How To Add Admin To Facebook Page

Dec 10, 2023 5 min read

Regular posting on social media is important to building your or your organization's social presence and engaging with your audience! Whether you are a community leader or a business owner, you shouldn’t break your commitment to produce fresh content every day. But you might be busy with several important meetings and presentations! Here comes the role of an admin who can control your page and maintain regular posting.

However, adding an admin doesn’t suggest that you will only be delegating tasks to them! They will help you to enhance the page by connecting and engaging with more people. Even a good admin will bring in new ideas for making the page more successful and strategize plans to increase your connection with the audience.
Wondering how can you add an admin to your Facebook Page? We will guide you through everything about adding an admin and how they can be a game changer for your page! Let’s get started!

Understanding The Role Of A Facebook Page Admin

What roles does a Facebook page admin have? How can they access the page and take action? Here are your answers to the innumerable questions you have regarding the role of a Facebook page administrator.

An admin can:

  • Manage the role of your page and access the settings
  • Post photos and updates, go Live, and even reply to comments
  • Send messages from your page and respond to messages from your page
  • Delete any post or create a post from your page
  • Delete comments from your page post and react and respond to them
  • Block or remove people or pages from commenting or interacting with your page
  • Create promotional ads, run ad campaigns, and boost your page posts.
  • Keep an eye on the insights and analytics of your page

An admin has the ability to like the owner of the page. So, you must choose someone wisely whom you can trust.

Why You Should Consider Adding A Facebook Page Admin?

There are several advantages of adding a Facebook page admin. It enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your page management. Below are some of the key reasons why you can consider adding an admin to your Facebook page.

Sharing The Workload

As your audience grows, you will find it difficult for yourself to manage the page. Adding an admin will help you to share the workload! The admin can help you by posting on the page on alternative days or responding to comments and messages! Once you divide the workload, it will become smooth and effective to interact and stay lively on the page!

Onboarding New Skills

You have a set of skills and perspectives! Suppose you can manage and interact on posts well but don’t know how to analyze insights and performance metrics! When you add an admin to your page, you will be onboarding some new and unique skills along with a fresh perspective! Maybe your admin is a pro or can handle the metrics and analyze the insights better than you do! These diverse and creative skills will boost your page and reach new heights!

Constant Monitoring

You might have heard that the digital world never sleeps! Someone or the other is active, and you need to cope with that to make your page excel! If you have multiple admins on your page, it will be easy to manage the page consistently. The audience can get a quick response to messages or comments. Once your customer service improves, your page reputation will also increase.

Management In Crisis

Suppose you are stuck at a conference and can’t post or reply to a serious matter on your page! A wrong message will spread about your organization or page! But having an admin will relieve you in such situations. They can tackle the problem and monitor the page constantly during a crisis.

More Engagement and Reach

If you add admins to your page, they can have various networks and might know influencers who can promote your page. By doing so, you can reach more number of target audiences, and your overall engagement will increase!

New Ideas And Strategies

With some more heads on your page, you will receive fresh perspectives and viewpoints. It will help your content to improve. It might also boost your marketing campaigns, as more brains equals more ideas!


Your absence will always affect your page if you don’t have a person as a backup! The admin will help you manage the page consistently. So, your page will be active and responsive even in your absence!

How To Add An Administrator To A Facebook Page

Here's a step-by-step guide to how to add admin to Facebook Page:

  • Step 1: Switch to the chosen Facebook page from your personal Facebook profile

  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy

Settings & Privacy

Firstly, ensure that you are an Admin on the Facebook Page.

Only current Admins can assign this role to others. If you're not an Admin, request an existing Admin to modify your page roles.

Step 3: Tap Settings


Step 4: Tap Page Settings

Settings & Privacy

Step 5: Click Page Access

Page Access

Step 6: Tap Add New


Step 7: Tap Next


Step 8: Write the name of the admin in the search box


Step 9: Tap to Turn On the toggle tap Give Access


The person you add will receive an invitation via email and Facebook notification. They must accept it to begin their admin duties.

Note: In some instances, the new admin may need to like the Page before being added.

Step 10: Enter your Facebook password to confirm


The invitation has been sent!

You can also cancel the invitation if you change your mind later.


By now, it's pretty clear how crucial a Facebook page admin can be, right? It's not just about lightening your load - though that's a huge bonus! Think about it: new skills, fresh ideas, and different perspectives all coming into play. With an admin, or maybe even a few, you've got your page covered around the clock. Quick responses and constant updates – it's all about keeping that engagement meter high. So, why not give it a shot?

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