How To Add Collaborator On Instagram After Posting

Dec 14, 2023 8 min read

When you do an Instagram collab post with another creator, you can get a chance to increase your reach and follower count. Find out how!

Once you open Instagram - the scroll never seems to stop. Yes, that’s the quantity of content available! If you want to stand out as an authoritative creator today, leveraging only a handful of your followers won’t make the difference. So, what’s the solution? Collaboration with other creators on Instagram!

What is an Instagram Collab Post?

An Instagram collab post gives an opportunity to creators and businesses to partner with another Instagram user (with a Professional/Business Instagram account) to achieve certain goals - such as brand awareness, audience engagement, increased conversions, and more.

Who is a Collaborator on Instagram?

A collaborator on Instagram is a user who is a co-author of a shared Instagram asset with another user. When two users collaborate on Instagram, both of their usernames appear on the collaboration post and are posted with goals such as co-promotion and product/brand promotions.

Why Should You Do Instagram Collaboration Posts?

If you are not sure how Instagram collab posts will benefit your brand, check out the reasons:

  • Gain more attention from your audience

All your target audience on Instagram aren't your followers - you can only reach a handful of them. But when you collaborate with another user, your Instagram collab post appears on your and your collaborator's feeds. If 50 people used to notice you in their feed, now you can reach double the audience.

If the Instagram collaboration post is a video or a picture where both of you appear, chances are there will be individuals who like either of you - resulting in cumulative engagement.

For example, take a look at this collaboration that happened between @kirobeauty and @nykdbynykaa.

Instagram Collaboration Example

This giveaway will target both brands' audiences and take both brands’ awareness to the next level.

  • Improve brand authenticity

Businesses, especially B2Bs, might have a hard time connecting and bonding with your audience on social media. In such a scenario, brands can do Instagram collaboration posts with micro-influencers to align with their voice and vision. As micro-influencers have a more engaged audience, brands can take advantage of establishing a uniform brand image and amplify their message across social channels.

  • Grow your Instagram followers

If you are new to Instagram, reaching a decent audience count organically might take five to six months. Talking of paid methods - even though they can increase the follower numbers, the audience will be useless as they hardly know about your brand.

However, collaborating with micro-influencers with an engaged audience (with followers with 10k) can help spread your brand's name and message. When you attract an audience who knows about your brand (organically), it will positively impact your ROI.

For example, Daniel Wellington promoted the hashtag “#DWPickoftheDay” to target the micro-influencers for more exposure.

Instagram Collaboration Example

As Daniel Wellington used to feature some of the influencers randomly and occasionally on their page from this hashtag - more and more influencers started using this hashtag with the chance to get featured.

Things To Consider While Adding Collaborators on Instagram

  • Check if your Instagram account is “Professional”
  • Check if you are eligible for the Paid Partnership Label
  • The Collaborator/Creator cannot block or restrict each other on Instagram
  • The original creator is the owner of the Instagram post
  • If the original creator - shifts to a Private account/deactivates their Instagram account/ deletes the Instagram post - the post will be deleted permanently
  • If Instagram's Branded Content Policy and Community Guidelines are not followed, they can remove the post anytime and can also take action against the Creator and the Collaborator

5 Methods To Add Collaborator On Instagram After Posting

There are four ways you can add collaborators on Instagram after posting:

Method 1: Edit The Instagram Post To Add Collaborators

  • Step 1: Choose an Instagram post you want to add the collaborator to
  • Step 2: Tap on the three dots of the post

Add Collaborators

  • Step 3: Tap Edit

Add Collaborators

  • Step 4: Tap Edit paid partnership label

Edit paid partnership label

  • Step 5: Tap to turn on the toggle

Tap to turn on the toggle

  • Step 6: Tap Add brand partner

Add brand partner

  • Step 7: Search for the brand partner or choose from Pending requests

Pending requests

Method 2: Using Statusbrew to Add Collaborators on Instagram

As a brand focused on social media services, it can take up a chunk of your daily work schedule to manage Instagram collaboration posts manually for yourself as well as for your clients. Using any social media scheduling tool won't help because it won't allow you to add collaborators beforehand - but Statusbrew does!

Before doing this, check if you have added your Instagram account to your Statusbrew account.

  • Step 1: Click on “Publish”

  • Step 2: Select your Instagram account

How to collab post on Instagram using Statusbrew

  • Step 3: Add the image/video/GIF you want to post

How to collab post on Instagram using Statusbrew

  • Step 4: Add Collaborators on Statusbrew

Pending requests

Start by writing the Instagram username of your collaborator. If you are collaborating on Instagram with more than one collaborator, you can put a comma (“,”) after each username to separate them.

You can add a maximum of 3 collaborators from one Statusbrew account on a single post or video.

How to collab post on Instagram using Statusbrew

  • Step 5: Select users for approval on Statusbrew

How to collab post on Instagram using Statusbrew

  • Step 6: Schedule the post with a custom time and date

How to collab post on Instagram using Statusbrew

  • Step 7: Send the post for approval

Pending requests

Method 3: Tag The Collaborator In The Post And Mention Them In The Caption

  • Step 1: Choose an Instagram post you want to add the collaborator to

  • Step 2: Tap on the three dots of the post

  • Step 3: Tap Edit

Tag the Collaborator

Option 1

  • Step 4: Tap Tag people

  • Step 5: Tap on the "+" icon

Tag the Collaborator

  • Step 6: Type the name of the collaborator in the search box

  • Step 7: Select a collaborator from the list

Tag the Collaborator

  • Step 8: The collaborator has been added!

  • Step 9: Tap Tag Another Person if you want to tag multiple people

Tag Another Person

  • Step 10: Tap Done

Option 2

  • Step 4: Type “@“ and write the username of the collaborator

  • Step 5: Choose your collaborator from the options

  • Step 6: Tap Done to save the changes

Method 4: Request Direct Approval From The Collaborator

  • Step 1: Tap on Professional Dashboard

Professional Dashboard

  • Step 2: Tap on Branded Content

Branded Content

  • Step 3: Tap on Request approval from brand partners

Request approval from brand partners

  • Step 4: Type the collaborator's name in the search box

Type the collaborator's name

  • Step 5: Tap on Request

  • Step 6: Tap on Send Request

Send Request

You can also get the option to Cancel request by tapping once on Pending.

Method 5: Ask The Collaborator To Repost On Their Feed

  • Step 1: Choose an Instagram post you want to share with the collaborator
  • Step 2: Click the arrow

Ask the Collaborator to Repost

  • Step 3: Choose any of the sharing options:

Option 1:

  1. Tap Share

  2. Choose where you want to share

Option 2:

  1. Tap to select anyone from the list

  2. DM the post directly on Instagram

Option 3:

  1. Tap on Copy link

  2. Choose via which application you want to share. I chose iMessage.

  3. Choose your collaborator to share

  • Step 4: Once your collaborator has the link, they can use a third-party app to repost from their Instagram account

Start Collaborating Today!

Adding a collaborator to your Instagram post after it's already up is a smart and effective way to get more eyes on your content. It's not just about getting more likes; it's about building connections and community. When you tag someone as a collaborator, you're sharing your spotlight and showing appreciation for their contribution, which can lead to more engaging and diverse content and attract a broader audience. So, don't hesitate to reach out and collaborate – it's a simple step that can make a big difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the collaborator get a notification when I add them to my post?

Yes, when you add someone as a collaborator on Instagram, they will receive a notification. This is done to ensure that every collaboration is mutual and both the users are in sync with each other. Once they accept, the post will appear on both users' feeds. If they do not accept the collaboration request, the post will remain active in the feed of the primary creator only.

What happens if the collaborator doesn't accept the invitation?

If the user you want to collaborate with does not accept your invitation, here are the things that will happen:

  • The collaboration request will expire after a certain period of time
  • The original post of the creator will continue to exist (if not manually deleted) on the creator's Instagram feed
  • The post will not be visible on the collaborator’s Instagram profile
  • There won't be any notification or indication on the creator’s post that collaboration was requested or not accepted

Do collaborator posts appear on both users’ Instagram feeds?

Yes, once the request has been accepted, the post appears on your and your collaborator’s feeds. Both your and your collaborator’s followers will have complete visibility of the post.

Can I add a collaborator to an old Instagram post?

Yes, you can add collaborators to an old Instagram post by tapping on the “Edit” option of the post. Next, tap on “Add brand partner" and search for the collaborator you want to tag now.

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