best to submit an appeal to Facebook Reports for further guidance.

How to Fix If I Can’t Change My Facebook Page Name?

If you're encountering the following difficulties when trying to change your Facebook page name and the request is being denied, these are 6 workarounds you can try to address the issue:

  1. Review Facebook's Guidelines: First, double-check that your proposed page name adheres to Facebook's guidelines. Ensure it is relevant, authentic, not misleading, and doesn't contain profanity or infringe on trademarks.

  2. Wait For The Right Time: If you've recently changed your page name, you may need to at least wait for 7 days before trying again.

  3. Contact Facebook Ad Support: This is specifically applicable if your Page runs Facebook ads. You can reach out to the Facebook Ads Help Center and speak to Facebook Ads Support about your need to change your Page name for business, and they should be able to assist you with the same.

  4. Tweak With Facebook Page Category: You can try this option as another workaround by visiting your Page’s About section and see if it works.


However, if you have a verified Page, you might risk losing your Page verification if you change your category.

  1. Change Facebook Page Name At A Time: This method might or might not work for you, but you can always try. Just trying to change 1-2 words at a time. For instance, if your Page name is “Tasty Bites Cafe Den” and want to change it to “Foodholics Den,” then first you can submit a request for “ Bites Cafe Den” and wait for 1 to 2 days until approved. Then, request a removal of another word, “ Bites Den,” and gradually to “Foodholics Den. ” Don’t be hasty, but by removing or adding more than ONE word at a time, you can surely nip your Facebook page name change. It might just slow you down an extra day!


  1. Contact Facebook About Page Name Problems: Consider this as your last resort, as it can take time and sometimes can bear no result. To get help, you need to visit the Meta Business Help support page, select the issue you are facing, which in our case is to change the name of a Page and click the “Contact Support” button. However, if you are still having trouble changing your name, you can fill out this form to request a name change and confirm your name.


Remember, there is no full-prove solution for this. These are some of the best workarounds we have listed that you can possibly try out and get your Page name request approved. We’ll always recommend you to “trial and error” as it's the key process to successfully change your Page name on the platform.

Key Takeaway!

Well, there you have it! In 2023, changing your Facebook Page name isn't a big deal if you follow the above-detailed steps and choose a name that accurately represents your page's content and purpose. You can navigate the process of changing your Facebook page name with confidence and won't even need to fill out a request form due to issues while managing a business page, a community page, or any other type of page.

And even if you do, with the correct procedures, you can easily make a smooth transition to a new Page name and keep it relevant, besides building your brand.

FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I change my Facebook page username?

To change your Facebook page username, log in to the account associated with the page, go to your desired Page, click "Settings," and click "Edit" next to the current username. Enter your new username and save the changes.

Will changing my Facebook page name affect my page’s followers or content?

Changing your page name won't affect your followers or harm the reach of the content that you have posted, but it's important to maintain consistency and take note that the new name might take some time to gain familiarity on Facebook and become more visible to your followers.

How long does it take to get the Facebook Page name changed?

The time it takes to change your Facebook page name varies. Facebook reviews requests, and it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for the change to be approved. Patience is key. But usually, Facebook takes a minimum of 3 business days to work on your request to change the name. During this time, Facebook might also let the followers of the Page know that your Page name has been changed.

Will my old Facebook Page name still be visible to others after I change it?

No, the old Facebook page name will no longer be visible to any of the visitors to your page. It will be replaced with a new name you have selected. However, if someone types your old Facebook Page name, it might show “Sorry, this page isn't available,” which might make your followers think that the Page has shut down or changed the name.

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